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Forever Hard


'Almost there,' he hissed, barely able to hold himself still. Her lips were deliciously tight about his cock, her tongue teasing and playful, but he wanted more. He wanted to feel himself stretching her throat. He wanted to see his cock buried to the hilt in her. He knew he was too long and too thick for most girls to handle, but this one was mastering his length and girth with ease.

She had brought him back to her house, promising him a blowjob he would never forget - and was certainly delivering. But she had also insisted that she be allowed to position him, naked, and had made him promise not to move until he had come.

And he hadn't - so far - but he was so close! His whole body was tense, every muscle quivering in anticipation of that grand release. He wanted to penetrate her so deeply his cum poured straight into her belly. He wanted to come all over her face and tits until every inch of her skin was coated with his creamy cum. Of course that was impossible, but being such a passive participant in this intercourse left his imagination free to conjure vivid fantasies.

'So close,' he whispered, his whole body tingling. His legs were spread wide with knees bent, his arms out to the sides for support. His cock felt harder than it had ever been, and it thrust up vertically from his crotch into her beautifully stretched mouth.

So close! All he needed was that one last vital stimulus to push him over the edge into what was sure to be an intense and prolonged orgasm. But wonderful though her mouth was, it wasn't quite enough.

His need was too much. Abandoning all thought of his promise, he reached out with one hand to push her head down, wanting to feel her choking about his cock as he fucked her mouth the way he liked.

Except he didn't. His arm failed to move at all, and it took him a moment to understand what was happening. He tried again to move, but his body remained motionless. He tried to speak, but his lips were just as stuck, parted in gasping pleasure, although his chest was no longer rising and falling with his need for air.

There was no need for air. Nor was there even the faintest hammering of his heart. There was only the need to come, the soft lips and tongue still caressing his hard length, his balls tight with the impending eruption.

He couldn't look away from her. Or, rather, his gaze was locked on his own cock, which glistened wetly from her saliva as she pulled away and crawled round to sit beside him.

'You can't move,' she said. 'Not until you come.' With a laugh she added, 'If you can.'

She pulled her knickers down and off over her shoes, then straddled him and lowered herself, her skirt falling like a theatre curtain about his erect and still aching cock.

He couldn't see it, but he certainly felt it, her warm, wet pussy pressing the hard head of his cock. The tender folds parting as she descended. The fierce grip of her vagina about his shaft.

'So fucking big,' she hissed. 'So big, so hard... I love having a hard cock in me. The bigger the better...'

She fucked him slowly, taking him gradually deeper and deeper, until he felt her cervix blocking the way and she laughed with joy.

With every move she made he struggled to find release, but it eluded him. He fought the impossible grip on his flesh but it held him still, trapped on the cusp of release. The grip of her vagina, the friction of her soft folds against his still sensitive cock, was heavenly, and despite the cruelty of his predicament all he wanted to do was empty his balls into her, to fill her with so much cum it would gush back out around his invading member.

Faster and faster she rode him, pinching her nipples roughly through the cotton of her T-shirt. Her eyes were closed, her lips muttering obscenities. 'Harder! Faster! Fuck me with that monster! I want your cum! Fill me with your cum!'

But try and try, he couldn't. She cried as she came, her expression tight with the singular joy of orgasm, her vagina contracting rhythmically as she thrust erratically, her fucking slowing gradually, until she sat in his lap, still impaled, eyes still closed, breathing heavily.

'Oh, yes,' she whispered. Wincing, as if to move at all was painful, she pulled herself off him and stood. His cock stood rigid, gleaming with the wetness of her pleasure.

He wanted to scream. His climax, still so close, was again denied him. No matter how he struggled, he was helpless, unable to move a single muscle.

Her voice came from a distance. 'You're still alive in there.' There was the distinctive noise of a fridge opening and closing, then of a microwave humming for a few seconds. 'And as I'm sure you know, if you aren't dead then you have to eat.' Her voice was getting closer again. 'Not a lot, in your case. A few teaspoonfuls a day.' She knelt beside him. 'Unfortunately, I don't have it fresh today, but don't worry. I have a few suppliers who deliver.'

A teaspoon was held beneath his nose, and the familiar smell filled him with dread. 'Don't you just love the smell of cum?' she asked, and scooped it between his lips with her fingertip. It sat on his tongue, oozing slowly down his throat, as she pushed more and more through his lips.

He tried to spit it out, but could do nothing. His instincts tried to make him swallow, but he couldn't. He could only wait as it tickled and trickled down his throat, and meanwhile she stroked his cock, sending fresh waves of pleasure coursing through his immobile flesh.

'Aren't you a horny little cumslut,' she said. 'That's what you called my baby sister.' She sighed. 'Broke her heart, you heartless bastard.'

She poured the remaining contents of the container onto his forehead, and the warm, thick liquid oozed down across his face, filling his eyes and falling like tears from his cheeks onto his chest.

'But I think she'll like you better this way...'

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by Anonymous

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by AlinaX02/10/19

I keep wondering what happens when they get bored and stop feeding him. Maybe he turns into a statue and they keep him in the garden.

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by studmuffin91102/09/19

Amazingly Written

I think the next instalment should be him trying to unlock ability to orgasms/ ejaculate, but in the process he’s tortured by a woman?.. amazingly written

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by AlinaX01/23/19

I wonder what happens if they stop feeding him. Does he just turn to stone?

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by fuzeeta01/22/19


I love his predicament, how beautifully cruel, hard and horny forever, and fed cum.

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