tagNonConsent/ReluctanceForcing Aunt Lisa Ch. 05

Forcing Aunt Lisa Ch. 05


My Dad walked in while my friends and I were gangbanging my Mom. She was a mess with cum all over her. The bed was also full of cum and the room smelled of sex. Each boy had cum in one of her holes at least 10 times so my Mom had taken at least 40 loads of cum in her mouth, pussy and ass. She now had 3 cocks in her and was stroking the other one.

"What the fuck is going on here?"



"Mr. Smith!"

"Everybody stay right here, I'll be right back."

We all stopped fucking and our hardons died.

My Mom said "That's weird, I wonder where he went?"

"Mom, should we book out of here?"

"No son, you guys stay, he already saw us and he didn't look angry, he looked like he was in a hurry to get something."

So we all sat on the bed naked and waited and my Dad soon came back in the room with my cousin Allison!

My Dad said, "Allison, I think you know everybody here."

Allison replied, "Oh my god Aunt Lisa, what's going on?"

My Dad said "It looks like your aunt is fucking all these boys and it looks like it's been going on for a while. My guess is that your aunt wanted to be gangbanged and enjoyed it the whole time."

"I did enjoy it, I can't get enough cock."

My dad grabbed Allison's hand and pulled her to the bed while we all watched. "Uncle Jim, I don't want this, all these boys and my cousin Jimmy! I just lost my cherry to you last night but this is way beyond this."

"You took her cherry Jim! How was it? Did you enjoy it Allison?"

"Aunt Lisa, he forced me when I was drunk and it hurt at the beginning but once I got used to having a cock in my pussy, it was wonderful. We fucked a bunch of times and it got better every time. I especially like it when he came in my pussy, thank god he's fixed or I'd be pregnant by now."

Her aunt started laughing "Allison, he's not fixed."

"Oh my God Uncle Jim, you asshole!"

"Sorry Allison but I wanted to cum in your pussy."

Allison started to cry and my mom pulled her on the bed and consoled her. Allison was wearing a short skirt and a tube top and my mom was completely naked with cum all over her and that included cum draining from her ass and pussy. Allison's legs were spread and she wasn't wearing panties and her pussy was on display. It looked wet, probably from my dad's cum draining from her. I got hard again and decided to go for it so I quickly got between her legs while she wasn't watching and stuck my cock in her pussy.

Allison cried "NOOOOO Jimmy! OH! Oh my God! Take it out, I don't want this."

My cock went in half way in one thrust. I pulled out and thrust again and it went in deeper. After a few more times I was all the way in with my balls resting on her asshole.

My dad yelled "give it to her Jimmy!"

I pounded my cousin like there was no tomorrow. "Jimmy, oh, oh, oh, please stop, please stop, don't fuck me, I don't want this. I can't have anymore cum in me or I'll get pregnant." I fucked her hard while her head was in my mother's lap. My mom moved on top of my cousin and lowered her pussy to her mouth.

"Lick my pussy Allison, lick the cum out of my pussy."

"No Aunt Lisa, it's gross."

My mom pushed her pussy down on her mouth and she had no choice so she started to lick and suck her pussy. This was so hot to watch that I quickly swelled up and got ready to cum, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming in your pussy, take my cum Allison."

"Noooooo Jimmy, pull it out, I'll get pregnant."

I kept my cock deep in her pussy while we all watched me cumming in her. My mother had even raised her pussy off of Allison's mouth to watch me cum in her pussy. I finally pulled out and the cum poured out of her pussy.

My friends saw this and needless to say, the gangbang was on. My cousin kept on telling us to stop or at least not cum in her pussy but we paid no attention to her. We all fucked my cousin and mom until were couldn't do it anymore. The ladies took turns sucking the cum out of each others pussy after each one was fucked. We took a break for dinner and started up again and everybody slept over again and we continued all night. My cousin slept between me and my dad while the other boys slept with my mom. I'm not sure if anybody really slept, especially the girls who were continually fucked all night long. The next day my mom and cousin told us they couldn't do it anymore so the gangbang was finally over. Lord knows how many loads of cum my mom took over 2 days but it had to be well over 100. My cousin took most of the loads after she arrived and must have ended up with well over 50 loads in all her holes. I can't wait for our next gangbang.

To be continued...

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by Anonymous

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by Kuntkilla6904/03/18


Really enjoyed these stories. Hope there is more to cum :). Love that forced sex. Really turned them out. Allison's mom needs to get raped next

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by Anonymous10/26/17

5 Stars

What a Tramp!

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