He remembered the first time he saw her.

She was sitting in the library in one of the private desks up on the second floor. Her brown hair was wild and long about her face. The sun that came through the window she sat next to lit up the red and gold highlights in her tresses. He was walking down the aisle coming directly towards her looking for a book when he stopped for a moment just to look at her. He couldn’t see her face as she was bent over her books but she must have sensed his presence because she looked up and upon seeing him she smiled nervously and went back to her reading.

That began a three year long obsession for him that he thought would end upon their graduation. But no, even now three years after graduation he still watched her. Still coveted what could not be his.

She was never with a man, it seemed nursing school became her whole life for two years. After her completion of nursing school she got a job in one of the local hospitals. She hadn’t changed from when he first saw her except that now her hair was always braided back away from her face.

After college, he didn’t need to work. He had begun to successfully invest his money since he was eighteen. So all his time was devoted to her, to learning where she lived, to knowing her routine.

She tortured him.

Cathrine Etenue. Cold as ice. Unattractive. These were the things she thought of herself as she wrote in her diary. Which he discovered when he broke into her house and read it. He watched her now as she left the hospital, it was midnight and a warm summer evening. Tonight she would torment him no more.

“Fuck!” Catherine cried out when her car wouldn’t crank over. “Not again.” She groaned leaning her head against the steering wheel. She was so tired. For some reason she couldn’t sleep for the past couple of nights. She would get this creepy feeling like someone was watching her. Cathrine raised her head and went to undo her braid when that was done she leaned back in the seat. “At least I can walk home.” Cathrine lived in an apartment complex a couple blocks away from the hospital. The shortest route to the complex was through this desolated stretch of woods. Not relishing the idea of a long walk Catherine left her purse in the car taking only her keys and climbed out of the car.

The night was so hot that Catherine took off her nurse’s scrub top revealing the white tank top she wore underneath. Slamming the car door Catherine started off.

Fuck, this was perfect, he thought. See what a little hard work and a crow bar can do? It had been ridiculously easy to pry open her hood and take off the battery cables.

She was his now.

Normally Catherine liked to walk around in this wooded area. It was mainly shunned by the people due to its imposing trees and the darkness that the woods held even when it was bright daylight. Shuddering with unexplained uneasiness Catherine began to walk faster through the woods imagining the nice hot bath she would have when she got home.

He could smell her, like a predator hunting his prey. She didn’t wear perfume it was her own natural scent of warm soft woman. He was getting drunk on her scent alone.

She was just getting into the darkest part of the woods when she felt rough hard hands grip her shoulders and spin her around. “What the fuck?!” She cried out but she was pushed up hard against a tree to where the breath was knocked out of her. A large dark figure loomed in front of her. Catherine drew in a breath to scream but his hand clapped over her mouth. Out of sheer instinct she bit his hand hard but his hand was too callused.

“Come on, Catherine, be a good girl for me.” His dark sensuous voice commanded her. Slowly he removed his hand but he was prepared for the scream that would come.

Instead of wasting her breath Catherine slammed one of her knees into his ribs. He stood under the crushing impact his fingers wrapping about her neck. “That wasn’t nice was it, Catherine?” He whispered tightening his hold on her. Black spots whirled before her eyes. Slowly he released his grip. “Don’t fight this.” He bent his head to her lips. Catherine’s lips trembled beneath his as he slowly licked her lips, bit the corner of her mouth. She tasted just like he had imagined and more.

His free hand which had lain on her hip now traveled upward to grasp her breast Catherine gasped as the heat from his large palm soaked into her skin. Catherine began to buck and twist underneath him. “No!” She shouted.

“You could have made this easy on yourself. You might have enjoyed it.” He spun her around so that her chest slammed into the hard bark of the tree. “Might have even wanted me.” He whispered his lips caressing her ear.

“Get the fuck off me!” Fear made Catherine’s body tremble, her voice a little shaky.

He began to rip off her scrub pants. Catherine began to writhe and squirm trying to throw him off she even used the back of her head to try to bash in his forehead. His hand tangled into her hair pulling her head back. God, he hated to do that she had such beautiful hair the scent of it made him want to run his fingers through the thick waves. “You’ve made my life a living hell. Do you know how you’ve teased and tormented me? I’ve tried everything to get you out of my mind. I’ve even fucked bitches that looked like you. But nothing ever worked, baby. I’m going to fuck the shit out of you whether you want it or not. You’re just an obsession. Once I have you, I’ll be rid of you.” He desperately wanted to believe that.

He released her hair and went to pull down her pants revealing the sexy black lace boy short undies she wore. “So sexy. You’re so beautiful.” He slapped her ass hard. She let out a sexy throaty moan. His hands massaged away the sting.

This was crazy, but he was turning her on with his words and the way his hands slid over her body. She had never been touched liked this before. And who the hell was he? She had never tormented any man before.

He pulled down her panties then he reached around undoing his jeans. She felt the hard hot length of him on her lower back. “No, please...” She whispered.

He caressed her hair back from her face bringing up one knee to separate her thighs he plunged into her ripping a scream out from her throat. She was so tight, so wet and hot. She felt like a virgin. “Oh fuck,” He moaned letting himself savor the wet clasp of her cunt on his cock.

Losing your virginity could not possibly hurt more, Catherine thought through her tears. He was too big and too hard. He took away all her fantasies and dreams about romance, love, and sex in that first wild thrust. Then he started to move inside her. She gave out small gasps and moans. It didn’t really hurt now, not when he was moving inside her. But it was still rape. He moved faster, harder the bark of the tree rasping her stomach and thighs her cunt felt sore and abraded. The tears never seemed to stop. He kept pounding into her making the pain and the ecstasy last until Catherine cried out as the torrent of emotion and pleasure-pain broke inside her. He said her name and they lay for a time against the tree with his head on the back of her shoulder. He felt hard and solid, pure muscle as he lay against her Catherine could feel his heart beating wildly.

“I bet this wasn’t even your first rape.” Catherine surprised herself with her boldness. “Was I good enough for you?” Not like she wanted to know.

He sighed. Having tasted her once he thought he could truly be rid of her, but a part of him had always known that that would be impossible. He pushed her hair back from her neck kissing the tender nape. “Was it good for your first time?” He bit her.

Catherine was horrified that he would know, she thought men were dumb when it came to that sort of thing, that you had to tell them. She began to push herself away from the tree. He backed off her to let her straighten her clothes. Catherine tried to get a good look at him but it was too dark. The most she could tell was that he was young which gave her a perverse sense of relief.

God forbid she was raped by an old fuck.

“I hate you.” Catherine said dispassionately staring at the large dark shadow in front of her.

“Don’t say that, Catherine.” He reached out to stroke her cheek.

“I hate you.” She repeated her voice a whisper.

He said nothing he just grabbed her upper arm and began leading her through the forest. He seemed to know where she lived because he was taking her straight to her apartment complex but he stopped just as she began to see streetlights. He pulled her up against him his rough hand smoothing her hair back. Catherine stood still as stone. “I didn’t want it to be this way.” That was an outright lie and he knew she knew it. “Don’t think you can get away. I know everything about you, Catherine. I’ll always find you even if you run from me.”

“So what? Are you asking me on a date?” Catherine’s voice acerbic as she spat out the words.

“You’ll see.” He caught her chin in his hand keeping a tight grip on her upper arm with his other he leaned in for a kiss.

Since Catherine couldn’t turn away she suffered the kiss and was amazed when he just let her go.

The next morning Catherine went to the hospital, walking the long way. Her hands trembled as she helped the patients and on her lunch hour she went out back and burst out crying. But she told no one. As she lay against the rough brick wall of the hospital she looked up through teary eyes to see someone in the distance staring at her intently.

A cold chill swept over Catherine. She blinked her eyes but he was still there, in fact he was coming closer. Catherine was a ways away from the main entrance to the hospital and she began to hurry toward the doors suddenly fearing the man coming to her. It was a ridiculous, irrational fear she told herself but he caught her.

Catherine tried to scream but his hand covered her mouth. The horrid deja vu of the moment overwhelmed her and she actually fainted.

When she woke up Catherine found herself in her own bedroom. She sat up in her bed momentarily confused as to how she got there. A movement by the door caught her eye and she cried out in terror. It was the man who came at her at the hospital. “Who the fuck are you?” Catherine pulled the sheet covering her up to her chin realizing she was in her filmy pink nightgown.

“You don’t know me?” His voice was a soft whisper eerily reminiscent of her nightmare rapist.

Catherine tried to take him in. He was ungodly handsome with bold black hair and silver eyes. His black arched brows made him look like the devil. Not to mention that he had a body made for sin. He was dressed all in black from his T-shirt to his jeans and scuffed black boots. He stepped closer to her.

“Get the fuck away from me.” She had no idea who he was.

“I’m Lucien DeBray.” He paused for a moment but Catherine still didn’t know him. He smiled then wolfishly. “You wanted a date, didn’t you?”

So this was the face of her rapist.

Catherine launched herself off the bed hurling herself at him he hit the wall hard coming down with her on top of him she was punching him wherever she could. She was like a wildcat clawing and biting.

Lucien caught her wrists and flipped her over onto her back.

“No!” Catherine shouted.

“Yes,” Lucien whispered his lips kissing her neck, her bared shoulder. How could he think one time was ever enough? One taste. His Catherine was a virgin. She had been waiting for him, he knew it all along. “I love you, Catherine. I never loved till you.”

That was deep. His words troubled Catherine stilling her movements. She could feel the heat of his kisses, his hard cock straining the seams of his jeans. Catherine reached for the empty ceramic plant holder on the rug by the door that she had been planning to use and she held it over his head. “I’m sorry.” She bashed it over his head he immediately passed out. Catherine struggled from underneath his heavy body. Damn, seeing him like that all sprawled out, and he still looked sexy? She really did feel sorry.

When Lucien awoke it was dark and his head throbbed he tried to move his arms to grasp his aching head but found that he couldn’t. He turned his head quickly to see what was wrong with his arms but the movement caused him excruciating pain and he swore loudly.

“Did my rapist bellow?” Lucien watched through the red haze before his eyes as Catherine approached him. She wore a black silk turtleneck with her hair swept up in a french twist with black pencil leg jeans. She sat beside him on her bed. “Don’t think you can escape.” His own words coming back to haunt him. She reach out above his head and he slowly moved his head to see that he was chained to her iron headboard by thick chains. “I should call the cops, you know.” Lucien saw the cell phone in her hand. “You raped me you should be in jail getting fucked in the ass. You’d like that wouldn’t you, Mr. DeBray?”

Lucien only stared at her with anger in his silver eyes.

“You know what stops me?” She paused and when he didn’t answer she touched his face tentatively stroking his cheek with the back of her knuckles. “You said I knew you. You said you loved me.” Lucien’s silver eyes softened as she continued in her soft mesmerizing voice. “I’m giving you one chance to tell me who you are, how I know you and why you say you love me.” She reached up to trace the arch of one black brow. “I might let you go or I might call the cops anyway. But I have to know.” She pulled away from him so that she was perched on the edge of the bed she looked at him waiting for his answer.

Lucien was surprised that she had done this and that he wasn’t waking up in a jail cell. She was so beautiful. She looked freshly showered and she smelled of rose soap. “I saw you once in college, at the library. You looked up at me and smiled. I don’t know why but you captivated me. I tried to forget you thinking you were just a crush, some love at first sight shit. But I couldn’t.”

“You didn’t think you could just walk up and say hi to me?” Catherine’s voice held no malice or sarcasm.

“I admit I was afraid of you. I thought you’d reject me outright. Whenever I saw you you looked so self-reliant, so in control. What did I have to offer you?” He looked away from her then feeling something akin to embarrassment.

“Tell me the truth, how long have you been watching me?”

“Since I first saw you.”

Catherine looked at him for several silent moments and then she got up and left the room. Shit, Lucien thought leaning back his head to stare at the ceiling any minute now the cops would show up. He looked up when he saw Catherine returning with a red bowl in her hands. She sat close to him and reached over him to place a towel with ice cubes in it underneath his head right over the lump on his skull. Her breast was inches away from his mouth he desperately wanted to taste her. She moved away though leaving the ice pack behind him.

“That’s not love, Lucien.” She whispered. He was so beautiful lying there on her bed. Catherine wished things were different. That he hadn’t raped her, that he could be like every normal guy and take her to dinner, ply her sweetly. But that was a fantasy. “You raped me.”

“I love you.” Lucien said passionately, denying her words. His heart in his throat as he saw a single tear fall from her dark eye.

Catherine leaned over and placed her head on his chest her arms wrapping around his tautly muscled waist. She closed her eyes listening to his heart beat. “No one loves me, Lucien.” They lay quietly like that for a long time before Catherine looked up into Lucien’s silver eyes. “I’ll let you go.”

Lucien stopped breathing at her words hardly daring to believe her. But Catherine was true to her word undoing the chains. She stood back as he rose his head ached less. “Please don’t come back. Please stop watching me.”

“Catherine,” He reached out to try to touch her but she shied away. He left her then hearing her door slam shut behind him.

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