It was a hectic day for me in the office that day, as being a paralegal isn't much fun most of the time, with attorneys always knit picking about this and that, I was glad to be home. Knowing I had the house to myself, my hub was out of town for business, I started stripping out of my clothes, just as the door closed. I had no more than gotten all my clothes off, when I heard the doorbell. Damn it! Who could it be? I grabbed a large shirt from the dresser and went to see who it was. Peering through the peep hole, I saw it was my neighbors son. His last year in school had been a difficult one and he was repeating his senior year, great to look at but his young 18 year old mind was as dumb as they come. He had been taking care of our yard to earn some extra money and was in fact suppose to be doing it today, I had forgot. Not thinking, I swung open the door, to see his eyes nearly pop out of his head. I follewd his gazed and realized the shirt I had chosen, had a rip in it, and you could see my pussy shining through it. I love showing my body but it did embarrass me a bit. I quickly pulled the fabric together and asked him what he needed. " I have to cancel today" he said as he was eyeing my body from chest to toe, he never once looked at my face again after that. He explained he had a job interview and would have to cancel doing our yard today, but wanted to know if he could get paid for it any way and that he would do double good next time. Like I said, not real smart, but what the hell. "Sure, come on in, I'll get you some money" I said as I turned back into the house. I could feel his eyes burning into my ass as I walked and now I was getting that feeling in my stomach.

I know he has peeped on me over the years, but I had never let him see me so close. I wonder if I I looked over my shoulder at him staring at my ass, I thought, what could it hurt? "Sit down and I'll see if I have some cash" I told him racking my brain at how I could do this. "Would you like something cold to drink?" I asked still buying some time. "Sure, anything is good with me" he responded. I looked over my shoulder at him again and he was still staring, actually leaning forward off the couch to watch me walk to the kitchen. I don't think he ever saw me looking at him. I open the fridge and bent over letting my shirt raise, giving him a nice view of the under side of my ass. Like i said, this shirt is long, about half way to my knees. I heard his knees hit the flor as he fell off the couch. I had to smile at that, I gave him a moment to get back up and turned closing the door. Thinking about how to be all nonchalant, it slipped my mind about the rip, so as I walked toward him his eyes were transfixed to my crotch area.

It dawned on me then, our bar was directly across from him. I grabbed my purse and sat it on the bar, hoisting myself into a bar stool. "Come, sit over here while I dig" I told him, fumbling through my purse. He sat down at the other end of the bar facing me. Good, I let my legs open, allowing him to see my lips a little. I watch him out of the corner of my eye and could see him blatenly staring. "Now, here we go as I pulled some cash out." I said, as I let them open just a little further. "What do I get for this money, since you aren't doing our yard today?" I asked trying to get his attention. "Brandon?" snapping my fingers his eyes finally came to mine, "What am I going to get for this money?"

He then went into this long explaination that he surely rehearsed before coming over, about how he will do this and do that, cleaning our cars and the like, to make up for it. I sat the money down on the bar and looked at him, he had refixed his eyes on my pussy again, while he was talking. I got up and noticed his jeans were stretched to popping with his dick being so hard. "Well, let me think about it...." I was saying as I walked across the room. I then felt his arms reach around me, one hand cupping a breast quite hard and the other sank into my pussy. I started to wiggle and knew it was useless, this kid was strong, and besides, I didn't really want him to stop, and also, dumb or not, he wasn't going to rape me. Without saying a word, I let him feel me up, his hands were every where. He loosened up long enough to rip my shirt completly open. The force startled me but not in a bad way, did I really want him to fuck me? My head was spinning, and before I could make my mind up he bent me over the back of our sofa. In mere seconds he had his dick out and was pushing it inside me. He held me down with one hand and pulled my waist out far enough to get a better angle and then he drove home. He pumped at me fast, like young guys do, so fast I could hardly breathe. It was only a couple of minutes before he shot off into me, which was way too bad, I sure wanted more of that.

He pulled away letting me catch my breath, and as I turned around he had his head lowered in shame. "Listen, the next time you do that, make it last a little longer, OK?" I said, in short breaths. He raised his head to see my smile and his face lit up. "Now, that was worth the money you asked for, I might have even thrown in a tip if you would have let me get off." I was saying as I got up to my feet. I gave him his money and kissed him on the cheek as he left. It was still very warm outside and I knew this great weather was about to come to a end. I still had to finish raking my lawn, so I just planned right there to do it myself and be done with it.

After that who'd want to stay inside anyway, it was beautiful outside and I wanted to go out and enjoy it, or what was left of it anyway. I could see it soon would be dark outside with the days becoming shorter and didn't really want to waste anymore time. I went into my bedroom to find something to wear outside. I knew I could get away with my favorite cut-off t-shirt and my almost not there at all cut off shorts, but they were still in the clothes hamper, been too busy to wash, and I absolutely hate wearing something more than one time unless it's washed first. Joys of working for a living, I sure need to break down and hire a maid or something. Well anyway, I decided on the brand new metallic bikini I had just received in the mail that I ordered on-line from ""

I didn't have to put on any tanning oil, as the sun was close to going down as I picked up a rake out of my garage to rake leaves for awhile. I sure love the cool autumn air this time of year. I had only just begun when a car pulled in to my driveway, and at first I couldn't see who it was because it was along side the house. Finally a couple came around the corner of the house, it was John and Julie, my good friends from across town. "Aren't you ready yet?" they asked, and it was then I remembered the three of us were going out to see a movie together since my hub was going to be out of town tonight. They reminded me of how forgetful I've been lately and I of course agreed, as I walked back to the garage to put the rake away. "Let me grab a quick shower and I will be ready before you know it" I told them. Looking back I noticed that both of them were admiring my thong bottomed ass as they walked along behind me and even though they've seen me in next to nothing many times, I still got a bit excited knowing they were enjoying the view. I quickly showered with a bathing cap on so I wouldn't have to do anything with my hair, dryed off, and walked from my master bath directly into my bedroom. I almost forgot they were here and nearly gave them a full view of my naked body, if it was only a couple of feet from my bathroom door and my bedroom one, they would have seen me for sure. It was a real problem deciding what to wear. Pam had on her very brief halter top and her new micro mini skirt she'd told me about, so I looked for something simular to wear. After finding the appropiate outfit, I walked into the living room where they were viewing the end of the early news. John remarked that he liked my outfit and Julie gave me a quick smirk and also said I looked very sexy in it. "You look really hot Julie," I told her and "I can't have you looking sexier than me you know" I added as I returned the look she had just shot me. After a moment of staring between us all went out to John's car since he'd offered to drive that evening.

As we approached the outskirts of the business district suddenly Julie asked "Hey John, can we stop at one of these adult stores first, we have a lot of time before the movies start?" John looked my way asked if it would be o.k. with me, and that Julie had often wondered what those places look like inside so I said "sure, no problem."

John pulled into the parking lot of one of the nicer looking places in the area and we all got out and went inside. I was surprised at all the racks of dirty magazines and porno video's stacked on shelves all over the place, and as I walked along, I got to a section with two ended rubber dildo's, vibraters of many colors and lengths, condoms, pipes and lotions and all sorts of things I'd never seen before and thats sad when I haven't seen it. For the most part the only customers were a bunch of seedy looking guys, most looked so unclean, except for a couple of business men apparently on their way home from work. I had tingle in my loins from all the stares they were giving me and Julie. It was as if they had never seen two attractive young women with cute outfits on like we had. One of the seedier ones really was getting off looking at my flat and very tanned tummy, and he stepped even closer when he saw the diamond in my belly button. "Did it hurt?" he asked me. "Did what hurt?" I asked, "you know, when they put that stone in your belly button." I told him that it did hurt a little bit, but not very long and he walked right up to me to feel the stone as if to think it would fall out if he touched it I guess. His touch was very gentle and John shot me a look, to see if I was alright I gave him a quick nod and let him feel, satisfied that it was there to stay he moved back and bit as if admiring my figure. "You got anything on under your skirt babe?" he asked me in a whisper. I looked around to see if anyone had heard him and he looked as well, "well I don't think it's any of your business if I do or do not actually but no, I don't." I responded. His eyes widened is surprise.

"What about you sweet stuff?" he asked Julie as she walked up to us. "What you got on under your skirt?" Julie immediately began blushing profusely when she heard that. She looked around for John who was coming up behind the guy. Turning towards him she said in a low voice, "should I show him honey?" "It's up to you honey" I heard John saying. I was close enough to hear Julie whisper into John's ear that it would be fun to at least raise the skirt enough to show off her legs a bit for the dirty guy. Might I add here that Julie is sort of a "newbie" at flashing her goodies, but she's seen me doing it numerous times and even has begun buying sexier and more reveiling clothing to wear so she can show off better. I knew that Julie was excited about being asked to show off more of her young trim body, but just didn't know if she'd do it or not, and if she did, how far she'd go under the circumstances. I knew that the scrubby looking fellow probably never saw such sexy looking women in front of him especially in the adult store such as the appearance that Julie and I were providing him and that was with us doing nothing at all, just wearing very short and reveiling clothing. We both had bare midriffs, and next to nothing brief halter tops on. I found out later that Julie's skirt was only 14" from her waist to the hem, while I knew mine was 15" from my waist to hem. Lot's of skin showing for sure.

Julie twirled around to face me, "what do you think?" she asked. I looked over her shoulder and looked directly at him behind her, I just nodded. She motioned for me to look down as she pulled her short skirt up to show me she was panti-less. I returned the favor by leaning in close and whispering in her ear that I hadn't worn any either. "What do think I should do?" she asked again. I told her to do what she felt like doing. "You know me" Julie went on to say, "I love showing myself off, but he's so dirty looking, look at him," "I know but do it if you want to, give him the surprise of his life."

Julie turned back around and faced towards the dirty guy standing there, then quickly grapped the hem of her short skirt and pulled it slowly, ever so slowly upwards. I was standing off to one side and could see more and more of her long legs showing, then she quickly pulled the skirt up to her waist. I could see her hairy pussy from where I stood and so I know the guy was getting a good look. "I knew it," the dirty looking guy said loudly, "I knew you didn't have nuttin on under there." With that a small crowd gathered around to take a look. "Well, what do you think guys?" Julie asked them. " I think you look great." and the crowd all cheered in agreement. "In fact even better than those girls in the girly tapes." Pam did a little curtsy, and said "well thank you." Julie turned around and raised her skirt from behind allowing them to see her naked bare ass, then tugged her skirt down and we began walking further down an aisle.

Julie asked John what's down that hallway and he said he thought that was were they showed video, a place where you can put in quarters and watch a video. "OH, can we see one before we leave?" she asked. "Go pick out something from the list over the cashiers counter" he said. Julie and I looked them over not knowing which one to pick so when the clerk asked which one we wanted to see I told him to just pick out anything he thought we might enjoy. He smiled and told us to go down to booth # 17, and just go in, put in the quarters and enjoy. "But where's the tape Julie asked him?", and the clerk said, "guess this must be all new to you isn't it, you just go down to the booth and I'll load if from here."

So the three of us walked down the long hallway till we found booth # 17 and walked it. It wasn't a very big booth, but to my amazement it didn't smell like hell in there, like sperm or anything, it was a tangy organge smell. It did appear to be quite clean as well so the three of us squeezed inside closing the door behind us.

John took out some quarters and put them into the slot and a movie started playing, it was called "Slut heaven".

OH MY!!! were the words that immediately came to mind when I saw the title, and then it started playing. It was about two sexy gals and one guy and it began in a tiny booth much like the one we were in ourselves. Apparently the people in the video were very cozy with each other, as it wasn't long before the guy in the tape was kissing one of the women, and soon the other woman was kissing the woman also. I noticed Julie was kissing John at that point in time, and wondered if they'd expect me to do what was going on in the video. I wasn't so sure I didn't want to.

Julie's back was towards me and I noticed that John's fingers were undoing her halter top, which soon burst free. He slid the thin material down her arms and then reached down and was slowly pulling her skirt slowing down over Pam's hips. His eyes were on the video the entire time and he was only doing what he saw was happening on the video screen.

Then his hand came around behind her and ended up on her bare ass, but in touching her there, his hands were also on the front of my short skirt because of the cramped conditions in the booth. Her bare ass was so close to me and with his hands behind her, I didn't notice at first when he was opening the buttons on my skirt. Julie was pushing back, pushing her ass against the front of my hips and apparently when she moved forward , he took the opportunity to open all the buttons on my skirt, even the top one. It sounds funny but they are just small snaps. I suddenly felt my skirt sliding down over my hips,past my knees and then down on top of my feet. Julie was whispering into John's ear, and I heard her whisper, "did you do it?" he answered with a quiet "yes, it's off now." I felt Julie immediately backing up towards me and bumping her bare ass against my pussy. I had absolutely no place to go with my hands other than to move them forward and around in front of her. I felt devilish as I moved my hands down over her naked hips and thighs bringing them around and between her legs where I began stroking her soft inner thighs. I hear her begining to groan softly then as she felt my hands on her body. It was getting extremely hot in that tiny cramped booth, as I glanced over to see what was happening on the tiny video screen which then was showing both gals completely naked with the naked guy in the booth with them. I slowly raised my hands, bringing them up over Julie's flat tummy, moving slowly even higher, feeling her ribs under my hands, till suddenly I felt the lower portion of her naked breasts.

I moved my hands up still further and cupped each of her breasts in each of my hands. I began squeezing them, and then rolling her nipples back and forth between my fingers, they were becoming very very erect by this time. Then it happened!!!!!!!!!! I felt something or someone behind me. It was impossible for someone to have walked into the tiny cramped booth. There was no room for us, to say nothing of someone else. I reached behind myself, wondering what could be touching me on my bare ass. I was shocked when my hand felt this huge cock poking at me from behind. Then I felt it again and heard a voice, it was my hubby Mike! He was in the next booth, I found out later his business was cancelled and saw us pull into the store and followed us in. I relaxed knowing it was his hard cock that I had previously touched. He was pushing it against my ass cheeks once again, I knew he wanted to screw me from behind and through that small hole between the booths.

I felt devilish at that moment, thinking 'what if I could get Julie to turn around and be in the position I was in, while I'd be in front of John in place of her'. I leaned between them and and asked John if we could exchange places, I made something up, telling him, I wanted to see what it would feel like standing in front of him naked and feeling his hands on my naked breasts. John said quickly "sure, you and Julie exchange places." Being the naughty girl I am I neglected to tell either of them that Mike was on the other side of the hole between the booths, and even Mike wouldn't know that instead of me on the other side of the hole, it would be Julie there instead.

Julie and I slowly moved around in the cramped booth, till she stood where I had been, and I was where she had stood. Turning around to face her, I raised my arms a bit so that John could move his hand and arms up from under my arms to fool around with my breasts. I knew he'd love doing that, as he sure seemed to enjoy taking peeks at my cleavage and more when-ever I'd move in certain ways for him to see more. Julie and I were face to face now, and I could feel the hair of her pussy mixing in with my sparce growth of pussy hair. We both moved around a bit, teasingly grinding our pussies together. Bare skin upon bare skin, bare breasts against bare breasts, seperated only my John's hands.

Then I saw a astonished look on Julie's face. I looked down a bit and noticed she had moved one hand around in back of herself. Apparently she had just felt this very hard prick jabbing at her backside, between her ass cheeks. Julie whispered at me, "someone has his hard cock sticking through the hole in the wall behind me, what should I do?" "What you feel like doing Pam, I told her." "Why not make believe it's Mike's cock" I told her. She reached around behind herself with both hands and I knew she was spreading herself for what-ever was to come, in this case the monsterous cock. I hadn't told her yet that it was Mike, but many times she'd told me she'd love to feel his 10" buried inside of her.

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