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Forest of Submission


For gina, my Lit friend, her fantasy, my words.

I was scared to death. I knew I shouldn't have come—that it was too soon—that I didn't know Sir well enough to do this yet. We'd only met twice before, once for lunch and once for a wonderfully romantic dinner. But we'd chatted online for weeks and I had become too anxious to wait any longer. Had I used poor judgment? Was my trust misplaced?

Too many things were still new to me: being single again, my blossoming desire to become a submissive, and chatting online with Dominates in a chat room on the Literotica website. Had I let myself become too caught up in it all?

I had taken safety precautions. I hated those demonstrations of distrust, but Sir had insisted. I had mailed a certified letter to myself that required my signature to receive. In it, I mentioned where I was going and whom I was going to be with. I also stated that any serious injury I might receive would not be consensual. I let another real person know that I would be away for long weekend and with whom. If they didn't receive a call from me each morning, they were to call the police. Of course, that friend knew only that it was going to be a romantic rendezvous, not the nature of it.

Perhaps I would feel more at ease if we would spend our first of these three days at the mountain resort in a more traditional manner—if we'd just dine and dance and then spend the night making vanilla love. I didn't dare suggest such a thing to Sir though. He had told me too often that eagerness and courage were among my traits most attractive to him—those and my "sexy playfulness" of course. How could I tell Him that those were online aberrations?

We checked in at the hotel desk and then went immediately to our room. I'm not sure what I expected to happen when we got there, but it wasn't talk. Once inside the room, Sir sat on the bed and asked me to sit. Sir always asked. He never ordered, commanded, or demanded. I loved that about Him. He understood me—understood that I viewed every act of submission as a choice and took my pleasure from complying—from pleasing. I knew where He meant for me to sit. I had sat at His feet many times during our online chats, my cheek resting against His leg while He smiled down at me and stroked my hair.

"Pet", He said softly, "it's okay that you are nervous. It pleases me."

Online, I had always melted inside when He called me "pet". In person, it was even more warming and endearing. The word massaged my heart, and hearing it calmed me. He had never called me His pet though. He had never uttered the words "my pet" online or in person, and He didn't now. He understood that I belonged to no one—that each time we were together, it was only temporary. I loved Him for respecting that. I managed a smile, "Thank you, Sir."

He smiled again and then nodded, "You're very welcome, pet. Now I would like you to just sit there awhile and rest and calm yourself."

He was sitting on the edge of the bed and I couldn't imagine that He was comfortable, so I offered, "I'm okay now, really, Sir."

He raised a questioning brow, "Are you sure?"

"Yes, Sir."

He studied me for several seconds before saying, "Good, then I would like you to unpack your things and mine, except for my backpack. I would rather you didn't see what's inside it."

"As you wish, Sir." And I immediately got to my feet and began unpacking our luggage, placing some items neatly into the drawers and hanging others in the closet. He pulled two pillows from under the spread and sat back on them against the headboard, swinging His feet onto the bed. And then He quietly watched me. I could feel His eyes one me, and it was pleasing.

When my task was complete, I went to Him, laying on the bed and resting my cheek on His thigh. His hand found my head and stroked it gently. "Rest now, pet. Rest and breathe and imagine the joy that lies ahead. We have time."

After some time, I managed to begin slipping in and out of consciousness. I didn't really sleep though. His fingers never stopped lightly stroking my hair, head, and neck. All I could think about was how nice it was to just be together and not doing anything. There was no pressure, just nice relaxing togetherness.


That evening, Sir took me out to a very nice restaurant for supper. When purchasing the sexy black dress, I thought I'd feel awkward and clumsy in it. I wasn't accustomed to wearing such things, always opting for much more conservative garments. But on this night, the snug fit, the plunging V that traversed my breasts leaving them partially exposed as it passed over them, the mid-thigh hemline, and my total nakedness underneath, all served to make me feel sleek and sexy and desirable.

When the smartly dressed and well-mannered waiter offered me the menu, I held up my palm, "No thank you. Sir will order for me."

After he left to fetch our drinks, Sir grinned at me, "You like doing that, don't you, pet?"

I returned his grin, "What?" and then shot Him a confessing wink.

He nodded and asked, "Have I told you that you look irresistibly delicious tonight?"

"Yes, you've mentioned that . . . a couple of times, Sir." I answered with a blushing giggle.

"Ah, so I have, and probably will again."


Back at the hotel, Sir parked the rental car and we strolled leisurely around the lush grounds. "You left our waiter in terrible shape, you know that don't you?" When I just giggled, He added, "You knew what you were doing to him all along, rubbing his nose in the fact that you are submissive to me. But were you doing that for his benefit or for mine? I want the truth now, pet."

"Neither. It was for my benefit, Sir."

Sir stopped abruptly and spun me around to face Him. His hands were on my shoulders. The dim ground lights marking our path illuminated His face enough for me to see His wide smile, but He didn't speak. Instead He let His hands slide down my arms until they were on mine. His fingers curled mine under the hem of my dress and drew it slowly higher on my thighs, and higher still until it was gathered around my waist. His eyes locked on mine and held them.

With one hand, he slid a strap from my shoulder until my left breast was fully exposed. I bit my lower lip and waited as He studied me for a reaction. Convinced that I was okay with this, He cocked His head toward the gazebo at the turn in the paved path. He told me in a tender and loving tone what would please Him, His eyes thanking me even before I had begun to comply.

I thought we were alone in the garden, but I wasn't sure. I hadn't been paying any attention to that. I turned and locked my eyes on my destination, focusing all of my attention on it. And then I put one foot in front of the other until I was there, reminding myself to breathe as I walked. When I was in the middle of the gazebo, I turned, my hands still holding my dress exactly where He'd drawn it, my left breast beckoning to Him as He stood half way across the garden and watched me.

I released my dress with one hand, the other insuring that the material didn't fall as much as an inch. My fingers found the small patch of hair that I had left unshaven and teased it. I could barely see His smile in the dim light, but I could see it. That's all I could see—all I would allow myself to see—all I wanted to see.

I pressed my fingers lower and rubbed them gently over my mound, between my folds. One crooked and collected a sample of my slick secretions and then moistened my attentive clit with it. Two fingers returned for another portion and further moistened my clit before massaging around and over it. Sir's continuing smile was my reward.

Only three or four minutes elapsed before Sir extended His hand and beckoned me to Him. I wasn't sure if I should stop what I was doing while I went to Him, so I kept my fingers where they were, massaging myself as I walked slowly to Him.

When I was with Him again, He lowered the hem of my dress and raised the fallen strap to my shoulder once again. His hands on my bare shoulders, He moved closer and brushed His warm lips tenderly over mine. "Thank you, pet."

His words echoed through my brain."Thank you, pet, thank you, thank you, thank you, pet, pet, pet, pet, pet."


When we arrived back at our room, Sir asked me to sit on the bed while He filled the garden tub, sprinkling bubble bath and scented oil in it as it filled. He came for me and removed my dress slowly, led me to the tub, and helped me into it. Sir bathed me gently and completely with a soft sponge, smiling at me the whole time. Neither of us spoke.

My bath finished, He helped me out and dried me with a soft towel. Then He dried my shoulder-length hair and brushed it for a long time. When He was satisfied, He pulled the spread from the bed and tossed it aside before folding back the top sheet. He helped me into it and then carefully positioned me on my stomach, my elbows out away from me, and my hands under my pillow. He pulled the sheet up to where it covered only my legs and the lower half of my buttocks.

Sir kissed me tenderly on the cheek and then moved back from the bed, looking at me, smiling, His satisfaction obvious. And then He disappeared into the bathroom and took a shower.

When He emerged, he was nude. Again, He stood and looked at me from across the room. I'd been careful not to move. I was exactly as He'd left me, and again, He rewarded me with an approving smile. As he stood there, I was further rewarded by the splendor of watching His flaccid penis slowly begin to fill and grow.

He was almost fully erect when He moved to the bed and slid in beside me. He turned me and pulled me to Him, my cheek against His chest, my arm draped over him, and my one leg bent, my warm thigh resting upon His now fully erect cock. "Sleep now, pet."

"Sir?" I questioned without thinking.

He chuckled. "You have pleased me greatly today, pet. We have time. Sleep now and dream of things to come, as I will."

"Yes, Sir."

"You have pleased me greatly, greatly, greatly, pet, pet, pet, pet, pet, pet, pet, pet."


It was early morning, just a little after six when Sir took up His backpack and we walked into the forest. We wove our way through the trees, up and down and around, across two streams. Sir was constantly detouring, checking out small hollows and cliffs. Finally, He found a small clearing at the base of cliff. It was lined with trees and heavy undergrowth. He announced, "This will do. It's perfect."

When He'd removed His backpack and we'd drunk from the bottles of water He took from it, He looked right at me and asked, "Last chance. If you want to back out, now's the time."

I appreciated that—appreciated Him giving me another chance to change my mind. But I was determined. "No, I'm fine—really."

He raised an eyebrow and began removing items from backpack. He handed me the earplugs and sleeping mask. "I'm sure you remember these." He said with a chuckle. "Don't put them on just yet though."

My eyes flew open when Sir pulled out a short riding crop. He was bent over away from me, but turned His head to see my reaction as He laid it on the trunk of the fallen tree in front of Him. He was grinning, and His eyes asking me, "Still sure." I forced a grin and He turned back to what He was doing.

When He was ready, He turned and walked up to me, meeting my eyes with His. "It's time for the mask." He practically whispered. "Not the earplugs though. It's not time for those yet."

When the sleeping mask was in place over my eyes and the elastic band around my head, He said in that same low voice, "good, now take off your clothes, Pet, all of them, even your shoes and socks. I began to undress immediately.

When I was totally naked, Sir took my hands and led me a few steps to one side. When we stopped, He urged my feet apart. "A little more. I want your feet as wide as you can spread them while still being comfortable. You're going to be standing here awhile and we don't want your legs cramping up on you."

When He was satisfied, I felt Him slip a small collar around my ankle. I knew that was coming. I'd seen Him take three of them from the backpack. "You really shouldn't be doing this you know—not the first time. It's too soon.

"I trust you, Sir." I said through quivering lips.

"You really shouldn't. You don't know me that well. But don't worry. You're in good hands."

"I know that, Sir."

When both of my ankles were collared, I could feel Him moving about at my feet. I had seen the several thin ropes on the fallen tree and I knew He was tying them around the trees on either side of me.

His hands were on mine, pulling them together in front of me. He took the earplugs from me and then I felt the third collar being buckled into place around my wrists. A minute later, my hands were being drawn over my head, up and up until my arms were fully extended above me.

"Is that too tight? Does it hurt?"

I shook my head.

"Good, then do you have anything to say before I put in your ear plugs. Anything to ask me?"

Again, I shook my head.

"Good. Now, listen to me, pet. This is very important. You're safe word is 'stop'. That's all you have to say to end this. If you say it though, make sure you say it loud enough for me to hear. With the earplugs in, you may think you're saying it louder than you really are. So, if you say it, say it loud and I will stop immediately and the whole thing will be over. Do you understand?"

I nodded, but He wouldn't take that. "No, I need to hear you say it. What one word are you going to say loudly if you want to end everything immediately?"

"Stop", I said loudly.

"Good, then I don't want you to say anything else until it's over. I'm not going to gag you. I'm going to trust you not to speak. I don't want to know what feels good or bad, or what you like or don't like. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good." And then He proceeded to put the small plugs into my ears. When they were in place, there was nothing. As far as I could tell, He was gone.


I'm not sure how long I stood there waiting for something to happen. And I'm not sure what I expected would happen, the crop stinging my buttocks or His hand, or both. But whatever I expected, nothing wasn't it. Before long, I began to notice things, the smell of rotting leaves, of pine, of stale water, and the barely discernable breeze on my flesh. My body was coming alive with sensations. I began to notice everything. I could feel every thread in the leather collars around my ankles and wrists. The slight movement of my hair on my neck and shoulders sent sensations flooding over me.

It was another long while before my body jumped violently with the touch of something on my forehead. It was the soft leather flap on the end of the riding crop. That served to remind me that Sir was there. I had become so lost in sensation that I had all but forgotten about Him.

A few seconds later, the leather brushed my cheek and then was gone again. A long minute passed before I felt it again, this time trailing across the small of my back. I waited to see where it would next touch me, every nerve in my body searching, anxious to report, but there was nothing.

I jumped again as something fell on the slope of my breast—a drop of cool water, and it ran down and away. Another drop struck and then slid from my shoulder, and yet another on my other breast. Seconds ticked by like hours until another drop landed squarely on my left nipple. Every nerve in my right nipple grew to attention and waited for the instant chill of a drop landing upon it . . . waited . . . waited, and then something was there and gone so quickly I had trouble discerning that it was . . . yes, it was the single flick of a warm tongue. The sensation traveled the length of me until my pussy quivered in its wake.

The tongue appeared again, this time trailing swiftly across my lower lip. My tongue emerged, but found nothing. I did the only thing I could. I waited.

Minutes passed, or at least I think it was minutes and not seconds or hours, but I wasn't sure. It could have been any of those. But then my patients were rewarded with another sensation, this time warm fingertips on my chin. They were barely there, but they were there and I appreciated their company. They trailed softly down to my neck and between my breasts and farther until they teased lightly at my pubic hair.

Soon, I felt Sir's palm on me, His fingers pressing my mound. One pressed on and slid between the folds of my pussy and was still. I arched my pelvis toward it, begging it to move, but it just rested there for a long while.

Finally, movement as the fingers began to wiggle on me, and the one—that one—the one I needed so desperately crooked and slid inside. I arched again, but it didn't move. And then without warning, the hand was gone, and with it, the finger that had given me such hope.

Only seconds passed. I'm sure of that. My pussy had not yet forgotten the sensation of being touched. Fingers were on me again, spreading me open, something at my entrance, not a finger, much bigger, smooth and round. I searched my memory of the items Sir had extracted from His backpack, but nothing matched what I was feeling. There was more pressure on it, and more until my opening received it. Instantly, the fingers were gone and my lips closed, guarding against the object's escape.

Fingers again, and soft leather touched my breast. It wasn't the riding crop this time, but something softer—material—soft material but definitely leather. I could smell it—could discern the texture on my skin. It trailed lower, over my belly, until it was between my legs. Again, I had no memory of such an article.

And then Sir was there, or at least His hands were, on my thighs, brushing over them. I felt thin elastic bands being stretched around first my thighs and then my waist and then one tugged between my buttocks. The soft leather material was covering my crotch but it now felt heavy in the front. There was something there, something hard and heavy, hovering over my clit. He drew on the string between my buttocks until the thing was pulled firmly to my crotch. I could feel Him behind me, tying it there. And then He was gone again, this time for longer than ever before, ten minutes, fifteen, I couldn't know.

The crop brushed my buttock. It traversed each several times before teasing along the crack between. A hand replaced it, fingers kneading my fleshy behind. A single finger trailed along my crack once lightly and then again more firmly, sliding between. A fingertip slick with something rested on my anus.

My mind whirled out of control. Nothing had been there before. I had never allowed it, never wanted it, never thought that I could want it. But now, I was so desperate for something—for anything, I arched back to it, begging. And then it was gone, along with the hand connected to it. I waited.

I almost involuntarily broke free of my restraints when the object inside me came alive. It was a vibrating something, a small egg perhaps. And then seconds later, the object on my clit sprang to life, vibrating, causing powerful sensations to shoot out in all directions, flooding my senses. A moment later, *Smack*, my ass was stung by the riding crop. I didn't care though. All I could think of was what was happing to my pussy, how wonderful it felt, how much I wanted it—needed it. And then everything went still.

It took several moments for the sensations to stop, and then all I was left with was the sting on my ass cheek. I hadn't really even felt it before. But now, that was all I could feel. It didn't hurt so much as it filled the void of sensations left by the vibrators stopping. It didn't displease me at all, and for some reason, I took some degree of pride in that.

Warm lips were on my nipple, a moist tongue pressed to it, swirling, licking, and sucking. And then all were gone. No more than two or three seconds later, that same nipple exploded in pain when the flap of the crop flicked hard across it. Almost simultaneously, both vibrators sprung to life. I felt His hand on my hair, gripping it, and He yanked my head backward violently. His mouth was on mine, His tongue forcing its way inside. His hand was on my ass again, the finger finding my puckered hole, teasing, waiting. I devoured His tongue, relished it, and trust my hips back to meet His hand, forcing myself to be violated by that precious finger. As the slick tip slid inside, He yanked my head back even more, His mouth hungry, His passion intense. Suddenly, His finger abandoned me, His mouth was gone, His hand released my hair, and the vibrators went still. I was overcome by a sadness so intense, I almost began to sob.

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