tagNonConsent/ReluctanceForceful Persuasion

Forceful Persuasion

byTouch _me©

He looks down at the girl before him; the little bitch that's down on her knees begging to please him. She's naked and exposed to his view, because that's the way he wants it. Her milky white skin visible in the dimly lit room. Her long brown hair hanging down around her shoulder and across her back. He pulls down his pants. Freeing his stiff cock .Her eyes widen at the sight of him.

Yeah, bitch. You want that don't you.

The girl crawls forward, towards his cock. Her tits wiggle as she scoots across the floor on her knees. Until finally, she close enough to touch him.

"Suck it, " he commands of her. "Suck my dick." She opens her mouth and obediently takes his meat into her warm mouth. Bobbing her head back and forth as his cock slides in and out of her mouth. Then begins to apply suction.

Shit, that feels good.

Back and forth, her head continues to move. Pulling his glistening cock almost out of her mouth, only to thrust it back full into her mouth. So far back it thumps against the back of her throat. His hands come down on her head, stroking her dark hair. Then pulling it back away from her face and fisting at the back of her head.

He doesn't know what is more exciting. The sensations she creating with her sucking mouth, or the sight of his rock hard cock in her mouth. Unable to help it, he begins to thrust his pelvis forward burying his dick further in her mouth. While at the same time, the hand on the back of her head helps her keep pace with the rhythm he has set.

"Yeah, that it. Work it good." He says. His balls are tightening up and his breath is getting faster; he's about to come. Normally, he would have offered some sort of warning that his balls were about to retract. But, not for this little cock-sucker. He said nothing as he emptied his load into her unsuspecting mouth. And watched in pleasure as she had to swallow his cum in order to breath.

She's a good little cum-guzzler, he thought. She swallowed it all, not allowing any to leak out the sides of her mouth.

"Did you like that?" he taunted her. " You like cum don't you, Bitch. Your just a cum-guzzling little whore, aren't ya?" She said nothing in response, just looked up at him with those big blue eyes which were swimming in unshed tears.

He leaned down and pulled her up by her arms, as her hands were tied behind her back. Once she was standing he took a moments to look at his whore. She was pretty. She was well stacked with a nice chest on her. She was about a 36-c, he decided. With long tone legs and a flat stomach. A neatly trimmed little pussy, with just a tiny little triangle of hair covering her. He reached out and fondled her heavy breasts. Cupping them in his hands, as if testing their weight. Then rolling the erect nipples between his fingers. Bending forward he licked her nipple, rolling his tongue around the it before taking it full into his mouth and chewing on it, causing her to cry out.

His hand wondered over her body. Up her arms, down her back, across her ass. He squeezed it for good measure. Then down between her legs, rubbing her.

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard. You'll still be cuming next week."

He told her. He buried is head against her chest, sucking and nibbling her breasts, as he finger fucked her. Her breath sped up and she rotated her hips, trying to take more of his finger in her drenched pussy.

Oh, she likes that. He was gonna make the bitch beg for it. He pulled his juicy fingers from her cunt, lifted them up in front of her then forced them into her mouth.

"Clean my fingers of, slut. If you bite...you get slapped." Her tongue swirled around his fingers, licking and alternately sucking, tasting herself. God, he was hard again. She was a pro at eating cock, he though. Man, just watching her clean my fingers off is enough to get me going again. But this time, he was gonna cum deep inside that cunt of hers.

Picking her up he carried her to the bed. A bed he had painstakingly prepared himself. He deposited her on the bed, face down. Untied her hands, roughly pulling them up over her head, and tied them once more. This time to the headboard. He lifted her hips, putting her knees under her, and pressing her chest low to the bed so that her tight little ass stuck up in the air.

"Nice" he commented. Running his hands over her ass. Spreading her cheeks and blowing between the crack of her ass. His hand slide lower, then buried itself in her drenched little slit. In and out his fingers thrust. "I don't know which one I want to fuck first," he said out loud. "Your tight little ass, or that wet snatch of yours."

She said nothing. Just laid there face down, head turned to the side with her ass sticking up in the air. "Tell me. Tell me which one you want me to fuck first, Bitch." He commanded. Still she said nothing. Just laid there in silence.

"You better tell me, or I'll make the decision myself. Either way, I'm fucking both of them." He said, smiling cruelly. She was gonna beg for it. Of that he would make sure!

"My vagina." she whispered softly.

"What? What was that?" He asked

"I said 'my vagina'," she replied humiliated.

"No. Call it what it is. Say, 'fuck my wet pussy.' "

"Fuck my wet pussy....please."

Oh,Yeah. That was exactly where he wanted her. Begging for his cock. he began to rub his hardened dick against her exposed pussy lips from behind. Up and down he rubbed it, coating it with her juices. Then Thrust forward, burying himself all the way to the hilt.

" Oh yeah. Ummm, your so tight. " He said, pulling back until he almost pulled out then thrust forward again. Over and over he slide himself in and out of her tight little hole.

"Fuck yeah...ummmm, yeah...."He grabbed a hold of her hips and began pounding her pussy for all he was worth. The bed springs squeaked and groaned under the onslaught. The headboard banged against the wall as he fucked her with a fury.

He heard her moan under him, and fucked her all the harder. His breath sped up, and sweat trickled down his back. His balls began to tighten up again. He could feel his own release coming on and wondered how much longer he could last.

"Awww, shit. I'm gonna cum....yeah, I'm gonna cum deep in your pussy." he said. Then , unexpectedly and to his delight, he felt her inner muscles contract around his cock. Griping him. It was more then he could take. He thrust twice more, then let go, filling her cunt with his semen. Over and over he spurted his jizz into her waiting pussy, as her muscles contracted around him....milked him of all he had to give.

He rolled off her, and laid down next to her. Spent. She was his now and he wasn't about to let her go. No siree, he had plans for his hot little piece. He'd train her but good. Before he was through with her she'd know how to pleasure her master.

"I guess, your ass will have to wait until the next lesson." he said for next to her. She turned her head towards him to glare at him, and he smiled.

"Go to hell," she said venomously.

"Not until I wreck that pretty little ass of yours, slave."

"Fuck you!" she screamed at his face.

"Oh, I plan on it. " he replied. " I plan on it."

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