tagNonConsent/ReluctanceForcing Aunt Lisa

Forcing Aunt Lisa


I decided to head home early during the work day and was coming down my street when I noticed my nephew's car pulling into my driveway. I don't know why but I pulled around the corner and quietly made my way to the back of the house. I then spotted my nephew, CJ talking to my wife Lisa in the downstairs bedroom sitting on the bed. I heard her yelling something about her pussy as he was approaching her. The window was cracked open with the blinds pulled up a few inches. I peeped through the window and I was shocked to hear CJ ask his Aunt Lisa for a kiss. Lisa yelled "NO! I'M YOUR AUNT!" She kept yelling at him as she tried to get up while pushing CJ away. CJ started trying to kiss her.

A little earlier, CJ had just left his girlfriend Terri's house with a raging hard on. They had tried to have sex for the first time but CJ's cock wouldn't go in no matter how hard they tried. Terri was in tears because it hurt so badly when he tried to force it in. CJ decided to leave before he killed her with his cock. He was driving home when he noticed that he was going by his Aunt Lisa's house. He immediately thought about how hot his aunt was. He suddenly got the crazy idea that she would be able to handle his cock because she's been fucking for years and has three kids which must have stretched her pussy enough to handle him. He saw her car in the garage and knew she was home alone for a few hours and decided to see if he could fuck her. He walked in through the garage but he couldn't find her in the house and decided to go into her bedroom. He opened the door to the bedroom and Aunt Lisa was napping on the bed. She was wearing a skirt and it had ridden up showing off her panties. Her legs were also spread and the panties had pulled to the side so he could actually see her pussy and the hair around her fuck hole. He immediately was rock hard again and needed a release. His teenage mind was now controlled by his fuck stick and nothing was going to stop him from getting what he needed.

His Aunt Lisa was napping on the bed. It was just after her kids were off to school and her husband was at work so she would be home alone for 6-7 hours and decided to take a cat nap before she started to clean the house. She had gone out earlier that day for an early meeting at school and had a skirt on. She suddenly woke up and saw her nephew CJ staring at her with a glazed look in his eyes. She followed his eyes and saw that he was staring at her pussy that was wide open for him to see. She quickly lowered her skirt and said "CJ! You scared me and WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU STARING AT YOUR AUNT'S PUSSY!" She couldn't believe her nephew actually saw her pussy; no man but her husband had seen her love box since they started dating 20+ years ago and she was very upset, mortified and embarrassed that her 18 year old nephew would take advantage of her like that and that her actually saw her pussy. She was very conservative by nature and didn't believe in any type of infidelity or abortion but at the same time was very sexual and loved sex with her husband.

CJ quickly apologized but he wasn't going to be deterred "I'm sorry Aunt Lisa; it's just that you're so beautiful. I've always thought you were hot and when I saw your beautiful pussy I couldn't help myself. I've always dreamed about seeing you naked and have always wanted to fuck you."

Lisa was shocked to her core. Her nephew just told her he wanted to fuck her. She didn't know what to say but her body started to betray her, her cunt was already dripping getting ready for a cock and her nipples were hard and standing out. She had taken her bra off before he nap and it was plain for her nephew to see. Lisa was suddenly very scared to be alone with her 18 year old nephew in her bedroom and screamed "CJ, DON'T EVER SAY THAT AGAIN! You shouldn't use that language with me. I'm your aunt and you can't fuck me." While she was saying this CJ was approaching her. She suddenly saw the big lump in his pants and knew what he wanted. She was appalled by the size of the bulge in his pants, he must be huge. Her pussy was betraying her because it was now on fire and she could feel the juice running down her leg. Her pussy was getting ready for what she could never accept.

CJ reached out for her and grabbed her and she screamed "NO! STOP!"

"Come on Aunt Lisa; just give me a kiss."

My wife said, "NO! I'M YOUR AUNT! GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF ME! I WON'T KISS YOU OR DO ANYTHING ELSE WITH YOU! YOU'RE MY NEPHEW AND IT'S WRONG!" She tried to slap him but he was too quick and strong for her. He grabbed her hands and was laying next to her on the bed wrestling with her.

I could not say or do anything, I don't know why but I just watched as CJ got her pinned and slid his hand under her skirt and up my wife's thigh. His aunt continued to resist but CJ became more forceful and had managed to work her tits from her blouse and was sucking her nipples while he forced his hand between her legs.

CJ couldn't believe he was sucking his aunt's beautiful tits while reaching for her pussy. She was fighting him as hard as she could but he was much stronger and had her pinned in no time. He forced her to spread her legs with his hand which give him access to her pussy. He started rubbing her pussy through her soaked panties and she started to squirm. He then pulled the panties to the side and stuck two fingers in her pussy. She moaned and his hand was suddenly soaking wet. He wasn't sure but he thought she had just cum on his fingers and hand.

Lisa was beside herself and was screaming "GET OFF ME! DON'T PULL MY TITS OUT YOU ASSHOLE! LET GO OF MY TITS!" Her nephew now had her tits out and was sucking on them. Lisa was desperate by now and wailed, "NOOOOO CJ! DON'T SUCK MY TITS YOU BASTARD!" She next felt his hand snaking its way between her thighs and forcing them open. She tried with all her strength to keep them closed but she lost that battle and her thighs were forced open and he now had access to her pussy. She was fighting him as hard as she could but she couldn't win, he was just too strong. She was dripping cum from her pussy but she didn't want him to touch her most private place. This was her nephew about to touch her pussy and it's just plain wrong. She felt him touch her pussy through her spread legs and he began to rub her pussy through her soaked panties. She screamed in rage and embarrassment, "GET YOUR FUCKING FINGERS OFF MY PUSSY!" She next felt him pull the panties to the side and stick his fingers up her cunt. She was embarrassed that as soon as her nephew pushed his fingers into her cunt she came and spilled her pussy juice all over his fingers and hand. She moaned "CJ, NOOOOOO! PLEASE STOP! Oh God forgive me for cumming on your fingers. CJ, I don't want this no matter what my pussy does. It's wrong to force me, please stop, I'm begging you, please stop." She was starting to cry from the ordeal but we all knew it wasn't over.

I then noticed I had the biggest hard on I have ever had, my heart was pounding, I was confused, and all I could do was watch as my wife was being raped by my nephew in front of me.

CJ then pulled out his cock, which literally sprung out. He forced his aunt's hand between his legs and made her grab it. I watched in amazement as her hand was forced to wrap around the largest shaft I have ever seen. It was 13+" long and 4" in diameter and the head was as even larger. The monster cock head was shaped like an arrow head, it came to a point at the beginning and it spread out evenly until it was probably 5" in diameter at the end of the head and it was probably 4" in length and was clearly designed for penetration. His ball sac was as big as the rest of his package hanging down half way to his knees and each testical was the size of a very big lemon. I couldn't imagine how much cum they produced compared to any other guy but it must be incredible. If CJ was going to fuck her, it would be an ordeal for my wife. Her hand that was being forced to grab his cock didn't even go half way around and she looked at the monster cock and screamed "CJ, PUT THAT THING AWAY. DON'T FORCE ME TO STROKE THIS MONSTER!" He moved his hand away from hers yet she kept on stroking it. She didn't realize he had taken his hand away and was not forcing her anymore. She couldn't take her eyes off of it, probably shocked by its size. It was dripping precum which was now going down his cock and being spread by my wife's stroking hand.

From her point of view, Lisa couldn't believe that her nephew had taken his cock out. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen and the head was gigantic. This cock would never fit in her pussy and she was petrified at the thought of him forcing it in her tiny pussy. His balls were even more incredible, they hung down so low and each ball was as big as her fist. She had always wanted to know what it felt like to be fucked by a monster cock but she never had the chance before she was married and would never cheat on her husband. Her girlfriends had talked about how it felt to fuck a big cock and said it was painful, yet the most wonderful feeling in the world. Now here she was staring at a huge cock and her pussy started to leak again just thinking about it. CJ grabbed her hand and forced her to wrap her hand around his cock. She couldn't even get it half way around! Now he was forcing her to jack him off. She was sobbing uncontrollably by now, "CJ please don't force me, please, please stop; please don't force me anymore. I'm your aunt; don't you love me?"

CJ wasn't listening to his aunt; he put his mouth to hers and kissed her deeply. She tried to fight him off and turned her head but he held the kiss tight. He was now working her cunt with his hand. I watched as her hips rotated, still trying to push him away while begging him to stop. He pulled her skirt up over her hips and I could see he had pulled her panties to the side, his fingers had made there way inside his aunt's cunt. His fingers were dripping wet with cunt juice. She was resisting but her pussy had other ideas.

From Lisa's point of view, she was in total shock by now. She was fighting him but he was too strong for her. He kissed her suddenly and she fought him but he kept his mouth on hers and forced his tongue into her mouth. While this was going on, she felt him finger fucking her again. She tried to move away but it was fruitless. He pulled her skirt up over her hips and she could see, feel and hear his fingers fucking her pussy. She was powerless to stop him and was disgusted with the situation, her nephew finger fucking her pussy that was dripping pussy juice. Why was he forcing this despicable act on her and why was her pussy responding?

All of the sudden he placed one of his powerful hands behind her head and pushed her head to his lap. He held her head with on hand and his big cock with another, CJ placed the head of his huge cock to her lips.

Whimpering, Aunt Lisa said "No I can't, no stop."

"Oh you're going to love this Aunt Lisa." CJ said in a powerful voice.

Lisa couldn't believe that her nephew wanted her to suck his dick. He pushed the head against her lips but she kept her mouth closed tightly. She would never suck his dick. CJ then pinched her nose shut and waiting for her to open her mouth to breathe. She couldn't believe he pinched her nose; how long could she go before she would open her mouth and he would inevitably shove his cock in her mouth. She gave out a minute later and opened her mouth and gasped for air. He quickly shoved the head in and she was forced to open her mouth as wide as possible as her forced the apple sized head in her mouth. She couldn't believe how big it was and had trouble getting it in. Her lips felt like they were going to split open but the cock finally slipped in.

I watched as he forced her head down over his huge cock and her mouth finally opening to accept this monster cock. He started stroking his cock in her mouth pushing her head up and down, over and over. CJ then pushed her head down hard and forced his entire cock in. It was half way down her throat and you could see the bulge in her throat from the oversized head. He kept it in for about 30 seconds until his aunt started punching him. He pulled it out of her throat but kept it in her mouth. My wife was hanging on for dear life as CJ rammed his cock into her tiny mouth and half way down her throat over and over. His huge ball sac was slamming into her chin. This went on for a few more minutes until CJ stuffed it all the way in again and bellowed "I'M CUMMING." I watched as he grunted over and over again. You could see her throat swallowing again and again while his huge balls contracted with each spurt. After about a half minute of this, CJ pulled his cock out of her throat and kept on cumming in her mouth. She was swallowing as fast as she could but couldn't keep up with it. Her mouth formed a perfect seal around his cock so the only place left for the excess cum was through her nose; cum was shooting out her nose while he continued cumming in her mouth and she swallowed as fast as possible. He finally finished cumming after about 2 minutes and pulled his cock out. His aunt groaned from the assault and there was cum pouring from her mouth and nose. Her face was a mess from all the cum that sprayed from her nose. It was the thick gooey cum that stuck to everything. She burped and a big cum bubble came out. She looked down at her belly and CJ and I followed her eyes and we all saw the same thing; her belly was slightly distended from all the cum she had swallowed and she started rubbing her belly. She must have swallowed a pint and it showed. She tried to talk but it was impossible to make anything out. It was too garbed from all the cum in her throat and the abuse her vocal cords had taken from the monster cock. Cum was still pouring out of her mouth and nose drenching her with cum, it was everywhere. She suddenly bent over and vomited some cum. It was just a little but maybe enough so her stomach could handle the rest. Her color started to come back and she was able to move again and could feel his seed sloshing around in her stomach and it took all her willpower not to throw up. She was a mess and was dazed from the attack.

While she was dazed and helpless, CJ threw his aunt on her back ripping her panties off throwing them to the floor. He also took her blouse and skirt off leaving her completely naked. She was moaning now, starting to come around and still rubbing her cum filled belly. She was a mess of cum from her head to her tits. Her pussy was soaking wet and her clit was extended. CJ took all his clothes off and got on top of his aunt. Just looking at his naked aunt covered in his cum and seeing her pussy leaking made him ready to force his monster cock in her pussy. He was hard as a rock again and it was going in no matter what. He didn't realize that his monster cock would have trouble penetrating any pussy and his aunt had an especially tight pussy for her age. His uncle had a 6" cock but it was on the thin side and her youngest child was a teenager leaving plenty of time for her pussy to tighten up.

She immediately came out of her daze when she felt him get on top of her and she got her voice back and screamed, "YOU FUCKING BASTARD! I HATE YOU! HATE YOU! YOU JUST FORCED ME TO BLOW YOU AND YOU MADE ME SWALLOW YOUR DISGUSTING CUM; I MUST HAVE A PINT OF CUM IN MY BELLY! I HAVE YOUR CUM ALL OVER ME, IT'S DISGUSTING YOU FUCKING PIG! I HATE YOU!" While she was screaming at him, she was spitting cum out of her mouth and cum was still dripping from her nose.

CJ didn't care what she said as he opened her legs wide and now she started to plead with him.

She looked down between her legs and saw CJ's monster cock was inches away from her pussy opening and his aunt pleaded with him, "please don't fuck me, No, don't go that far, please don't. I won't tell anybody if you stop now. I'll blow you anytime and swallow, just don't fuck me, please. It's too big for my pussy, let me suck you off; you can cum in my throat again."

I could see that CJ was going to be fucking my wife/his aunt any second now with the biggest cock she had ever had or seen. My eyes were glued to her face and cunt as I watched in total shock and could not move.

CJ's body moved in between his aunt's legs pressing her into the bed, her knees spread wide as he placed the massive head of his cock to her cum drenched cunt rubbing up and down her slit. She was now being forced to letting him have access to her most private place, letting her nephew put his cock in her no matter what she was saying or how hard she tried to stop him. She had lost a lot of her strength fighting him for the last 45 minutes and was not able to physically fight him anymore.

Lisa's head was slowly moving from side to side with her hands on his chest trying to push him back.

Pleading, Aunt Lisa begged, "NO! NO! NO! STOP right now... please, we can do something else, you're too big stop. I'm your aunt for god sakes; I'm begging you to stop. Please don't rape me. CJ, think what you're doing, you're trying to rape your aunt's cunt."

CJ couldn't believe his aunt would say "cunt" to him. It made him want her even more and he was already too far gone to stop and he said "you're going to love this cock up your cunt Aunt Lisa."

His aunt begged and pleaded, "No CJ, please no, please don't do this please NO. My pussy is too small for you, you'll kill me. YOU'RE MY FUCKING NEPHEW AND I CAN'T FUCK YOU, IT JUST WRONG!"

CJ forced himself on her, "Fuck no; you're going to get it inside you Aunt Lisa." He rubbed it over her clit he said, "Don't worry Aunt Lisa; you're going to love this big cock and be begging for more later on."

I watched shocked as CJ started to penetrate his aunt with that tapered cock head. She threw her head back and screamed, "NOOOO! NOOOO! NOOOO! GOD NO! PLEASE STOP! DON'T PUT YOUR MONSTER COCK IN ME! YOU'RE FUCKING KILLING ME, I CAN'T TAKE IT."

I thought, oh my god what should I do, but I knew I could do nothing and my confusing arousal by this act on my wife had my cock rock hard. He started the penetration and the first 2" of his tapered cock went in easily. He was now trying to get the rest of the head in but it didn't fit. He kept putting more and more pressure on her opening and it was slowly going in and she was screaming in terrible pain during this ordeal which must have taken 5 minutes. The head finally went in with a popping sound and blood started to pour from her pussy and all over them. She stopped screaming after the head was in but blood was all over her pussy, his cock and was now dripping off his balls.

From her viewpoint, his monster cock was now at the opening of her pussy. She was telling him to stop but she was forced to spread her legs as wide as possible when he pushed his body between her legs. He was now rubbing his huge head on her slit and clit, getting it wet with her cum so he could penetrate her. The juices were really flowing out of her pussy. She started cumming again and the juices were squirting out of her cunt and all over his monster cock head. This was needed by her because both her pussy and his cock head needed plenty of lubrication for penetration to happen without killing her. She knew this cock was going to have trouble getting in because her husband need to go slow when he started penetrating her and he was wasn't even half the size of this monster in length and girth. After a minute of rubbing her pussy and clit with his cock head, he started to put it in, the cock head was pushing in, spreading the cunt lips until she thought they would split. The pain was unbearable and she thought he was going to split her in half. He was pushing hard and the head finally popped in along with a few inches of that monster cock. She never felt so relieved that he finally got the huge head in, it filled her and she felt relief and sudden warmth (caused by her bleeding profusely). It was painful but she also felt full like never before. There was cunt juice mixed with blood all over their crotches. The cunt juice was squirting out of her pussy mixing with blood pouring from her ripped cunt lips from the initial penetration. That cock head was just too big not to rip her pussy lips open.

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