Foreign Worker


Sometimes I'm such an asshole. I run a small construction company, and sometimes I have to lay off all my workers when work is slow. But that's not why I am an asshole.

As I've grown more mature, I take increasing pleasure in fucking other men's wives. And almost as fun as the actual fucking is the planning for how to do it.

Some are gimmies. Some husbands actually advertise for males to join them in a threesome. Those are the least fun get together, although I'm never one to turn down a new pussy. The more fun times are those where it's the couple's first time or where some scheming or creative trickery is involved.

Long ago I discovered that if nature has endowed a man with a larger than average cock, then gaining access to wives is only a matter of creating the right situation. This involves a sense of humor, a sense of daring, graciousness and guesswork, pretty much in equal doses.

For example.

As the end of year holidays approached, my business was slowing down. In fact, it was about dead for a month. A young man approached me about work. He was newly arrived in this country from Bangladesh and eager for work. He was skinny and clean cut and in his twenties.

I did have a small job and could use some help, so I took him on. He told me that he and his wife were glad to be here. They were the first in their family to arrive and wanted eventually to bring over other family members. But first they had to get a foothold here.

I soon came to appreciate his work habits and courtesy to the customer. Rohan was a gentleman and had adequate job skills. We finished and then started on another small job.

The holidays were fast approaching, and I invited him and his wife for dinner at a restaurant. When they arrived, I was dazzled. Mila was very lovely and very shy. They both had lovely deep dark complexions. She was lithe and graceful and said little during the evening, watching her husband for clues about how she should behave.

My loins began to stir.

They weren't doing anything on New Year's Eve, so I invited them over to my place and began devising a plan to enjoy myself with Mila.

During our work together, I joked with Rohan about sex enough to find out that he was as red blooded as the next American male when it came to such matters. So I hoped that he would also enjoy what I had in mind for them.

My home has a private patio in the back with a small pool and hot tub. Mila and Rohan arrived at six, and we enjoyed a meal that Mila prepared. I'd never had such delicious and exotic foods.

We live in the southernmost part of the country, so New Year's Eve was mild with warm breezes. Mila's flowing clothes floated in the breezes and her bright eyes sparkled.

I told them that the celebration of the New Year had several traditions, including fireworks. But I created a few new ones, too, and I was about to see how far I could take things based on my fake "traditions."

First, I invited them to join me in the hot tub. I knew they didn't bring bathing suits with them. "Oh, I'm sorry," I said, "I forgot to tell you that we always ceremonially ablute ourselves before the new year arrives."

"Actually, it's more a tradition for the males," I quickly added in order to take the pressure off of Mila. I suspected that she was very shy, so her husband would have to be convinced first before any steps could be taken whatsoever to move Mila toward a fucking.

"Actually, it's best to do it without bathing suits anyway," I told them. Then I watched for Rohan's reaction.

"We don't have to do it, not really, but it's considered good luck for the new year to immerse yourself nude in water," I added. I pretended not to care too much. I was just telling them what the custom was.

Rohan seemed thoughtful for a few seconds, then said, "Why sure, why not?"

"Swell," I told him, "let's go inside and get towels." I led the way into the house while Mila sat beside the pool in the gentle evening stillness.

I directed Rohan to the guest room and told him to wrap a towel around himself and meet me on the patio. A minute later, we were standing next to the hot tub while it bubbled, both Rohan and I naked with towels concealing our private areas.

Who knows what Mila was thinking? She looked down most of the time, only occasionally flitting her eyes upward to take in the scene in front of her.

I pretended to be modest and stepped into the water with my back to Mila, removing my towel only at the last second before the warm water covered my backside. Rohan was on the other side of the tub, so when he removed his towel, both Mila and I saw his little pecker. It was limp and looked like a pencil dick with an almost invisible little ball sack.

Rohan sat down. He and I faced each other and relaxed in the swirling water. My eleven inch cock was limp, too, but its bulk felt heavy and full even in the water. Neither Rohan nor Mila could see it at that depth.

That's when I began to compliment Mila. "Rohan, you never told me how beautiful your wife is. I've seldom seen such a lovely woman."

"Why, thank you," he replied. "I am lucky to have such a wife."

"Did you choose each other, or was your marriage arranged in your home country?"

"One of the main reasons we left was because Mila and I wanted to marry against the wishes of both of our families," Rohan explained. "Mila was the most beautiful girl in our town, and I had longed for her since we were quite young."

Just as I suspected. Mila was a true beauty, and my young friend Rohan was romantic. I was encouraged that he might enjoy what I had planned for them.

"Rohan, my family traces its roots to natives in this country, and they used to paint themselves with elaborate designs for special occasions. I brought some henna paints so we can do it tonight, if you like."

I pointed to a little case that contained the paints, "Over there, could Mila bring it?"

He nodded to her, and Mila retrieved the case. "Open it, Mila," I told her. "See inside the pictures of how these look?" I had printed these from the Internet and juggled the images to look like old snapshots.

"It's for good luck," I announced. Then I looked at Rohan, who seemed relaxed and peaceful -- so far.

"In our tradition, the women apply the paint and do the drawing," I told him. "Would Mila like to decorate you a little bit?"

Rohan smiled. "I don't see why not," he answered. Then he summoned his wife and sat up on the side of the pool. She dried his back and chest while I gave her some ideas about what to draw.

Mila laughed gently as she began to decorate her husband's back and arms. She worked at it carefully, trying to replicate the swirls and images in the photographs.

"Don't worry," I said, "It will all wash off."

"What about you?" Rohan asked me. "Would you like Mila to paint you, too?"

Excellent! This was exactly what I had in mind as I lifted myself up to the side of the hot tub. Rohan's penis was lodged between his legs and didn't show at all. Maybe he wasn't thinking or assumed I would be like him. This wouldn't be his first mistake.

Mina walked toward me with a dry towel as I raised up out of the water. The warmth of the water and my anticipation had puffed up my dick to almost full thickness and, although still limply hanging down, its length was increasing.

Mina gave a very slight sigh and looked at her husband for assurance. Rohan's eyes were fixed on my crotch with my big balls also on display for the surprised couple.

He didn't notice Mina's plea for direction, so she continued to me and stooped to dry my back and arms. "Oh, I forgot the paint," she said, as she walked back she got another glimpse of my puffy cock and balls between my spread legs. Rohan looked apprehensive at her, but her eyes were elsewhere. Nothing was said.

"Oh, that feels good," I told Mila as she rubbed the towel on my back. "Do whatever you like. It's considered an honor to have a beautiful woman decorate the men before the new year." Of course, I was making all this up. I have no native American heritage.

After she covered my shoulders and back, I leaned back slightly so she could do my arms. As I leaned, my dick became more exposed. The warm water lapped against my dangling balls and made them float and move around inside my ballbag.

As Rohan watched his wife touching me while she could see my cock, I could see that his dick was starting to show. Was he getting aroused? God, I hoped so.

By the time Mila finished, I could clearly see Rohan's cock was stiff and exposed between his legs. It wasn't very long or very thick. I thanked Mila and hopped off the edge of the tub to stand in the water and once again conceal my cock. I didn't want them to think I was up to what I was up to.

"Now, Rohan, I don't know if I should say this, but our people in ancient times had a custom for fertility and good crops in the new year, but it's probably more than you would want to do tonight."

His erection was still visible, telling me that something about knowing that his wife had just seen my cock had aroused him, too.

"No, it's OK," Rohan told me, "What is it?"

"Well, to promote fertility in the new year the women would also decorate their men's penis with the paints."

Rohan looked pensive. Was he fully considering where this might end up? Or was he just getting into what he thought were local customs?

"Like what?" he asked me.

"Stripes, swirls, whatever the women wanted to do," I answered.

Rohan slipped backward and lay down on the deck, his skinny three inch pecker hard as wood. He motioned to his wife, and she stooped down beside him and applied paint designs to her husband's little cock.

"You're brave, Rohan," I told him. "Some of our people won't let the women do that to them any more." "Well, I now you're part of the clan," I joked with him.

I purposely did not draw attention to the obvious. Would he allow his beautiful wife to touch my cock? I didn't have to wait long to find out.

"Well, boss, I guess for your good luck in the new year you need a woman to finish the job for you, too?" he said.

"Yes, of course," was all I said, accepting his offer to let his wife handle my handle.

I walked out of the tub with my enlarged member now fully on display. Not erect yet but putting on a pretty good show.

I lay back on a lounge chair as my cock fell over to one side and my balls drooped down between my spread legs. Mina brought another dry towel and sat beside me with the paints. Rohan propped up on his elbows and observed his wife.

She dropped the towel over my privates, then clutched my cock through the towel to dry me. Even through the towel, her touch aroused me and I felt the juices begin to stir.

She pulled the towel down and ever so carefully she used just two fingers to move my dick. It immediately began to elevate. As she touched me ever so gently, not venturing to squeeze or stroke me, my cock pulsed continually as it gradually rose higher and higher.

I grabbed her hand, "Wait a minute before you paint me. It will be fully ready soon."

She stared mesmerized by my moving cock. I released her hand and let my arm wrap around her waist as she waited.

I leaned back and enjoyed the sensations as she touched and painted my dick. I looked down, "That's an excellent job, Mina. I feel lucky already for the new year."

I looked at her husband, "I bet there was never a better painter than your wife. Just look at what a good job she did."

Rohan watched as his lovely young wife touched my eleven inch pillar.

Then I interrupted his gaze, "Well, I guess it's obvious enough why this is related to fertility. I guess a lot of the old cultures had similar rituals."

I had already achieved more than I expected for the night, and I was sitting there with a very pretty wife who had fondled me to an erection while her husband watched. And the best part was he thought it was all on the up and up.

Should I try to take them to the next level?

"Well, Rohan, at least what we did tonight takes care of the male side of the ritual." And I left it at that. Again, I feared that if I got too aggressive he or they would resist and run off.

He looked at me, "Male side?"

"Yes, once the men were decorated like we are, they would take a young woman from the village and she would be prepared for an offering."

"An offering?"

"Oh, nothing drastic," I said, "She would be prepared for the males, just ceremonially, as an offering to simulate reproduction. It was considered vital to the community. Having babies, you know. And it was a metaphor for abundance."

I could see that Rohan's wheels were spinning. I continued, "The women of the village would take one of the most lovely young women and prepare her in a special way."

Rohan's cock had drooped for a few minutes, but as he listened to me describe -- make up -- this ritual with the young female his little dick was once again hard and sticking straight out. How nice to have a tell-tale sign so easy to read! I was encouraged.

"First she would be undressed, then bathed with fragrant spices, her hair would be carefully done, and then the ladies who had just painted their menfolk would now paint the young woman with very special decorations."

Rohan's dong was leaking cum. I had him!

As for poor Mina, she did not make eye contact with me, but her gaze was definitely on our two cocks. What a comparison they made. Her husband's tiny cock, glistening with a bit of his own cum versus mine that was multiples of his size. About this time, my cum also began to drip.

Now was the time to bring the evening to a most satisfying conclusion. "After she was bathed, and before she was decorated, the elder women of the village used a razor to remove any hair from the girl's pussy."

I didn't think that Rohan or Mina knew the term "pussy," and I was right.

"Her 'pussy'?" Rohan asked.

I pointed between my legs, then pointed to Mina. "Oh!" he exclaimed. Mina sucked in her lips and bit them. Rohan understood the concept. They both did.

"Only when she was smooth and clean would they paint her. Then she would be presented to the village men, who were also decorated, and the dancing would begin. They would dance and carry her around in the circle while the rest of the village took part by watching, chanting, and making music with drums and rattles."

"Wow!" Rohan said. "Then what?"

"That's all I know," I answered. The truth was I didn't know shit. But I was on pins and needles waiting to hear if Rohan would move things along. Or should I?

Poor Rohan. I could imagine what was going on in his head. Was he going to let me shave his wife's pussy? That's what he was thinking.

I decided to save him the anguish.

"Let's do it!" I said.

Mina was still standing in her wraparound sari that hung to the ground. Rohan was speechless as I walked into the house to get a razor to trim and shave his wife's pussy.

I was only gone for a minute, but when I returned Rohan was unwinding Mina's clothing, undraping her shoulder then torso. "I told Mina to wear her nicest things tonight for our dinner with the boss," Rohan said. "Even her nicest lingerie."

Her naked husband removed all Mina's outer garments. I watched as I set the razor and by the hot tub. He then walked behind her and loosed her sports type bra to reveal her perfect but small breasts, tipped with dark, almost black, nipples.

I badly wanted to stoke my cock while I watched her being undressed. My dick was aching for some attention. But to maintain the illusion of propriety I didn't dare touch myself. Mina stood there willingly in only her white lace panties that looked super bright next to her olive brown skin.

I took a step down into the water of the hot tub and watched attentively as my worker Rohan took off his wife's panties. Her panties were pulled down, and there at the top of her long thin legs was a perfect elongated triangle of jet black cunt hair, totally hiding any hint of a crease or pussy lips. I was entranced.

"Bring her over here," I told Rohan as he guided her to the edge of the hot water. I took her hand and gently guided her down into the warmth of the swirling water. Rohan assumed a stance above her, watching like a guard dog.

I let her relax for a while in order to let the warm water soften her skin and moisten her pubic curls before they were removed. Three minutes should do it nicely, I thought.

"You know, Rohan, as much as I've heard about this ritual, this is the first time I've actually done it. We should have a really good year ahead of us!"

I then lifted slim Mina up and sat her on the side of deck with her legs dangling into the water. Rohan brought over chair cushions and towels so she could recline and relax. He sat beside her and tenderly dried her exquisite skin. Her dark nipples glistened in the night lights.

In that position, Mina could not see me. She could gaze at her husband but she couldn't see what I was doing.

What a sight was before me! Mina's perfect dark slim body and willowy arms and legs. Her long black hair had been released and cascaded to one side. Beneath her flat tummy her totally obscured mons vaulted upward ever so gently, the plunged into total darkness between her closed legs.

"We'll have to play this by ear," I said, not knowing if either of them knew the idiom. Rohan seemed entranced by the view of his lovely wife, lying there so vulnerable and so nude while a stranger looked at her nakedness.

My own cock had been alternately hard and limp for the past hour, and at this point it was aching for someone to touch it.

I put an hand on each of Mina's knees and said to her husband, "Hold her still," as I gently spread her legs. Mina tensed and resisted, but her husband told her, "You must let him do this." Her legs got limp and I easily separated them and gazed at her dark black pussy slit as it descended down toward her tiny ass. Small folds of dark inner lips were exposed.

She had shaved her legs very smooth, and I complimented her. Then I began with scissors to remove her thick bush of cunt hair. Snip. Snip. Snip. Moments later there was only stubble and her cleft was fully visible. Next the razor grazed up and down the sides of her mons, then I very carefully removed every small bit of hair from her cunt gap and the sides of her upper legs, right down to the pucker of her asshole.

All this time I resisted too much touching of her privates, but a certain amount of violation was, of course, unavoidable. A thumb on her clit there, a finger tracing over her arse pucker there.

Each time I flicked her sensitive parts she flinched and let out a little squeaking sound. My cock rose to its full power. Like a periscope, it surfaced the water and stood proudly at attention.

I'd actually thought this out all the way to this point. For days I'd planned what to say and do tonight, and I was amazed that it all worked out this far.

Rohan looked over my handiwork and was mightily pleased, "I guess there's not enough of us to dance, and there's no one to chant and make music," he said.

I didn't say a word. I was not going to let this get away from me. I slid Mina back down toward the water and directly toward my raging hardon. I held her there and carried her up the stairs to the to deck with her legs wrapped around me and her arms hugging my neck, her cunt wide open and suspended not an inch from my penetration tool.

I looked into her lovely face and saw that she was a gonner. Then I looked over at Rohan, "There's no fuckin' ceremony. I just wanted to fuck your wife." And in that instant I buried my dick into Mina's pussy. She was so ready that I entered her in one plunge.

I just stood there holding her and enjoying the feel of her tight cunt on my baby maker. Rohan played with his cock and watched as Mina and I waltzed around the deck.

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