tagMind ControlForgetful Maid Ch. 02

Forgetful Maid Ch. 02


"That meeting this morning, I've got the promotion!" Nigel declared. He didn't ask how she was or where she had been he just launched into what it meant to him and what he was going to do next.

Helen put down the shopping bags and smiled. "That is just wonderful darling. So when are you jetting off on a tour of your empire?"

"As soon as possible the boss said. I thought I was going to get to call him by his first name but he likes to be called the boss." He chuckled. "It's all arranged, flights and everything. Tomorrow afternoon I fly out on the first leg to be there early Monday morning. Catch them on the hop he said."

She smiled feeling pleased for him. Perhaps now he might feel less threatened by her position. If only he wasn't leaving so soon, she needed him in bed. The curious thing was she no longer felt the urgency so maybe she was getting used to being neglected. A grass widow her friends called it yet he had never had time even for golf.

As a dutiful wife she packed his bags and drove him to the airport. They hugged but it was obvious he was more interested in meeting this new challenge. He hadn't even mentioned her new look. During the day she had wondered about it herself. She would have to bring her long hair under control, it looked wild.

She watched him board the plane and sighed. "Oh, well. I'll have a quiet evening in, as usual." Stuck in traffic she pulled a phone from her purse and tapped a short code with a long gaudy fingernail. Before her friend could speak she asked. "Do you mind if I drop round, Nigel has trotted off on company business and I need cheering up. Sorry wrong number."

The traffic moved off and she headed to her friends home hoping she would be in. When the door opened Helen stepped in then paused. The room was familiar and the man standing there was familiar. He seemed to be expecting her but surely this was the wrong place. She tried to think of her friends name but it slipped her memory.

As she followed him into the lounge it all seemed so familiar yet wrong. That man was Roger, she recognised him now. She felt so foolish, her friend must live next door and she had barged in on Roger. He obviously recognised her that's why he invited her in. What was she going to say?

She caught sight of herself in the mirror and almost groaned. Her hair was still in that dreadful style. She looked like a dumb blonde, what must he be thinking of her. She felt so stupid coming to the wrong house and looking so silly.

A little nervous giggle escaped her lips and she put a hand to her mouth. It was difficult to think straight and she wondered what to do to get out of this embarrassing situation. She couldn't seem to just tell him she was at the wrong house.

"You're soaking wet you will get a chill if you don't change out of those clothes." He told her. He watched to make sure she was still under the influence of the hypnosis and his instructions.

'How strange, I didn't notice the rain.' She shivered slightly feeling more confused. 'That's why I feel so light headed I'm coming down with a chill.'

Roger was amused on seeing her actually act as though the baggy tracksuit and t-shirt were wet. "There's a friends clothes upstairs you can change into." He said. "Go on, do as your told, run upstairs and change before you catch a cold. You can't miss them they're laid out on the bed." He chided her trying to sound like a favourite uncle as a reason for giving her orders.

Without thinking she did as told and thought she heard the trainers squelch on each tread of the stairs. Quickly stripping off she dropped the clothes in a heap glad to be out of the wet things.

Not noticing the dress for what it was she pulled it on thinking it was a bit tight but would do. 'That's handy this apron will help protect the lovely silk dress.' She thought. Pulling up a stocking she clipped it to the bustier straps smoothing and straightened the seams. The same again, then reached for the panties.

'Good grief. I can't wear any of these little things they won't cover hardly anything.' She thought. Her hand hesitated over the largest pair but noticed they were completely see-through. In a dilemma she picked at random. Quickly pulling them up she wriggled the flimsy things into place feeling it purse her sex but cover nothing else.

'Well it doesn't really matter no one will know what I'm wearing.' She thought. A last look in the mirror to straighten the dress brought her up with a start. "Good grief." She exclaimed. "My breasts are almost out on show. This thing is too short. I can't go down stairs looking like this." She whispered.

'Christ what will he think of me dressed like a stupid tart. I'll be the laughing stock of both his and my company dressed like this if he told anyone. If my employees saw me like this they would be shocked'

She stared in the mirror feeling embarrassed. "Damn! He tricked me into this somehow. I should have made some excuse and walked out. I must be stupid to have come up here in the first place. How did Roger get me to dress as a naughty French maid, it looks so degrading. Why didn't I notice this before? My hair! It makes me look like a stupid blonde bimbo especially with my breasts pushed up on display."

She continued to stare at the image while talking to her self. "I can't go down there like this I feel so stupid, it's humiliating to be looking so ridiculous. I'm dressed like a stupid dumb blonde and feel like one for being so silly. What can I do? I am so silly I can't think straight." She giggled like a little silly girl.

"Was that me, what's happening? I sound like a stupid dumb blonde now." With another giggle she told herself. "Get a grip honey." She giggled again. "Honey should be my name with such lovely honey coloured hair."

'No! Don't say such silly vacuous things, you're not a." The thought dried up as a cloud descended obscuring her thoughts. "The dress does feel nice and silky though." She said, while pulling it into place. She twirled the layers of taffeta in front of the mirror. "It is short but shows off my legs so well. It's nice and sexy so I'm sure he will like it. Oh! It's so gorgeous; I look the perfect sexy French maid."

"Come on down you've been up there for ages." Roger shouted up the stairs. He was worried she might be about to rebel from the careful conditioning he had put her through yesterday. He certainly hadn't expected her to turn up so soon. The instruction when she left had been to phone him when Nigel went on the planned tour of offices.

She phoned before arriving as instructed and thought it was a wrong number when he answered. At least this way he had some warning to prepare for her arrival. If someone was here he would give her a different answer and she would drive home instead thinking her friend was busy.

'He must be damn keen to have set off already.' Roger thought. If he had won the job Roger would have celebrated the whole weekend then crawled off Monday morning. The board had obviously settled for the steady man rather than the inspirational maverick.

"Oh dear I'm such a silly slowcoach. I had better get down there to serve him." She gave a twirl showing off the little dress with the frilly petticoats lifting it high around her hips. "Oh! It's so adorable, so frilly and girly." She giggled then trotted down stairs with the high heels in one hand.

Hesitating only to slip in to the heels she made an entrance with a worried look on her face. 'Oh dear, I hope I've done the right thing. I don't want to be punished for being a silly slowcoach.' Helen began to wonder at the thought but dismissed it as she needed to get her head together to fathom out what to do next.

"You look wonderful. It was certainly worth waiting for. Let me see you, give a twirl." He demanded with a big smile.

She did the best she could on high heels but then the slightest movement raised the hem to flutter up and down around her hips, the petticoats still bouncing around after the twirl. She was obviously wondering what the hell she was doing. He decided to push her along.

"You are such a silly thing you forgot to wear panties." He said as though ready to scold.

"Oh sir, I put on your favourites look." She exclaimed in consternation, lifting the dress for his inspection. 'What the hell am I doing?' She thought in an agony of humiliation.

"I see you're wearing those tiny little ones. Good girl, they are so you." He said with a big smile.

She relaxed feeling pleased with his approval. 'I'm such a silly head. I should leave the thinking to my, my master.' It didn't seem right to call Roger her master but decided not to worry about it and leave the thinking to him.

"Do you remember what I told you yesterday?" He asked.

"Oh, sir I'm such a silly little thing I can't remember." She put a finger to her gorgeous pouting lips as though it might help to think.

"I'm your sexy French maid. You are my master and Honey must do as she is told or will be punished. Oh! Have I disappointed you sir? You must punish me if I have been naughty." She said, looking down demurely while wiggling her hips from side to side.

"Do you want to be punished?" He asked, curious as to why she mentioned punishment.

"When Honey has been silly and done wrong of course my master must punish his little Honey bunch, sir." She said, with big blue eyes looking so innocent.

He was about to ask how but had to change the subject for he was already hard just looking at her and too close to an orgasm that he wanted to save. It would be such a waste to cum in his pants with this beautiful sexy woman to cum into.

'What did she call herself, Honey? This was something interesting too.' He thought.

It was hard to imagine her as she was, a dowdy business woman running an old established company. Looking at her now she obviously hid her sex appeal behind smart but boring business attire. Even the baggy sweats and t-shirt she turned up in hid her charms effectively.

Instead of making decisions concerning other peoples working lives she was waiting upon his decision whether to be punished for something. She had been reduced to thinking she was a silly little dumb blonde dependent on a master to think for her. The very idea that this intelligent attractive woman was ready to obey and submit to him was more than he could stand.

The very idea of it was busting his balls and he needed to cum soon and was determined it would be in her not his pants.

"Perhaps later." He croaked from a dry mouth. "Get me a drink of cold water I need to recover." He hoped she would take her time in the kitchen

She brought a drink and flashed him a smile of adoration, her hair a golden halo about her face. Bent over she presented a deep cleavage which he tried not to stare at for he couldn't take much more stimulation.

"Get on your knees, Honey." He said trying out the name she had given herself.

She dutifully positioned herself between his knees with a look of anticipation.

"I remember now sir. You are going to teach me to do that thing properly." She said. "Can I take it out now?" She asked politely. He nodded and she delved into his trousers gently, almost reverently, pulling his rock hard cock out.

She looked up at him with those baby blue eyes, with a hand wrapped around his cock. He just didn't want to think about teaching her to deep throat. A look of expectation on her face as she licked her luscious full lips coated with thick bright red lipstick mesmerised him.

Through an agony of anticipation it dawned on him she was waiting for permission to lick his cock as though he was giving her a lollypop for being a good little maid. "Just do what you did yesterday that will be more than enough." He croaked.

It was too much. He suddenly spurted when feeling her tongue on the head of his cock. He spurted strings of white sperm over her lips, over her face and into her hair. It dribbled down her chin and slithered into a deep cleavage.

"Oh! No! I'm sorry sir." She exclaimed. Still holding his cock with a firm grip she knelt before him not knowing what to do.

Roger wasn't pleased with himself and it showed. His particular orgasmic look was mixed with disappointment and displeasure as he always prided himself on being in control. "You had better finish the job. Suck it clean." He added, on seeing her confused look.

He had to admit she made up for his failure by prolonging the pleasure. He sat back to simply watch her work away at his cock with little skill but lots of energy. "Whoa! Don't squeeze so hard." Her hand loosened its grip continuing to massage his balls in an attempt to extract every drop of cum through his cock.

"Enough!" He said. He wondered if she would have continued all night if he hadn't stopped her.

The woman had been a stuck up bitch at company parties keeping to herself, too good to join in. It was just last week when all this started. He had just been told her husband had the job he was hoping for then ran into her while she was hypnotised as part of the entertainment. He took her onto the dance floor while she was helpless and illicitly began massaging her bottom finding she couldn't resist. It had been just a naughty little revenge on her husband. He hadn't thought this haughty woman would end up at his feet sucking his balls dry using his cock as a straw.

She sat back on her haunches with cum dripping over her face unsure of what to do next. The thought of her as Helen the owner of a successful company squatting at his feet covered in his cum was reviving him. What would her employees think if they could see their prude of a boss with that mess on her face?

"I'm sorry sir I've made such a mess. Did I spoil your pleasure?" She asked.

Still annoyed at himself he spoke more harshly than meant. "You had better clean yourself up." He watched her scurry away admiring a cute little tight ass as the dress bounced up with every step. It gave him another idea. He was going to train her to give deep throat so why not that too.

Roger noticed she had refreshed her make up too. She stood before him looking contrite swinging her hips from side to side. "Have you something to say?" He asked.

"I. I guess my master is going to punish me now, for being such a naughty clumsy maid." She said.

There seemed to be a suppressed smile on her face rather than sorrow. She had mentioned it before without prompting so he decided to play along. "How will I punish my naughty sexy maid?" He asked.

"O well?" She sucked on a finger looking as though it were a difficult question. "My master will put little naughty Honey over his knee for a spanking." She said looking up at him through long lashes.

The lascivious look together with the swinging of hips left him in no doubt that she wanted it. It wasn't his thing but he was never one to knock something he hadn't tried. 'Maybe she can teach me something.' He thought.

While trying to look and sound strict, and not laugh, he pointed to his lap. "Assume the position." He told her. She dawdled as though trying to avoid it but he knew better. The flare of petticoats was in the way so he slipped her further over his knee until he could get at her bare bottom.

"Why am I punishing you?" He asked.

"Your little sexy French maid has been naughty. Honey made a mess on her face instead of catching your lovely cum in her mouth, master." She said.

She sounded more eager than apologetic but still he wondered how hard to spank her. He looked at the tight round cheeks of her bottom enjoying the view. Pressed tight between the thighs her lips were protruding, growing and becoming wetter as he watched.

He wanted to delve in with a finger to find her bud but raised a hand instead. It was a soft thwack and she let out a pleasant squeal. It was a difficult position but he managed another on the other cheek, then again repeating it until both cheeks were red.

On her feet before him she stood with a satisfied look on her face. The pose, looking down at the floor, gave her the look of a chastened school girl. "What do you say now?" He asked.

"Thank you sir, thank you for spanking your naughty Honey." She said with an impish grin on her face.

"Go get some ointment from the bathroom and I'll sooth that sore bottom of yours." He told her.

He sat back on the sofa amused at the way she was progressing. He wondered why she had started calling herself Honey. Perhaps it was a new identity to protect Helen from the humiliation of being a sex pet.

This didn't fit in with her wanting to be spanked. So maybe she was enjoying all this and needed to distance it from the prudish Helen so as to let go. It didn't matter either way for he decided to just enjoy it while it lasted.

She was so hot she could hardly stand still fidgeting before him like bitch on heat. "What's the matter Honey?" He asked.

"Have I been too naughty to receive my reward, sir?" She asked.

"What reward is that?" He teased.

"Oh, sir, what you did to me before, it was, so nice. I've been punished for being so silly and I promise to do as I'm told and will be really, really good." She gushed.

"What did I do to you? Tell me exactly what you want." He pushed.

"I. It's too naughty to say." She giggled. "Will sir, please, do that naughty thing to my pussy? Honey wants to feel her master's wonderful cock in her pussy." She giggled with a hand to her mouth while swinging her hips, swishing the petticoats around them.

He could see the tight little cup of the panties failing to do its job as her lips puffed up swollen and wet. "You have asked so nicely, how could I refuse my little Honey anything." He grinned.

She whopped a little girly sound and jumped on the spot. "Oh! Thank you, sir!" She managed to say with a breathy voice already becoming husky. Without being told she lay back on the floor with her legs spread.

"Let me see that lovely Honey pot." He told her. She eagerly ripped the crotch of the panties away from a shaved pussy and giggled with pleasure.

Roger pushed a cushion under her raised hips and settled between her legs blowing upon a pair of hot lips. He licked her thighs moving up closer then missed the hot spot to kiss her belly. She moaned a little whining sound lifting her sex up to him rubbing it against his chest.

"Does my little sexy French maid want her master to suck the honey from her little pot?" He asked.

"MMMmmmm." She whimpered.

Roger looked at those blue eyes wide with expectation, her face framed by a halo of long blonde hair. The expression of desire was pathetic enough to match the cooing noises she made. He hesitated a moment taking in how wonderful it was to have this self-important business woman reduced to a sex pet mewling desperately for his cock.

His whole face dived at her sex. She was watching him and feeling his tongue pushing in to wriggle around straining to reach as far as possible. It withdrew with his mouth sucking her lips into his mouth where he nibbled them. Her head rocked back and she collapsed with a rending sound from deep within her throat.

Words spilled from her mouth on short panting breaths cut into meaningless syllables. He let go of the folds of her pussy after stretching them from her sex with his lips. In urgency he moved up her body not pausing to suck on her heaving breasts or kiss the voluptuous red lips.

She felt his cock enter and thrust deep up inside. Only the second time in many months had she been filled but no thought of the past was in her mind as she lived for this moment of feeling deeply penetrated and full of cock. The orgasm from his tongue hadn't completed before she was on the climb again.

With every deep thrust she whimpered. "Thank you, master."

His second orgasm would take time but it didn't seem like it. When the final push came he felt her bucking under his exhausted body. It wasn't just that she wanted more she was in the throws of a deep orgasm and needed to feel it all. Feeling his seed hit the neck of her womb sent her into overdrive, then as suddenly she crumpled back onto the carpet, sated.

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