tagNonConsent/ReluctanceForgiveness Ch. 02

Forgiveness Ch. 02


She sank down to the floor against the door tears streaming down her eyes. She could hear Lucien pause. For a moment Catherine’s heartbeat stopped and once again resumed when she heard his footsteps carry him away.

“I was raped.” She whispered trying the words out on her tongue. “He came back for more.” She wrapped her arms about her knees her cheek on her kneecap as she rocked herself back and forth. Their whole interlude replayed before her eyes.

I love you. Lucien had whispered. How his words tortured her now. Catherine wasn’t fool enough to believe that Lucien would stop watching her but she didn’t know what else to do.

Rising to her feet she walked tiredly to her bedroom suddenly overcome with exhaustion. She fell onto her bed dimly noting the rattle of the chains against her headboard that had held Lucien only moments or was it years ago? No matter, the bed still felt warm from his body.

Lucien stared openly into her bedroom window. As if he would stop, he laughed to himself, he could never stop. He licked his lips still tasting Catherine on his mouth. No, never could he stop until he had her, body and soul.

Catherine resumed nursing the next day, if she was a little jumpy and nervously looking over her shoulder all the time her colleagues didn’t notice. Her car mysteriously fixed itself and she had no further problems with it again nor did she notice a hulking black shadow following her everywhere.

Maybe I’m safe, she foolishly indulged.

God she hurt, in her body and in her soul. She had bruises on her from her rape as well as from when she launched herself at Lucien. She still throbbed and ached between her legs but she wasn’t brave enough to say whether it was from pain or desire.

For one week everything seemed ok as though Lucien had lost interest until one night she was at her apartment washing dishes when she just happened to look up into the dark night. Something moved. Catherine dropped her dish hearing it crash and break but she was too distracted to care. Quickly wiping her hands on her jeans she ran out onto her balcony dismayed when the shadow had seemingly disappeared but she caught movement and heard footsteps running in the alley below her. Shimmying down the fire escape she ran after the form. The breath burned her lungs as she pursued the shadow. Turning a corner onto a darkened street she didn’t see the shadow anymore.

“Damnit!” She shouted into the cold night air. Spinning on her heel she went back toward her apartment. Everything was the way she had left it. She groaned when she looked into the sink noting the broken plate. “For fuck’s sake.” Did she have to chase that person? It probably wasn’t even Lucien. As if you wanted it to be him.

Consumed by these thoughts as she scooped out the shards Catherine wasn’t paying attention and received a bloody gash across her palm. She hissed in pain watching the blood well up in her upturned palm.

She cried out when rough hands spun her about slamming her into a warm hard chest. “Lucien,” She breathed looking into his silver eyes gasping in surprise when he pushed her into the kitchen wall sandwiching her between the cold plaster and his hot hard body. Further thoughts and words were stopped as his lips came down on hers. Hot warmth melted into her very bones as Lucien opened her mouth to stroke her with his tongue.

No one had ever loved her before. Somehow she figured no one would ever love her. She was too isolated, remote. Too mean, too fat, too ugly to be this man’s obsession.

She pulled away from him sucking in a breath. His silver eyes were hard, cold as he surveyed her face. Catherine brought up her hands cupping his face, his left cheekbone streaked with her blood. “No one loves me, Lucien.” A faint repetition of her earlier words to him.

“No one until me.” He breathed pulling her into his body pulling up her jean covered leg so that it lay about his hip. She could feel his pulsing hot hardness. He kissed her throat. “No one after me.” He whispered against her skin causing goosebumps to rise on her arms.

Catherine’s eyes widened in fear as she began to struggle out of Lucien’s grasp. “No, no stop Catherine.” His hands went to her throat caressing the soft skin. “Stop.”

“How can you do this to me?” Catherine whispered tears rolling down her cheeks. “You’ve already had me. I forgave you. Can’t you stop?”

Lucien was truly in pain when he saw her tears bending his dark head to kiss her cheeks and her trembling lips. “I can’t stop, Catherine. Not until you’re mine.” He pulled his black shirt up over his head.

He dropped feather kisses all over the exposed skin of her throat going lower and lower into the V-neck of her tank top. “Lucien,” She cried as he moved her top aside undoing her bra so that he could suck her tender swollen breast. Catherine moaned throwing her head back arching her chest so that Lucien could have further access her bloody hands caressing his taut skin smearing her blood onto his flesh. “Please,”

“I love you, Catherine.” His silver eyes met hers.

Her acquiescence must have shown in her eyes because it was then Lucien reached for the buttons on her jeans. Catherine gasped at the heat from his hand touching the tender skin of her lower abdomen. Lucien hurriedly pushed her jeans down her hips so that her legs were parted just enough for him, one leg still propped up on his hip.

“Lucien,” Came her faint protesting cry.

His hard cock stroked the silky wetness of her cunt before easing slowly inside her. She was so tight after all she had only been had once before and that was by him. When he was fully inside her he kissed her lips. “You’re mine, Catherine. Only mine. Say you’re mine, that you belong to me.”

His insistent gunmetal eyes bored into hers. Lucien thrust forward hard burying himself deeper inside her wrenching another cry from her lips. “Say it.”

The heat and strength of his body commanded hers compelling her to speak the words he demanded. “I’m yours. Always, forever yours.” Their lips met. When they parted Catherine reached up to touch Lucien’s face noting the crimson streak of blood left on his cheek. Lucien turned his face into her bloody palm kissing her sensitive skin tasting the sweetness of her blood. He moved slowly deeply inside her forcing Catherine to beg for more, to beg for him to fuck her hard.

She bit the thick muscle of his shoulder as he pounded into her. Catherine could hear his breathless tortured words ringing in her ear. “I love you, Catherine. Only you. Forever.” Harder and harder, he bent his mouth to her breast Catherine threw her head back as she came. In the throes of her ecstasy she felt him cum deep inside her.

They held each other close their chests heaving against one another. Catherine lay her head against Lucien’s shoulder her arms wrapped about his muscled waist. There was nothing left for Catherine to fight against. Lucien looked up cupping her face in his warm palms. “I know you don’t love me now…but,”

He was cut off by Catherine’s kiss. She looked into his silver eyes for once allowing herself the luxury of being loved. “I do love you, Lucien. You made me believe you.”

Lucien could say nothing he only bent his head to rest it against her heart listening to its beat thanking the gods that she could love him, could forgive him enough to allow herself to love him.


Lucien and Catherine married a few days later. Nothing fancy, just a quick trip to Reno. Catherine was beautiful in a simple white dress her eyes still shy as Lucien lifted her veil for their first married kiss.

It turns out Lucien is independently wealthy and he moves his bride into the mansion that he has been renovating for the past year in the hopes that someday he could take Catherine home with him to share its splendor.

Catherine still worked as a nurse and all her friends marveled at the fact that she was married noting the large diamond on her left hand.

A month after their wedding Catherine got up out of their bed leaving the warm security of her husband’s arms to hurry toward the bathroom. Kneeling by the toilet she retched into it, tears burning her eyes. When she felt a little better she stood up by the sink brushing her teeth. After a long moment she looked at herself in the mirror. Her hands slid down her abdomen to finally rest on her slightly curved lower abdomen.

She walked out of the bathroom returning to stand at the foot of their massive bed looking down at Lucien. He was so sexy in sleep with his black hair tousled, his silver eyes closed. Even now he was moving about restlessly trying to find her his arm flung out to her side of the bed searching for her. In these few short weeks she had known such happiness. Lucien became her whole world. And in the midst of their lovemaking she would beg for his forgiveness for not knowing he was there watching her. For not giving in to him sooner.

She came back into the bed feeling Lucien’s arms wrap about her pulling her tightly to him he immediately stopped moving about. She lay with her head pillowed on his shoulder. “I never loved anyone but you. Never.” She whispered. Lucien’s response was an even tighter grip as he sighed in his sleep. Catherine nuzzled his skin, Lucien’s scent in her nose, she fell asleep.

Catherine felt a light tickle along her shoulder. She sighed and opened her eyes. “Good morning, Princess.” She saw Lucien smiling down at her feathering a white rose up and down her flesh. She reached out pulling him on top of her running her fingers through his black hair.

“I love you.” She pressed a kiss in his hair.

Lucien still thrilled inside to hear her words. “I love you.” He held her closer, tighter.


“Yes, love?”

“Lucien,” Catherine struggled to rise forcing Lucien to straighten as he sat on the edge of their bed looking at her with concern in his eyes. The crimson sheets fell away from Catherine’s shoulders revealing an enticing amount of bare skin. “I don’t know how to say this.” She turned away from him.

“Tell me, Catherine.” His voice sharper then he meant it to be. Fear coursed through him, she could still leave him if she wanted to. She could still destroy him.

When she looked up at him tears were in her large dark eyes. Without a thought he pulled her to him Catherine clutched the black cotton of his shirt. “I’m pregnant.” She sobbed afraid of what Lucien would say. Would he be pleased? Would he hate her?

Pure joy radiated out of Lucien’s eyes. “Are you sure?”

Catherine had been sure since before their wedding when her period had not come. Go figure, she thought ironically, your first fuck leads to your first kid. Or in her case your first rape. She could only nod.

Lucien laughed hugging Catherine closer as she melted with relief into his arms. “I have everything I ever wanted, Catherine. You and now a baby. The only thing I ever wanted was you.”

Catherine gently kissed his lips sighing as he laid her back amongst the pillows kissing her exposed breasts, down her stomach to lay one reverential kiss over her womb. “I’ll always love you.” She whispered pulling off his shirt revealing his hard planes pulling his hot body down onto hers.

“Always.” Lucien whispered as he slid into her hot tight cunt. “Always.”

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