Forcing Aunt Lisa


"Oh God." she gasped over and over as the sounds from her mouth got softer and lower. CJ's cock was slowly making its way into her pussy. Her pussy was drenched with her cum and blood. He would push hard and it would go in a little at a time with cum and blood bubbling out of her each time he pushed. He was having a real hard time pushing it in. His monster head's girth was making it hard to get any farther up her cum and blood drenched cunt.

"That's it Aunt Lisa, that's it yeah take it Aunt Lisa." CJ spoke lovingly.

His aunt continued gasping and whimpering, "CJ no, no, no, take it out. You can't fuck your aunt. Please CJ, stop, please, stop, it's way too big for my pussy and I can't fuck my nephew, it's a sin. Look at what you're doing, I'm bleeding and I think I have to go to the hospital. You split me open when you pushed it in and I probably need stitches. It hurts so badly and if you care about me you'd take your cock out of me."

CJ wasn't listening and just kept pushing it in. After about 15 minutes of pushing and then waiting for her pussy to be ready for more I could see her cunt spread out wide as CJ's cock slid halfway in and out and I could see his cock glistening with her cunt juice and blood. CJ started fucking her fast and hard with half his cock. They both could feel the cum sloshing in her belly from the previous blow job as he was lying on top of her with his abdomen pressing on her belly as he fucked her hard. She was constantly burping up cum bubbles from the increased fucking and the pressure on her belly when he rammed into her and pressed his abdomen into her belly. They were both grunting and moaning and all of a sudden CJ cried out "I'M CUMMING IN YOUR PUSSY AUNT LISA! I'M CUMMING IN YOU."

His Aunt was shocked when he started to swell up in her pussy and she knew he was going to cum in her. She felt the first shot of his cum in her cunt. He didn't even ask if he could cum in her or take it out. That fucking bastard is going to get me pregnant! She cried out "CJ! NOOOOO! TAKE IT OUT! STOP CUMMING IN MY PUSSY YOU DISGUSTING PIG. TAKE IT OUT YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!"

He kept cumming and cumming, one shot after another and soon enough it was squirting out of her pussy. This went on for a couple of minutes as they both grunted and groaned. His Aunt was also cumming now; the combination of the monster cock and her nephew cumming in her sent her over the edge. CJ's cum was now all over both of them and they were lying in a puddle of cum and blood. I've never seen so much cum; it was everywhere.

They laid there for a few minutes with the only noise being Aunt Lisa's pussy making farting sounds as she was still cumming on his cock making his cum squirt out of her with each contraction.


CJ started to laugh and said "Aunt Lisa, I know I forced you but you've cum at least 5 times on my cock already. You won't call the cops because it's your word against mine and everybody would find out that your nephew fucked you."

She knew her bluff was called. She started to cry and CJ tried to comfort her. "Please don't cry Aunt Lisa; it's ok, it's ok." He was very gentle with her, wiping her tears and gently stroking her cum filled hair. He started to kiss her gently on her temples and moved to her neck. She was crying and telling her nephew over and over "CJ, please take it out; please take it out; please take it out." He then kissed her on the mouth and she didn't fight him. She was too tired and worn out to fight anymore. Over one hour of being raped had sapped all her energy. She felt him growing hard again inside her and she couldn't believe it. She resigned herself to getting fucked again. She wondered if he would get all of his cock in her before he came again. Her pussy felt much better after he came in her. The blood was not pouring out anymore and the cum lubricated her so she could now handle his monster cock without any pain.

CJ then warned her, "Aunt Lisa, get ready honey because I'm going to push it all the way in, I'm going all the way in baby."

Her hands were still on his chest but not resisting as much as CJ pulled almost all the way out of her and then drove his massive cock deep in her. He kept on pushing while she screamed at the top of her lungs "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! IT'S SO BIG! I'M SO FULL! YOUR MONSTERCOCK IS INCREDIBLE! My pussy loves this but it's still rape."

She couldn't believe what it felt like being stuffed by this monster cock. Her pussy was constantly cumming again and she had never felt so full. He was now reaching a place that no cock had ever touched and her pussy was being forced open by his massive head. All the cum he had dumped in her a few minutes earlier helped him get it in deeper.

He stopped with about 9" inside of her because he reached the end of her pussy. He thought because she was older she could take all of his cock but now he knew that Uncle Jim was not that big. He didn't realize that his size was extremely rare as was his ability to cum for minutes because his balls were also enormous. He would have to slow down and take it easy until she again got accustomed to his monster cock. He wanted her to enjoy this so she would come back for more.

She was whimpering "CJ, please don't move for a minute. I'm begging you to hold still. I can't believe you reached the end of my pussy. I can actually feel you bumping against my cervix. Uncle Jim is not this big and the babies I delivered stretched my pussy but that was years ago. Your cock is the biggest cock I ever had by far so PLEASE don't fucking move."

They lay still for about 5 minutes and you could hear my wife's pussy making squishing sounds as she was constantly cumming on his cock again and their combined cum was bubbling out of her pussy and running down his balls and dripping into the pool of cum and blood they were lying in. Lisa finally said "CJ, start moving it again but don't go any deeper until I tell you and GO SLOW."

CJ said "Aunt Lisa, I think you're starting to like my cock in your pussy!"

She was starting to feel a huge orgasm coming and she pushed her pelvis up and forward to take more of his cock. Every girl I ever fucked always does this. It must be a basic biological response to get them pregnant, to get the cock in as deep as possible so the sperm can get to the egg.

Aunt Lisa screamed during her massive orgasm, "DO IT! GET THAT FUCKING COCK ALL THE WAY IN ME! NOW!"

CJ pulled back a few inches and then shoved it in as hard as he could. He kept on pushing while she screamed "PUSH IT HARDER! PUSH! GET THAT FUCKING COCK ALL THE WAY IN!"

CJ kept on pushing and he felt her open up and the rest of his cock went in. He could actually hear her cervix open up with a ripping noise. He couldn't believe he was through her cervix and in her womb. He had at least 4" of his cock in her womb! The tip of his cock was pushing against the back wall of her womb.

Lisa felt her cervix opening and could also HEAR it tearing open. It hurt but the pleasure of her nephew's monster cock in her was overriding the pain. She finally felt his huge ball sac resting on her asshole. She had finally taken all of his monster cock and part of it was in her womb. She could feel it pushing against what must have been the back of her womb. She was constantly cumming again. She looked at the clock and she figured it had taken an hour to get all of his cock in her. She couldn't believe that 1 hour ago her nephew started raping her with his monster cock in her pussy and now she was a willing partner.

I watched in amazement as the rest of my nephew's massive cock disappeared in my wife's cunt. It was the hottest thing I ever saw. She had a cock the size of my arm in her. I could actually see a bump in her abdomen that must have been the head of his cock. The large bump was above her belly button!

CJ kept still for a few minutes letting her get used to him all the way in her. He couldn't believe how tight she was, especially how his big sensitive cock head felt when it passed through her tight cervical ring and into her womb. It was like he was fucking 2 pussies; the second one tighter than the first. He could feel her start to move on his cock and he knew that she was now ready to be thoroughly fucked. He pulled out until his head was almost out and pushed it back in. It took about a minute to slide out and another minute to get it all the way back in because she was so tight and he didn't want to hurt her. You could actually see her belly moving from the monster cock. The bulge would move from the beginning of her love canal to all the way up past her belly button. I've never seen anything like it in my life.

She was going wild like she always does when she cums and was now fucking him back wildly. I love it when she does this with me so I knew that CJ was having the time of his life.

My wife was saying "Fuck me CJ, Fuck me CJ, I love you and love your cock. I've never been fucked like this. I can't believe how good you are. I love it when you pull it out all the way and jam it back in my womb. Fuck me CJ, please fuck me hard."

CJ then started to pound his aunt's cunt hard driving her ass into the bed; his cock had her cunt so spread out. I could hear the wet noises coming from my wife's cunt as CJ destroyed my wife's cunt to where, as I know now have never felt the same. As he continued to fuck the hell out of her, I noticed her hands had moved to his ass cheeks. It looked very erotic how her hands grasped at his ass pulling on him.

CJ was talking to her now, "Oh fuck Aunt Lisa; your pussy is unbelievable; damn you're so wet. You're so sexy and beautiful."

Lisa was moaning, "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God."

CJ spoke softly to her, "Does that feel good Aunt Lisa, you like that?"

She moaned "yes oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes."

I could not believe what I was hearing. My beautiful loving wife, the mother of my children was on her back under her nephew getting the hell fucked out of her and she was now telling him how good it was.

CJ was fucking her harder now as his big balls bounced off of her ass. His aunt started to moan louder and louder, I could tell she was fixing to climax again. Her hips rose off the bed, she pushed her hips upwards hard into CJ's cock and pelvis.

CJ told her, "tell me how you love this big cock Aunt Lisa."

Lisa moaned and whimpered, "Oh god baby oh god yes I love your big cock, yes, yes baby, yes."

"Is that cock big enough for you Aunt Lisa?"

"Oh god you are huge oh you feel so good deep in me, oh yes baby.... I've never been fucked like this before." She was cumming constantly now, "OH GAWWDDD OH GAWWDDD OHHHH BABBBBYY OH BABBBY YES, YES, YES!" Cunt juice mixed with his cum was squirting out of her again and drenching both their crotches again. It was amazing to watch all the cum that was squirting out all over them and dripping into the pool of cum on the bed. The pungent smell of sex was hitting me even though I was outside the window.

CJ started grunting and driving hard into his aunt, I knew he was fixing to cum again.

My wife is not using birth control and I was wondering if she'd let him cum in her again. His cock was in past her cervix and in her womb and she'd definitely get pregnant.

Lisa also knew he was getting ready to cum and said "CJ, don't cum in me, your cock is past my cervix and in my womb and I'll get pregnant." While she said this she grabbed his ass and held him in her and spread her legs as wide as possible. Did she unconsciously want him to knock her up? She clearly was trying to get his cock in as deep as possible and she knew he was getting ready to cum.

CJ begged "Aunt Lisa, please let me cum in you. I love you so much. I want to feel me cumming in your womb one time... please Aunt Lisa... please."

I knew that CJ wasn't going to pull it out not matter what his aunt said. He was raping her! A rapist doesn't ask, they take but he wanted her to go all the way with him on her own.

I could tell my wife was thinking it over. She was weighing getting pregnant versus feeling cum being blasted into her womb by her raping nephew. She already had a big load dumped in her pussy and might already be pregnant.

My wife told her nephew "No CJ, pull it out or you'll knock me up!" She started to try and push him off but it was useless.

"Oh fuck oh fuck damn baby I'ME CUMMING AAAHHHHHH."

I watched as CJ came in my wife's cunt again. He was in all the way in, pumping his seed in her womb. I actually could see his balls spasm while he dumped his seed in her. It went on for over 2 minutes. I couldn't believe anybody could cum for that long; he came 3 times in less than 2 hours and was still able to cum for minutes. He must have dumped a pint in her womb. Her lower abdomen was now actually starting to swell from all the cum being dumped in her womb!

From Lisa's point of view, she felt his monster cock swell even more. She was constantly cumming again. Her pussy was gripping the cock constantly. She never knew it could be like this and never wanted it to stop but she was fighting to get his cock out of her womb. She knew that his cumming in her womb would knock her up. She felt the first shot of cum hit the back of her womb, it was the hottest thing she ever felt. She felt another shot. Oh my God! She came again, the biggest orgasm of her life. She was milking his sperm out to knock her up. It was the hottest thing ever, her nephew cumming in her womb. She couldn't believe how many shots of cum were blasting into the back of her womb. She could feel herself filling up; her lower abdomen was starting to swell. She now had a belly swollen with cum and now her womb was getting the same treatment. She could feel the hot cum sloshing around in her stomach and womb. He finally stopped shooting cum in her after a few minutes. She was in shock from cumming for at least 10 minutes straight and knowing that her nephew just dropped a load in her womb and she was going to be pregnant.

CJ stayed in her pussy while they talked about what just happened.

My wife said "CJ, I told you not to cum in me, you raped me and you probably knocked me up. I can feel about a pint of cum in my womb. My belly is swollen with your cum and now my womb is also."

I couldn't believe it, her belly was still swollen with cum and now her lower abdomen was also swollen with his cum and I could actually see it. I've never seen anything like it. No cum was leaking from her womb because his shrinking cock was still big enough to plug her cervix. Her cervix was starting to close up and most of her nephew's cum would be left in there. A pint of cum locked in her womb would definitely do the job. She was going to have my nephew's child.

CJ says "Aunt Lisa, I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. I love you and you're the most beautiful women in the world."

His aunt responds "It was wrong of you to rape me. That was the best fuck I ever had but we can never do this again. It was rape! You fucking raped you aunt!"

CJ says "What about Uncle Jim?"

Aunt Lisa says "we were just going to start trying for a baby so I going to fuck him (if I can) until his cock falls off. That way, no one will ever know who's the father is. He'll never know it wasn't his. I love him dearly and would never hurt him. You forced me and then I lost control. It will never happen again."

They stop talking and the only thing you can hear was the sound of my wife's pussy making squishing sounds as her pussy still was contracting around his cock and their cum was dripping out of her well fucked cunt. They were both moaning now, no doubt caused by her cumming on his cock over and over.

CJ whispers to his aunt, "Aunt Lisa, I'm getting hard again."

Aunt Lisa says "CJ, we're can't, it's over."

CJ begs, "Please Aunt Lisa, just one last time. I'll never be back in your cunt so please let me fuck you one more time."

They are both moving their groins again and after a few minutes his aunt screams with another major orgasm and then finally passes out from the rape that was now going on two hours.

CJ tried to wake her up but she was out cold. He kept on raping her like a rag doll while she was passing in and out of consciousness over the next 2 hours. He knew he has plenty of time to rape her because she was home alone until the kids came home from school. He dumped 3 more loads into her womb and then pulled out and lay next to her. He had been raping her for about 4 hours and he was finally spent. He had dumped 5 loads of cum in her pussy (4 in her womb) and 1 load in her belly. Her body gave out half way through and she could barely remember the last 2 hours of his assault.

I walked away and went back to my car. I called about 10 minutes later saying I would be home in an hour. I wanted to catch her before she could clean up. I saw CJ leaving about 5 minutes later and then waited 1 minute and drove in. I quickly went to the bedroom and quietly made my way in and saw my wife still lying on the bed in a pool of cum and blood. I could see that she looked thoroughly fucked. She had cum all over her. I could see her belly was slightly swollen but her abdomen was really swollen now. She looked about 3-4 months pregnant now but it was 2 separate bumps with the lower bump much bigger. Her tits had hickeys all over them and her nipples were red, swollen and hard. Her legs were spread wide open and her pussy lips were red, raw and extended and her clit was sticking out at least 2 inches. I could actually see up her pussy to her cervix because it was so wide open. Her pussy walls and cervix were red and raw and both having a spasm every few seconds. You could actually see the cervix open slightly with each spasm. A small spurt of man cum was spurting out of her cervix into her pussy with each contraction. The cum was pouring from her pussy. You could see the cum was also mixed with blood. It was clear there was a lot of damage to her pussy, cervix and maybe even her womb. The room reeked of sex and the bed was a pool of cum and blood.

I walked over to her and shook her awake. She screamed loudly and I asked her what happened and she started to cry. I repeated "WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED HERE! You look like you've been gangbanged by 50 guys by the shape of your pussy and all the cum that seems to be in you. You're covered in cum from head to toe. There's cum dripping from your nose. The room reeks of sex and you're lying in a pool of cum and blood. WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN DOING."

She was crying hard now and said to me "I WAS RAPED! RAPED! I couldn't stop him! He had a monster cock that cums forever. He fucked my mouth and throat and shot a huge load of cum in my belly. Feel my belly, it's swollen and the cum is sloshing around in there." I felt her belly and it shook like jelly. I could actually feel the cum sloshing around in her belly. I pushed a little harder and she burped and a cum bubble came from her mouth. "Then he raped my pussy. I'm bleeding from the penetration, he ripped me open and I'll never be the same down there. I think I might have to go to the hospital. It hurts so fucking bad but the bleeding has really slowed down. The blood was squirting everywhere when he ripped me open. He didn't care about ripping me open and started to really fuck me hard and came in my pussy the first time when he only had half his cock in me and it took forever for him to get it that far. I fought him hard until them but then I just gave up. I didn't have anything left to fight him. He started to fuck me again and got the whole cock in me. It's as big as your arm and the head is like your fist. He RAPED me with it and he got through my cervix and into my womb. He came in there and filled it up. Feel it, same thing as my belly except way more." I could feel it, it was a much higher bump than the belly was and it was harder, not so jelly like. I pushed down on the bump and the cum started to spray out of her cervix and shoot out of her pussy. She moaned and told me to stop. It hurt more when I pushed so I stopped. "Then he wanted to fuck again and I finally passed out. I think he raped me for a few more hours and shot a few more loads in my womb. He left right after you called and the next thing I know is you waking me up. I must have passed out again from the 4 hour rape."

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