Forest Hump


I am an outdoor person and have many times taken off and spent hours near a stream at the edge of he forest, which is an hour from the city. My cousin Sam had come for his holiday and since it was a lovely sunny day, so we decided to take a picnic out into the Forest. We packed our lunch and carried a crate of beer and drove to my favorite haunt.

Once we reached there we set off on foot down the forest paths and we stripped off near the stream and jumped in to the cool water. I told him there were some nice pheasants and deer deeper in the woods and we set off in search for some animal

After getting a bit off the beaten trail we spotted two girls nude and a tall hunk stripped to his underwear. We could see that he was hung like a horse as he had an obscenely huge piece of meat that dangled down almost halfway to his knees. He looked like a gypsy and he had a thick covering of dark hair on his muscular chest. The girls were bombshells. The first one had unusually large breasts and her thin waistline made her big tits and curvy hips even more noticeable and attractive. She had her long and shapely legs with a thick tufty bush at the juncture of her thighs. She was eyeing his huge dick and her sweet voice clearly carried to where we were standing behind the trees.

"I've never seen a dick as big as yours," she said, in a voice so sexy it made the dirty words she spoke even hotter. He said "Erica do you want to see my penis shall I pull it down or will you Maria do that" We looked at the other girl called Maria. She was a hirsute goddess, her big tits tight together with her white sports bra as her tits swayed and bounced near the gypsy. As she stretched masses of hair showed in her unshaven armpits. I looked at Erica's underarms too and it was very hairy. Jet-black armpit hair grew all over her untrimmed underarms.

Her tits swayed and bounced as much as her bra and the jersey allowed during the game and watching them made us even worse.

Erica was now eyeing the gypsy's upper body as her hands trailed along his hairy chest and then she pulled down his underpants to show off a dick that horses could be proud of. She said I love to suck big dicks." I like to see the shaft and if it is really thick and long, and those bulging veins along the side - I just think of big dicks, I mean really huge, monster cocks, are just so manly". The gypsy reached down and pulled at the long bushy underarm hair in Erica's unshaven underarms. I didn't recall having seen any woman with such bushy underarms. The thick long underarm hair certainly looked different and was turning me on. I was used to shaven underarms and trimmed pussies but seeing such wild bushy armpit growth was like a culture shock. I whispered to Sam "Have you seen any woman with such bushy underarms. I am really excited by seeing all that hair in her underarms and see Maria she too is extremely hairy" Sam could hardly mumble a reply as he rubbed his trouser front at seeing these erotic people in their nude state "Wow I never knew that a hirsute body can give me such an erection I hope he rubs his monster dong into her hairy armpits"

Erica reached down and touched his massive prick her eyes lighting up, as she looked at his penis, which was so huge that it reached halfway down his thigh, its shaft so thick that it resembled a salami. "Your dick is gigantic that even if you put in my hairy underarms it will not even get lost in the thick long bushy hair in my unshaven pits," she said, as it grew bigger. She reached over and placed her right hand and grabbed the huge base of his cock as it straightened out. Maria reached under her face directly under his balls. Erica begin stroking his cock, putting one hand near the base and one hand near the head, almost a foot apart from each other. She started moaning as she began to beat his meat, the strokes became faster. The head deepened its purple color, the shaft getting harder and harder as the skin around his awesomely huge cock was even more thinly stretched out now. Maria stood up and shoved her unshaven pit into his face as he wildly licked at her armpit forest. He started slowly licking and sucking at the long strands of bushy hair in her unshaven underarms.

Maria slipped a hand down as she entered her finger into her hairy pussy below, while Erica had her tongue on the top of his enormous cock. Licking the end she teased him feigning to place it in her mouth. Instead she licked the entire length, cupping his balls with one hand and squeezing lightly; letting the head circle her mouth with her tongue diving in and out while the gypsy grabbed fistful of Maria's armpit forest. Maria, though was feverishly playing with herself, her nipples fully erect. She started to writhe in an orgasm as the gypsy caressed her bushy armpits. My cock was so erect it was hurting; it wanted to burst, the blood pumping to the head making it visibly throb as I watched the wanton women taking on the monster dick of the gypsy. Sam could not control himself and he had whipped out his massive prick and was wanking himself. He moaned out aloud "I want to put my cock in their hairy underarms. I want to feel their long bushy hair on my foreskin and cum in their heavy thatches in heir armpits"

The gypsy's donkey prick entered Erica's mouth as she gasped and choked as he plunged ever deeper into her willing mouth The gypsy reached down between the moist and wet legs of Maria and gently rubbed his hands in her hairy pubes as Erica took his cock halfway into her mouth she started to slurp as her desires took over.

He could hold on no longer. The sperm hit the roof of her mouth leaking at both sides and she deliberately allowed a load to fall back onto the end of his cock before scooping it back up with her tongue. But she didn't stop. His cock was still not getting flaccid and Maria took over and began to stroke his dick. She started with long, slow strokes at first, looking into his eyes and then increased the speed of her strokes, pumping his cock up and down hard and fast. He kept moaning and she took her hands off his prick telling him to rub his big cock against her hairy asshole. She turned around and he started grinding her from behind with his humongous dick rubbing his oversized dick against her hairy asshole. He tried entering her but he was too big to enter her anal canal.

He reached around and grabbed her hairy armpits as he played with the thick hair growing there. Erica had in the meanwhile lain down and he was staring at this wanton woman showing a forest of jet-black armpit hair. He had unsuccessfully tried to penetrate Maria's asshole but he knew he could fuck the immense rug of hair in Erica's furry armpits. He took his dong, which was as big as her forearm and jammed it in her heavy pelt of hair in her tufty armpits. It was an erotic sight as the carpet in her unshaven armpits grew upwards from her heavy tits at least a foot upwards and was more than 6 inches thick. As he plunked his massive prick in her unshaven hedges in her armpits I could see how thick and bushy her underarm were. It almost hid the monster dick as the tip of his purple head slithered out of the thick grass in her unshaven pits. His white cock had completely disappeared in her black armpit forest. Maria not to be outdone pushed her hairy pits into her face and he licked furiously at the copious hair in her unshaven pits.

Sam next to me groaned as he spewed his jism in front of me. I was holding on literally but I knew I would be climaxing any moment. "I'm gonna come!" I said. I stood along side him while jerking my cock vigorously, shooting huge blobs of come.

Maria got both hands around his horse like cock and started jacking away as his glans disappeared into Erica's hairy armpits. His 13-inch wonder was now thrusting into her heavy armpit hair helped by Maria as she clamped down on his massive dong.

By now my dick was swelling again I had my cock still in my hand and was pulling for all I was worth, as this was without doubt the most intense armpit fucking I had ever witnessed. His massive dong sliding in and out of her armpit forest. His white dick hidden by the jet-black forest in her furry underarms. Suddenly his body started shaking and he started cumming depositing his fluid into Erica's unshaven armpits. Maria took his prick into her mouth as if she was thirsty sucking out the cum out of his prick while I shot my cum into the shrubs in front of me.

The "FOREST HUMP" was over as Erica put her hands into her underarms or was it just beginning Maria was still not satisfied. I noticed that Sam was not next to me and suddenly I spied a familiar figure rushing towards Maria...

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