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Foreign Exchange


"Where the hell is Cavtat, Croatia?" Carl asked.

"Southern Croatia. Across from Italy. In Europe, stupid," he wife Angela replied.

"Whatever happened to foreign exchange students coming from Toronto, or Nassau?"

Angela frowned. "It's a smaller world now. Some of these countries produce very bright kids because of the Internet, better schools, you name it."

"What do we know about...Nela?" Carl asked, thumbing through a stack of papers Angela had on the table.

"She's eighteen; the daughter of a doctor and an educator," Angela said. "They are fairly well-to-do by Croatian standards and..."


Carl's bark of excitement was made clear to Angela when she saw the picture he was holding. It was a shot of Nela and her family. She stood between her father and strikingly beautiful mother. They were all dark haired with deeply tanned skin and rugged features that only added to their attractiveness.

Nela's mother was just under average height but with a lusciously curved body that she obviously passed down to her daughter. Their hair was shoulder length, thick, and wavy. Dark eyes seemed to penetrate the camera and invite the viewer of the photo into the scene.

"NOW do you feel better about going over and interviewing them so Nela can live with us for a year?" Angela asked.

"When do we leave?" Carl said.

In a house on the other side of the world, overlooking the Mediterranean, Lidia and her husband Ivo were equally excited and frightened by the prospect of Nela spending the next year of her life so far away from them. They knew that the organization in charge of the student exchange was well known and had been doing exchanges for decades. That wasn't the issue.

"This is really important for Nela's career," Ivo said seriously. "This could get her into an American university where she can study whatever she wants. And then come back and teach others, here."

Lidia nodded. "I know. But it's so far.... And we don't know anything about these people that she's staying with other than the packet of information sent to us."

"But they are coming here," Ivo said with enthusiasm. "We can meet them and ask them questions and..."

"What if they don't like us?"

Ivo stared at his wife. "We must MAKE them like us, Lidia. We must do whatever is necessary to make them like us."

She couldn't remember him ever looking at her in that way, but she understood. She said, "OK. If you say so, darling. And if it will help Nela."

The flight to Dubrovnik, Croatia was fifteen hours with two layovers. The drive to Cavtat was another half hour on some of the most treacherous, yet beautiful, roads Carl and Angela had ever been on. More than once, they looked out the window of their taxi and saw only a steep drop straight down to the rocky shore of the Mediterranean.

They tipped the driver generously when they were outside Nela's house, primarily for arriving alive. They retrieved their bags from the trunk and didn't even make it to the front door before Nela came out with a big smile and raced to greet them.

Carl immediately came to the conclusion that the photo had not done her justice. She was a doll. Hugs were exchanged and Nela invited them inside.

The two story house was upper middle class by American standards, but after the drive from the airport Carl and Angela knew it was among the nicest in the area. The inside wasn't as open as most modern houses in the States, but clearly it was well maintained and the art on the walls was obviously selected by an expert.

Nela was talking rapidly in her nearly perfect English as she led the guests down the hall. They turned into a family room and Nela's parents were standing and waiting.

This time both Carl and Angela did double-takes. Ivo wore a sport coat over a crew neck shirt and along with his Dockers struck a dramatic figure for Angela to inspect. Likewise, Lidia in her figure-hugging dress caught Carl's eye.

During the introductory small-talk, Carl and Angela each guessed the other couple's ages as around forty. They, themselves, were not yet fifty and, while not quite as striking as Ivo and Lidia, were hardly considered repulsive by the people they knew. In fact, the blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin on Angela was quite the contrast to the host and hostess. The Americans were fit and even athletic looking, in keeping with the cycling and running they enjoyed as hobbies.

Nela remained with the group through dinner. Then the adults retreated to the back deck with a view of the nearby mountains and lush valleys. Drinks were served, including some local specialties that Carl and Angela eagerly adapted to.

Ivo was prompt in leading the conversation towards what Carl and Angela had in mind for Nela during her visit. They had briefly discussed the topic at dinner, but the parents wanted to know more than just the fun stuff her host family planned for her. Carl and Angela were prepared for the 'grilling' and seemed to provide enough information to satisfy the parents.

"So tell us about you," Carl said at one point. "What was it about the exchange program that made you sign up Nela?"

"We are a new country, Carl," Ivo said with apparent pride. "We want to be known as more than a stop for cruise ships. Our young people have opportunities some of their parents never had. I was lucky. I got to study in Italy and make a good living here. The same with Lidia. But for Nela to have a chance to go to the United States and maybe enter a school there...well, that would be very special."

"She's a good girl," Lidia added. "Very smart. You'll find that out quickly. We'd do anything to let her have this chance."

Carl doubted that Lidia had any other meaning behind her words, but the glance she gave him when she spoke could have implied otherwise.

"It would be extremely disappointing to come all the way here and then have to go home and report that we can't take Nela," Angela said. "I really hope that the two days here will convince us that we are all compatible."

"We hope that, also," Ivo said. "How about some more baklava?"

The two couples snacked and drank until darkness forced them inside.

"Will Nela be joining us again tonight?" Angela asked.

"Oh, no," Lidia said with a chuckle. "She goes to bed very early, in my opinion. And quite a sound sleeper. You should be happy with that."

Angela and Carl smiled as everybody settled into seats in the family room. More conversation filled another half hour and the atmosphere was clearly less nervous than before. At one point, two separate conversations broke out: one between Ivo and Angela, and another between Lidia and Carl.

Angela found the man to be intelligent and charming. They discussed his career and current medical practice. He asked about her life and listened attentively. In time, they continued the exchange alone in the kitchen while Ivo poured new drinks.

"Your husband seems to have stolen the eye of my wife," Ivo said with a devilish grin.

Angela looked upset. "Oh, I hope you don't mind..."

Ivo laughed. "Of course not. It was a compliment. I would like us all to get along very well...for Nela's sake."

"Me, too."

Ivo looked into the other room. "If Lidia's attention to Carl is too, uh, friendly...then you'll let me know. Correct?"

Angela grinned nervously. "I don't think it will be a problem, Ivo."

"And if I find you too...attractive?"

"No problem," Angela nearly whispered, moving closer to him as she spoke.

On the family room couch, Lidia also was moving closer to Carl. Their conversation had become similarly personal, with the added disclosure by Lidia of her and Ivo's occasional 'sharing' of friends.

"Sharing?" Carl inquired.

"We meet a lot of people in our jobs and socially," Lidia said, her leg now lightly brushing against Carl's. "It's surprising how many of them are looking for...let's call it, new relationships in their lives. Perhaps you and Angela are the same."

"Oh, I don't know if Angela would, you know..."

Lidia used her eyes to point Carl in the direction of the kitchen. He turned to see Angela and Ivo leaning against each other, lightly kissing each other. Their arms hung at their sides, but the effect was the same. Carl turned back around to find Lidia moving one leg on top of his. Her dress rose more than half way up her thighs.

"Like I said. It's surprising," Lidia smiled. "Maybe you, too, are looking for somebody."

Lidia took his hand and placed it on her leg. Carl wasn't sure what excited him more: Lidia's unexpected move or Angela's even more unexpected encounter with Ivo. Carl didn't disapprove of either and was actually intrigued by his wife's reaction. Over the years they had laughed about what they would do in such a situation. Their answers had always left the door open to experimentation. Now they would find out.

"You must know by now how much I want Nela to go to America," Lidia said, leaning even closer. "Let me show you how much."

She pulled Carl's hand up her leg and under the hem of her dress. Then she let go and reclined against the cushions of the couch, stretching her legs out farther in front of her. Carl slid his fingers up the inside of her thigh until touching the bottom of her panties. He lightly caressed the leg, squeezing the smooth skin but purposely avoiding her pussy.

"Would you take your dress off for me?" Carl said, half questioning and half ordering.

Lidia smiled. "Anything for you."

She stood in front of him, hastily sneaking a peek into the kitchen. Ivo and Angela were watching her, standing next to each other, their bodies touching. Lidia knew the show would be for more than Carl, and it thrilled her.

Lidia pulled down the zipper in the back of the dress. Every move she made was deliberate and calculated. She had one chance to impress, and seduce, the man who potentially held her daughter's future in his hands. She trusted Ivo to deal with Angela.

The straps of the dress slipped over her shoulders and onto the tops of her arms. Lidia used one hand to hold it in place above her breasts. Then inch by inch she let the dress fall lower, revealing more and more of her tan skin and a silky bra. Her breasts came into view and the dress fell to her waist.

Carl stared openly at the incredible body as a pair of tiny panties were exposed. At last, the dress hit the floor and Lidia stepped out of it. In the process, she saw the first sign of Carl's reaction—a sizeable lump in the front of his pants.

Without a word, Lidia reached between her breasts and unhooked the bra. She let it dangle for a moment, observing Carl's intense gaze at her ample tits. Then she lifted the bra off and tossed it on top of the dress.

"Should I continue?" Lidia said.

"I'll be very disappointed if you don't," Carl replied.

He didn't hide the fact he had to move his stiffening cock while watching Lidia pull off her panties. One look at the very short, black hair framing her pink pussy brought him to near-full erection. Lidia completed the task by turning around and letting Carl view her gorgeous ass, with its full, round cheeks and tempting crack.

In the kitchen, Ivo was standing behind Angela, letting his hands roam up and down her fully clothed body with no protest coming from Angela. She rubbed her ass against his stiff cock and watched the proceedings in the family room.

Lidia was climbing onto Carl's knees, facing him. Without delay, Carl lifted his hands to the beautiful tits he had been staring at. He gripped them firmly and rolled the nipples between his fingers, resulting in a couple faint moans from Lidia. Up close, and in his hands, they were more ideal than any picture could portray.

But Lidia wanted him to have more. She leaned forward and Carl moved his hands enough to let the nipple of one tit enter his mouth. Soon he was sucking on a larger portion of the tit, holding it up with one hand while the other hand explored Lidia's nude body. She wasted no time in starting to open his pants, anxious to get at the cock that was now so obviously hard.

She fumbled with his belt and zipper, but managed to free the aching penis just as Carl began sucking on her other tit. The pleasure he was giving her made her grip him a little tighter and stroke the erection a little faster. They were both moaning loud enough to be heard in the kitchen.

Ivo had run his hands over Angela's shirt so roughly that it was pulling out of her pants. He completed the task and began working on the buttons. Angela was rubbing his cock through his pants, in awe of what she was already feeling. Her husband was not small by any means, but Angela had never felt him get as big as Ivo...and it motivated her to let the foreplay continue.

Ivo had the blouse open in record time, massaging Angela's tits through her bra. Both of them struggled to keep their eyes on the couch, but it was made easier by what they saw next.

Lidia had Carl's pants pushed down past his knees and Carl had succeeded in extracting one leg. With freedom of movement restored, he positioned his cock directly under her pussy. Lidia scooted up a few inches and dropped down until the head of Carl's cock was squarely at the entrance to her cunt. It was only a matter of time before one of them caused the penetration to happen. It was Lidia.

She lowered herself onto the stiff cock with unbelievable ease. Between her wetness and his erection, Carl was inside her before he realized it. Lidia sat in place to allow them to appreciate the sensation for a moment. Then they began to fuck.

Carl held Lidia by the waist and watched her tits bounce in front of him, until she tilted forward far enough for him to lick her. Carl never got this treatment from the normally conservative Angela, so he tried to savor every second. Lidia was not as tight as his wife, but he wasn't complaining. There was still plenty of friction to stimulate his cock with each thrust.

He moved his hands to her soft ass, feeling the cheeks expand and contract with each rise and fall upon his cock. If he could make this last all night, he would.

Carl's eyes were drawn down to Lidia's pussy when she put a hand on her clit and began rubbing. Her moans grew louder and he felt the pace pick up. He, too, was getting closer to a climax.

"Yes, Carl. Fuck me harder," Lidia begged. "Harder!"

There wasn't much he could do other than match her rhythm with his thrusts and pull her down onto his cock. But that seemed to satisfy her for the moment. The couch creaked as the couple fucked with more urgency.

"Yes. Yessss!" Lidia cried out. "Oh my God! I'm gonna...cum!"

Carl hung on as Lidia's orgasm exploded through her body. She tried to muffle her howls of delight, but the orgasm took control and she rode it out the best she could without waking Nela and every neighbor. She pleaded with Carl to keep fucking her and he gladly obliged.

But it didn't take long for his own orgasm to erupt. Carl's voice joined Lidia's to fill the room with all forms of sounds that can only be made during really good sex. His cock emptied load after load into Lidia's wonderful cunt and by the time they were nearly done, it dripped down the inside of her thigh.

Several feet away, in the kitchen, Angela was perched on top of the counter with Ivo's huge cock ramming into her at a steady pace. Her arms were wrapped around his neck and he was holding her behind the ass.

"That's it, Angela," he urged. "Cum for me."

She tilted her head back and cried out, "Fuck. Yes! Oh...my..."

Angela came with an intensity she never felt before. She clung to Ivo, who lifted her off the counter and drove his cock into her while he also came. Together they let their orgasms peak, and then Ivo place her back on the counter and fucked her until a second wave came over her.

Ivo looked at his new blonde friend, clutched her ass a little tighter, and began a new series of blasts that deposited more streams of cum insider her.


Angela and Carl slept well that night, confirming to each other that what happened would have no effect on their love for each other and might have, in fact, opened up a whole new world that they both wondered about anyway. They laughed when they began listing couples back home they might try to seduce.

In the morning, Carl was the first to quietly make his way down the hallway into the guest bathroom. Like most of the rooms in the house, it was adequate in size and updated, but with a European feel to it. The shower was in the tub and a colorful curtain hung to the floor.

Carl undressed and adjusted the water before stepping into the tub. His leg muscles still felt the effect of having supported Lidia the night before, but it was a pain he could live with. He let the water flow over him and closed his eyes.

Soon, a creaking of the bathroom floor gave away the fact that Angela was in the room. Carl smiled to himself, feeling his cock respond to the thought of what awaited. He stroked it, wanting to please his wife when she was ready to join him.

His back was to the curtain when he heard it being pulled aside at one end. He sensed her body stepping in with him.

Carl turned.


"Shhhhhh. Quiet!" she whispered.

Carl's mouth hung open as he took in her delicious, nude body. She was everything her mother was, only much younger. The few flaws Lidia may have had because of her age were not evident in her teenage daughter. The breasts, hips, and legs matched perfectly. The dark hair on her pussy was neatly trimmed in much the same manner. Carl's semi-erection was on the road to rigidity.

"Nela, you can't...you have to leave."

Her fingers wrapped around his cock.

"I heard you last night, Carl," she said. "I heard you and Mom. It was wonderful. I was SO horny and wanted to join. I stayed awake most of the night waiting for you."

She ran her wet hand up and down the shaft, which was now throbbing.

"Don't make me wait until I come stay with you. I want you now," she said.

"No. We can't. It's not...right," Carl said in apparent agony.

"It wasn't right that you fucked my mother the first time you were with her, either. Was it? But you did. And you both came. Now I want you to learn what I can do."

Nela ignored Carl's appeals and dropped down until her face was at the level of his cock, the water streaming down onto her thick hair and bare shoulders. She placed her hand at the base of the cock and licked the underside of the large head. With each pass of her tongue, Nela took more and more of it into her mouth until, finally, she removed her hand and closed her lips around the entire penis.

Nothing that happened the night before could equal what he felt next. Nela's tongue and lips worked him over until the erection hurt. Lidia's pussy had been nice, but her daughter's mouth was easily the most exciting place his cock had ever been. She combined that with an occasional stroke of the hand to bring Carl to the verge of an orgasm.

Like a pro, she sensed it—with the help of a few drops of precum—and slowed her delivery. Nela nestled the cock on her tongue and sucked on it gingerly. Slowly, she pulled back until her lips were on the sensitive tip.

After a kiss, she rose to her feet. Nela turned her back to Carl and leaned against the shower wall.

"Fuck me, Carl."

She spread her legs and looked over her shoulder in the most provocative manner.

Carl couldn't refuse. One look at the youthful ass and pussy inviting his aching cock inside was all it took. Amid a torrent of water, he entered Nela with a deliberate push while holding her by the waist. They both moaned at the feel of his stiff cock forcing its way into the tight hole. When his legs met her ass, they began to fuck.

He put his hands on her firm, full tits and massaged them as they hung from her chest. Nela put her own hands on top of his and forcefully pressed them onto her body until her breasts were flattened and her nipples pushed against his palms.

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