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Tessa Jacobs was excited, sexually excited, even before she had arrived at this hotel rendezvous and she orgasmed just moments after Carl Selworth pushed his erect cock into her waiting cunt.

She recalled that it was a good thing she was so worked up before she got there as Carl too was primed and ready. After stripping himself, as he walked in from the hotel door, he opened her dress to reveal her naked body underneath, grabbed her and after sucking all too briefly on her nipples, then rolling on a condom he apparently had in his hand, he had laid her back on the bed, pushed into her and began a rapid pounding in and out of her.

Although there was literally no foreplay, the pounding was having its desired effect as she felt herself building to a second orgasm, fuelled by her feelings of wickedness as she cheated on her husband Rob for the first time in their married lives.

This time Carl was not far behind and he too began to climax, pumping his cum into the condom.

"God Tessa, you are hot!" he exclaimed, almost totally out of breath as he rolled off her and lay beside her on the hotel bed.

Tessa was too much out of breath to respond and she laid back to examine the man beside her.

Carl wasn't quite as tall as Rob but he was bulky and when dressed as he had been every other time she had seen him, he gave the impression of being much bigger. He had made All American at State as a linebacker and had done so, at the time, by maintaining a solid regimen of bodybuilding, which, it appeared by the large paunch over his now flaccid cock, he had backed away from in recent times.

As she lay there, guilt began to creep into her thoughts. She was sure she loved her husband Rob and convinced herself that, if he hadn't already done it, and she had a feeling he may have, he would be fucking Carl's wife Sarah soon and that this was just sex, like scratching an itch.

Besides, they had practically swapped already, the night before, as the four of them had been at Carl and Sarah's to celebrate Carl's latest major sale and later last night she had asked him outright if he wanted to fuck Sarah and did he want to watch her fuck Carl. She couldn't exactly remember what he had responded but she didn't recall him objecting either.


She had conflicting feelings through the entire evening that night before. Seeing how taken Sarah was with her husband had both excited her and made Tessa jealous. The way they fit so well into each other's arms made her think just maybe they had done this before.

She and Rob had a good sex life, she supposed, but after 7 years it had seemed there was too much "sameness". Sure, Rob was still romantic! He frequently sent flowers, not just for special occasions but, often, just because he loved her. He called her from work for "dates" and he sometimes arranged for them to have "dirty weekends" in a downtown hotel every now and then, occasionally they watched porn together and they went dancing frequently but, enjoyable as it all was, the sex, she felt, was still pretty much the same.

Rob was into giving oral sex and he would drive her to the heights most often bringing on her orgasm before plunging into her, which not always, but often, lifted her to a second climax.

As great as that was, Tessa wondered if they weren't looking for more variety and excitement as it concerned her that there might be more they were missing. The problem would be that more variety for her would mean more variety for him too and the possibility that she might lose him to someone else, frightened her.


Carl was in real estate but handled only commercial properties and, aided and abetted by the fact that a few years ago he was the town's football hero, he was still quite popular and had recently been somewhat financially successful.

Tessa's husband Rob was also successful, quite a bit more so in fact, but in nowhere near in as flamboyant a manner as Carl. Rob had built a small business into a financial success and he continued to work long hours to make it even more so. He had recently bought a second small business to compliment and support the one he already had and had been working to efficiently amalgamate the two. He had caught the attention of a huge international conglomerate and had already begun preliminary discussions about selling out his enterprises to them.

Tessa had met Sarah at the golf club and, after several encounters, they had become friends and decided to have their husbands meet over dinner one night. It proved to be a good thing as Rob, at the time, was looking for a larger office/factory facility and Carl was able to find it for him.

That, combined with the friendship their wives had formed, made them into a foursome.

Over the few years they had known each other they had become, if not the best of friends, certainly fairly close friends and on that night at the celebration for Carl's huge sale, things had gone further than ever before.

Fueled by a great deal of champagne Carl had purchased for the celebration, all four had dressed formally, Rob and Carl in tuxes and the two women in formal gowns and they spent the evening dining and dancing and during that time they had become quite drunk.

Back at her home afterwards, at Sarah's request they had continued dancing. Inevitably Sarah had come over to Tessa and Rob and they had switched partners and the friendship, the booze and the atmosphere had led to some mild groping and kissing.

At one point, Tessa remembered the look of sheer delight on Sarah's face as her husband Rob lightly stroked Sarah's bare back as they swayed back and forth to the music. For the briefest of moments, she felt a spark of jealousy and worry but it soon gave way to the thrill of being with a different man and although her thoughts had not yet defined the vague fantasy she was having, it began to look like a swap! Carl appeared to Tessa to be bigger, rougher and different than Rob and different in this case for Tessa translated into exciting.

They stood, half leaning, half sitting against the bar, Tessa leaning back partially against Carl and fueled by her not pushing his hands away, Carl's passion increased as he moved them up to caress her bare tits underneath her dress and built-in bra. Clearly they had gone further than Sarah and Rob but Tessa was sure that would change soon, assuming it hadn't already, and in the meantime she enjoyed the thrill of doing something naughty.

She didn't really like the idea of Rob with Sarah. It made her jealous but she knew Sarah seemed to be lacking in her love life with Carl, and it was Sarah who had been pushing for them to get closer as couples. Sarah had said she hoped that some of Rob's romanticism would rub off on Carl.

Tessa convinced herself that this would be good for Sarah's relationship with Carl.

She had to admit that she thought maybe some of Carl's "roughness" might rub off on Rob.

Tessa loved Rob and what he did for her romantically, but she had it in her head that it would be exciting to get closer to a bigger, rougher guy so, she allowed Carl those liberties, justifying it by knowing she would have to allow Sarah the same opportunities with Rob. That was, of course, if Rob wasn't already feeling up Sarah as Carl was doing to her.

Sarah sure as hell looked entirely taken with Rob!

She was initially surprised as Rob was really conservative in some things and she hadn't really thought he would get into a situation like this but clearly Sarah was in 7th heaven as they danced so, she deduced, Rob must be doing something to turn her on.

The two men were really alike in some ways. Both were about 6' 2'', Rob a little more and Carl, a little less, but Rob was much more slender and carried his 195 lbs well. Carl weighed about 240 and gave the impression that he was much bigger. Only when they were side by side was it obvious Rob was taller than Carl.


As the evening went on, Rob became more and more aware that Sarah was pressing against him at every opportunity and he initially let himself enjoy the sensation as she was an exceptionally attractive woman and someone he liked very much, but, as it continued well into the evening, he began to look for ways to gracefully say goodnight and head for home.

He did look over to see what Tessa and Carl were doing but the lights were dimmed and from the angle he was looking, it appeared like they were standing side by side at the bar talking, Carl slightly behind Tessa.

Later that night as Rob called for a cab, Sarah belatedly had suggested they stay over but by the time she had mentioned it, the cab had been called and as the four discussed the invitation, the cab had arrived.

Sarah was clearly disappointed and Tessa remembered being mildly relieved but that was forgotten when Rob put his arm around her in the cab and they did some light petting all the way home.

By the time they arrived, although still quite inebriated, both were horny as hell.

Rob paid the cabbie as Tessa unlocked the front door. As soon as Rob closed it behind him, he was greeted with Tessa sitting on the sofa, her dress pulled up over her waist and her panties removed.

Rob needed no directions. He dropped to his knees in front of her and began licking her very wet cunt. As drunk as he was, he managed to vary what he was doing, sometimes licking along the sides, sometimes lashing at her hardening clit and sometimes fucking her with his tongue. In spite of his efforts to extend the pleasure for her, she was too excited and she shouted out, "Oh Rob!!!" as her body shuddered in orgasm.

Feeling a little unsuccessful at being able to prolong her pleasure, Rob decided to keep lashing her cunt with his tongue and after a brief period of post orgasmic ticklishness, Tessa settled back and enjoyed having her husband bring her to a second orgasm.

As he was bringing her to the brink of that second climax, she began to verbally encourage him. "Did you feel Sarah up baby? Did she turn you on?"

"Oh yeah!" he answered as he continued to lash at her clit, remembering how it felt to hold Sarah in his arms as they danced.

"Are you going to fuck her? Do you want to watch me fuck Carl?" she continued, and just then she barely managed to get out the words before a second and strangely, much more powerful orgasm, fuelled by her vivid imagination, took total control of her body and her mind.

In the ecstasy of the moment Tessa failed to notice Rob's sudden change of mood and her orgasmic delight, combined with the booze and both physical and emotional exhaustion, caused her to relax and moments later she was fast asleep.

Rob, being the kind and considerate person he was, once he realized she was asleep he cuddled up beside her, closed his own eyes and fell asleep as well, holding her close.

The next morning was chaos!

In the night he had struggled awake enough to lead her to their bed where they collapsed once again. Rob, not having got off himself, was still very horny but Tessa was barely able to get to there so he let her alone and let himself drift off to sleep. He was vaguely concerned about something, but just then he could not remember what.

Although he would normally have set an alarm and more often than not, would have been awake well before it went off, the exertions of the night before, along with the booze had worn him out and he overslept.

When he finally did wake, he was late for the all important appointment that would, if successfully managed, set him up to sell his businesses and make him wealthy beyond his dreams, not to mention a guaranteed part-time "consulting" position at an inflated salary of $100,000 per year for the next 12 years

He was late and had to rush. He knew he had to talk to Tessa but just then there was no time.


Two hours after her husband had left, Tessa woke and her last memory of the night before was of an incredible orgasm her husband's talented tongue had given her as they talked about him fucking Sarah and her fucking Carl and she found herself horny rather than sated. Moments later her phone rang.

After an extended conversation during which she wavered from outright refusal to "maybe", she found herself finally agreeing to Carl's request that they meet to continue "where they had left off the night before" when he kept reminding her about Sarah and Rob.

Tessa had initially refused and was not going to agree to his invitation until she was at least sure Rob was doing Sarah but he had persisted, reminding her that Rob and Sarah seemed to be getting it on as well. On that point she wavered between annoyance at Rob and "getting even" and just continuing what appeared to have already begun among the four of them.

Before she thought it through carefully, Tessa had agreed to meet him at the airport Marriott.

Although her conscience bothered her for a while, she soon remembered her orgasm from the night before as she had blatantly suggested her husband fuck Sarah and assumed it had turned him on as much as it had her.

So she ended up fucking Carl in the hotel room.


As her conscience prodded her, she lay silent in the bed until Carl began to snore and, finding it annoyed her, she poked him hard in the ribs which startled him and woke him up, but rather than be annoyed, he assumed she wanted more and he began groping her breasts.

She let him continue in the hopes that there would be some foreplay to excite her as much as she had been on the way over to the hotel earlier as she was anticipating the naughty things they would likely do. Moments later she was shocked to see that Carl was hard once again and he rolled between her legs and knelt upright, stroking his cock and putting on a second condom.

In a detached way she realized she was surprised that, except for his distended paunch, he was not bigger than Rob was. He seemed so much bigger a person yet he was no bigger in the cock department either. In fact, it occurred to her that he may not be as big! Although he dressed well and it was not apparent then, naked, he projected a pretty substantial potbelly and the word "slob" came into her mind.

As she was processing those thoughts, she failed to pay attention to what he was doing and soon he was upon her, his erect cock once more he pounding into her.

Not only was it NOT a turn on, she was no where near excited enough and before she could decide to tell him to slow down a little, she could feel and hear the unmistakable signs that he was about to cum again.

She recalled just then that Sarah had complained that Carl "got right in to fucking" and was a "bit rough" and she had mistakenly taken that as "different" and "exciting".

Now she knew better!

"Tessa, you are one hot woman! We've got to do more of this and soon." Carl was clearly quite happy about his sexual performance.

Tessa wasn't sure what her predominant feeling was just then; guilt, anger, self-disgust or outright embarrassment.

All of the above!

"Slow down Carl. I'm only here because it's obvious we were on the verge of swapping last night and maybe you and I got a little ahead of the game. I don't really know for sure. I've got a great husband whom I love. All we're doing here is looking for a little excitement."

It was hard to tell what Carl was thinking from the expression on his face.

"I know they were pretty close last night but I don't think Sarah would actually go for a swap. I know she and Rob were enjoying it, but she's too much into me for that, I'm afraid. She has been setting up all these romantic events for us for weeks now. It's like she can't get enough of me. We've been to a Bed and Breakfast in the country. We've had weekends in the downtown Hilton and lot's of nights when I get home she's got candles and stuff like that."

Tessa was disturbed at his comments and was about to speak when he continued after a brief pause, "I guess if I worked on her a bit, we might get her to loosen up. I'll do it! You relax and leave it to me." He said, knowing he had no intention of letting his wife fuck another guy, especially one like that wimp Rob.

"I'll get working on that swap and that'll make it easier for you and I to get it on when we want." He continued lying.

Tessa was upset and was having difficulty getting her thoughts in order so she could tell him off but before she could, he jumped out of the bed and headed for the bathroom.

"I gotta go. Got a new deal coming up that I need to process. There's a huge conglomerate moving into the area. Some hush, hush deal but I know they're looking for several million bucks worth of office and factory space and I'm going to tie up the best prospective place myself. I'm going to score big time." He boasted.

"I'll call you later. Rob's got that city business improvement meeting. I'm going to skip it. We can set up another meeting when I call you tonight." And with that he went into the shower.

Tessa was upset.

Rather than face him anymore, she gathered her shoes and the one-piece sundress which were all that she had worn there, dressed and went home to clean up.


In spite of the huge success of his meetings, Rob was troubled all day. He wasn't sure how to take Tessa's comment about him watching Carl fuck her. He certainly had no wish to do that. On the other hand, Sarah had felt great in his arms last night and he could distinctly recall being aroused but he hoped it had been little more than a fantasy to add to love-making with Tessa.

The thought of it going any further than that, and more to the point, the thought stepping outside their marriage vows himself or of watching his wife fuck Carl, put him off.

He knew he would be late getting home that night as he had a meeting and he had to drop off his Navigator for servicing. He knew he needed to talk to Tessa, so he had his secretary Carrie clear his calendar for the following morning, then he called the florist and had a bouquet of mixed fresh flowers sent to her with a note that said "I love you! Rob."


For some time after Tessa and Rob had left that night, Sarah was excited!

She wasn't sure just exactly why.

For the past 2 maybe 3 years she had been on a constant downer and it had taken almost half that time to define what it was that was bothering her. Certainly Carl was a good provider. His recently improved income provided them with an excellent lifestyle, a beautiful home, nice cars, exotic vacations, memberships in the most exclusive golf club in the state and the finest of dining and entertainment choices.

But there was something missing!

Her sex life with Carl was, she had thought, good. They made love often. It was as if Carl couldn't get enough of her and that made her feel really good, but he seemed just to want to fuck and although he was big on her sucking him, he wasn't interested in giving oral sex.

Actually, she realized one day, he just wasn't very romantic.

A new member she had met at the golf club, Tessa Jacobs, and she, had become good friends and over time began to share more personal stories. As Tessa described the wonderful things her husband did for her, Sarah thought some of it might rub off on Carl so, along with Tessa, she set about to introduce their husbands and perhaps build a closer friendship among them all.

Some of the responsibility for building a better love life was, she figured, hers and so she had set about trying to change things. She organized romantic candle lit dinners, weekends away at a bed and breakfast, candles in the bedroom and sexy lingerie.

It seemed to make little difference!

Carl was obviously excited by her actions but the end result was always the same. He would get excited, maul her breasts a little, then push in and get himself off.

Then Tessa and Rob came into their lives and for a few brief times when Tessa would share stories of the things that Rob did for their relationship, she would live vicariously through them and on those days she would envision that Carl might do some of that for her and she would come close to satisfaction.

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