I didn't mean to look. It just happened as I pass his bedroom on the way to the kitchen. I had forgotten he was home. He had been at the university for a year. It was innocent. Warm moonlight fills his room and the curtain flutters.

Not remembering he was home, I had neglected my nightgown. My body still glistens with self-entertainment. My nipples still erect. My breathing had not returned to normal. I steady myself against the silky dark wood of the doorframe. I need more support as I gaze on his nakedness. He moves but is still asleep. His erection jostles and waves though the air. I wondered as I had often how does that feel.

I force myself to back out of the room and press against the hallway wall. Not a breath fills me. My hand cups my cunt. A finger falls inside. A gasp flies from my mouth. Did her hear? I peer around the edge of the door. Still in the same position, now his hand cradles his cock. My finger still in me, I watch. I demand I move. I don't. My own son I tell myself. I have seen him before. I struggle. I still stare in wild abandon.

His hand slides along the rigid shaft. Up. Down. Up. Then back. My fingers move in sync. I bite down on a finger to keep silent. He launches in high arcs. He covers his chest. He rolls over without waking. I finish. I move towards the kitchen dehydrated. Weak in the legs. Wanting more.

The sun rolls though the kitchen. I have not been up long. "Hey lazy head," I tell him as he rubs his hair and adjusts his boxers.

His body presses against mine. His hand on my waist. His warm breathe against my neck. "Hey." I don't know he watched me last night.

I take his hand and pull it towards my stomach. I squeeze his fingers. His lips rest against bare skin just above the nightgown in the back. The wetness dabs. The tip of the tongue touches. I inhale deeply. He feels my chest swell. "Nice to have you home," I whisper.

The edge of his hand grazes the bottom of a breast covered by thin fabric, almost not there. It is risque, daring. After what I watched, I don't care. I don't object. It happens again. I fall back slightly letting it naturally happen again. I sigh. Fingers cover the breast. I sigh again. Lips kiss my back. I sigh.

We stand still. Silent. His erection presses my nightgown between my thighs. I wiggle. It presses more. I need this. I encourage. I wiggle. He grinds. I tilt my head back. My warm breath covers his cheek. His hand moves my breast still covered. I remember watching him in the moonlight. I push my hips back. He works the hem up. I'm exposed. His warm cock drags through the crevasse of my ass. The head grazes my pussy. It almost pops inside. I resist. I want him to beg, to want, to need me, as I want him.

His youthful groan covers my ear. I reply with my own. I take his fingers. We pull the hem up. He grinds. I press his fingertips against me. I rub them about. I moan loudly in case he doesn't know.

"Margaret," he whispers unwilling to call me mom, mommy, mother.

"Robert," I purr back unwilling to call him son. I want to. I want to call him anything that will give him to me.

His cock saws across my cunt. His fingers roam inside. His chest is still against my back. Not for long. I turn. I face him. My mouth devours his. Our tongues dig. Bat. Swat. His in mine. Then mine in his like warriors trading blows with swords. His passion overtakes him. Mine too. I hear the nightgown rip. I feel nothing on. Just his hands. His body covers me.

We waltz to the living room, mouths still attached. We fall crazy on the couch. Pillows flung. Newspapers make space.

His cock head knocks. Not yet, I demand. I grab his balls. I play. I hold him between the legs. Against my body, his hand mirrors mine against his. I tear at his hair. His nipples molest mine. Our tongues still play. Still ravage. Still like wild teenagers in the backseat at the drive-in hoping the other will not come to their senses before getting to home base for the first time.

My lips nibble along his chest. Along his stomach. He knows where I am going. He groans in approval. First time he says then groans. Good I tell him. I see his cock up close. It looks even better now. I wave it around. Slap it against my cheek. Kiss its head. Stroke it quickly as he did last night. Let the head slip past my lips. Lay on my tongue. It fills my mouth. Then again. My lips drag tightly along the warm soft skin. A few times. He is unable to control himself. He shoots. I swallow. Again. Again. He finishes. I swallow.

I lay my pussy near his face. He looks. He watches. He toys with the glistening skin. A fingertip. A finger. Another. They fill me. I moan loudly. I gasp. I wiggle moving his fingers to other places inside. They slide rapidly. They become wetter. I gasp. I stiffen. I rip at my breast. I tug it away from my chest. I gasp. I relax. I leave my thighs around his face. He licks. He sucks my clit. I tingle. A new orgasm.

Our faces next to each other. A new erection. I slide it inside. He fills my cunt easily as he does throughout the day.

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