tagNonHumanForgotten Ch. 04

Forgotten Ch. 04


Well it could be a bit of a wait for the following chapter as I have an overactive imagination and only 24 hours in a day but on the plus side is that you will see more of my twisted little mind's creations along the way. :Þ


Chapter 4: Waiting.

Michael sat at Michelle's side holding her hand and waiting for her to wake. It had been several hours since William accidentally knocked her out whilst breaking through her front door and now it was getting late in the afternoon and the shadows were growing long. Michael did not understand what was going on, the two wolves that were disguised as Michelle's pet dogs had told his father everything but nobody had bothered to tell him anything yet.

The unconscious Michelle groaned and rolled over startling Michael out of his daze. "Shell?" he called to her hoping that she was finally waking up. To his surprise Michelle stretched and began to shift into her lupine form. The change was so subtle that he was not sure he was actually seeing correctly, her face paled and a mask of fine downy white fur sprouted over her skin followed by a coarser darker layer around her eyes like the band on a racoon, her nose and mouth grew from the relatively flat human features to the more canine snout with a black point for her nose. Michael was mesmerised by the beauty of her lupine form as it gradually came into existence, he watched her ears grow and sharpen and her ribs gently change to the more voluminous torso of her wolf. The change took nearly an hour but at the end a gorgeous silvery grey werewolf lay beneath the sheets of the hospital bed, the gown torn to shreds. Like all lycanthropic creatures they retain a percentage of their human side when in animal form, Michelle's paws were more like human hands with claws at the tips of her fingers and no doubt that her eyes remained the earthy garnet he had fallen in love with.

"She does that nearly every night," Tala whispered as she entered the room, "because of the spell that Bedella cast twelve years ago, it suppressed her ability to morph into her wolf so it only happens when she sleeps." The muscular woman sat next to him staring down at her charge, "the sídhe are curious fae. Bedella is a close friend of her father Bleddyn, the Alpha of the Dawnlight Pack."

"The outer realms?" Michael asked, "So that's why you called her by another name."

"Yes, she was named after her father," Tala moved her gaze to him trying to be sympathetic, "Her real name is Bleddwen."

"'Beautiful Wolf'," he translated, "Why was she cast out of Dawnlight?"

The woman sighed, "Aggressive politics and near fatal threats forced Bleddyn's hand to hide all his remaining children. His heir was murdered by the Aurora pack nearly twenty years ago and did not want to risk any more of his children when the dhampires began making threats. She was kidnapped by the dhampire clan and was rescued by Fenrir and myself." Tala rubbed her eyes feeling the exhaustion from their busy day, "long story short: Bleddwen and her remaining three litter mates were hidden around the seven realms, I don't know where her brothers went but she wished to come here and have the name Michelle."

Michael squeezed her hand, "I don't know my mate at all, do I?"

"There's more that you should know," she continued, "there is a contract between the Midnight and Dawnlight Packs which is over a hundred years old. The heir to the Midnight Pack had come to Alpha Bleddyn to seek his aid to remove his father from power. Alpha Bleddyn agreed to help on the condition that the two packs become allies. It was just to be a peace treaty but Bleddwen in all her childish enthusiasm for wanting to do what the adults do insisted in attending the meeting and the aspiring Alpha instantly took to her so now the peace that both Midnight and Dawnlight now share was on the condition that Bleddwen mated with the Midnight Alpha."

"So I may have started a war?"

"That depends whether Brynjar is that concerned with upholding the contract a century after it was signed," Tala paused in thought before continuing, "he may challenge you for the rite of mating her or he might petition the elders for an annulment. Either way you might very well end up dead."

"A comforting thought," Michael sarcastically responded. "I wonder if any of my sisters would be willing to take Michelle's place?"

"Don't be too quick to offer your family up as compensation, you know nothing of the man," she warned her eyes boring into his with intense caution, "I hear he is much like his late father, cruel for his own entertainment."

"Then you do not know him personally," Mike smiled to himself at the discovery, "What you hear could just be rumour."

"Rumour or not, you must not so hasty when it comes to dealing with the outer realms," she gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder, "Just be here for Bleddwen for now. She needs you."

Michael smiled as the masculine woman left and he returned his attention back to his own mate who had reverted to her human form. He brought her hand to his lips, "Please wake my love," he whispered as he kissed her.


Fenrir lay in bed, he had been waiting for his mate for nearly an hour when she finally entered the room. "You took you sweet time," he grumbled.

Tala had entered quietly expecting him to be asleep, "I like the young Beta," she said softly. "I couldn't let him remain in the dark."

Fenrir sat up his long blond hair flowing over his shoulders, "I wish this assignment had gone differently." He reached out for his black haired beauty, "though this is not entirely a bad turn of events." He swept her dark hair aside and planted a series of gentle kisses along the olive skin of her neck sending a quiver through her entire body. "I have wanted to do this of ages," he muttered into the crook of her neck before he bit her.

Tala gave a small whimper as her mate's teeth sank into her drawing out several beads of blood in the process. "Fenrir," she called softly leaning into his loving arms as the wrapped firmly around her waist. His hands did not idle for long, slipping under the t-shirt she wore and tracing the outline of her muscles. "Yes," she hissed as he bit down harder his fingers trailing lower, creeping their way under the elastic of the track-pants she wore.

"Too long," he growled as he released her shoulder licking up the red fluid.

"Too long," she agreed, her hips trembling as he found the sizable nub and squeezed it gently.

"I'm going to bite this," he teased tweaking it hard causing her to cry out. Tala and Fenrir had waited twelve years to be able to copulate in human form. Wolves were pack animals and usually close to other members of their pack, mates needed to be close to one another and being separated for any length of time could lead to many psychological problems and in the worst case death to both of them. Mated wolves also had a need to be intimate frequently regardless of whether the female was in heat or not, a female's fertility just intensified that need.

Fenrir flipped Tala onto her back ripping her clothing off in an unceremonious way, leaving her writhing on the bed anticipating his next move. Fenrir's strikingly blue eyes seemed to glow as he grinned at his mate, "I am truly the luckiest wolf in all of creation," his broad toothy smile was mirrored by his mate.

"What are you waiting for?" she asked coyly opening her legs to show her desire for him.

The aroma of her lust hit him, "I hunger for you love," he growled dropping to his knees and bowing his head to bit the throbbing button he promised to entertain. Tala exploded with a gush which Fenrir did not waste, lapping every drop up with his skilled tongue. As Tala's breath slowed from the exertion her mate flipped her onto her stomach, "I want you to scream my name bitch."

Gripping her hips tightly he rammed himself forcefully into her neglected dripping hole. "Fenrir!" she cried as his sudden invasion sent a thrill up her spine. She clamped down around him, increasing the pleasure for the both of them.

As fast as inhumanly possible Fenrir thrust into Tala with the desperation he had built up over the last decade. "Moan for me!" he commanded, "show me how much you have missed my touch!"

Whether it was conscious or not Tala groaned at the delight of having her man her mate filling her until she felt like she would burst as he wound the tension within her core.

Fenrir gave into his primal lust loosing most of his humanity and forming into the dark grey wolf-man his mate fell in love with over two centuries earlier, locking her to him as he ploughed the both of them to a bliss-filled climax.

Fenrir's back and abdomen burned from the exercise they had not received in so long but he did not give up he was on the precipice holding himself back until he felt Tala's release. He did not wait long her spasms were too much for him, his control melting away and he flooded her womb with his life giving seed.

Tala laughed in victory at what the two had done, for the first time since their assignment began they had shared each other's bodies with out the fear of their secret being exposed.

Fenrir fell back pulling Tala with him, "I think I will play with these for a while," he chuckled tweaking her overly sensitive nipples, "If you don't mind."

Tala sighed, "Not at all," she relaxed to her mates attentions with the knowledge that he would keep trying to pleasure her until she either passed out or begged him to stop.


It was in the early hours of the morning when Michelle finally began to wake. Michael had curled up on the bed next to her holding her close as instinct had taken over while he slept. She blinked in the dark room, seeing lights off in the distance in what could have been an office of some variety. She had no idea where she was the last thing she remembered was storming out of the front gates of Michael's home. He was a werewolf how could she have missed that? He always did had an exceptional sense of smell and could pick her moods like they were his own.

A part of her ached for him he may have been a monster but he never hurt her, but how could she know if he would in the near future. Her shoulder hurt where he had bitten her however unlike before she did not feel a rush of fear about the bite now it was just hurt and anger. She guessed she would turn into a wolf now, isn't that how it worked in the movies? The werewolf bit or scratched their victim and that person changed at the full moon.

Michelle thought of what she had known and how it would all now change, she was a monster now. She wept, her fairytale happily ever after had turned into a nightmare her prince charming the villain in the story rather than the romantic hero.

Michael stirred at the gentle convulsions of Michelle's sobs. "Baby, don't cry," he whispered in the dark room, "I'm here, I'll look after you."

Michelle did the only thing she could do when startled in the middle of the night with a werewolf holding her, she screamed.

"No," Michael pleaded trying to calm her as the doctor and a few nurses entered the room, switching on the light to see what had caused the ruckus.

"What is the problem?" the doctor asked staring at the couple on the bed Michelle struggled to free herself from her mate's arms, "Mrs Patterson please calm down."

Shell did not react to her new name that would mean that she were married to him and she was most definitely not married to Michael 'the werewolf' Patterson!

"Sweetie, that's you," Michael explained when he felt her shaking her head.

"NO!" she shouted back at him, "I am not married to you nor will I ever marry you!" she kicked her legs about to try to loosen his grip on her.

Michael felt her words stab at his heart, although the concept of marriage is for more human immortals and humans themselves and did not carry as much depth or meaning as a mating, she did not understand he had to remind himself. "No you're not married to me," he took a deep breath, "we're mated."

Michelle froze, "Like animals?" she half sneered in fear at his words, "what does that mean?"

He did not want her screaming again but he had to tell her. "Shell, I asked you to be my mate and you agreed," he began, "only you did not know what was going on." He inhaled gently, "what's done is done, you are now my mate, my beautiful wolf."

"I told you I am not a wolf," she felt the bite throb, "At least I wasn't before."

The doctors walked away leaving the couple to sort out their problem. "Do you know the ritual to turn a human into a werewolf?" Michael asked a subtle challenge for her to disagree.

"You bit me ..." she argued.

"A bite won't do it anymore," he retorted, "it takes the entire moon cycle for the wolf to take hold in a human and a lot of magic with it. A bite will only mark a person as a wolf's mate." He tried to hold her closer but she still fought him, "you did mark me first." Michelle's eyes widened with his evidence, "You tried to dominate me in our mating."

"But," she began though her thoughts and words died before they could reach her mouth. The bite she gave him looked as nasty as the one she received from him only more human.

"I wear this mark with pride, Shell," he inhaled deeply, "and your scent in exquisite, you're in heat."

"What?" she asked more to the last part of the statement, "You mean I'm in season? Fertile? Like a dog?"

"Yes," he let his hand travel down to where her womb lay hidden in her abdomen, "your scent is intoxicating to me." He gave her a wicked grin, "most definitely not a dog."

"But I was told I couldn't have children," she felt the tears begin to form again, "my doctor told me that my plumbing didn't work."

"A human doctor, baby," he succeeded in pulling her close as the realisation of her dream could now become reality, "you are probably hungry, it's one of the symptoms of your heat cycle. Your metabolism increases with the anticipation of a litter of pups, it also allows you to have more energy for conception."

"Is that why I feel so ..." she couldn't say it, she could not believe she was a wolf, why had she not known?

"Amorous?" Michael completed her question to which she nodded, "yes and to fight it will cause no end of trouble unless I have already succeeded in creating life with you." He gently caressed her cheek, "it will last for around a month and as you only began nearly two days ago." He hesitantly brushed his lips against hers, "You drive me wild Shell." The experimental kiss did not get rejected like he thought it would, "when I realised that you were going into heat the day of your birthday I knew I couldn't wait another fifty years before we could be together."

She gave him a curious look, her mind was screaming for her to get up and leave but he smelled so good. "Fifty years?"

"The average length between heat cycles for werewolves," he explained as he kissed her again, "when I caught your exquisite scent I nearly broke our most sacred law just to keep everyone away from you."

"What is our most sacred law?" she was getting her wit back, "why can't I become a wolf if I am one?"

Michael ceased his romantic attentions, "our most sacred law is anonymity, all immortals must swear by this or the mortals will find out and trouble will happen." He rested his forehead on hers gently pushing her onto her back, "And I cannot tell you why you can't shift at will it is not my place to do so, but you do shift and your wolf is just as beautiful as you are."

Unconsciously Michelle sent out waves of pheromones to her mate she was so confused to the whole situation. On the one hand she was with the man of her dreams on the other she was learning that what she thought about her life and those around her was not as it seemed. She felt her heart beat accelerate at the close proximity of this caring man. Instinct began to override her mind she needed Michael now!

As though reading her mind his hands began to remove the clothing she wore or at least what was left of it, he had not let the pack doctor to undress her as his primal need to protect his mate had kicked in instead he had prepared her for her night in the medical wing of the Alpha manor. He felt her breath hitch as he exposed the soft globes of her breast to the cool air of the room hardening the peaks. Michelle felt ashamed for how her body reacted to Michael, sure she had fantasised about him doing what he was doing right now and in those fantasies she never dreamed of doing what she was about to do.

"Michael stop," she begged quietly her voice lacking the conviction of her words. He did as she asked much to his surprise. Shell's eyes caught his, "I'm scared," she hoarsely whispered her body screaming at her to take the man in front of her.

"Don't be," Michael replied pulling her into his arms and gently caressed her back, "I won't hurt you I could never hurt you." His nose twitched at the influx of pheromones which triggered a low grumbling groan, "give into your instinct."

Michelle let out a sob, "I have never had these ... urges before," she wept into his shoulder. "Not this strong."

"I find that hard to believe," he responded lightly trying to help her relax.

"It's true," she whimpered, "I usually suppressed those feelings with focusing on my work I hate not having control over my body, that's why I don't drink much." Her face burned with desire and embarrassment.

"Don't fight it," he pleaded again, "it could be bad if you do. For both of us."

"I don't understand," she cried harder.

He sighed, "Shell, you are a wolf in heat. Your body is filled with hormones that are driving you to breed. It is your nature to breed at this time it is the only time in the next fifty years you will be able to do so and as you are mated with me I too will feel the affects of your hormone rush. If we do not act upon it we could loose our minds and possibly our lives."


"Shell it could kill us," the gravity of his words sunk through the both of them. They remained in silence for a while, neither looking at the other.

"Why would anyone do this to me?" Michelle asked eventually her voice filled with grief, "Was I a bad person to be punished? Or was I just unwanted."

Michael held her close, "Come on I'll take you back to our room." Michelle nodded but said nothing nor did she move much as Michael scooped her into his arms. He hoped that the familiar room could help ease the discontent she felt at that moment.

The hallway was empty as Michael guided his mate back to their room as everyone would be either asleep or hunting in the forest on the estate. Michelle's eyes did not focus on anything as he glided up the stairs to their room, "Shell I'll take care of you," he whispered in the silent hall, "please look at me." She turned her eyes slowly to meet his her lips showing no sign of responding verbally to him so he continued, "what ever your past contains I will love you unconditionally. The moment I caught your scent I knew that I could love no other ..." He entered their bedroom and laid her on the nest of pillows.

"Yet you still took all those women to bed?" Michelle finally said not bothering to hide the pain the memories of the women caused. She let her gaze drift. "Was I physically unappealing?"

"No, not at all ..." Michael protested but was cut off.

"Then what made you take others?" she still would not look at him. He knew technically he had done nothing wrong. "All those years I watched you with others. Each time I saw you with someone new I would cry myself to sleep ..." her voice caught and Michael felt a surge of sorrow flow from her followed by anger, "I always hoped that you would want me to be there for you. When you asked me to dinner it was the happiest moment of my life and the next thing I know I'm married to you!"

"Mated," he corrected.

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