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Forest Spirit


I strode quickly up the steep incline, the small stream bubbling over brown rounded rocks next to me and tall powerful trees closing in around me. I was walking the centre of a deep shaded mountain cleft, aiming for the summit and enjoying the last day of my summer break. The cool dank and musty woods around me exuded peace and tranquillity, a return to those former days when our very existence relied upon the generosity of mother nature, far away from our modern hi tech way of life and all its attendant pressures.

The woods closed in around me hiding me from that outside world, feeling almost protective in a primeval way. I felt I was entering something almost sacred, beyond my experience. I have always felt that there is something vaguely sexual about deep dark woods, maybe it is the ripe musky smell, reminiscent of the smell of arousal, or maybe it is some remnant of ancestral sexuality left from the days of our long past generations. Either way my feelings were heightened by the overt symbolism of my entry into the thickly wooded cleft and the clear, cool, freely flowing water at its centre. Where was I being led by the crystal water running at my side?

I reached a particularly steep section, the sturdy trees almost touching one another providing a subtle defensive barrier to what lay beyond. Gradually the slope decreased and then flattened out altogether, the trees also thinning as I continued. I began to hear the rush of falling water and smelt the dampness of the air, then abruptly I was on the edge of a light clearing. The far side created entirely by a wall of dark rock, bisected by a falling, churning but not too powerful stream of water splashing upon the rocks below. Beneath the lip of weathered rock a deep crystal clear pool had formed, livid patterns of green and brown reflecting off the glassy surface. My attention was immediately caught by a movement in the water and suddenly a dark head broke the surface and with a flick sent heavy drops arcing from strands of long dark hair across the perfect glassy surface of the pool. I moved closer, my slow approach covered by the water cascading upon on the rocks. I began to see that my quarry in the pool was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, with long dark, almost black hair and dark olive skin almost matching the colour of the rich light sandy soil of the woods. She stood up in the waist deep water, her generous ripe breasts swinging delightfully as she moved, drops of water falling off her dark taut nipples, her tanned skin glowing with health. She walked slowly to one of the showers of falling water and stood beneath it, luxuriating in the play of water over her body. Her hands moving sensuously over her soft skin as she revelled in the sensations building from deep within.

The locals in this area had stories of a beautiful wood nymph, the guardian of this ancient forest who only took human form while bathing in the pools and streams of her domain. While in this form it was claimed she sought the humanly joys denied to her in her spirit realm. If ever such a creature existed this was surely her. As I watched she lifted her hands to her breasts and caressed herself obviously enjoying the sensations of her fingers as they touched her engorged nipples. I watched breathlessly feeling ashamed as I enjoyed her pleasure as a voyeur, but unable to tear myself away. Suddenly she looked up and I looked deep into her bottomless black-brown eyes for what seemed like a lifetime. I would willingly have surrendered myself to the depths within her eyes but at the final moment but she blinked and turned away, diving easily and gracefully into the clear water. I watched, cursing myself for my stupidity and selfishness at watching and stealing her secret pleasure, but still waiting breathlessly to see her reappear. My wait turned to anxiousness and then fear as she failed to surface, surely it would be impossible for her to hold her breath so long?

I saw a movement under the water. Convinced that it was her and that she was in trouble I threw myself in an accurate dive towards her. The cool water soaked through my clothes and dragged me down as my hand felt something soft and warm in front of me. My arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her to me tight as I started back to the surface a few feet above us. Her weight and the weight of my waterlogged clothes made the going hard. The surface was approaching but my air was running short, my chest was burning, the natural reflex to take a breath making my ribs heave. Rapidly the blackness of oxygen starvation was rushing at me down a long narrow tunnel. Then I hit the surface, the sweet pure air filling my lungs as I gasped for breath. I pulled her to me as I recovered and looked down into her eyes, they were open, she was conscious and not even breathing heavily. I was drawn once again, deep into the dark limpid pools of her eyes and had to fight to pull my gaze from hers. I asked if she was OK, she nodded but did not speak and lay still in my arms while I moved us both to shallower water. I looked again into her dark wide open eyes and asked her name. If there was a reply I never heard it, instead I just melted as I stared at her. One hand moved to the back of her neck and, together with the hand around her waist, pulled her to me. My mouth opened and sank inexorably down on hers in the most intense kiss I have ever experienced. I felt our souls had joined with that kiss, it was not just our mouths and tongues searching hungrily for each other, it was more, something deep within each of us was reaching out to touch the other.

We half swam half paddled kissing each other and looking deeply into one another's eyes, still without speaking, until my feet touched the cool sandy bottom. I lifted her easily with one arm behind her knees and one around her back, she felt light as I carried her towards the water's edge. I realised then I was naked, how did that happen? Did she undress me or did I? It no longer mattered. I was lost in the dream of her, our bodies touching, her soft warm skin against mine and her supple body light in my arms. The water streamed from us as we approached the soft sandy beach nestling beside the tumbling stream of water at the far end of the pool.

As our bodies left the supporting water she wrapped her arms around my neck and I became increasingly aware of the effect she was having on me. The proximity of her beautiful naked body and our intense kissing had aroused me intensely and now I felt the weight of my swollen erection as it thrust up from between my thighs. As I walked I felt my stiff flesh sway and brush against her smooth skin, each brief touch igniting a small flame of passion and increasing my excitement. In turn I felt her full rounded breasts press into my chest, her nipples hard from the cool water taut against my own trembling skin. Our bodies seemed to be caressing each other as I walked towards the small beach. Gently I laid her down on the soft sand, standing over her as she lay back and relaxed onto the soft bed provided by nature. She looked up at me through eyes half closed but alert, taking in each detail of me as I stood, unselfconsciously, proud and erect above her.

Her eyes moved over my body but came to rest on the stiff flesh thrusting demandingly from the junction of my thighs, she paused for a moment, wrestling with some internal turmoil and then with a glance up at my face a decision appeared to be made and she smiled, lifting her hand to mine to pull me closer.

I sank slowly to my knees beside her, her arms lifting in open invitation and drawing me further down. Our bodies touched again and the dull ache of passion in my balls turned instantly to a raging fever. We were kissing again, this time both breathless with animal passion. The hardness of my inflamed erection pressed against the soft warmth of her thigh and I felt her move beneath me, her thighs opening to accommodate mine, surrendering the delicate folds of her ripe sex to the approach of my own probing flesh.

The sensitive intimate flesh between out thighs met and instantly joined, one probing the other accepting, as they merged like long lost souls. I felt the soft petals of her sex melt around my hardness and our bodies flowed into one another to be joined seamlessly as one living being. In that moment of supreme ecstasy it seemed to my heightened senses that the entire forest had opened and blossomed around us. I had found and entered the deep path into the forest and pushed myself relentlessly in, only to feel now that I was being absorbed, willingly, both body and soul, into the very life blood of my surroundings as my body sank deep into hers.

The moment passed, to linger as a faint echo while my body urgently cried out, begging for me to surrender to the sensations created by the tender grip of her body on my engulfed erection. I started to move, slowly at first, savouring each delicious millimetre of slick wetness enveloping my straining shaft as it gently began to slide between her tight lips. My passion rose, my movements becoming quicker and more demanding, eager to satisfy my primal lust and release the wild animal caged between my thighs in an explosive flood of pent up pressure. She lay beneath me in supplication, arms and legs wide in invitation to use her body for my own pleasure, then reaching up to draw me further in, encouraging the movements of my body inside her. The soft ripe furrow between her open thighs greedily accepting each stabbing attack of my pounding weapon, my distended flesh sliding smoothly into the tight welcoming sheath of her beautiful vulva.

I felt myself thrust repeatedly and uncontrollably into the yielding depths of her writhing body, seeking to ease the lustful yearning ache deep within my own engorged flesh, her hips lifting to meet mine, seeking to satisfy the wanton spirit inside. The honeyed mouth of her sex kissing the crisp bed of my pubic hair each time our hips met and pressed together. Her accepting and willing body allowing me to vent my wild passion in a sweet succession of violent blows that forced my painfully hard and eager shaft deep into the succulent cleft of her gorgeous sex. Her sharp nails drove me deep and forced incoherent cries from my throat as she sought seek to increase her own piquant pleasure, her hips rising to meet mine and her ankles locking behind my back as we sought to consummate our blissful union.

I descended into my own animal world, the primal drive of untold generations and millions years of prehistory culminated in my peaking pleasure. My own wild ancestors claiming me for a moment as they took control of my body, locking me into an inevitable chain of events designed to perpetuate their line. My balls tightened and I felt the powerful surge of my rich creamy sperm flooding up my thrusting shaft. I came, my twitching cock spurting deep inside her ripe fertile body. We came together, my passion spending itself in a rhythmic pumping deep inside her welcoming body as she clung tightly to me, riding the storm of my frantic search for release. My insistent thrusting driving us both over the edge of the same abyss to accelerate down together towards the single bright point of pure ecstasy way below us. Her own sensations peaking at the same moment as mine, intense waves of pleasure forming at the point between her thighs where our bodies joined, to spread rapidly across her body and coalesce into the intense background of her orgasm.

I finally heard her voice, moans of passion hidden in the raw music of the tumbling water, my reason finally deserting me in the final paroxysm of our mutual pleasure.

I awoke lying beside the tranquil pool, my soaking clothes scattered around me. The forest seemed fresh and alive with new vitality but I was alone.

What had happened? Had I passed out in the water?

I felt a great sense of contentment but also a strange sense of loss. Around me I smelled the sweet musky smell of the forest, surrounding me more strongly than ever now, even more closely reminiscent of the wonderful heady aroma of excitement that we all exude at moments of passion.

I still tingled with the afterglow of sex. Had I been dreaming or had there genuinely been somebody else there with me?

I reached down and touched myself. I was still wet. I had certainly come but was there more than just my own sperm coating my now soft flesh, was it more than that?

I am sure that it was more, had I met the guardian the old stories told us of?

Was it you?

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