tagMind ControlForever Again Ch. 04

Forever Again Ch. 04


Author's Note: This story depicts graphic lesbian sex and mind control. If these topics do not interest you or are prohibited in your area please back out now.

This is the fourth installment of a long story. Those that have read my other stories will know that I tend to have some story behind the sex so if you're looking for a quickie this story may not be to you liking.

For those of you that haven't backed out, I hope you enjoy my words.



Vala Strauss drifted aimlessly amid a hazy, bleak landscape of sodden misery. The iron grey clouds of earlier that morning had slowly descended to cover the entire forest in a cold, dreary mist.

Sitting on the soggy ground, shivering with the combined wretchedness of the cold damp air and her heavy, wet clothes, Vala felt miserable and utterly alone. Another tear rolled down her cheek as she remembered Inga's last cry. Vala, I love you! But it was not to be. Vala knew she would never see Inga again. Vala now felt sure she was doomed to be alone, forever. After a time she drifted asleep.

You're never alone, Valamera.

The words rippled through Vala's mind and her breath hitched in her throat. "Mistress?" she whispered.

Yes my Love, I am here for you, just as always.

"Mistress, where are you?" Vala asked, looking around the cold, empty woods. The heavy mist floated around her limiting her sight to only a few dozen paces in any direction. "Are you here? I can't see you."

"I am always with you, Valamera." Said a smooth, melodious voice. "Even if you can't see me, I'm still there." It took Vala a moment to realize the voice wasn't in her head this time but behind her. She whipped her head around and there, striding towards her was a tall, beautiful woman with pale skin, light grey, almost silver eyes and thick black hair.

Vala noted with some surprise that rather than her usual long black dress, she was wearing something more like what Vala thought of as woodland clothing. Although Vala guessed it was certainly more like the woodland garb of a Lady out for a day of riding rather than that of a common hunter or trapper.

She was dressed in a finely tooled black leather vest worn over a white blouse and tight grey leggings tucked into knee high black leather boots. A wide, dark brown leather belt at her waist matched a pair of fine leather gloves on her hands. A heavy grey fur cloak covering her shoulders completed the outfit. The cloak is from a grey wolf. Vala found herself thinking and then wondered why that thought had occurred to her.

"You've never come to me before like this. You've only come to me in my dreams." Vala said quietly.

"Who is to say you're not dreaming now, my Love?" Her eyes twinkled with mirth and she seemed to be laughing quietly to herself.

Vala touched her face tentatively with her fingertips as if to confirm she was actually awake. Her skin felt the same as it always did, smooth and soft, now slightly cool and damp with the mist. "Am I dreaming?" She whispered.

"Does it matter? I'm here for you and you're no longer alone. Isn't that enough?"

A familiar warmth blossomed in Vala's core and she smiled. "Yes Mistress. I..." she hesitated then continued, "I've missed you."

The woman took a step closer, closing the last distance between them. Placing a hand on Vala's cheek she said softly, "I have missed you as well, my Love. More than you could ever imagine."

Vala placed her hand over the one on her cheek and held it there. The skin was smooth and soft but surprisingly cool to the touch. "I don't know what is happening to me." She whispered, tears of both joy and pain welling up in her eyes. "Can you tell me?"

Her Mistress pulled her slowly, gently into a protective embrace. Wrapping her arms around Vala and holding Vala's head to her breast. "It will all be made clear in time, my Love. All things come with time."

"Why must we wait? Why must I wait?"

"Sometimes things must progress at their own pace, my Love." She lifted Vala's chin and looked deep into her eyes. Vala felt herself sliding into the shimmering depths of those liquid silver eyes. A hand slid into her hair and pulled their lips together.

Passion ignited in Vala's body the instant their lips met. She moaned into her Mistress as their kiss deepened and their tongues danced. Hands wandered slowly down her body to cup her bottom, squeezing it before pulling their hips together. Emboldened by her flaring passions, Vala tentatively ran her own hands over her Mistress, mirroring her moves. She shivered at how wonderful the mysterious woman felt in her arms.

Her Mistress gently broke the kiss and pulled her face back a little, looking at Vala as if studying her for several long moments. "So beautiful." She whispered, then leaned back in to continue the kiss.

Their tender embrace continued for a time but Vala couldn't guess how long. All sense of time slipped away whenever Vala was in the arms of her Mistress They could have kissed for seconds or days, Vala couldn't tell. In this woman's arms, time became meaningless.

Almost without her noticing, Vala found herself laying on the ground with her Mistress beside her. The soft grey fur cloak spread out under them. Vala felt the hands of her Mistress drifting over her body, caressing her in all the right places, setting her body afire with need. As if by magic, her clothes seemed to fall away from her body at the merest touch of the woman's hands and in almost no time, Vala was lying completely nude and vulnerable before her Mistress.

Fingers slid over her nipples making her gasp with bliss. Her back arched, offering her full breasts for this woman to do with as she would. "Yesss..." she hissed with delight.

"So eager, my Love?" Her Mistress teased her. "Very well, if that is what you truly desire, who am I to deny one so lovely."

Lips wrapped around one of her nipples and sucked the sensitive bud in, sending ripples of pleasure through her body. Vala's hand came up and she worked her fingers into the wonderfully thick mane of black hair, pulling the lips harder to her breast. She rolled her head back and released a series of uninhibited, full throated moans as her Mistress slowly, almost leisurely caressed Vala's breasts.

After a time, her Mistress shifted her attention downward and fingers began to dance over her sex, turning Vala's moans into cries of rapture.

Lips pressed in close to Vala's ear and words, thick and sweet slipped into her mind. Her Mistress was controlling her again, changing her just as she before. Just as Vala had done to Inga and Else. Vala knew what was happening but was powerless to stop what her Mistress was doing to her.

"Don't resist who you are, my Love. Don't resist who you will become. You are meant for so much more than you can imagine. You are far greater than you know, my Valamera." The words slid into her thoughts just as before and Vala groaned. She imagined she could actually feel the words entering her mind, like delicate fingers dancing across the surface of her thoughts and dreams, pausing when they found the spots they were searching for to slip new ideas and emotions directly into her soul.

"Mistress..." Vala slurred dazedly.

"Don't resist the pleasure your body can give you. Give in to the pleasure, revel in it, savor it..." A kiss on the ear the sent a shuddering gaps through her body, "...and share it."

"Yess..." Vala hissed.

"Now my love, I must go soon, but first," There was a pause and even without looking, Vala could sense the almost predatory smile that spread on the luscious red lips of her Mistress, "I need to taste you before I go." Vala groaned and she felt her core constructing in eager anticipation of her impending release.

Her Mistress seemed to understand what was about to happen and chided gently, "No, no my Love, you may not peak until I give you permission." She hissed in Vala's ear once more, her controlling words thick and sweet, enchanted and utterly irresistible. "You will not climax until I release you." She teased one of Vala's nipples making her moan with need. "You will not peak until my tongue touches your bud. Only when I have had my first taste of you may you allow yourself release."

Vala whimpered but knew she couldn't resist a command from her Mistress. She felt her sex quivering with pent up energy that was desperate for release but was now held in check by the force of another woman's will. Without her even thinking, her legs spread wide and her hips pushed up, offering herself to the woman who controlled her. The coolness of the air on her soaking wet sex only drove her passion higher and she cried out desperately, "Mistress, please!"

Unhurried, her Mistress moved between Vala's legs and smiling wickedly, kissed Vala's mount tenderly. Just the slight contact pushed Vala even higher and she whimpered with need. She panted in ragged gasps as her hands clutched at her own breasts, twisting her own nipples savagely. The tight, tingling pain mixed with pleasure in her in her breasts didn't release her but instead only served to fan the fire raging in her core.

Time passed as Vala balanced on a knife edge between rapture and madness while her Mistress sat serenely between her legs, slowly, torturously caressing Vala's aching sex with her fingers, seemingly intent on watching Vala's mind shatter. "Please..." Vala begged.

"In such a hurry for it to end, my Love?" The Mistress teased, "Speaking for myself, I'm enjoying this show immensely. You're lovely when you're on the edge of rapture."

Groaning incoherently, Vala couldn't manage any kind of real reply.

With talented fingers, her Mistress continued to tease her desperate sex for what seemed like lifetimes to Vala. Her every move searing Vala's soul with exquisite jolts of the most delicious agony Vala had ever felt. Over and over, she moaned with rapture when she felt the fingers slide into her, filling her sex then groaned with need when they slid out, leaving her feeling hollow.

After a time that could have been mere minutes or decades, her Mistress finally leaned in close and whispered, seemingly into Val's sex. "Are you ready my Love?"

"Yes!" Vala cried desperately.

Vala felt the touch of her Mistress's tongue on her sex and instantly her release came.

A shriek of rapture was ripped from Vala's throat as a searing wall of fire burned through her body, consuming everything before it. Her entire core contracted in a stunning paroxysm that locked her breath in her lungs and threated to tear her apart from the inside. Her hips trust up, driving into her Mistress as if her sex was trying to swallow the tongue that was ravishing her.

Obligingly, her Mistress pushed her tongue deep into Vala's sex, driving Vala's bliss even higher.

Wave after wave flooded through her young body battering her mind into complete submission. Screams of rapture filled the forest around them and Vala only distantly realized that they were actually coming from her. She felt wetness flood from her sex, soaking the soft fur under her with its strong, lustful scent.

Finally it all became too much and the world started to slip away from her. Everything around her slowly melted into a grey fog of unending ecstasy that was overwhelming her mind and was surely driving her mad. As her mind slipped lose the last tether to reality and she drifted away she felt herself whisper raggedly, "I love you Mistress."

* * *

Wake up my Love. Wake up... The words echoed distantly in Vala's mind, prodding her back to consciousness.

Slowly she came back to reality and she looked around in confusion. She was alone in the forest, exactly where she had collapsed earlier after her run from the river. There was no sign of her mistress anywhere. She was alone and still dressed in her wet clothes.

Another dream, Vala groaned to herself. Just a dream.

But what a dream it had been. She could still feel the wonderfully warm pulse of her orgasms flowing through her veins and knew that the wetness between her thighs had nothing to do with her earlier swim in the river. She fell back with a groan and allowed herself a few minutes more to savor the afterglow.

Her thoughts tried to go back over the dream but much of it seemed to flit away from her like leaves before an autumn wind. Tantalizingly close but always slipping just beyond her reach. Her Mistress had said something important to her she thought. Whispered something into her mind just has Vala had done to her other lovers but try as she might she couldn't recall exactly what the Mistress had said.

You will never be alone, my Love. The words of her Mistress whispered in her mind.

Vala felt a warm flush at the sound of her Mistress and the promise those words held. "Thank you Mistress." She whispered.

Feeling a little better and still enjoying the heat seeping through her bones, she drifted off.

Get up Valamera, now! The voice awoke her again, more forceful this time.

Vala now became aware for a frightening new sound, the low, mournful howl of a wolf. It was followed by another, then another... and they were close.

Getting quickly to her feet she started to run away from the direction she though the howls were coming from. After a minute she heard another howl, closer this time, much closer. Her feet pounded on the soft, damp leaves of the forest floor and her arms pumped as she ran with all her strength. She looked for a tree to climb but there were none large enough with branches low enough for her to reach. She tripped and rolled, her dress caught something and it tore as she got up. Two more howls came, very close this time. She glanced over her shoulder and thought she saw movement. She ran on desperately.

Suddenly the forest floor dropped away from beneath her. In her flight she had not seen the small gully and she had run right off the crest. She rolled down the slope in a jumble of damp leaves, sticks and dislodged gravel. She landed at the bottom with a thud that knocked the air from her lungs. For a moment she lay there, flat on her back staring up at the trees overhead trying to fill her lungs.

From close beside her a deep voice boomed, "Woah Lass... where did you come from?"

Vala started and looked in a near panic to see who had spoken. A few feet away was a big man holding an axe. Beside him was another man, taller but more slender. Both were dressed in workman's clothes and had squat, narrow brimmed leather caps on their heads.

Before Vala could say anything she heard a loud growl from somewhere very close. She turned to see three wolves standing at the crest of the small hill she had just tumbled down.

"Go on now... git, the lot of you!" Yelled the big man, taking a step up the hill.

The taller man followed suit, "Yeah, there ain't no free meals here today." He picked up a fist sized stone and threw it at the wolves, "Go on now!"

Apparently not willing to take on the big men, the wolves gave another low growl then turned and melted back into the woods.

The bigger man turned back to Vala, "Well, I guess that would explain what you were runnin' from. I heard them wolves a howlin' but never suspected it was some young lass they was huntin'." He reached down and helped Vala to her feet. He seemed to look her over quickly, "Here now, you look like you had a bit of a rough day. You'd best come back to our camp and we'll get you patched right up."

"Your... your camp?" Vala asked a bit nervously seeing the rough, unwashed condition of the big men. The idea of being surrounded by an entire camp of men like these made her uneasy.

"Aye, our camp." Said the taller man. "It's only a short walk away and once we're there my wife can get you cleaned up and I'm sure she'll fix yer dress for ya." He pointed down with his axe handle. Vala looked down and suddenly realized that her dress was torn wide open along one thigh and a rather generous portion of her still wet undergarments was showing. She felt her face flush with embarrassment.

The men must have seen her reaction because the bigger man barked out a laugh before he said, "Here now lass, don't be worrying about that. Horace and I here have seen plenty of women. Ain't nothing you got in there we've never seen before." He winked at her and chuckled.

For some reason Vala felt oddly comforted by the men's crude language and even found herself smiling if just a little as they all started walking with the big man in the lead.

"How did you ever come to be way out here in the woods?" Asked the tall man, Horrace, his friend had said.

For an instant Vala felt the stirring of panic as she wondered what she would tell these men. Surely she couldn't tell them the truth that she was forced to flee her home because she was possessed with an unnatural hunger for other women. She thought furiously then said slowly, "I... I was a passenger on a barge. I was heading downriver towards the town of Ulm. I... I think I must have fallen overboard. I woke up on the river bank this morning and was alone." As she spoke, the fabricated story came more easily to her. "I started walking along the road but then those wolves appeared and chased me into the woods. I... I climbed a tree to get away from them. They barked and howled at the tree for a while but couldn't get me. Eventually they left and I came down but I found I was lost. I wandered for a few hours, totally lost then I heard the wolves again so I ran. They were getting close when I fell down that hill and you found me."

"The river?" Whistled the big man. "You've wandered quite a distance then. It's a goodly way from here." He pointed vaguely off to their left.

After fifteen minutes of walking, Vala could smell wood smoke and cooking meat. A few minutes later she could see signs of building through the trees. They emerged into a clearing surrounded by over a dozen small cottages. Off to one side were several large wagons and huge piles of cut logs. At the far end of the clearing Vala could see a long, low open sided building on the shore of a small pond and she could hear the sound of rushing water.

"A lumber camp?" Vala asked.

"Of course." Said Horace. "That's the sawmill over there. We cut the trees up in the hills and float them down the stream to the millpond. There they get cut up and loaded onto the wagons for the trip down to the big river where they get loaded onto barges and shipped off to town."

"I was on a lumber barge." Vala said.

Horace nodded, "Most of the barges up this far on the big river are hauling lumber going downstream. Coming back it's either iron, grain or sometimes salt. There are lots of other camps further up river, your barge probably works those upper camps."

The men guided Vala to a cabin at the far end of the clearing then led her inside. As the door opened Horace called, "Griselda! We have company."

A woman wearing a kerchief tied around her hair poked her head out of a back room. "Company? Who in the devils..." Her eyes fell on Vala and she stopped. "Good gracious, how ever did a pretty young thing like you end up way out here?" She came out of the back room rubbing her hands on her apron. "And look at you, you're a mess, and bleeding." She fussed about in a cabinet for a moment before coming over with a piece of cloth. She turned to her husband, "Go on outside and get me some water so I can clean this poor girl up. Go on now, don't stand there like a tree!" She pointed at the door when he apparently didn't move fast enough to suit her.

She sat Vala down on a small three legged stool then knelt in front of her and started inspecting the cut on her cheek. As she looked she talked, "He's a good man, but sometimes he doesn't have the common sense the Good Lord gave a frog." A moment later her husband walked back in with a wooden bucket and placed it on the floor. "She'll be ok here with me. Why don't you go on and get back to work. All them trees won't be felling themselves, now will they."

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