tagNonConsent/ReluctanceForgetting The Safe Word

Forgetting The Safe Word


Authors Note:

This story goes very close to the mark so please read it through in its entirety before making any judgement.


"Did you ever try anything kinky with your ex?"

Emily's question seemed to come out of the blue one evening while we were waiting for friends to arrive for dinner.

"Depends what you mean by kinky," I replied with a big smile on my face.

She was, however looking down adjusting the strap on her shoes and so my exaggerated grin fell on blind eyes. She continued to speak into the floor.

"You know, kinky stuff like tying each other up and things."

She stopped what she was doing and looked up at me, her head appearing just above the table. This time, she was the one with the cheeky grin. "I bet you have," she said inquisitively with a knowing look on her face.

"Not really.

Her eyes sharpened to suggest they weren't believing me.

"Seriously, never. Well, maybe the odd little spank here and there but nothing like that. Why, have you?"

She gave a little wink before her head vanished below the table again. "Maybe once or twice."

I laughed out loud.

"You dirty girl!"

Her head popped back up like a Meer cat looking left and right.

"Alright, not so loud please," she joked. "D'you want the whole restaurant to know?"

"I wouldn't mind."

"Well, I would, so keep it down alright."

She was half laughing anyway so I thought it more funny to keep my voice raised.

"So, you like being tied up and spanked?

Her face was no longer laughing and I'd seen this look before so I quickly lowered my voice, for fear of not getting any sex at all tonight.

"Sorry! But I'm curious, what sort of stuff did you do?"

Her smile returned, now that my voice had quietened.

"If you behave yourself I might show you later this evening."

I must have been a picture because she laughed out loud and stood up, but the arrival of our friends prevented me from responding.

We'd only been dating for about 3 weeks after meeting through mutual friends at a party. I remember thinking she was really cute when I first saw her. The way her long straight blonde hair flowed as she walked and came almost down to her ass.

She hadn't really noticed me at first but we got talking after introductions from a friend and I spent most of the evening trying to avoid staring at her huge breasts. They were extra large, around a 36D and they seemed magnetic to my eyes.

She caught me looking once or twice, but her cute smile put me at ease and reassured me that she liked me too.

We'd hooked up the next week and spent a lot of time together since, travelling around and having tons of sex in strange places. I was kinda getting the impression she was quite kinky, but we'd never really talked about it until now.

Our friends were cool and we both knew them separately from before, so the conversation flowed pretty well. As the evening progressed it eventually drifted into talk about sex, as most conversations do when you're with friends after a few drinks. Emily started it off straight in at the deep end, with the same topic she was inquiring about earlier.

"So," she said, looking over at John and his girlfriend. "Have you guys ever done any kinky stuff?"

They were quite taken aback and not sure how to react but John broke the silence by jumping in.

"All the time," he said jokingly, but wasn't convincing anyone.

Emily gave him that look of complete disbelief and after a glance over at Paula, his girlfriend who was also showing her disapproval, he quickly admitted the truth.

"Well, alright then no, we're not really into that kind of stuff. Have you?"

His question was directed at Emily and not me, unsurprisingly.

She raised an eyebrow in response then took a quick glance over at me and winked.

"Not yet."

I was turned on.

I tried to hurry the evening up as much as possible. All I could think about were Emily's words and that I wanted to get her back home as quickly as possible and see how kinky she really was.

I'm not sure if John and Paula sensed the urgency but they responded either way and after a few more drinks the evening began to tail off and we all said our goodbyes.

We got back home just after 11pm and grabbed a couple glasses of wine from the cooler and kicked back with some late night TV.

Emily snuggled up real close to me which I loved. She could be so affectionate when she wanted to and it always turned me on whenever she pulled her body in tight to mine.

The TV was trash so I decided to revisit our earlier conversation.

"Soooo," I exaggerated the word. "What was all that talk about kinky stuff earlier? I think you embarrassed John and Paula."

"D'you think?" She looked up at me from my shoulder.

"A little. But I don't think they minded. Probably changed their opinion about us though," I said with a smile. "And we haven't even done anything." I paused deliberately to emphasise the next word. "Yet..."

She squeezed her body even tighter to mine giving me a clear sign to continue.

"Shall we go to the bedroom and I'll show you," she suggested. And before she could even finish the words I began leading her up the stairs. "Wow, you're eager!" She laughed as she accepted my invitation.

We entered the bedroom and sat down on the bed, getting really turned on with the thought of what we might do and so I waited for her to make the first suggestion.

"Ok. Something I've done before which can be a real turn on, providing we both obey the rules is the use of a safe word."

"You mean like a unique word that tells us both to stop, in case things get out of control?"

"Exactly. We pick some unusual word, sometimes a foreign one and make that our safe word."

She looked over at me. "Sounds like fun?"

I nodded.

"Great, ok, so you think of one then."

"Ok, how about," I paused in a moment of thought as I tried to come up with something good and interesting. "Capoeira."

"What the hell is that?"

"It's a Brazilian martial art that involves dance type moves. Well, you did say something foreign and unique."

"Ok, no that's cool. Ca-po-ei-ra." She said each syllable in turn to make sure she had it. "Yep, got it."

"And now what?" I asked, not quite sure what to do next.

"Well, that's it. So now you can do anything you like to me and unless I say that exact word you don't have to stop."

"What, even if you actually say the word 'stop'?"

"I could scream it at you and threaten to call the police for rape and yet you still wouldn't have to stop."

"Seriously? That sounds a bit too much."

"Well, that's the whole point of the game. If I genuinely wanted you to stop I would say Capoeira. Anything else, no matter how bad it sounds just means I'm enjoying it and playing along."

"Wow, ok, I'm not sure I'm one hundred percent happy with this but if you're sure you're ok with it."

"One hundred percent happy," she repeated my words with a smile.

"Ok." I said, still not really knowing what to do.


"Ok, fine."

"Well, do something then!" She joked. "I'm getting bored already." And gave me a wink

"Ok," this time I said it with a bit more conviction. "Lie down on the bed."

"What, this bed here?" She joked as she motioned her hand down.

I figured this was a good time to get a little more assertive, so I grabbed her on the shoulders and threw her onto the bed. I wasn't too rough but made sure she knew I wanted to be in control.

"Wow, ok," she exclaimed as her body was quite literally flung down. "That's much better."

I moved on top of her and sat my legs astride her midriff, pinning her to the bed.

"What's this?" She laughed. "Some kind of move from your Capoei..." She stopped her voice short of completing the word. "Oops! I almost stopped it right then, that would have been no fun."

"Is it always like this Em?"

"Like what?"

"Like this, where we talk about what we're doing the whole time?"

"No, not normally."

"So why do you keep reminding us both, it kills the moment."

"Sorry hunny. I guess I'm acting like the new one here. Right, from now on let's forget about the game. I mean, it's still in play, but let's just have sex as normal and if you feel like doing anything different then give it a go. I think that will work much better. And if you do end up..."

I lent downwards and cut her sentence short by kissing the words right out of her mouth. It took her a little by surprise but she quickly responded, kissing me back passionately with her tongue.

She reached her arms around my back and pulled me in closer to her.

This was much better.

I let my whole weight lower down, pushing through her body and into the mattress. She gasped as the pressure constricted her but this only encouraged her to kiss me even more passionately.

I grabbed her arms and pinned them above on the mattress, stretching her out like a toy. The pressure I exerted told her not to move, while I stroked my hands down and scratched gently along her skin as I worked my way towards her breasts.

She was wearing a button up blouse as we'd been in semi smart attire for the meal and so I decided to try something I'd always wanted to do.

I reached forward, grabbed either side of her top and ripped it open, exposing her bra to the world.

"Ooh!" She exclaimed as I caught her by surprise. She pulled me back in close again and kissed me even more passionately.

I looked down at her large breasts which were already busting to escape, her bra was struggling, like she'd deliberately worn a size too small to push them up, not that they needed any help there. So I freed them from their suffering by flicking the cups down, allowing them to pop out.

They bounced upwards towards me, just asking for my lips and so, not wanting to disappoint, I lowered my head down onto her right breast and sucked it up into my mouth.

I worked my lips around her tit trying, bit by bit to take more of it in.

She seemed to be enjoying it, judging by her moans of pleasure so I continued onto the other one and repeated the process. This time I gave her nipple a little bite as I moved away.

"Ow!" She said bringing her hand downwards and rubbing it in response. "Gently!

Gently was a hard thing to do given how amazing they looked and I didn't hear the safe word, so I leaned over to the other one and bit it as well.

"Fuck! Seriously Ben, if you're gonna do that then be more gentle, it really hurt."

She had both her hands on her breasts now in a protective manner, her arms crossed over as if in some kind of model pose.

"Wow, that's a nice look," I said. "Let me get my phone."

"Your phone?" She exclaimed. "Who are you thinking of calling?"

"No, I want to take a picture." And with that I positioned myself in front and grabbed a shot of her on the bed before she could respond.

"These better not end up on the web Ben or you're fucking dead!" Her voice was pretty serious.

"Of course not hun, these are just for me."

I did wonder if the fact that she hadn't used the safe word meant that it was actually ok to put them out there but I think I was trying to make the rules fit my mind rather than the other way around.

"Too fucking right!" She stated.

"Take your hands away," I said, pointing to her breasts. "I want to get a better shot.

"What is this, a fucking photo shoot now?"

Her harsh words didn't match her reaction though as she lowered her hands to her thighs, exposing her assets which, considering she was lying down, were still huge.

"Fantastic!" I said as I snapped a few more shots. "You look amazing babe!

This brought a smile to her face again and must have relaxed her inhibitions as she moved her hands inwards and started to unbutton her jeans.

"Yes, that's great. Keep going," I said encouragingly as I continued to snap away as she progressed.

Her hands were working nice and slowly as, one by one the buttons came apart revealing more of her panties.

She pushed her fingers down into her jeans and round the back, lifting her ass off the bed a little to accommodate them. Her face was no longer smiling but looking straight at me with the most incredible sexy look I'd ever seen.

"You wanna see more?"

Would any sane man say no at this point?

I nodded my head, not wanting words to slow things down.

She continued by pushing her hands deeper under her ass, which in turn forced her jeans to slide down letting the whole of her panties be seen and the flesh of her upper thighs be exposed.

Wow, what a turn on. My girlfriend slowly undressing for me as I recorded it a on camera. I don't think she even cared about the camera anymore which just added to the excitement.

I was already starting to love this game and wondering how far she would let me take it. I moved closer and knelt down on the edge of the bed so I could get a better angle, lowering myself down so the phone was almost level with her groin.

It was the perfect view as she slipped her jeans all the way down and wriggled out of them, kicking the material away and letting her legs open up wide, just for a second, then teasingly closing them again.

I moved in closer and took off my top as she removed her bra, freeing her mammoth breasts so they were fully exposed.

She lifted her legs up high in the air, giving me a beautiful look at her thong sliding down her crack.

She reached around and slowly slipped her panties off her ass and upwards along her legs. She took them over her feet, lowered her legs and pushed them up to my face.

I could smell her sex already and couldn't wait to get at her, as she threw them aside and laid back down again, playing with her now exposed pussy.

"You like what you see?" She asked as she laid there looking at me with those big welcoming eyes.

"Pure sex babe, you're turning me on so much."

I probably didn't need to tell her that as I could see she was looking down at my groin which had a huge bulge as my cock was already busting to be released.

"You wanna show me what you got?" She nodded her head towards my groin enticingly.

"You wanna see?"

"Of course!

She continued to rub her crotch through her panties.

"Get it out and put it in my mouth. I want to taste you."

I couldn't get my jeans off quick enough.

I dropped the phone on the bed as I unbuttoned my fly and stripped my jeans down exposing my boxers, propped up like a tent.

"Did I do that?" She questioned knowingly.

"You bet you did. And now you're going to service it!" I was using a more authoritative tone now, seeing as I had a free run at doing whatever I wanted.

I curved my boxers up over my throbbing dick and it sprung to attention, ready for inspection.

Emily was already licking her lips in anticipation, so I didn't wait any longer and stripped them off completely. I quickly climbed onto the bed, crawling along her body, getting my cock ever closer to her face.

With my legs astride her I moved the last couple of feet till it was just brushing against her face.

She lifted her head up trying to put it in her mouth but I teased a little by pulling back just out of reach.

As she tried to reach up and grab it with her hands I stopped her with some more words of authority.

"No!" I said sternly. "No hands, just open your mouth up wide.

She responded instantly to my command.

"Wider," I directed. And again, she responded by stretching her jaw as much as she could. "Perfect!" And with that I pushed forward and allowed it to slip right in.

She closed her lips around it but quickly released them when she heard my call.

"No, keep your lips open and relax your throat. I want to see how much of me you can take."

Now I wasn't huge but a good 7 inches, which was always more than enough for most girls in their pussy. But few were able to take more than a few inches into their throat as I had quite a large girth to go with it.

She was about to try.

I pushed forward making sure to take things easy as I didn't want to choke her. Although in fact, I can try anything I want, I thought to myself, so decided not to worry too much about being so gentle.

There was a slight gulp as she struggled to take it at first, and I had only gone in an inch or two. But I could feel the head of my cock resting against the back of her mouth and wondered if she'd ever tried to deep throat anybody before.

I didn't see much point in asking her as I'm sure she would stop me if she wanted to.

So I put my hands on the back of her head to prevent her from moving away and gave her another inch.

The slight gulp turned into a splutter as her throat just wasn't accepting any entry.

I decided to give her some encouragement.

"Try and make a swallow motion as it pushes in, that will open your throat up and make it easier.

I could see and feel her trying but it just wasn't happening and eventually she gave up, pulling her head back away from my hands to regain her breath.

"Ok," I said thinking of another way around it. "I think you just need some more practice on this one." And with that I grabbed her by the back of the head again and pulled her forward.

"No, Ben, I don't want to, it's hurting," she said as she tried to pull her head back towards the pillow.

"Please, just give it another try, I'll be gentle."

I didn't wait for her response and pulled her head forcefully forward, plunging my dick into her mouth again. This time I gave her the first few inches quickly till I felt my head was in position again.

She was trying to say something but it wasn't really comprehensible as she had my dick in her mouth.

I did wonder if she was trying to say the safe word but decided that it was too early for that so I continued on.

"Just try to swallow," I commanded, this time telling rather than asking.

She was certainly trying and it felt like it was getting slightly further in but still no real progress. So I decided to give it a bit more pressure from both front and behind.

I simultaneously pushed with my groin and pulled her head forwards with my hands, forcing my cock into her.

She was making all kinds of spluttering noises but I could definitely feel it going in.

Again, she was trying to say something and this time she had her hands up against mine trying to resist and pull her head out. But I was much stronger than her and gave her no option but to do what I wanted.

"Swallow" I shouted. "Really try and swallow!"

I pushed and pulled some more and felt her throat trying to obey and suddenly the resistance was gone and my cock slipped down her throat a good 2 more inches very quickly.

She was now scratching at my hands trying to pull me away but I wanted to give her a few more seconds before I let her go.

The feeling was amazing and I really wanted to fuck her throat heavily but thought I'd save that for another time.

I pulled out and allowed her to gasp for air.

"Fuck sake Ben," she spluttered between coughs, saliva dripping from her mouth. "You fucking cunt! You could see I wanted you to stop."

She started to cry.

"Fuck," I said under my breath, wondering if this game should never have started. I knew it would go too far and someone would...

I paused for thought and looked at her crying, wiping the spit from her mouth as she continued to cough it up.

She had 't said the safe word.

Now ok, I was choking her so she couldn't really speak but afterwards, like now, she still hadn't said it.

There were only really two answers in my mind. Either she forgot, or she was still playing along. And I don't think she forgot.

I looked at her whilst thinking and noticed her looking straight back at me. She wasn't crying anymore and had an animalistic look in her eyes.

"I love it when you fuck my throat," she said as she wiped the back of her hand across her chin to clear up the remaining saliva still dripping down.

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