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Foreplay For Fun


What would a guy do for two hot women?

I guess that's the question that started it all. Along with our slightly twisted sense of humor, of course. It wasn't something that just anybody would do, but Jessica and I are a bit different. Naughty is the best word I can think of to describe us.

We met at University and hit it off straight away. We like to tease you see, and flirting with guys became our hobby. It all started fairly innocently, just messing around. We both know we've got what guys want. Good figures, and playful natures, to be exact.

Jessica is half Japanese, half English, so she has that very sexy Asian face, narrow with high cheekbones. I love her long straight black hair, the way it shines like a dark pearl, giving her an air of mystery. Her big beautiful brown eyes add to this image, she can somehow look cute and devious at the same time. Her figure is more English, a little fuller than the average Asian girl. This isn't to say she's fat, far from it. She's naturally curvy with a slim waist and a nice big ass you just want to spank every time you see it. She's also been blessed with gorgeous round breasts, just big enough for her figure without looking ridiculous.

She gets jealous of me sometimes because I'm taller. My long blonde hair also gets me lots of attention. It's straight, and runs almost halfway down my back. It sounds churlish, but I think I'm a bit too tall, and a bit too slim. I love my legs, long and slender, and for a slim girl I think I have a nice pert bottom. It's small but perky, and always looks great in a tight pair of jeans. A lot of women with my figure have nothing there to grab, I've noticed.

Jessie says my tits are cute. Two nice big nipples that point up, like a couple of obedient little puppies, she says. I have enough there to squeeze between my fingers, but I do wish they were bigger.

As I said, the games started fairly innocently. We would dare each other to go and chat up the total geek students, sitting next to them in the library and watching them sweat. It was cruel of course, but so funny at the time. Sometimes I'd sit opposite them and just fool around, leaning too far forward in my chair, tossing my long blonde hair around, sighing a little too hard. They'd always be desperate to look up, but too nervous to do anything. Sometimes I'd brush my leg up against them under the table. I'd smile stupidly, apologize, look at them for just a little too long. It was cute the way they'd always mumble something, go red, and fervently stare down into their books.

Jessie was always so much worse. She'd start talking to them, about something mundane, and then ask them for some advice. She'd make up some nonsense about how her boyfriend wanted to do it with her in her ass, but she was scared. She'd be leaning across the table whispering this to the guy, who of course had probably never even seen a woman naked. The poor guys were totally lost for words, unable to think clearly through their hard-ons.

We loved that idea, get a guy hard and you can get him to do anything. We wondered what we might be able to achieve, just how far we could push things.

In our second year, we moved into a house together, as most students in Britain do. Next door was the home of a middle-aged couple, late thirties, early forties, friendly but boring. The guy was keen to be very friendly. He was so slimy you felt sure he'd leave a sticky trail wherever he went. He was having a ton of sleazy thoughts every time he saw us, we just found it amusing.

Jessie and I arrived in late July, and wasted no time getting out into the garden, bikinis on, building up our tans. The fence seperating us from our neighbor was fairly short, and their garden was raised anyway, so there wasn't much privacy. This didn't bother any of us except his wife. It was kind of sad in a lot of ways. He would sit in his garden, glancing serruptiously over at us. The contrast between our lithe bodies, stretched out in the sun, and his own portly wife must have been agonising for him. Sometimes Jessie would straddle me, rubbing suntan lotion into my back, both of us pretending to be oblivious to his stare.

At the end of the day Jessie and I would lie in bed giggling about him. He was so shameless sometimes, ogling us when he thought his wife was away. She knew of course, but I think she tried to ignore it.

I understood why. We felt pretty sure he'd fuck us without a moments thought, if we were willing. Of course, we weren't interested in him, but the idea of it was sexy. A man willing to do anything, a man under control. We both felt a married man was unfair, encouraging adultery wasn't part of our plan.

It was a couple of weeks before christmas when we went out to a local bar with a plan. It wasn't one of the student places we usually hung out at, the customers were a little older, late twenties to early thirties for the most part.

We had a few drinks as the pub filled up, checking out the guys as much as they checked out us. It didn't take long for a couple of good looking guys to come over. Tony and Dev were both in their late twenties, builders by trade. Dev was the louder of the two, short cropped black hair, with a light trace of sexy stubble. Tony was a little shorter, but still well-built, blonde hair slightly longer, and stylishly unkempt.

They were both pretty cocky, and had been good friends for years. Perfect. They sat down next to us without asking, making jokes between themselves, but Jessie and I were more than happy.

We had a few more drinks out of their pockets, when Dev suggested a game of pool. I teamed with him against Jessie and Tony. Every guy in the bar couldn't help but stare everytime we took a shot. The dress Jessie was wearing rode up far too high every time she leaned over, her gorgeous tits resting on the green felt, almost spilling out as she hit each ball. The front of the dress was similar in design to a corset, and she'd made sure to tie it up loosely! She was being such a tease, as usual.

I stared at Dev as I slowly blew the excess chalk off the cue, bending slowly over the table, my long legs bent. I can play pretty well, but that night I pretended to need help. Dev stood close behind me, his body pressed hard into my back, arm around me holding the cue, whispering instructions into my ear. Occasionally his hand would move down over my side, brushing the naked skin between my tight jeans and tiny t-shirt.

Every so often Jessie and I would stride into the ladies room, holding hands on the way. I'd stand in front of the mirror adjusting my t-back, Jessie giggling next to me.

It was around ten when we stumbled back to our house, the four of us falling through the door laughing. Dev had his arms around me and tongue in my mouth immediately, pushing me hard up against the wall. I felt a burst of excitement as I felt his cock pushing into my stomach.

Jessie led Tony past us into the living room, his hand squeezing her ass as they went. I pulled away from Dev, leading him in the same direction.

We sat on the sofa together, Jessie and me back to back, fooling around with the guys. Tony was lying back with Jessie practically on top of him, and I couldn't resist giving her ass a little spank. She yelped, sat up and pushed me back onto Dev's lap, laughing. She started tickling me, making me twist and turn, Dev's cock rubbing into my back. She stopped, and we lay there, panting breathlessly, our lips inches apart. I stared into her perfect face, those high slender cheekbones, and that cute little nose. Her big brown eyes under her long eyelashes staring down at me. Those luscious painted lips were too gorgeous. She kissed me, and I took her tongue deep into my mouth, running my hands down over her breasts, over her stomach, her hair tickling my cheeks. My hand came into contact with Tony, and I pulled quickly away from the kiss. Jessie and I stared at one another, horny as hell. Now was time.

She stood up, dragging me up with her. Tony and Dev looked at us like a couple of lovelorn teenagers, their erections visible through the jeans.

"Would you guys like to play a game?" Jessie asked.

They stared at us, excited and nervous.

"Would you like to watch us fuck each other first, before we fuck you?" she continued.

"Fuck yeah!" Tony yelled. Dev just nodded his head dumbly.

"Ok, but you have to wear these first." I said alluringly.

I went over to the bookcase, taking two pairs of handcuffs out of a draw, swinging them around my fingers. The guys looked at one another for a moment, silently weighing up the situation.

"You're gonna have to wear them if you wanna play." I said impatiently. "You can't interrupt the show until we're ready for you."

I took jessie's hand, tracing her fingers over my naked stomach, letting her run them down over the denim between my legs.

"Let's do it!" Tony yelled, slapping Dev on the arm.

All four of us went upstairs to the bedroom. Jessie and I placed two chairs on either side of the room, both facing the big double bed. We lay back together, watching the guys strip down to their underwear, as we had told them. We could have asked them anything at this point, they were totally willing. Two hot naked women together was the only thing either were thinking about.

They sat down, allowing us to handcuff their hands behind their backs, fastened tightly to the chairs. Jessie and me crawled across the bed to meet one another, kissing and giggling, kneeling face to face.

I slowly undid the straps on her dress, as she pulled down my jeans. I heard Dev groan behind me as the top of my black thong, followed by the naked skin of my pretty butt, came slowly into view.

They helpfully shouted instructions at us while we played. I lay down on my back letting Jessie slip my jeans clean off. She lay down on top of me, her dress riding up revealing her tight little pink knickers. Her dress was now wide open, a long V running down between and beyond her breasts.

As she kissed my neck, I sucked my fingers, staring over at Dev. Jessie groaned as my fingers ran down between her legs. I pushed her off me and straddled her, pushing her dress up over her stomach. I kissed her there, moving down, opening her legs, running my tongue over her damp little panties, the familiar scent of her pussy making me wet.

Jessie looked deep into my eyes and we shared a nasty little grin. I sat back up next to her, looking over at Tony and Dev.

"How about another game boys, double or nothing?" Jessie grinned.

It took some moments for the words to penetrate. The guys just blinked. Jessie continued.

"Two sets of handcuffs, two sets of keys. One of you can choose a set."

She paused, the guys watching us suspiciously. When she continued, she spoke slowly.

"The guy who gets released comes over here between us. He gets to feel our tongues all over his balls. Gets to fuck both of us all night long. Gets to sleep in this big double bed with two horny girls curled up next to him all night. The other guy..." Jessie paused. "Gets to watch."

I kissed Jessie all the way through her little speech, my tongue trailing over the skin above her breasts, gently lifting her bra a little, tasting her nipples. I watched the guys. They looked ready to explode until that last line. Their mouths fell open and their skin turned white at that last line.

"Of course," I said, "You can take one of us each if you prefer. It just depends how lucky you feel tonight."

They stared at us and stared at one another for a long time. There was precious little friendship in that stare. They glared. Neither wanted to speak. We waited, sighing impatiently, feigning annoyance. Finally Dev broke the silence.

"Let's do it." he said, but with less conviction than Tony had had before.

"Who wants to pick the key?" I asked brightly.

"Bring the keys here, I'll do it." Tony whispered, after a pause. His voice had faltered a little.

He took a long time to choose, Jessie and me standing over him, dangling a key each. Dev was behind us, straining his neck trying to see.

"I choose Emma." he said finally.

I walked round behind him, kneeling down. Jessie stood motionless in front of him, inches away, twisting strands of her hair between her fingers, her bra visible through the wide open dress.

There was a petrifying silence in the room at that point, an unbearable silence broken by the tinkering of the key in the lock. I pushed it slowly inside, my arm shaking a little. It slid in a little, and stopped.

The wrong key.

Tony began to panic, and I saw a tentative grin break out over Dev's face as I stood back up. I handed the key to Jessie. She turned on her heels heartlessly and strode over to Dev. Tony tried to speak, but words failed him. He just watched as one little turn and click set Dev free.

Dev grinned as Jessie sat down on his knee, throwing her arm around his shoulder. She gave him the other key, the one Tony wished he had picked. I spoke up.

"One last thing Dev." I said. "You have one more choice. You have the key for the other handcuffs. You can be a good friend, and let me release Tony. Me and him will go downstairs together, leave Jessie and you up here."

I walked slowly towards Dev, talking slowly, enunciating every syllable. The words dripped from my lips as my sublime body neared him.

"Or you can drop that key on the floor, leave Tony tied up. If you do that, you can take Jessie and me into that nice soft bed together, just you and us."

I was standing next to Dev now, looking down at him. He glanced over at his friend. Hope flickered in Tony's eyes for a moment.

"I'm sorry mate." Dev said. The key fell from his hand, hitting the floor.

"No! You can't! Dev, please-" Tony begged.

I lowered myseld down on Dev's other knee, kissing Jessie on the mouth. Dev ran his hands down our backs, his cock throbbing. I kissed him on the mouth while Jessie tugged at his cock beneath the shorts. His tongue darted hungrily into my mouth.

I pulled away, Jessie replacing me in an instant. He kissed her deeply, his eyes still on me as I stood up. I turned my back to him, pulling my t-shirt over my head, my braless tits dancing free.

Dev watched me tugging down my thong slowly, bending as I did. The material slowly glided down my smooth white skin, over my pert little ass, down my long elegant legs. I stepped out of it, glancing at Dev over my shoulder. Jessie had slid down his body, and was pulling off his shorts. His fat cock bounced out, a pleasingly above average size, nice and thick. I turned and slid under the bed sheets quickly, enjoying the warmth, my hands running down over my pussy.

"Jessie baby." I said. "I'm playing with myself over here, but your hand would feel so much better."

She smiled up at Dev, stood and followed me into the bed. Her fingers ran over my bush, down over my lips, one finger pushing inside me slightly.

Dev was up quick. He tore the bed sheets back, the sight of my wet hole making him burn with lust. He climbed into the bed between us, and we rolled him onto his back, kissing his cheeks. He moaned with pleasure, his fingers roaming all over us. There was just so much smooth naked flesh to cover. I lay on top of him as Jessie sat up, finally pulling her dress off. I moved down his body, kissing his thighs under the covers while he unclipped Jessie's bra. Her awesome breasts came into view, and he grabbed them, pulling her down. She lay on her back, half on his chest as he took in the sight of those full, heavy breasts for the first time.

My fingers wandered over Jessie's body as my tongue circled Dev's balls for the first time. I pulled down her little pink panties, pushing my fingers inside her wet pussy. Dev threw back the covers again to watch me, my long blonde hair cascading over his thighs. Jessie moved onto all-fours above Dev. Her pussy was directly above his cock, allowing me to glide my tongue up his shaft and over her juicy lips. I heard Dev take Jessie's breast into his mouth, sucking furiously.

By this time, Tony was just furious. I wondered whether he'd have made the same choice as his friend. He looked at me pleadingly for a moment, catching my eye, but I looked away.

Jessie swung around again, facing me now. We kissed deeply just above Dev's cock, before kissing and licking his shaft simultaneously. Jessie moaned loudly as he pushed his tongue deep into her asshole. We took turns sucking his meat in and releasing. After a little while he pushed Jessie down alongside me, eager to watch us lap at his cock together.

I glanced over at Tony again, who was staring back wild-eyed. His cock was threatening to break through his shorts. He glared at me, a mixture of anger and lust. I turned back, smiled up at Dev, took his cock back into my mouth, as deep as I could.

"Oh, fuck yeah, suck me." Dev moaned.

We tugged his cock back and forth between us, greedily stealing it from one another.

"Who you gonna fuck first Dev?" I asked.

"Me, of course." Jessie said mischievously.

We quickly slid a condom over his cock together. Jessie mounted him, teasing the end of his cock with her clit. I sat at her side, kissing her, massaging her breasts. He moaned loudly, trying to force himself inside her.

"Moan into this baby." I said, quickly climbing over him, lowering my pussy over his mouth. He lapped at my lips eagerly while Jessie teased him.

His tongue felt awesome in my pussy, slithering in and out of me. Shivers ran across my body, like tiny ants zigzagging.

"Lick me faster." I demanded, relaxing and allowing my full weight to rest on him.

By this time, Tony had started shouting. At first he begged, but now his desperation had turned to anger. Reluctantly, I pulled away from Dev, got off the bed. I strode over to our enraged prisoner, staring him down.

Dev, released from my pussy, sat up quickly and pushed Jessie back. In a moment he was on top of her, and drove his cock inside her aggressively. She yelped in pleasure, spreading her legs wide for him. Tony was caught between his ferocious anger, and the tiny hope he still held that I might still set him free. His hope soon vanished. I picked up the blue dress Jessie had discarded, and pushed it into his mouth. Satisfied he couldn't make any noise, I picked up the little pink knickers and put them on his head with a giggle. I turned back around.

Jessie was holding onto Dev tightly now, her arms and legs coiled around him as he powered into her. I sat on Tony's knee, naked and inches from his tortured cock. I spread my legs wide, staring at Dev. We made eye-contact and I smiled, running my hand down my flat stomach. He pumped Jessie hard, watching me. My fingers slid over my bush, and sank between my legs. My mouth fell open a little, a tiny breath emitting my lips as I pushed two wet fingers inside my cunt.

Dev smiled broadly, his head sinking down into the sumptuous breasts below him for a moment. He raised his head again, drinking in the perfect image in front of him. My long blonde hair trailed down my shoulders, the edges damp with sweat teasing my hard nipples. I leaned back a little, my long stately legs parted, my pussy exposed, inviting.

Dev pulled out of Jessie. He sat up and flipped her over quickly onto her stomach. She looked over at me and giggled between breaths.

"What are you doing Emma?" she laughed. "Bring that gorgeous little cunt over here, I wanna taste you."

I stood at the end of the bed and let her suck at my sex, while Dev again forced his way into her pussy, this time doggy-style. Jessie was an expert at eating me out, and I groaned uncontrollably. I felt my legs go weak as my orgasm appeared on the horizon, far away but moving towards me at speed. Judging from his expression, I felt sure Dev was even closer.

"Don't cum yet Dev." I said coolly. "I want to feel you fuck me first."

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