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Wisps of steam escape from the bathroom as Alexa enters the hallway. Grimacing she ignores the dull pain from her wounds. Slowly wrapping herself in silk she ties the belt around her waist making her way towards the front door. With each step the sound increases as she hears Sampson yell her name demanding entrance. Barking his name she answers ceasing the racket. Opening the door in annoyance she briefly gives him the once over then proceeds into the kitchen. Closing the door behind him his senses wrap around the sweet smell of oil, blood and sweat emanating from her skin.

His skin begins to feel tight as his blood begins to simmer, instinctively licking his lips he tastes the air, tasting her. The beast within him hungrily notice. Only in the call of battle does Sampson unleash it. Earlier it helped her contain a maverick's ambitious moment. Now sedated it glimpses for something more.

Turning her back to him she putters around the kitchen trying to collect her thoughts. Her movements show her agitation as she tries to reach a cup above her head she winces. The painkillers haven't taken effect yet. Sucking her teeth in annoyance she grimaces. Detesting medicines that dull the mind she probably has another forty-five minutes before she drifts to sleep.

Leaning heavily against the counter she forgets her intruder for the moment quelling the pain that threatens to consume her. Slowly the material of the robe rise and stretches revealing she is wearing nothing underneath. The flimsy material clings to her damp skin emphasizing her curves. His mouth begins to water in response. A low growl escapes him, startling her.

Perplexed she turns to face him while he takes his shades off, for a moment her mouth drops as his startling golden eyes pierce through her. Caught his spell she watches him shed his jacket, shirt and boots. With unnatural speed he crosses the room, pure animal attraction clouds her mind as she struggles to breathe from the intensity of his gaze.

Lightly bracing his hands on the counter he leans into her personal space causing her to back into the hard surface. Pain lifts the seductive veil whimpering her legs begin to buckle and body shudders. Confused he takes hold of her forearms distress mars her brow. Her mouth becomes dry leaning heavily against him unintentionally seeking strength. Swallowing she fights the darkness that beckons her. His disciplined mind regains some control over his primal emotions, her staggering breath echoes within her ears.

Nuzzling her neck he struggles to say encouraging words. After several tries he wills the pain to become his own. Moments stretch into minutes the pain begins to lessen. His warm scent fills her senses mixed with the dissipating magical energies he projects. Like a novice steeped in aggravation she missed the signs. Sadly she smiles; he doesn't want her. His primal passion causes him to acquire a female. Her sweet brother in law whom now deems to protect her is dealing with forces he fully doesn't understand.

He is dangerous his vampiric nature would surely rape and gorge on blood. The primitive side of the wolf would challenge males for a territory and a mate. Both would be urged by the primitive nature of man to dominate.

In all these years fighting a secret war with supernatural forces he has admitingly never directly used magic. Earlier they fought a summoned demon. The arrogance of some is still amusing. A mortal thinks to control a complex entity such as a demon. As usual the person finds it rather difficult if not fatal. Sent to clean up the mess they it cast it back to its own realm. But it must have triggered his multiple natures to rise and take over the logical man.

Why should she care? It is been ten years since Ramsey's death. Leaving her alone. Taking her own vampiric spirit, forcing her to reclaim her humanity and all its frailties. There is only one that she would dare her God over. That one person, Renate Blackwood, who could be used against her in now happily married to one of the most powerful werewolves Orlando de Adonis. May they never find out she manipulated them to marrying.

Funny enough her cousin would point out Sampson is technically family. Half-brother of her late husband, the only male she permits to linger about. Looking up at the many pictures she see them together. Both tall and hansom, smiling. Both the spiting image of their father, just Ramsey is the shade of dark mahogany and Sampson is the pale with dark freckles.

Two different mothers one father and they bonded by honor, respect and love.

Honor was Ramsey's shield. Love his strength. It would be the same with Sampson.

Unconsciously her arms steal around his neck as they press closer. In this condition he is not of the right mind and may seriously hurt or kill someone. Her swallowing causes him to quell the reaction to bear his fangs. Instead his soft nuzzles become kisses trailing from her neck to shoulders. Revealing in his touch her body relaxes, she has almost forgotten this feeling.

So she fills a need this night, protect him from himself.

Swallowing her fears she pulls away to touch his cheek, "Are you ok?"

The beast smirks to such a question.

Negatively shaking his head she wonders if he would hate her in the morning.

Leaning her head on his shoulder, his touch is firm and reassuring. His hand lightly strays over her back. For a brief moment she tenses then becomes limp. The pain steals her remaining strength. Silently collapsing he braces her body against his as they slide to the floor. His hands become wet from her blood, lethargically she lays partially on the floor and his lap. Before she can cover herself he peels the robe from her back. Burying her face into his shoulder her nails dig into his skin.

The material gives way to angry jagged lacerations covering across her right shoulder, down her back to her left side. Earlier he thought he heard the demon scream. He now knows it was her. This was her payment for protecting him. The witch broke the circle containing the dark creature. With their combined forces they were able to sent it back to Hell. He was proud she broken the man's nose for his stupidity. He would have killed him. Glad she was hidden from his anger his face twists, he still may.

Such a small woman with soft coffee skin, her curvy yet slender body gives the impression of a fragile creature. It is her confident walk and shrewd eyes that tell a different story. She is a sensual creature of secrecy, savagery, deceit and intelligence. The beast within grins but the man worries. His eyes slowly change to dark disks as the glistening marred skin beckons his gentle kiss. One day she will have to answer to her sins, one day she will be judge. Who is her true master? Will she enter the bliss of heaven or the agony of hell?

Distractingly the thickness and texture of fresh blood escaping through her wounds tantalize him; her echoing heart becomes hypnotic. Enchanted he presses his lips against her wounds erasing the pain. Her eyes flutter open for a mere moment her muscles lock from the shock of his touch then eased from the euphoric feeling.

Gasping from the sensation of his tongue she begins to tremble as he eases her facedown onto the floor. Casting the sodden material aside he straddles the back of her legs bracing his weight on his hands bending to have his creamy desert. Drinking from her cup of life the rich essence of memories and knowledge cultivated within her shift in his mind then dissipates into points of light. His fingers stray the length of her body further muddling her thoughts igniting sensations long ago abandoned. The broken link forged between them long ago becomes whole. Power hums between them as he greedily lap against her.

What seemed to be glorious hours were just mere minutes as he cleans her back healing her mangled flesh to perfection. Both struggled for breath as he coaxes her to turn over. Purring she arches mindlessly teasingly her hands caresses her own skin. Mewing her eyes close when his join hers. Delicately pinching her large dark nipples he nips the skin within the valley of her small pert breasts. Lifting her legs he kisses her sweet shaved mound. Cupping her he brings his ultimate treat to his lips, causing her to moan then scream. Her fevered mind barley focuses on her goal. Although his mind may be muddled the beast within him roars in delight.

His lips parts in a mischievous smile, catching her thoughts "I am true to my nature, no matter what I become." She doesn't know he has accepted himself long ago. He is man, beast and demon, a perfect culmination of all that threaten humanity.

Caressing her breasts he shows more control than she thought possible, slowly devouring her body he brings her to the brink of primal lust. Clutching his arms she arches against him wanting to fill her. Logical thought between them is sparse at best. Tearing at rest his clothes he begins to rub against her body. Brokenly he hears her plea "Protect me. I need you to protect me."

Deeply growling he doesn't understand her request. Capturing his face she kisses him deeply then licks across his fangs. Making him further dizzy with passion he almost gives into his animal lust of possession.

Cupping him she pleads again "Restraint." Her voice catches as his fingers caress her folds "Bathroom!"

Only then did he understand, he could still unintentional break her. She may have something that could dampen his strength just enough. Quickly standing he snatches her off the cold kitchen tile. Crossing the threshold of the bathroom the knobs of the shower turn. Cradled in his arms she nips his throat, a warning growl emanates from him and shower door open inviting them. Quizzically he looks to her, he is greeted with an enigmatic smile.

Small candles surrounding the sunken bath burn brightly he spies the flowerpot on the windowsill facing the western moon. Steam begins to rise eloping them, letting her go he follows her into the stall. Bracing his hands on the walls his head dips capturing her lips. The four elements of magic calm his mind, allowing him to rein in his lust. She will be able to touch him without fear.

Lathering the soap between her hands she assaults him with caresses. He has kept his body in exquisite shape, lean and hard. The sparse reddish hair covering his body only adds to his dark tan. Unexpectedly she mourns his past pain as her fingers slip over his scars. Some she can tell run deep from the overlaying scare tissue others so slight only her fingertips can tell the difference. Watching the soapy film slip over his taunt body she becomes giddy as if drunk.

Pushing regret to the back of her mind she retraces her fingertips with her tongue. Locked in a mental battle he takes in her assault. Grimacing his sweet torment she buries her face into his groin inhaling his scent. Licking the length of him her hands stray to grip his ass. Then guides him greedily inside her mouth. His intoxicating taste brings her to the brink of sexual insanity. The cords of his legs became tense as she hums and grips her prize. The vibration causes tremors to ricochet through him as his knuckles became white.

Tilting his head into the stinging stream of water he can only to take short shallow breaths. Answering her hums with deep grunts he locks his hands above his head his body has become hers for the taking. Quickly losing herself into him his control wanes then snap as her tongue flicks over an erogenous zone, shouting in gratifying defeat his poor tortured body releases into her mouth. Using the wall as support he slumps to the tile floor.

The beast within stretches then sits waiting patiently.

Softly he draws out each syllable of her name "Al-e-xan-dri-a." she looks up confused, he spoke deeply as if from the soul.

The beast smiled it was finally done.

Words are powerful; it floats on the wind for all eternity. It cannot be taken back once said; with blood it can become a consuming force. For a mere moment she felt the tug of magic emanating from him. Taking advantage of her confusion he takes possession of her mouth. She tries to comprehend what was happening.

Something very elementary she should be able to understand but couldn't. His hands caress the plains of her back muddling her thoughts. He wants something, more than he would care to admit, this need, buried deep within becomes unlocked. Pressing her closer his fingers tug the ends of her long hair. Stealing her breath she trembles as the walls of her heart and mind are tested.

Delightfully the beast purrs.

One word fills his mind, treasure. Willing given he is now permitted to accept it. His body relaxes against hers as she responds to him. Slightly pulling away she caresses his cheek, watching his eyes change to his normal crystal blue.

Her plan worked, the magical energies surrounding him dissipated. He is in control now. Her resolve shifts again. He should go. "Your eyes are blue." It is his cue to go one he ignores.

Watching her fingers trail his arm to his wrist she waits. Caressing her cheek his fingers steals underneath her chin forcing her to look into his eyes. Dark brown meets blue. Hers are unguarded; he could capture her soul if he wanted.

Agreeing he nods, "That happens sometimes." Leaning away she gives him the chance to leave. This is her final warning. He can feel the sadness begin to weigh on her shoulders. Besides the running water there is only silence and a beautiful lusty man gently touching her. Coyly she smiles, "Yeah?" His body responds to her sauciness. Licking his lips tasting their lust, "Yeah."

He has made his decision. Caressing his length she turns around to straddle him. Lightly his hands brace against her sides waiting for her next move. Placing his shaft between her cheeks guiding him inside her tiny orifice. His entry was not hurried, slowly and methodically she inches down spreading herself open to fully receive him.

Bracing her head against his shoulder the she lets the pleasure mushroom through them. Her nose flare and eyes slant in pleasure. His mouth becomes dry as she slowly rotates her hips. Reaching behind her she guides him to her kiss. As his mouth opens she spits inside his mouth marking him. His fingers dig into her tender skin as the beast rises to her call.

Her tongue mimics his entry as they gasp in unison. Unable to be still he thrusts deeply watching her wanting her to be just as overcome with pleasure as he. Stroke for stroke she began to aggressively suckle and bite his lips as her grip on his hair becomes almost painful. Catching her nipple between his fingers, the other hand trails over her stomach to her exposed sweet nub all the while watching her struggle for control raising the anti he also inserts a finger.

Gasping her body tightens around him, pushing him to the limits of his control. Her hand releases his hair as her will evaporates into mist.

"Sampson!" sobbing his name her body begins to release. Burying his face in her hair replies "I'm with you baby."

Cupping her mound he prolongs her climax, causing her to milk him dry then go limp within his arms. Resting against the wall the water cascades over them. Reaching up he turns off the stream.

Stirring from his arms she unsteadily stands. Watching her another bout of lust hit him as if nothing happen. Responding from his growling she turns with an arched eyebrow. "One minute then come to me."

Strangely compliant he snatches a towel to dry off. Looking at his reflection, his eyes weren't changed his body was normal. Inspecting his mouth he saw no fangs. His mind was beginning to clear. What was the matter with him? She was his brother's wife. He would have never done this before, why now? Only one answer, because Ramsey is gone. Then he heard her voice all other thought was dismissed as inconsequential.

Opening the second door to the room he finds himself within her bedroom. The soft colors and odd collection of belongings are lost on him as he takes in her beauty. Her skin is scented in a delicate aroma of vanilla, draped loosely around her shoulders she holds closed a peach colored robe that accents her dark complexion. Her hair is brushed back falling in silky waves. Kneeling on the bed she waits, coyly biting her lip. Gracefully the material falls to her waist; silently she opens her arms. The trap was set and now shall be sprung. She not have him feel guilt. He has become too precious for her to lose.

Crossing the threshold the cloud in his mind dissipates, his eyes clear but the glints stays. Caught in a net of Dissipation, his energy should quickly wan causing him to fall asleep. The morning he was to awaken on her couch. Refreshed with jumbled memories. Which can be easily dismissed as dreams.

However, his need overshadows the spell she cast. Dropping to his knees he crawls his way to the bed. Watching her startled expression he smiles. His will power was more than any average man. She granted permission when open the door. ; She granted permission when he took in her life force and she granted permission when she allowed him to become her lover. His face became murderous as he climbs into the bed. Caught his gaze she makes no move to escape. What did he do? He should be unconscious. Somehow he converted the energies to his own purpose a spark of fear enters her eyes.

Grabbing her he tucks her under him spreading her legs. "You promised me your treasure decades ago. Before Ramsey you promised yourself to me."

That memory she buried long ago surfaced. Trembling her eyes widen "You remembered that night?"

Exhaustion claws at his senses but he have his say for far too long he has kept his peace "Yes. You spoke through your servants trying hide your identity. But, I knew. You wore this same scent, the few drops of blood you shared."

Pinning her to the bed he watches her piece the puzzle together. The fear he sees in her eyes begins to grow, piecing his heart. Then she finally understands what he was doing in the bathroom. He used her arrogance against her. How could she be so stupid? He wasn't new at this game he didn't need protecting. Turning her face from him she closed her eyes. "Take what you will."

Shaking his head she misunderstood him. Refusing to let her retreat behind her emotional walls, his lips find hers. With long promise filled kisses he slowly draws her to him. Understanding words would only frighten her; he shows her his intent.

Skillfully moving the heavy silk obstacle aside and off the bed their caresses become bolder. The heat between them becomes stifling. Capturing her nipple in his mouth he watches as she arches. ; Moaning her fingers thread through his hair. She can feel his steady heartbeat against hers He is so full of life her need to become a part of him overrode her sensibility. Emotions buried so deep surface with such force tears began to trail down her cheeks. She couldn't do this anymore, he was too dangerous; she could easily do the unthinkable and love him.

Through the chaotic haze his name escapes her lips as a plea. In one motion he is hers, raking her nails against his skin she screams. Tightly wound his body shudders in response. "Baby, forgive me."

Thrusting deeply into her body control is lost. Slipping over the edge of the bed her hands brace against the floor her legs wrap around his waist as she arches against him. Sweat begins to run down his back as he feels the entrance of her womb. In utter surrender her body opens taking a piece of his soul. Grimacing his body drains into hers, he can barely shout. Their erratic heartbeats become one he looks down to see her expression. Caught in the rapture she moans then arches for the last time. Lifting her to the bed his head falls heavily on her shoulder. Her sore body protests weakly, gently he lets them fall against the pillows. Instantly she falls asleep, listening to the rhythm of her heartbeat his eyes close and body relaxes.

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