tagNonHumanForgotten Fairy Tale

Forgotten Fairy Tale


Kassax sat in silence, gazing at the stars. It was strange, staring at the same view he had been staring at for over five thousand years. The same starry sky, the same grassy hills, living in the same rotting castle. Thousands of years can really change someone, even a monster. Yes, a monster. Kassax was a terrible gargoyle. Seven feet tall, pointy ears, bat wings, and skin as rough as stone. His claws left marks in the stone when he was frustrated, and that seemed to be very often these days.

See, all those years ago, a witch locked this monster in a dark castle. Back then he was a young, angry gargoyle. He was a guard dog for the witch's bidding. His charge was a sleeping princess. She had been cursed to sleep eternally for her parents arrogance. Unfair sure, but who was a gargoyle to care.

Many men came, many men died. The curse was your typical once. Kill the monster, kiss the beauty, and win yourself a crown. Dragons were extinct, even so long ago, so the witch trapped Kassax in her magic. He use to love killing mortals, watching their blood splash the walls. But as time passed, the crowd thinned. Less and less came until finally, they simply stopped.

The poor princess had been forgotten by now, lost to fantasy. The world outside the castle moved on, leaving them in the past. The lack of entertainment allowed the monster's mind to wonder and he caught himself just staring at the stars. He began to wonder why so many men would throw themselves into danger for a single woman.

With her came power, but there must be easier ways to get it. It was around the thousand year mark that he would spend time in her chamber, watching her sleep. At first, the visits were about anger, blaming the cursed girl for his captivity. He hated her and wanted to kill her, but the witch's magic kept him from doing her any harm. What good would an eternal curse be if the monster could just eat the enchanted.

It took time, a couple thousand years, but his anger faded. What use was anger if it had no outlet. His visits changed, anger turning into curiosity. Kassax still watched her sleep, but now he would look at her face instead of her neck, no longer dreaming about tearing it open.

This change in him didn't just effect his thoughts about her. Instead of stalking the hallways, he would explore. When bored with finding all the corners of the castle, he began reading the books in the library. It wasn't long before he would bring books into her room and read as she slept.

Not all monsters have the ability to change their ways, but not many spend thousands of years alone with nothing but a sleeping woman and books. The stories in the books allowed him to think about life in a way that fearful mortals and other monsters never allowed.

Kassax started to run out of books to read. Irritated by that though, he started to search the rest of the castle for books, scrolls, anything. Long ago, he had broken all the locks in the castle and in one of these previously locked rooms he found a scroll. The scroll was written in a language that he would have no chance of reading thousands of years ago.

This scroll was in the magical language created by the witches. Written on it were the details of the curse cast upon the princess. Even how to break the curse. Such odd things, mortals. He had read about love in the many books in the library, but this was just a word to him. Something about being loyal and devoted to someone. It was a virtue that Kassax wasn't very familiar with.

Love. The word kept popping up in his mind as Kassax watched the princess sleep. The spell had forced him to keep men from her for millennia, but maybe now he would do it for a different reason. Was it possible that now he would protect her even without the magical coercion?

True love's first kiss. Such a silly concept. But still, he found himself drifting closer to her bed, staring at her beautiful face. Could a monster love a human? Could a human ever love a monster? The claws on his feet left marks in the stone at her bed side as he stared at her.

Leaning down, his large frame cast a dark shadow over her slim figure. His long tail started twitching nervously, a racing heart beating against his ribs. Never had his rough skin touched a human's without malice. When his rough lips touched her's, it was like silk. His eyes closed and in that moment he started to understand the word love.

A piercing scream shattered his moment. So lost in the change in him, he hadn't noticed her waking. When her brilliant blue eyes focused on the monster over her, she screamed. The sound broke his heart and he stood to his full height, his wings spreading out from wall to wall of the small bed chamber.

Kassax watched as she scrambled in a panic to get around him and ran from the room. Her dress, no longer protected by the magic of her curse had started to fall apart. Swift movements carried him after her. He saw her bump into walls out of terror, each brush of the stone walls tearing more of her dress away.

By the time she reached the heart of the castle, she was running naked, her bare feet slapping against the stone. He followed, scaring her even more, but he couldn't allow her to be harmed. Kassax slowed as he came into the main hall, watching from a distance as she struggled with the door. The long sleep had left her weak, unable to lift the heavy bar that kept the door locked from the inside.

Naked and terrified, she turned to face the monster. Her slim body made her perky breaks stand out, topped with small pink nipples. The patch of hair between her thighs was as fair as the golden hair on her head. Even terrified, she was radiant. He approached her, his wings wrapped around his large frame like a cloak.

Each clawed step caused her to shake even more. She had nowhere to go and watched as the great beast before her came close. Refusing to close her eyes like a child, she looked up at the beast. What she saw confused her. Those were not the eyes of a hungry beast. No hate, no malice.

This was unexpected for her and it was enough to calm her. She stopped shaking but her fingers still gripped the door, not all the fear gone from her. His wings unfurled and folded behind his back. Unable to resist, her eyes lowered to look at the monster. His muscled form looked to be carved from stone. He wore nothing to cover himself, as naked as she was. A rosy color touched her cheeks when she saw his large cock.

A soft squeak left her lips as he reached out. She wasn't sure what he was going to do, but she didn't want to startle him by running again. The skin of his hand was rough against her cheek, but he was careful to keep his claws from hurting her. It was almost . . . loving.

Her arms fell to her side and she stood up straight, looking into his eyes. There was still a quiver in her voice, but her fear was fading fast. "Are you the one that woke me from my slumber?"

Kassax took a moment, not use to speaking. When he did, it was as if someone used the sound of grinding stones to create sound. "Yes princess, I broke your curse."

The news was shocking, but she handled it well. Leaning back against the door, she looked him over again. Very tall and wide shoulders. Dark grey, stone-like skin. Her eyes drifted lower and she blushed again, looking up quickly. His eyes were solid black, so dark they seemed to absorb the light around his face. This gave him a menacing look, but his expression reminded her, he did not mean her harm.

"Can I get you anything princess?" He wasn't sure why her face had suddenly turned red, maybe she was unwell.

His question made her laugh softly, such nice words from something that terrified her moments ago. "No, and please don't call me princess. My name is Tatiana."

"Tatiana." The name sounded vastly different than when she had said it. "I am Kassux." His eyes lowered, looking over her soft body, wondering if other parts of her changed colors.

Tatiana blushed again, this time deeper and put an arm over her chest. "On second thought, I would like something. Are there any clothes I could wear?"

Kassux took a moment to realized what she meant. He remembered something from his books. The humans always wearing these things made of various cloth to cover themselves. He looked down at himself and then at her. She was still covering her chest and he wondered if his bare form made her uncomfortable.

Once again, he wrapped his wings around his body like a cloak and thought about her request. Only the heavy linen used for bedding had survived in any sort of fashion. Gesturing for her to follow, he began walking toward the maid chambers.

In a few closets in this part of the castle, the linen for the whole castle was stored. It took some searching, but he finally found some intact sheets for her and handed her one. It was heavier than the silk she was use to, but she was more comfortable once covered.

Kassax's long ears perked up as he heard a strange sound. He turned and looked at Tatiana. She blushed again and laughed. "I guess it has been awhile since I've eaten anything." He nodded and headed for the front door. Unlike her, he easily lifted the bar on the door and headed outside to hunt.

While he was gone, Tatiana decided to make better use of the sheet. She found the kitchen and using an old rusty knife, began to cut the sheet up into some semblance of clothing. She cut a piece to wrap around her waist and a strip to tie it on. Then she used what was left to make a strip just big enough to tie around her torso to cover her breasts. It wasn't very modest, but better than walking around naked.

Clothed, she walked outside to finally have a taste of fresh air. Tatiana was basking in her first sun light for five thousand years when Kassax returned. She was fairly appalled when he walked out of the forest. He was dragging a three legged deer behind him, biting chunks off the fourth leg.

Looking down at her, he tore off another leg and offered it to her, blood on his lips. Tatiana fought the urge to vomit and shook her head. "I prefer my meat cooked Kassax."

Cooked. She once again reminded him of his books, remembering passages about fires and roasting meat. He enjoyed the taste of raw meat too much to ever give it a try. He dropped the leg and looked around for a place to build a fire.

It took a few minutes, but he gathered enough wood and build a small pile in a safe patch of dirt. He wasn't sure what to do next, for he had never started a fire before. Her laugher was musical. He watched as she went about starting the fire.

When it was lit, he tore off chunks and used his claws to skin each piece. Tatiana found a couple good sticks and used them to roast the raw meat over the fire. The look on his face was comical when she watched him bite into his first taste of cooked meat.

Crackling fire, fading day light, and fresh food had her feeling very comfortable. She moved against him and leaned herself into his hard body. His skin was rough, but his shape still allowed her to make herself comfortable.

Looking up into his eyes, she smiled softly. A warm glow, that had nothing to do with the food, grew inside her. She knew the curse and knew he loved her. She reached up and touched his face and it felt like touching a living statue.

A soft tug of her fingers brought his face down to hers and she gently kissed him. Much like humans, the skin on his lips were slightly softer than the rest, and she melted into them. Her free hand slid down his stony body and found the length of his cock.

Like his lips, his cock was a little softer than the rest of him. Still rough, but it felt nice in her hand. He made a strange sound as her hand curled around his girth. He could feel himself growing, something he had never experienced before.

Tatiana broke away from the gentle kiss and lowered her eyes, looking at the monstrous thing in her hand. Her small hand looked tiny wrapped around his impressive girth. While she explored his length, his claws made quick work of her make-shift clothes. As she explored him, he explored her, his rough hands cupping her soft breast and hip.

There had been a few books in the library that described sex in the library. He was intelligent enough to know some things were out because of his claws and his size. Thinking of the perfect thing to start, he gently laid her back, her soft hand slipping away from his swollen cock.

His lips found her's again, drawing a soft moan from her before he started to move down. The rough texture of his lips left a tingle behind on the soft skin of her neck. His mouth traveled down her chest, coming to one of her perky breasts.

A gasp burst from her when she felt his surprising soft tongue circle her already hard nipple. His tongue was hot against her cool skin, gently sucking on her nipple, flicking his tongue across it. Each touch of his tongue sent surges through her body, straight to her wet pussy. He could smell her arousal and it awoke a different kind of hunger in him.

The hunger grew as he lowered himself, getting closer to the source of her scent. His large frame settle between her soft thighs, his strong arms wrapping under her legs. The most unbelievable sensation flowed through her when his hot tongue slide along her soft lips. His tongue was so long, it felt like an eternity before its entire length slid over her. She jumped when the tip of his tongue flicked over her clit.

Her taste was indescribable. No amount of reading gave him the words necessary. Careful to keep his sharp teeth from hurting her, he closed his lips around her clit, sucking on her pussy. The heat from his mouth caused her to buck and squirm, fiery pleasure flowing through her entire body.

Kassax's long tongue snaked down and explored her opening. Gently sucking on her wet lips, his tongue slid inside her. Deep inside her, the tip of his tongue found a spot slightly rougher than the rest of her. He explored this spot and when he pushed on it with his tongue, she made the most wonderful sound, her back arching up off the ground. He pressed his face into her groin, using every inch of his long tongue to explore her insides.

The pleasure pulsing through Tatiana's body was intense, bursting out of every pore. His tongue had found some magical spot inside her and every thought in her mind vanished, consumed by pure pleasure. It wasn't long after he found this spot that she cried out, her body convulsing in pleasure.

All his hard work was rewarded when she came, a gush of fluid bursting from her pussy into his mouth. He simply couldn't get enough of her taste and just as he was ready for more, he felt her tugging on his thick hair. His eyes met hers as he crawled over her.

Still glowing from her orgasm, Tatiana leaned up and kissed him, tasting herself on his lips. She gently pushed one of his shoulders, getting him to roll over. She decided with his size, she'd better start out on top.

Kassax gazed up into her shining eyes as she mounted him, her soft legs resting on either side of his powerful hips. She smiled down at him, gently pressing her soaking wet lips against his hard cock. Her soft hands came to rest on his large chest, using his body for leverage as she rubbed herself along his length.

Sensations rippled through her body as she rubbed against his cock, his length glistening with her juices. She took a deep breath and leaned up enough for his cock to line up. They stared into each other's eyes and she began lowering herself onto his throbbing cock.

He could feel her grip his chest as she lowered herself, small flashes of pain crossing her face, her inner walls forced to stretch around his girth. She squeaked as he broke through her virginity, and finally came to a rest on his hips.

Never in her life had Tatiana felt so full, surprised that his cock could fit completely inside her. It took a few moments until she finally started to feel her muscles adjust. She could feel herself opening up to him, the pain fading quickly.

Kassx's clawed hands came to a rest on her hips, watching as she just allowed herself to feel their connection. He couldn't believe how wonderful it felt to have her silky insides wrapped around his cock. When she started to move on top of him, he almost gripped her, the sensation like nothing he knew existed.

He watched as she slowly moved her body. Soft wet sounds filled his ears as she rode him, rising to his tip and lowering again to his hips. As their pleasures grew, her pace increased. He could feel her juices sliding down his shaft. It took great control on his part to allow her to stay in control, wanting the moment to remain perfect.

Even with the slow movements, they could feel the pleasure rising inside them. Gradually pressure built up inside them, as if a dam was cracking. The sound of his deep growl and her loud cries mingled, their pleasure peeking together. Her juices gushed out around his shaft as hot cum erupted inside her like a geyser. Like the rest of him, his orgasm was large, filling her to the brim with his seed.

Basking in the afterglow, they curled up next to the fire. One wing rested protectively over her, a clawed hand resting on her soft stomach. Sleepy and happy, she looked over her shoulder at Kassax. "We may need to do something about those claws my love."

A deep rumble in his chest vibrated her entire body. She realized he was laughing. "No one seeks you anymore. I could dull my claws and still keep you safe." He gently kissed her neck and closed his eyes. They fell asleep under the stars and as Kassax drifted to sleep, he realized his questions were answered. A monster could love a human. And at least one human could love a monster. Gods help anyone that would challenge this.

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I truly loved it

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I liked it

Surprisingly sweet. Thanks.

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