tagNonConsent/ReluctanceForcing Aunt Lisa Ch. 03

Forcing Aunt Lisa Ch. 03


Lisa, Jim and CJ all were thinking about what happened yesterday when Jim set up the rape of his wife by their nephew CJ and then Jim joined in and fucked her in the ass while his nephew raped her pussy. All three of them loved the sex but who would make the first move to continue the story. CJ wanted to fuck his aunt again; it was the only thing he could think of. Jim wanted to set up another threesome and Lisa didn't want CJ as a lover but loved his cock so she wasn't sure what she wanted but she knew that she extremely horny when she was pregnant and needed a cock every day to satisfy that itch.

Lisa was home alone and very horny and decided to watch the videotape of her being fucked by her nephew that her husband had filmed and then joined in for a threesome. She started rubbing her pussy while watching the DVD and then got a call; it was her friend who needed her help right away so she left and forgot to take out the DVD.

Her son Jimmy, who was a senior in high school and had just turned 18, came home and decided to watch TV. He turned it on and was shocked at what he saw. The image on the TV was of his mom being fucked by his cousin. He pressed the play button and watched the DVD and he was shocked but was turned on and pulled out his hard cock and started jerking off.

Lisa returned home and walked in on her son jerking off to her being fucked on TV by his cousin. She watched him stroking his cock which was much larger than her husband's cock. It wasn't as large as her nephew's monster cock but it must have been about 9" and was thick enough. She didn't know what to do; her son was jerking off to a videotape of her being fucked by his cousin. Should she talk to him about it and tell him she really didn't want it no matter what he saw on the tape? Should she leave and hope that he never brought it up? She decided to leave and slowly moved away but she bumped into a chair that made a noise and her son turned around and saw his mom. Lisa froze when he saw her and he also froze with his cock in his hand. Lisa decided to talk with her son now that she was caught watching him jerking off to her being fucked by his cousin.

She now walked towards her son and said "Jimmy, please don't watch that disgusting DVD anymore; CJ and your Dad tricked me no matter what you see on the TV."

My son still was stroking his hard cock and said "Mom, it looks like you enjoyed it; you're moaning and asking for him to cum in your pussy. I can't believe you wanted him to cum in your pussy and then watching all of his cum bubbling out of your pussy; it's so hot."

I said "no son it's wrong turn it off, I was tricked into fucking CJ and once his cock was in my pussy I couldn't control my feelings. I'm still a woman who has needs and once a cock is in me I lose control. Please stop jerking off in front of your mother and turn off the DVD." Jimmy was now standing facing her while stroking his hard cock and she saw the look in his eyes, the same look his cousin had before he forced her into having sex 3 months ago.

Jimmy was now looking at his mother in a whole different light. Watching his cousin fucking her on the DVD had him wanting the same. He grabbed his mother and pulled her on the couch with him and started trying to kiss her.

His mom cried out "Jimmy! NO! I CAN'T; NOT WITH YOU! PLEASE STOP!"

Jimmy was wrestling with her and said "Mom, you fucked my cousin and you won't even kiss me or just let me look at you. I've never been with a woman or even seen a pussy. Please just let me see you naked, just one time."

His mom didn't know what to do, her son was begging her to let him kiss her and see her naked. He already watched her fucking his cousin on TV and she felt bad that he had never been with a woman and that she would turn him down while he knew that she had been fucked by his cousin. She was on the couch with him and he was trying to force her to take her clothes off. She said "Jimmy, if I let you see me naked do you promise that's all you'll do. Promise me you won't try to fuck me."

Jimmy would promise anything to see his mom naked so he said "I promise."

She said "let's go into the bedroom and take that damn DVD out before somebody else sees it."

They went to her bedroom and she started to take off her clothes while she looked at his cock and was thinking about what she was doing. Now she was getting naked with her son and she didn't know how far it would go. She didn't want to hurt her son but she couldn't let him fuck her no matter what. She could feel her pussy getting wet and she was wondering if her son would be forcing his cock in her pussy just like her nephew did.

Jimmy watched his mother strip and saw how sexy she looked with her pregnant belly and swelling breasts and he took his clothes off. His mother said "Jimmy, I didn't say you could take your clothes off."

Jimmy replies "Mom, I need to take them off so I can jerk off while I see you."

His mom's tits came into view and they were perfect, big and swollen with a little sag. She then pulled off her pants and panties and he saw her trimmed bush and her pussy lips with a larger bump at the top of her lips. He didn't know it at the time but that was her clit already swelling in excitement. Her pregnant belly also really turned him on.

Lisa stripped and watched her son who was watching her. She was very nervous at his reaction when she pulled of her top and bra off and he saw her tits. She knew her tits were swollen and her nipples had gotten much larger since her pregnancy. He was staring at her and she knew it was lust and now she pulled her pants and panties off and he saw her pussy and she was excited and ashamed by the situation. Her son was drooling at her naked body that she was letting him see her in all her naked glory. She saw him looking at her pregnant belly and she felt ashamed yet more turned on than ever before. They moved to the bed and she lied down and spread her legs and looked away in shame as he got on the bed with her and looked at her body.

He said "Mom, you're so beautiful; I never knew anybody could be so beautiful. Look at your tits; your nipples and standing out. I read where that means you're horny. Are you horny?"

His mom answered "Yes son, my body is horny but I don't want this. Just look at me for a few more minutes and that's it. This is wrong and I'm ashamed at myself." She started to cry at the situation and her son felt bad for her and rubbed her temple and moved next to her where his hard cock was now against her thigh. She felt his cock touch her thigh and was petrified but didn't move away. She was ashamed and was crying and her son was trying to console her.

Her son was now rubbing her pregnant belly and he said, "Mom, what are all these marks on your tits?"

She replied "those marks are from you cousin sucking my tits, they're hickeys. CJ sucked on my tits and nipples while he fucked me over and over." She was starting to lose it just thinking about what CJ did.

Her son asked "Mom, can I do that for a second? I've never done that before, please let me one time, just for a second, please." He was touching her tits now as she thought about what to do. His fingers were now gentle touching her hard nipples and she groaned in delight.

She finally answered, "Son, you can do it for 1 minute and that's it. After that you can look at my pussy and then we're done." He grunted an answer I couldn't understand and immediately started to suck on my nipples and maul my tits. He was a little rough but his teenage enthusiasm more that made up for his lack of experience. He got on top of me for a better angle and I had to spread my legs and he now had his cock between my legs. While he was mauling my tits his cock was rubbing all over my pussy and rubbing on my clit. I spread my legs more and started to move my hips to increase the contact between us. I could feel his cock head moving between my lips and rubbing my clit over and over. If we changed the angle slightly, his cock would definitely go into my pussy. I wonder if he knew how close we were.

He couldn't believe he was now sucking and squeezing his mother's tits while he lay between her legs. His cock was rubbing up against her pussy and he could feel the wetness and feel her pushing against him. He was close to fucking her but she was keeping the angle to where the bottom of his cock was rubbing between her pussy lips and on her bump on top of the pussy. He needed to change the angle if he was going to get his cock in her. He decided to try and he grabbed his cock and lowered and pushed and the head popped into her hot, wet, fuck hole.

She screamed "JIMMY NOOOO! TAKE IT OUT! DON'T FUCK YOUR MOTHER I'M BEGGING YOU." Jimmy kept the head in as his mother tried to squirm away and this only caused it to go deeper. She was yelling and squirming around but all this did was help him get his cock in deeper so he held on while his cock sank deeper and deeper into his mother from all her squirming. "Son, please pull your cock out of my pussy. This is not right; I never wanted your cock in me; it's wrong, just like what your cousin did to me yesterday. I'll do anything but this; let me suck you and swallow your cum; you'll love that." He finally all the way in and it was a perfect fit. His head was pushing against the end of her cunt and his balls we're resting on her asshole. He didn't know enough about female anatomy to realize that his cock head was pushing against her cervix and his cock was the perfect size for his mother's cunt.

Lisa point of view of the initial penetration of her cunt by her son was when she felt him move on top of her and felt his arm go between her legs. She thought her was going to try and finger her but she suddenly felt his cock change positions and push against her pussy opening and slowly go in. She screamed for him to take it out and squirmed as much as possible to get it out but it kept going in deeper. Her son's cock was penetrating her and she could feel it filling her up. She could feel every inch and every ridge of his cock unlike her husband's cock which didn't do anything for her since her nephew's monster cock raped her pussy. She finally felt his balls on her asshole while his cock head was pressing on her cervix. She knew that he had the perfect size for her as soon as he was in all the way. Her son's cock was the perfect match for her pussy. Her nephew was too big and hurt her and her husband was too small and didn't do anything for her.

Lisa was now saying "Oh my god! Oh my god! I can't do this. Son, don't please don't I'm your mother and this is incest." While she was saying this she spread her legs and pushed her pelvis up to get him deeper and grabbed his ass with her hand and pulled him in as deep as possible. She felt his cock swell and she knew he was going to cum and said "NOOOOO! DON'T CUM IN ME! NOT MY SON! Please pull it out and I'll swallow your cum."

Jimmy couldn't believe how great it felt to have his cock in his mom's pussy. She was telling him to pull out while he felt her move to make it easier for him to get it deeper. He felt her hands on his ass pulling him still deeper into her and they both groaned in ecstasy. She wanted his cock no matter what she was saying and this put him over the edge and he could feel his cock swell in her pussy and felt the familiar tingle in his balls that signaled his pending orgasm. He cried out to his mom "OH MOM! I'M GOING TO CUM IN YOUR PUSSY! OH SHIT! HERE IT COMES!" He pushed in as deep as possible which lined up his cock head right into the opening of her cervix and shot spurt after spurt into his mother.

She felt her son push his cock in a little deeper and now felt his cock head was in the opening of her cervix and she had never felt anything so perfect before this. There was an oneness with their bodies that she had never felt with anybody before this. She then felt his first contraction and felt his cum shoot against her cervix and this caused her to have a monumental orgasm. She was cumming on her son's cock while her shot his seed into her. He stopped cumming after a minute but she was still in the middle of her orgasm and her pussy and cervix contracted again and again.

Jimmy finished cumming in his mother's pussy and was still groaning in ecstasy from his orgasm and the orgasm his mother was still having. He felt like they had become one person in some kind of cosmic sense when they were cumming together. He couldn't believe how hard her pussy was squeezing his cock every few seconds. He wanted this to last for ever but soon enough she stopped cumming on his cock and they lay joined together in blissful silence. Jimmy was starting to come back to the reality of just cumming in his mother's pussy and started to worry about her reaction. She didn't want to do it and he forced her but they ended up cumming together so he thought she might be ok with it. He decided to see how she would react to a kiss so he leaned down and kissed her on the mouth and her eyes shot open but she kissed him back.

She said "I've never felt this close to anybody during our fucking, not even your father. You cock is a perfect match for my cunt and I'm happy that I took your cherry and you came inside my pussy. How was it for you?"

Jimmy replied "Mom, it was the most incredible thing ever!"

Jimmy pulled his shrinking cock out of her pussy and said "mom I'm sorry about fucking you against you will; I just lost control when I saw the DVD. You're beautiful and hot and have a great body but I'm sorry that I forced you." He started rubbing her pregnant belly and watched his cum dribble out of her pussy.

She lay naked on the bed, spread eagled with her son's cum bubbling from her pussy. She was coming to grips that her son had just fucked her against her will and she never had such incredible sex in her life before. She felt him rubbing her pregnant belly and wanted him to continue touching her. There was something different about the way he touched her compared with anybody else and she wanted it to continue no matter what happened but she was still ashamed that she let her son fuck her so easily. She was becoming a slut, his slut and said "you didn't force me; I think I wanted this to happen deep down as soon as I saw your cock."

To be continued...

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