Forever and Ever


It took a little nudging to get the tip of my erection into her pussy. I wanted to be delicate, even more so than when I'd had my fingers in her. I hadn't known she was a virgin then.

Anna pushed back against me, forcing more of my cock inside her. Her pussy was so tight around me, and so wet. In hindsight I couldn't believe that I'd nearly been content with just grinding on her ass.

"You think you're gonna hurt me, don't you?" she said.

"I'm a little concerned about it, yes."

"Well don't. Just 'cause you're the first boy in there doesn't mean I don't know what I'm doing. If you're gonna do this, then do it."

That sounded more like my sister. I grinned as she attempted to take control of the situation. She kept rocking her butt back against me, taking me deeper with every movement. I picked my moment and thrust in time with her, burying my cock even further in her tight little pussy. She moaned and brought her arm up to cover her face again.

Her shirt was still bunched up around her breasts. With her arm over her face it was relatively easy to push the shirt up even further and expose her boobs. I grabbed one and cupped it in my palm. It was so warm and soft to my touch, just like the rest of her body. My little sister felt way too good.

An animalistic growl came from my throat when my cock was finally as deep as it would go. I didn't consciously make the sound, it just kind of happened. It was primal. Not only were there the physical consequences of completely filling my sister's pussy, but the implications for the future as well. She was mine now, and I was hers. She'd said so. It was done.

Our hips never stopped moving. Anna kept rocking against me like she thought there was more to come, despite how she must have known I had bottomed out. For my part, I didn't think I could stop even if I wanted to. I needed to cum inside her the same way I needed oxygen. I didn't even know if I could stop if she asked me to. Things had gone way beyond logic and reason.

I kissed her neck in way that was somehow both savage and tender. I nipped her with my teeth a couple times, and instead of flinching from it she arched neck to give me better access. She even belatedly tore her shirt off and tossed it to the floor, leaving her completely naked. I trailed kisses across her newly exposed shoulder, then back to her head.

Anna had twisted her head as far toward me as she could. I found her mouth and pressed my lips to it. Her teeth caught my bottom lip and held onto it for a moment. I let myself be captured by her, surrendering to her the same way she had to me. She could have drawn blood if she wanted. I would have let her.

I felt her orgasm hit with as much certainty as if it had been my own. The way her pussy squeezed me, the way she kissed me with added desperation, the way her hand sought out mine and held on tightly; there was no mistaking it. It was a beautiful, sexual experience that I felt with my whole body.

If I hadn't had such a pressing need to cum too, I might have waited for her to recover a little. As it was I just keep thrusting into her, still seeking the release that she'd found. It was there, just out of reach but getting closer with every passing second.

I fucked my sister harder and faster, driving my cock into her with as much force as I could manage. In the back of my mind I was still a little worried about hurting her, and I wasn't sure I had enough control over my body to do anything about it if I did cause her pain.

All thought was made irrelevant as I came. I buried myself in my little sister's pussy and let my cum fill her up. She kept wiggling around, either disappointed that I'd stopped moving or trying to help me enjoy the last few seconds while my semen emptied into her.

We lay there in a happy silence afterward. I held Anna in my arms and let my cock soften naturally until it slipped out of her pussy. I felt satisfied and content as I basked in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

"Maybe I shouldn't have cum inside you," I said eventually, vocalizing the first fully-formed thought to cross my mind.

Anna giggled softly, then louder. It turned into a full laughing fit.

"That's what you're worried about?"

She squirmed around in my arms until she was facing me. She kissed me deeply and pushed me onto my back. Then she settled in beside me and nestled her head against my shoulder.

"Isn't it something we should worry about?" I asked. "At least a little?"

"Maybe. I think it's probably okay, but even if it's not... we'll deal with it. Honestly I thought you'd be more worried about other things."

"Like what?"

"Like whether or not I was serious about you being stuck with me. Whether or not I love you the way you think I do. What you're gonna do with me. Those sorts of things."

"Yeah, I can see how those might be issues if I didn't already know the answers to them."

"You think so? What are they then?"

"I'm not telling."


I smiled and looked down at my sister. She was naked and curled up against me with her eyes closed. Seeing her like that, there was no need to question whether she loved me. I couldn't imagine her letting herself be so vulnerable with someone she didn't. And being 'stuck' with her was hardly an issue either, as far as I was concerned. The only possible problem might be in regard to what the future held for us.

"What do you want us to do?" I asked.

"Right now?"

"No. You know what I mean. Like when you asked what I was going to do with you. What did you want me to say?"

Anna was quiet for a moment.

"Something about how we should have sex some more," she said eventually.

"That's what you wanted? That's your plan?"

"You don't like it?"

"I do like it, but that's not...."

I paused and considered the issue more carefully. What exactly had I expected? It wasn't like we needed to make any grand, sweeping changes to our lives. Most things between us were unalterable anyway. I didn't want her to stop being my sister, it was just that I wanted a few more things besides that. Things I already had. Why mess with any of them?

"You know what?" I said. "The more I think about it, the more I like your plan."

"Thought you might. You're kinda like that."

"Yeah, well... I do partly have my sexy little sister to thank for that."

I poked Anna in the side, making her giggle and try to swat me away. We settled down again after our short burst of activity. I didn't really want to move too much, and it seemed she didn't either. It was nice just lying together.

"You'll probably have to rescue me from mom and dad," Anna mumbled lazily. "They're gonna be pissed I'm not back yet."

"Can't you take care of it? And I thought you weren't sure if it'd be okay or not."

"I was gone all night. They'll have noticed that. Besides, even if I can sort it out, it'll take time. If I get double-grounded how much do you think I'll be around?"

"I... alright, we'll come up with something. Later. Maybe this afternoon."

"Or this evening," Anna suggested as she moved her arm across my chest. "Or tomorrow maybe."

The rate we were going, it didn't look good for us getting out bed all day. I was more than okay with that prospect. I would have been fine staying there forever.

"Forever and ever," I whispered with a smile, recalling Anna's words.



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by daveladner102/20/18

Loved it

I've read this story twice now. It's truly one of my favorites.

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by Anonymous02/13/18

An Excellent Story

A loving story as it should be told. A very good read into the minds of both individuals. This is the kind of story I enjoy.

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I love all of your stories, but of them all, this is probably the best. Absolutely perfect.

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by Anonymous12/24/17

loved it

I just loved it.

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by thedayafter10/22/17

What a nice gentle story. 5 stars

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