Although there is no one best way to do it, I usually like to arouse her interest right away. It is not that I want to eschew foreplay. On the contrary, the majority of the time must, of necessity, be spent on foreplay. After all, how much time can you spend on the climax?

I have nothing against the climax. Why bother doing it at all if you're never going to get to a climax? Some people don't have a problem with that, but I think you would agree that, for the majority of us, we really don't want to bother getting into it if there is not going to be a payoff.

I guess I'm really just talking about a variation: start quickly before beginning the long, slow tease. That is where I am most in my element, during the long, slow tease.

This time it was no different. I got her attention within the first minute. I wanted her riveted on everything I did. I wanted her to respond to every little nuance. Like an experienced musician I had my riffs that she had come to expect and I would not disappoint. I could see her face taking on that look of absolute concentration. Nothing else in the world existed for her at this moment. She knew that if she would just surrender to my ministrations, all of her worldly woes would wane until they did not exist for the duration.

I could see the intense concentration on her face. I had her from the start. She was entranced. I could lead her in any direction and she would follow. And that is my point about the long, slow tease. I could take her anywhere and she would go ardently without any inhibition whatsoever, but not if I rushed it. There had to be an attainable goal ahead. I had to do it in such a way that she could sense it coming; that she desired its arrival.

And I did. Her anticipation burgeoned. She could sense we were getting somewhere we needed to be. And then I took it away. I side tracked her with something unexpected; something pleasant and meaningful on its own. It added to the experience, but paced it so that I could build the tension anew. It was a part of the process and yet a respite. I drew it out until she was all but begging me to plunge on.

That's how I knew I had the timing right. I plunged on. I had been toying with her emotions but now I drew her back in. I increased the intensity. Things were going fast and furious. That is how she liked it. I must admit I like it that way too. Her fervor built until it seemed that she would be consumed by it. That is when I had anticipated that this would be the perfect time for another divertissement.

I am not a cruel person. I do this out of love. Resolution achieved too easily will not be as prized. I do this for her. I do this for all of them. If I am not resolute, they will know that I don't have my heart in it. They will know I am just going through the motions. They will know I have cheated them.

Her breaths grew closer together and heavier. Her hands clenched. A tear formed in the corner of an eye. She was losing control.

Unable to constrain herself any longer, she shouted, "Oh my God!" We had reached the climax.

I love it when she is vocal. What better way is there to know that I have succeeded in bringing her the pleasure I worked so hard to craft?

It could have ended there. Sometimes it is appropriate. But more often the experience is reinforced with some after play. It offers us the opportunity to bond. It offers us the opportunity to share a knowledge and truth that is intensely personal. It offers us the opportunity to think about doing this again and again.

That is why I chose after play this time. As if to confirm the wisdom of my decision, she relaxed and breathed a contented sigh as I finished.

"That was fantastic," she said.

"Thank you. I'm really glad you liked listening to my story."

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