tagNonHumanForgotten Ch. 05

Forgotten Ch. 05


I finally manage to complete this chapter, it wasn't writer's block it was writer's indecisiveness. Enjoy!


Chapter 5: Take Two.

Bleddyn and Steren both stood before the pyre holding the torches they had used to light the fire that carried their children to the afterlife. The Alpha was worried for his mate, she had stopped talking again. Each time they lost a litter she would stop communicating with everyone. At first it was a few days but the last time it happened she stopped talking for over a year and the Alpha was concerned that she would refuse to talk all together.

The attendants of the funeral had left to allow the Alpha and his mate a final moment with their pups, however this gesture was short lived as the Midnight Pack Alpha Brynjar approached slowly.

"My condolences Alpha Bleddyn," he bowed, "Had I known you were in mourning I would have delayed my visit."

Steren did not acknowledge Brynjar's presence, instead staring at the consuming flames as her children slowly vanished.

"You were not to know, Alpha Brynjar," Bleddyn sighed, "they died during their birth yesterday."

The Midnight Pack Alpha genuinely showed sadness at the passing of the children. Although Weres were, for the most part, immortal the children were susceptible to many dangers and illnesses due to their long childhood. Brynjar himself had lost many siblings as he had grown up which had lead to his mother's suicide and his father's alcohol addiction which robbed him of his title. "My sympathies Alpha Bleddyn, if there is anything I could do to help ..."

"I wish there was," Bleddyn turned to greet his guest fully, "But I suspect I know the original reason why you are here." Brynjar stood stoically as the Dawnlight Alpha approached him, "You, yourself are feeling the urge to mate. You have come for my daughter."

Brynjar nodded, "I have," he lowered his gaze as a sign of respect, "But I will delay for your family are in mourning." He glanced up to try spy her, "Where is the beauty I seek? I do not see her."

"She is still in hiding after the dhampires incident," Bleddyn rubbed his face as the frustrations and worry for his children crashed down upon him, "my trusted knight Gareth has not reported on her condition for over a decade and I am worried she has been lost."

Brynjar's stomach lurched, his mate was lost? "Where did you hide her, I will go and retrieve her." The Midnight Alpha did not like the news that she was missing, he had been patient for years until she was old enough for them to join and now he was fighting with his annoyance and anger at her father.

"You will be unable to," Bleddyn explained, "I have had earth blocked from all outer realms to protect my children. The only one who can reverse it is Bedella and she herself is on earth to help transport anyone from that world who needs it."

"Is there no other way?" Brynjar questioned feeling defeated for the moment.

"None, not even other sídhe can break through her spells. She is unique among her kind." Bleddyn noticed a few of the Beta females collecting his mate and taking her inside. Maybe having her children back would cheer her up. "There is something you can do to help speed up the resolution to my problematic dhampires."

"I could exterminate them for you," Brynjar suggested sarcastically, "bunch of mummies boys anyway."

"You are close with the Midnight vampire lord who is if I remember correctly, a sídhe dhampire himself."

"I am and yes he is," Brynjar acknowledged, "it is only the males born to human females who give any trouble."

"Could you get him to help me?" Bleddyn pleaded, "The vampire lord here is weak and refuses to help as several of the dhampire clan are his sons."

"I would not wish to cause tension between the vampire clans," the Midnight Alpha hesitated, "but if what you say is true than perhaps an intervention from the pantheon would be a better choice."

"I'd rather not," Bleddyn winced at the mention of the pantheon, "If they could guarantee that Brenna would be sent then I would feel better about the situation, but as I understand it she is on assignment in Britannia for the royal court."

"Why would you want her?" Brynjar asked shifting into a more comfortable stance with his arms crossed leisurely across his chest.

"She is an expert in vampire politics," the Dawnlight Alpha sighed, "and this state of affairs is very much built on politics. That and I have no time for Gaël."

"I agree with you on that one," a smooth and seductive voice called from behind the Alphas. "He is a pompous arse."

"Lord Einar?" Brynjar asked, "you followed me?" The wolf's voice was stained with amusement.

The blue haired vampire lord swaggered up to the two wolves and offered his hand to Bleddyn, "my condolences for you loss, Alpha Bleddyn." He bowed his head solemnly, "Now to matters that I can help with, Wade has let his bastard sons get away with too much."

"Has he caused you grief with their actions?" Bleddyn asked.

"No I just don't like him," Einar shrugged, "But his dhampire sons are going to be trouble in the future. Even in Midnight we have heard whisperings of an uprising among their ranks against the vampire Lord Wade. The fool is oblivious."

"Yes, I too have heard such whisperings," Bleddyn acknowledged, "But Lord Wade chooses to ignore it."

"I will see him and inform him of my arrival," Einar bowed to leave, "as a courtesy from one lord to another." The vampire left in the same manor he arrived, swaggering and oozing charisma.

Brynjar shook his head, "one day his confidence is going to bite him in the arse. And if it were up to him I'd be the one to do it."


Michael sat in his car with a few packed bags silently praying that Michelle would not turn him away. On the passenger seat was a fresh bunch of flowers and the recovered moonstone ring that one of the children had found. He was determined to correct what he did wrong, she was too precious to him to try any less.

Under extreme control he managed to not spin his tires nor receive any speeding tickets during his travel into town. As he pulled up out the front of Michelle's house he saw a police car drive away and a worried looking Michelle closing the door.

With a deep breath to calm his nerves he got out of the car with his peace offerings and quietly made his way to her front door. He rapped softly on the wooden door that was remarkably still in one piece after what his father had done the previous day.

Shell opened the door, her eyes filled with tears. "Please Michael, just leave me alone," she sobbed, closing the door on him.

"Just hear me out," he said, stopping the door from closing completely, "I'm sorry for not telling you what I was, I stupidly thought I would not have to."

Shell reopened the front door and waited for the rest of his apology.

The Geneticist handed her the bunch of purple hyacinths which he was sure his mother would kill him for later, "But as you are not aware of the circumstances of your nature and I have information to help ratify that. I will explain all I have learnt and to hell with the consequences."

She smiled sadly as she looked from the flowers to his distraught eyes. "I have lost two days of research, my house was broken into and my dogs are gone," she explained in a low voice, "they were all I had, Michael." She broke down, "Everything has gone to pot."

"Sweetheart," he soothed, stroking her hair to calm her as he took her in his arms, "all is not as bad as you think."

She sniffled as she looked up at him, "how so?"

Her pleading eyes made his heart melt, "Come," he uttered, "I will get you something to eat and I will explain everything." She nodded and walked inside with him.

Michael placed her on the couch and he went into the kitchen to search for something to feed her. He realised that Michelle had not lied that she usually did not eat much as most of the cupboards were bare and what was there was not suitable for a wolf in heat. He returned to the lounge room and sat beside her, "I have a great idea," he began, "lets go out for something special."

She gave another smile, "You saw my cupboards didn't you."

"Yeah," he gave her a worried look, "how on earth do you survive?"

"I never really thought about myself," she confessed, "I have my work and my dogs and that's all that really mattered after I gave up on you." She regretted her words. "Sorry."

"Don't apologise," he went to pull her into a hug but hesitated, not wanting her to retreat again, "I should be the one apologising. I gave you no indication of my feelings towards you and those other girls did not help the situation, for all the pain and suffering I have given you, I am sincerely sorry."

Shell shifted uncomfortably, "You wolves always so emotional?" she asked with a twinge of sarcasm.

"Only to our family," he gave her a tentative grin hoping that she would at least return it, which she did and equally reluctant. "I love you Shell, I always have. Had I have known what had happened to you I would have done things differently."

"What do you know Michael?" she asked seriously, "I'm sure I can handle it. I found out I'm a werewolf yesterday, it can't get more shocking than that."

He was reluctant to speak at first because in actuality it was the responsibility of the Alpha to deliver such news. But after thinking about it he remembered something his sister Janis had said once, 'it's easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.' Granted that was what she had said after mating with a vampire and their father was ready to murder his daughter's mate, Lisandro for the insult until Janis announced she was with child. That made the Alpha change his mind and now was most certainly glad he did not. Michael hoped that this would not upset his father as much but it really was up to him to tell his mate about her past if her parents were unable to do so. "Some years ago," he began carefully watching Shell's reaction, "you were taken hostage by a clan of dhampires, they are half vampire and half whatever else. In this case they were half human, particularly their mothers were human and for some reason that mix tends to make the dhampires different to the others and all together untrustworthy."

"Why was I taken hostage?" she asked, pulling one of the cushions from the couch into her arms and hugging it.

"In truth I believe it might have something to do with the fact that you are the child of Alpha Bleddyn, he is a very powerful wolf and governs nearly a third of the Dawnlight wolves. You and your brothers were brought to earth to be hidden sometime after you were rescued. Your dogs are not really your pets but body guards and your step-father was your guardian whilst here."

Michelle did not react straight away, her thoughts were racing around her head. Michael reached for her hand which seemed to bring her back to the present, "so Tala and Fenrir are really people and we're all aliens." She processed her words through her head again, it sounded ridiculous to her and she laughed, "Well it could be worse I guess. I could have been sent here as punishment for some crime."

"You are taking this well," Mike shuffled closer to his mate and to his surprise she did not flinch or back away. He wrapped her in his arms and she relaxed against his shoulder. "There's one more thing."

"What's that?" she asked, inhaling deeply noticing for the first time his masculine scent that reminded her of a eucalypt forest after the rain.

"I sort of ruined a contract your father had with another Alpha who wanted to mate with you," he said nearly too quick for Michelle to hear.

"What does that mean?" She looked up into his worried yet caring brown eyes, "Are we in trouble?"

"I may be," he said after a short silence, "Dad hasn't sent anyone to Dawnlight to inform him of our mating and I have never met your father before and I've heard he's quite large, even for a were."

Michelle looked down at herself, the inner scientist surfacing again, "I must take after my mother," she said flatly as she surveyed her rather average size.

"Tala called you Bleddwen," he informed her gently, "Princess Bleddwen to be exact."

"I prefer Michelle," her words caused Michael to laugh as she sounded more like a young child plainly stating a fact. Her face then cringed, "Oh God, I let them sleep on my bed when I ..." her voice trailed off and her face burned a bright crimson. Mike could only guess as to what she was remembering. "Do I have to return with you?"

He shook his head, "I was hoping I could stay here with you," he said, hopeful that she would not turn him away, "so we can get to know each other properly."

He silently pleaded as Michelle deliberated on her response, "Sure, but you will sleep in the spare room until I feel comfortable about having you around."

"You will need to deal with your," he tried to word his concern for her health during her heat cycle, "Ah, your urges until you are finished your heat, so will I."

"I don't know what you mean," Shell said but it dawned on her, "you mean ..." she let her words fade as the reality of what Michael was saying sunk in.

"I'm afraid so," he nodded, "Unless you want me to help there."

"No, it's too soon for that," she nearly spat out in haste, "I mean, I'll be fine."

He nodded and looked away, "I have something to give you," he returned his gaze to his beautiful mate and half heartedly smiled, "again." Her embarrassment from the previous topic now fading rapidly, Michael pulled out the moonstone ring and presented it to her. "I could get down on one knee if it helps."

She stared at the ring as he held it in front of her, "is it important for me to wear it right now?" she asked, clearly still apprehensive about the symbolism.

"Only around wolves," he compromised, "But it would please me greatly if you wore it all the time."

"You know I cannot wear jewellery in the lab," Shell responded, "I am working with embryos of endangered species and I can't afford to risk their lives for a sentiment."

"I would not dream of harming those precious babies of yours," he captured her hand in his and began to slide the ring back in place halting before he finished, "if it's okay?" he begged waiting for her response.

Michelle nodded and her mate beamed with joy as he kissed the ring. Shell felt the love behind the kiss and her heart filled with elation and remorse, "I do love you Michael," she declared, "but this is going to take some getting use too."

At that moment, Michael wished more than anything that their bond was complete but he knew that would not happen until she carried their first litter. "I know it will," he let her hand go, "Would you mind if I gave you a kiss? I could really use one right about now."

Michelle stiffened, "would you settle for a hug?" Knowing that was all he would get for the time being, Michael wrapped her in his arms and inhaled her scent. Relieved that she was safe in his arms and she would not run for now soothed his worry.

"So, what would you like for lunch?" he asked, "Your cupboards are not fit to feed anyone, so after you pick where we will eat I will introduce you to the markets and online cook books."

She giggled at his intention to teach her how to cook, "I know a little pub back in Castleton that does a kick arse steak. It will only take half hour to drive there and you can meet the vicar and his wife while we're there."

"That sounds nice."


Tala was the first to wake after the night of long over-due passion, her muscles ached but she would not change it for anything. She had found herself pinned under Fenrir who was snoring loudly from exhaustion. With all her strength she pushed her mate off her body and rolled off the bed to stretch.

"Awake so early?" Fenrir asked with a yawn and a stretch of his own.

"It nears noon," Tala smiled, climbing back on to bed, "you wore us both out." She kissed his nose and retreated to dress.

"Not nearly enough," he grinned watching her pull a t-shirt over her head. "Though a bite to eat would be a good thing for now."

Tala laughed, "If it is not sex, it's food," she taunted him and raced out of the room. Fenrir followed without worrying about clothing and chased her out to the main hall where a large number of the pack were gathered. "What's going on?"

One of the near by omegas replied Tala's question, "Michelle has run off again and Michael has gone after her."

Tala sighed, "How bad is it?"

"Well," the omega began with a hint of excitement at the news, "Michelle threw the ring away and stormed out of here renouncing their mating!" the woman who looked to be middle-aged acted as though it was a new story line to her favourite television soap. "Oh finally something exciting happening within this pack!"

Fenrir snorted at the woman's comments, she actually enjoyed the turmoil their charge was causing. "Why would such behaviour make you so happy?" he asked her.

"Everything is so boring here," she remarked with a shrug, "It's been years since we've had a good drama in the pack, not since Janis and the vamp."

Tala shook her head and moved closer to the higher ranking members of the pack. Several of the betas were shorter than her, establishing herself in this pack would be easer than she thought.

She finally caught the Alpha's voice in his announcement to the pack, "So Michael will not be here for an indefinite time until the crisis is over," he shot the crowed a grin, "and with any luck more pack members to be born."

Everyone chuckled and dispersed, "Alpha William," Tala greeted him with a bow.

"Just call me Bill," he corrected her. "What can I do for you?"

"I just got here," she informed him, "Am I to believe that our charge has left again?" she asked so professionally that Bill could not believe his ears at first.

"Yes," he confirmed, "My son has gone after her by himself this time." He studied her reaction, when nothing occurred he continued, "He will be trying to play things her way."

Tala smiled, "Ever the demanding princess."

Bill was relieved to see that the strong woman was not all business, "Why do you call her princess?"

"She insisted," Tala grinned at the memory, "when she was around a century old she read a story about a princess who lived in a castle and because she also lived in a castle, and could not tell the difference between an alpha and a king she insisted we called her 'Princess Bleddwen'."

Bill chuckled, "I guess it stuck."

"It did," she sighed, "she's like my own daughter Bill. I only want to see her happy."

"I understand," Bill empathised, "having many daughters myself, I know the pressure to keep them all happy." He laughed, "Though it does not always work."


The drive to Castleton was more enjoyable than Shell thought it would be. The conversation was sparse but the music Michael had on his stereo was classic seventies hard rock. They had settled in at the pub and had ordered their lunch.

The building looked to be over a hundred years old and had pictures of patrons from the past, one Michael noticed was his parents from the 1890's.

"What are you looking at?" Michelle asked as she returned from the ladies room.

"See this picture here?" he asked her pointing to his parents with an amused grin.

"What about it?"

"They are my parents," he watched her face light up in shock, "We live much longer than regular people."

"How much longer?" she nearly stuttered the question.

"Indefinitely," his answer was as shocking to her as the picture of his parents, "we age very slowly and at a point we just stop and further aging becomes voluntary."

"That's incredible," she looked back at the picture, "so how old are you?"

Mike chuckled at her question, "I was born around 1300 in Scotland, I cannot give you an exact date as we didn't keep records at the time."

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