tagLesbian SexForgive Me Father For I Have Sinned

Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned


I knew all her secrets. I knew about the tattoo on the inside of her right thigh that said "Taste the Rainbow." I was there when she got it, the same night I got a twin tattoo on my left thigh. I knew about every late night rendezvous. I knew that she hated being the Reverends daughter. I knew what her face looked like mid-orgasm.

She, Emma, had been my best friend for as long as I could remember. She was everything a parent could dream of, on the surface. She was smart, funny, ambitious, involved. She was slender, about 5'5" with adequate C cup breasts; she had blonde hair, blue eyes and a spattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks. As I mentioned she is the Reverends daughter. Her father spoke his sermons at our local church. He wasn't really what you would call "Holier than Thou" but like all good clergy men, he didn't like when people questioned him. Which of course my mother did a lot, her parents never really approved of our friendship but had no reason to forbid us from being friends.

My mom, a bar tender at the edge of town, was a hippie in her own right. She had her own set of beliefs, most of which didn't jive with the conservative ideals of the church. But when your only child comes to you at 4 and tells you she likes girls, I guess from then on you have to be pretty accepting. And she has been, even when my obvious lust for my best friend became a point of contention between us.

'What are you going to do when her father finds out?' She'd ask me.

'Tell him to kiss my ass?' was usually my reply.

Her dad was very homophobic. Not openly of course. But you knew when you heard him talk about "the gays" that he was not fond of the idea. So in my mind, I was sure he'd lose his mind if he knew just how much rainbow his little girl had tasted.

Emma was, understandably, a bit of a wild child behind closed doors. Still you can imagine my surprise when she comes to me between classes at school our senior year, we'd both just turned 18 the weekend before, and tells me she wants to give me my gift. I was a little concerned when she led me to the dressing room behind the stage,

"Emma, I don't want to get into trouble, your dad will shit if he finds out we skipped classes." For all my bluster, I was always a little afraid her dad would take her from me.

"So then don't get caught." Was her reply, that simple.

We waited for the tardy bell to ring signaling the start of the next class mod. Leading me into the dark room, she closed the door behind us and left me to stumble around in the dark.

"Em as for birthday gifts, this one is lacking so far." I teased her, only mildly annoyed.

"Just shut up and trust me."

I rolled my eyes and listened as I heard her rustling around across the room.

Several moments of near silence passed before I let out an exasperated sigh. I was starting to think she'd ditched me.

Then I felt her in front of me, but she was close, too close. All my horny lesbian vibes were picking up sexual tension, but I was sure that was just because I hadn't been laid in a while and Emma had worn a plaid skirt to school that day not knowing it drove me crazy to see it on her.

"Leslie, are you ready for your gift?" she asked.

I could smell her breath as it skimmed over my lips, bubble gum. I heard her flip her shoulder length blonde hair, it smelled of vanilla. Then two small, delicate hands slid around my neck and her soft full lips were on mine tasting of her watermelon lip gloss. Watermelon had never tasted so good to me. I was stunned at first, not sure where this was coming from. Emma pulled away.

"Leslie, we're best friends right? So if I told you, I-I have a crush on you...I think. You won't like get mad will you?" She sounded so unsure of herself for the first time ever.

I couldn't answer, I was afraid it was a dream. Instead of replying I leaned in and hungrily captured her lips with my own. Every curve of hers fit delicately in every one of my curves. Her breasts were pressed against my chest and I realized her button up top had been discarded. I greedily cupped her breasts in my hands allowing them to rest in my palms while my thumbs snuck beneath the underwire and found her nipples.

Normally I'd have gone much slower with a virgin to lesbian sex. But I had masturbated to the thought of her so many times I was trying to take in as much as I could in case she hated me after today. Based on her moans though, she was into it.

We backed our way into the counter and I sat her up on it, I didn't waste any time at this point as I was acutely aware that our time would be up and we'd have to return to class shortly and I was determined to show her why she wanted to do this again.

I spread her thighs, standing between them as she laid her head back against the wall length mirror behind her. I slipped my fingers under her panties and pulled them down finding her wet and ready when my fingers returned to the apex of her thighs. I touched her once, and she shuddered out a moan. I knew this would be quick. Sliding my fingers up and down her slit, I spread her open and ran my thumb over her clit. She squeaked in delight and I started to rub small circles around her clit, the squeaks turning to pants when I slid two fingers inside of her and the pants turned to moans as I rubbed her clit and fingered her.

She buried her mouth into my neck as she came in a hot gush of fluid that leaked into my palm. I laid my palm flat against her clit rubbing big circles as she came down from her orgasm. Pulling my fingers out, I started to lick them clean but she beat me to it sticking one finger in her mouth and then the other. My eyes had adjusted to the dark and I saw the heated look in her baby blue eyes as she tasted herself off of me. Her pink tongue making electric zings through my body as it touched my skin.

Once she cleaned my fingers she sat back and kissed me, snaking her hand down my pants. I wasn't sure what I expected. I guess that she'd be horrible at it having never touched any other girl but herself at the time, but she expertly touched me and without penetrating made me cum. Eyes tight I bit down hard on my lip to keep from crying out. Blood trickled into my mouth. Satisfied with herself she pulled her hand out and licked her fingers too.

"Happy Birthday." She said jumping off the counter.

I was still catching my breath, but I giggled.

We straightened ourselves up and left separately to return to class.

That was 2 months ago, it's the last month before summer vacation ends and we start college on the other side of the country, far, far away from her dads prying eyes.

After that day in the school, there were several more sexcapades to be had. In between classes, at school functions, we had both ditched our prom dates to have sex in the limo. Weekends when my mom was away became time to experiment and buy toys; one of those weekends we also got our matching tattoos. The night Emma decided she was officially a lesbian.

'I love cock' she giggled out, it was 4am and we'd decided to drink some of my mom's best card board box wine.

'But girls are so much better at like, everything.'

"Yeah? What are girls better at?" I asked lying beside her, she wearing a t-shirt and panties and myself in a sports bra and shorts.

'Oh god, like everything...like kissing and touching all the right spots, plus boys cum and its over...girls can go on, and on, and on..."

I smiled.

"What if a girl could fuck you with a cock?" I asked her.

She paused, her eyes got wide, and then she giggled, the most adorable little hiccup of giggles bubbling up from her throat.

'I don't know, but I bet you'd fuck really well with a cock.'

I laughed.

"Emma how drunk are you?"

'I'm a teensy bit drunk, but it's okay.'

I ruffled her hair and kissed her nose.

"I love you Em."

'I love you too Leslie.' I smiled. But she went on.

'No like, for real, I really-I think I'm in love with you Leslie.' She was suddenly very sober.

I didn't know what to say. So I kissed her. We lay there kissing for at least an hour, her lips tasted of wine. I loved the way her full pouty lips fit on my own thinner ones. And how her sun kissed skin looked next to my own moon kissed paleness. I loved the way her freckles stood out as she got aroused, and I loved watching her breasts heave against the taut material of her t-shirt.

As I slipped her shirt off of her, I admired her bubblegum pink nipples, and how sweet she smelled. I enjoyed watching her stomach flutter as I ran my tongue over her hip bones. Her head lazily lolled to one side as she stared at me with dewy lustful eyes. I slid her panties down her smooth, slender legs and placed kisses on every inch of her calves and thighs. I looked up from between her legs and loved every succulent inch of her I saw, from her pink slick pussy lips; to the curve of her breasts she was my goddess.

I laid kisses upon her mound and down each outer lip, slipping my tongue up between her hot folds separating them she twitched as my tongue found her clit. She tasted like sweet and citrus. I couldn't get enough. I pulled her clit between my lips while my tongue explored every part of her.

Above me, she rolled and rocked in an erotic dance pushing her hips forward so her pussy was pressed hard against my mouth, my tongue eliciting moans from her with reckless abandon. She was my goddess and I was going to worship her so devoutly her daddy would have been proud of my faith, if only the object of my worship wasn't his naked and writhing baby girl that was positively coming undone beneath me.

Emma came in a glorious fit of moans, her thighs clasped tightly around my head and she pulsed with each lick I gave her pussy. She was my puppet, I her master and my tongue the strings for which I controlled her.

After she came down I got up, kissing her lips, coating them in her own cum, and promised to return swiftly.

When I came back I told her to close her eyes and get on her hands and knees. She obliged, this being one of her favorite positions to be eaten out from. She eagerly awaited my tongue, shaking her cute pert ass in my direction. What she didn't expect was for me to slide a 7.5 inch dildo into her from behind.

She gasped. I held her hips tight pulling her back against my strap-on clad hips.

"Girls can have cocks, and we fuck better" I whispered in her ear.

She sucked in a sharp breath as I slid out and back in again. I took my time warming up to a good pace, starting slow and letting each inch slid in and out slowly and deeply. Then gradually I found a pace and angle that made her moan like a bad porn movie. In and out I thrust my hips, slamming into her small form, she reached back and started rubbing her clit, and I could see she was biting the pillow in front of her. I fucked her until my thighs started to burn and then I fucked her more. She probably came twice and then just continued a constant roller coaster of climax and fall. My skin was soaked where it was meeting hers, and she had clear liquid flowing down the insides of her thighs. Eventually she collapsed, and I pulled the silicon cock out of her presenting it in front of her mouth and letting her lick it clean. Even with a dick in her mouth, my girl was gorgeous.

Emma planned on telling her parents about her lesbianism once she'd moved away. And honestly I couldn't blame her. It would be rough living in a home where you aren't accepted. So our midnight trysts continued.

Tonight she said she had a "surprise" and to be honest, while she never disappointed I was always slightly wary of what kind of surprises she would come up with. At midnight we met up outside her house and walked for a while talking about college, and moving and the kind of life we would lead once we were finally on our own. I just blindly followed her path to wherever she was taking me.

A few blocks and several topics later and we arrived outside the church her father spoke at.

"Em, what are we doing here?" I asked her hesitantly.

She just smirked at me and it was then I became worried about the book bag she was carrying.

She unlocked the doors and turned the alarm off inside. The church wasn't especially big. But it did have pretty awesome acoustics. There were maybe 2 dozen rows of bench pews leading to an alter where an illuminated cross hung on the wall. The carpet was red and plushy all the way up to the front where a large ornate looking chair sat beside a table with candles that were used for communion.

"Emma?" I had lost sight of her.

"Emma!" I harshly whispered into the openness. It was kind of creepy in their after dark, the moonlight made the stained glass dance across the floor.

"Yes?" I heard Emma say behind me. I turned around and my jaw dropped.

She was wearing a red push up bra with black stitching and black lace panties with red stitching. Her blonde hair was down framing her face.

"What are you-?" I started to ask, but she approached me and quickly started to take my clothes off.

"I want to fuck you, on every surface in this church, and I want to hear you scream while you cum in my mouth, here, right now, in front of God." She had worked my belt off and was sliding my jeans down my legs.

I stutter stepped back falling into the ornate chair as I watched her shed my clothes. Once she had me acceptably naked she took her time exploring my body as if this was the first time she'd seen it.

Her pink lips closed around my own rose colored nipples as she knelt between my legs. She pushed my thighs apart and slipped her fingers between my pussy lips, delving into the hot moisture that was gathered there. She moaned as she touched me, her nimble fingers teasing my clit to a swollen bud then dexterously pleasuring my g-spot.

My mouth fell open into an "O" shape as she bent her fingers in a "come hither" motion making my orgasm over take me. As my pussy began to subside its clenching, she slid her fingers out and pulled me forward lowering her mouth to where her fingers had just been.

Her tongue darted out and teased my clit immediately making me twitch. She smiled and placed a long lick from the bottom of my pussy to the top of my clit, sucking my clit in her mouth and nibbling just enough to make me gasp. Up and down and round and round her tongue went teasing the most extreme pleasure from me that I had maybe ever known. I knew there had to be a wet spot forming on this chair; I also knew I would never look at this church the same after tonight. Just as I was sure I was going to cum, she stopped teasing my clit and sunk her tongue into me tasting all of me. The image was so erotic and the sensation so amazing I exploded into orgasm as she darted her tongue in and out of me. She kept her tongue moving lapping every drop that I came. She smiled, pleased with herself as she came up to kiss me. Our lips slid together slick with her saliva and my cum.

"I bought us a present" She told me standing up.

She went to her bag and rummaged around pulling out what appeared to be a strap-on. I raised an eyebrow in question.

"See I love when you fuck me, but I kept thinking you never got anything from it, so I bought you a new one...with a vibrator for your clit." She showed me the device at the base of the silicon cock that buzzed to life.

Intrigued I put it on while she took off her bra and panties. She needed no lube I could see as she glistened with arousal. Placing the tip of the cock at the entrance to her exposed pussy, I bent her over the alter so her breasts were pressed against the cold wood and slid all the way in.

She moaned. Once inside of her I turned the vibrator on. It felt amazing, and Emma must have felt it to for she started rocking against me instantly. Smiling I started to thrust in and out of her, the vibration licking my clit making me want to fuck her harder. My head filled with lust as I glanced between us and watched "my cock" fill her. She let her head rest forwards as I fucked her, my pussy already swelling towards a climax. She started to moan louder as I thrust harder and harder into her, gripping her hips I heard the echo of our skin smacking together just before she'd let out a louder moan. The vibrator on my clit also making me cry out.

"Fuck I'm gonna cum..." She moaned out. I took that as my queue to give her all I had. My breasts bouncing up and down I thrust as hard and fast as I could. I could feel the carpet biting into my knees and I saw her mouth fall totally open in ecstasy as she teetered on the edge.

"Oh my fucking go-!" The last syllable of her orgasmic plea was cut off by a roaring male voice.

"EMMA!" I looked up in enough time to see her father come barging through the doors. I also noticed the rage in his eyes as he realized his little girl was being defiled in his church by another woman no less and was LOVING it. Unable to help it I pushed my hips hard into hers and came as he turned red with rage. I probably should have cared; I probably should have covered us up at least, but as I came a swell of moisture gushed out from Emma's over worked pussy and onto my thighs as she squirted her pleasure, for me, God and her dad to see.

A moment of triumph came over me. It was quickly squashed when all her dad could say was.

"What in the hell do you have to say for yourself?"

She looked up; bliss and post orgasmic glow clear on her face. Standing she let our silicon toy slide out of her then turned around standing me up, the toy now discarded at our feet. She placed a hot kiss on my mouth before looking back at her dad with stubborn defiance. Then she replied to him,

"Forgive me Father for I have sinned."

Turning back to me she sank to her knees and showed her dad she had no intention of not sinning anytime soon.

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