tagBDSMForeplay From Your Fervent Oralist

Foreplay From Your Fervent Oralist


Your head rests in my lap, I gently massage your temples. You sit up and with your back towards me, I continue to knead your shoulders and neck, coaxing you to relax.

I kneel on the floor, my hands placed on your knees searching your eyes for a sign of desire. I wait for your fingers to stroke my hair as you lead my hands across your thighs and pause to feel the awakening beneath your pants.

"Would you like it?" you implore.

I nod and watch as you remove your belt, unhook your pants and almost teasingly pull down the zipper. Reaching inside to release the sleeping giant. Again, because you want to hear me say the words, you query,

"What would you like?"

I lick my lips, a symbolic gesture, and then in an almost inaudible whisper ask permission to suck your cock.

"Say please," you taunt playfully.

"Please may I taste your beautiful rod," I reply in a pleading tone.

Burying my head, letting tongue and lips try to capture the primal pole, feeling it harden as I voraciously suck, taking it deeper into my throat, sliding back and forth, coating it with saliva. When it grows till my cheeks are swollen and my tonsils tickle, I retreat, pausing momentarily for air, returning to focus on the tip, trying to discover the parts and places that excite you most, running my tongue under the rim. Again, like I diver I go down on you and continue a piston-like motion until I detect a silent moan of pleasure. You are hard and fully erect, I have worked my oral magic.

"Are you wet?" you inquire.

Somewhat embarrassed by the question, I stand, regaining circulation in my legs. You pull me towards you and your fingers reach between my legs and rub the silken crotch line of my panty. Sneaking inside, an intruder to the soft protective fleece, moisture coats your fingers and you smile appreciatively. Your arousal has triggered my arousal.

Leading me to the bedroom, candles create a soft, sensual light. In this sanctuary we will mix romance, anticipation, pleasure and pain. You hold me tightly and we begin the language of kissing. While tongues dance a pas de deux, your hands lift up my blouse. Squeezing the mounds, so full, so ripe...The front hook is easy to open and the spheres are set free. You leave my lips and begin to suckle a nipple in a wide circular motion, while a hand grabs for the nipple on the other breast, milking it. Distending the hardened tips, pinching, nibbling, pulling until each one is thick and erect like your cock, my breathing becomes heavy, my heart rate increasing.

"Strip," you command.

Removing your clothing as well, with your engorged member proudly horizontal, you stroke it to display your maleness like a rooster crowing.

"Naughty girl, look what you've done to me," you chastise.

"Kneel on the bed for your punishment."

I dare not disobey. Knowing that my willingness to please and submit to your will only excites you further...adds a mix of pleasure to what will be mildly painful. A soothing massage of oil to make ready the half moons, and then the sting of your hand, slapping to redden my ass. Again a pause, as you run fingers along the lips of my cunt, the moisture apparent in spite of the humiliating spanking. You cannot hold out much longer, intoxicated by my scent, the curly mane hanging about face and shoulders, soulful eyes. You kneel in front of me, the priapic totem a stalwart sword as I try to reach it with my mouth-one last taste, but you move back, making me lean forward while trying to maintain my balance. I am barely able to run my tongue across the tip and cradle your balls in my mouth...exquisite agony. You are now astride me.

"Do you want to be fucked?" is said crudely.

"Beg, bitch," the degrading tone meant to exorcise our primal, instinctive nature.

Your begin by using my breasts as a chasm for your lust, but it is only temporal. One last act of contrition, grabbing nipple clamps to add pain to the pleasure and test my devotion and endurance.

"If you cry out, I will be forced to gag you," a stern warning...

At first the pincers are like mini-jaws and I can feel tears form, I want to scream out for you to stop. Yet my nipples are rock hard and your fingers inserted in my cunt turn into a tortuous need for release. Then, a slight penetration, knowing I want more...you take your time, lowering yourself into me just a little at a time. Finally, you can wait no longer and begin a rough, uneven almost brutal rhythm, probing the depths of my body. The heat, the waves building, orgasm is near, my moan becomes guttural, the release of a wild beast. My explosion triggers your own-but instead of pumping your passion inside me, you pull out and spray your semen across breasts and face. Then you pull off the clamps and rub the semen across the sore mini temples.

Thoroughly satiated, I tremble in your arms, needing you to envelope me. Tenderness returns, along with sweet words and softness. Exploration of body and mind, expedition of Eros and the secret strata that are the essence of being, a need for emotional and physical connection.

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