tagIncest/TabooForlealelea Ch. 07

Forlealelea Ch. 07


Vanessa finally felt happy with her life. She was with a man that she loved but more importantly a man that loved her. She found out soon after her marriage that Austin wasn't the greatest in bed, he didn't last more than two minutes, but that didn't matter. Sex wasn't an issue as of now. Emotionally, she was being taken care of and that's all she ever truly wanted.

She called her son missing him, "Hey honey how are you?"

He wasn't familiar with her level of enthusiasm. He could tell just by her tone that she was happy and living a satisfied life. "I'm good Mom. How are you?"

"I'm great, but I miss you. Can I see you today?"

"Mom, I told you. We need to live our own lives from now on. Don't worry about me too much."

"I just want to make sure everything is okay."

"You were here last month weren't you?"

"Yes, but.." he didn't seem too well when she last saw her son. He had obviously stopped working and it seemed like he was falling back into his old habits. She was worried.

"Then it's fine. Don't worry about me. You can call me whenever you want. I gotta go Mom, bye." Rick hung up the phone. She was surprised and felt a little disrespected, but maybe he had finally gotten past her and he was trying to live his life. At least that's what she hoped. On the other side of the line, Rick cried.

He had a deeper wanting for his mother that he knew he could never have. He wanted her as his woman. The day he let her marry the perfect man, was the day that he would forever be alone. He wept wishing just to see her again. He had quit his job and was now living as just a shut in. He had missed a few months of rent and was on the verge of being evicted.

He lost everything but kept his phone. He acted as if everything was fine while he wandered the city streets trying to find shelter wherever he could. He was a broken boy without any guidance. Eventually, Rick's services was cut off and he lost contact with his mother.

Six months had passed when Vanessa couldn't stand it anymore. "I need to go over there." she said to her new husband Austin.

"I'm telling you honey. He's fine. It seems like he's just trying to make his own way in this world. Isn't he almost 22? That's about the time I started my business."

"No. Rick's different. He needs me. He wouldn't just stop talking to me like that." Her motherly instincts were clearly taking over.

"You want me to come with you?"

"No. You worked too much. Please stay home. I'll go see what's going on alone."


Vanessa made her way to the old complex that she once shared with her son. Upon walking in she was greeted by Juan. "Well, well, well. It's been awhile."

"Have you seen my son?" she asked cutting straight to the point.

"What? that loser? He hasn't been around for a few months now. Kicked him out awhile ago."

"Where did he go?" She looked at him frantically.

"Why don't you come inside my house. We can talk about it. Like old times." She knew he was lying and quickly left. She started with homeless shelters and the police but wasn't able to find anything out.

"Please. We'll contact you if we find anything out." The officer told her.

She couldn't believe it. She felt as if she had failed as a mother. She was supposed to protect him. 'Why didn't I bring him with me? Austin would've understood.' she cried to herself. Austin tried his best to comfort her, but she was miserably distressed.

After waiting for weeks she finally received a call from a hospital. They had found her son. She walked into the emergency room with Austin. "Rick Vicksen," she said to the front desk attendant.

"Right this way ma'am." the nurse lead her to a room.

There Rick was lying in the bed. He had lost a lot of weight. The nurse explained that it was coupled with starving and an infection. They began the treatment and told them that everything would be fine but mentioned that he was on the street almost dead.

Vanessa knew she couldn't let her son go anymore. He wasn't capable of taking care of himself. She was eager to explain to Austin that he had to come home with them. She was even willing to throw away their marriage, her love, if it meant being with her son. But she didn't have to say anything. Austin wrapped his arms around his wife and kissed her on the forehead. "Don't worry. We'll take care of him."

She fell even more deeply for him. She knew that he would love her no matter what. She felt stupid for not bringing her son with her in the first place.

Austin knew how much his mother loved him, and to deny his wife of her son would be something only the lowest of low could do. He sympathized and didn't expect anything in return.

Rick made a quick recover staying with his mother and stepfather. They didn't talk much since Austin was always working. Vanessa decided to take time off until Rick was 100% better. Vanessa catered to her all of her son's needs even though she didn't have to.

Rick was happy to be alive, but more importantly to be with his mother. He felt weak and pathetic having to rely on her again but those feelings quickly dissipated as he became comfortable with his new lifestyle. In his comfort, he began to develop sick feelings once again for his mother. A devil was awakened within his revival.

Chapter 7.5: The Problems

Vanessa was happy to have Rick home with her. She cooked and cleaned for him. Because of her absence at work, Austin had to hire someone as her replacement. Vanessa didn't feel quite ready to come back to work. Her guilt for letting her son get sick would take awhile before she was able to leave him alone again. Although she was happy that her son was back, she felt a bit lonely not getting to spend time with her husband like she usually would at work. What's more is that they were rarely having sex. She wondered if something was wrong.

Rick got up that morning feeling better than he had ever felt. The weight he had lost due to starving had made him seem like a normal person now. He walked downstairs to the kitchen. He only came out of his room when Austin was away. "Good morning mom." he wrapped his arm around her waist and kissed her on the cheek from behind.

"Good morning birthday boy. Are you hungry?" It was a questions she asked him all the time.

"Very much," he said letting her go.

They were much closer together now. They showed the same type of affection as a child would to their mother. Perhaps it was a little weird, but Vanessa didn't think too much of it as she only had pure intentions.

"I'll have breakfast ready in 20 minutes. Why don't you relax,"

"Mind if I use your computer mom?" She was a little startled. When Rick came into the house, Austin had forbid him from using a computer. Vanessa had expressed that it was where his problems came from to begin with. But the time that Vanessa spent with Rick had made her a push over for whatever he wanted. Besides, it was his birthday.

"Sure," she said resuming her cooking.

Rick hopped on trying to snoop for whatever he could. "A clean history? What could mom be hiding?"

He downloaded an application that showed any deleted history pages. He browsed through finding that his mom had googled "Not having sex normal?; Trouble in bedroom?; How to become more attractive; etc." Rick was shocked to find out that his mother may have been sexually frustrated.

He browsed back even further and found some logs from Austin. "What's this?!" he saw page after page of relentless porn. The porn Austin watched primarily consisted of larger busty women having sex with black men. The word "Cuckold" was constantly searched for months. Rick laughed out loud. "He wants to see mom get fucked by other guys," he said quietly to himself.

He went back to the kitchen with the new found information.

"Hey mom," Rick asked sheepishly

"Yes honey? Breakfast is almost ready."

"I wanted to ask you something."

"What is it?" She asked with a bit of concern in her face.

"Nevermind, it's stupid."

"What? Tell me." She walked up to him placing her hand on his shoulder.

"You'd probably laugh at me. Forget it." He said looking down.

"Honey." She bent over unintentionally revealing her large cleavage. "You can tell me anything. I'm your mother," she reassured him.

"Well..." he paused as if trying to create a build up, "I want a girlfriend, but I'm not really sure how to get one. How did you and dad first meet?" He knew the story all too well, but just wanted his mother to confirm it.

"We met at a dance club years and years ago. If you just be yourself, the ladies will come running to you."

"But I'm scared," he whimpered.

"Oh, don't be scared. I'm always here if you need me."

"Well, could you come with me?"

"Go where honey?" she asked still not understanding where the conversation was headed.

"To a club. To get a girl."

"Oh," she paused not sure if it was appropriate. "Let me call Austin and see if he wants to come."

'Damn it!' Rick thought to himself. He was so close. "Sure," he said fakely smiling.

She called her husband on her cellphone and explained the situation. Austin was silent on the other side of the line. The thought that his wife would be watched by other men lusting over his beautiful wife drove him wild. But he wouldn't be able to go out tonight, he had to fly out to a site that was a state away. He couldn't control himself as lust took over him. "Why don't you go with Rick alone. Just make sure to tell me about it when you get back."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, actually it's my fault for being busy so lately. Please have some fun with Rick tonight. I promise to pay you back when I get back."

"No it's okay. But I will try to help him tonight."

"Great. Oh! Gotta go honey. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Okay. Bye, Love you."

"Love you too." Austin hung up.

"Well?" Rick asked.

"Okay, let's do it. But are you sure you want to go with this old woman? I'm sure I'd just drag the place down."

"Don't be like that mom. I want you to come with me."

She smiled knowing that her son still admired her. "Okay,"

The rest of the day was pretty normal. Around dinner time, Rick began searching for clubs on the internet. He found one not too far as he began getting ready. He ran into his mom across the hall, "So what are you planning on wearing?" Rick asked.

"Not sure. I have some dresses that Austin bought me." The very thought that she'd be wearing a dress another man bought her infuriated Rick.

"Can you show me?"

"Sure," she said walking back to her room. She had an entire room filled with dresses. Most of them were conservative as she picked out the ones she had in mind. None of them were to the liking of Rick.

He stared down at his toes. Vanessa had been a mom long enough to know that meant something was wrong. "What's wrong?" She asked.

He just shook his head from side to side as he forced tears to come out. She saw his tears and instantly cuddled him.

"Honey what's wrong?" he didn't talk. Only mumbled as tears and snot mixed. "You don't like the dress?" He nodded up and down. "How can I make it better?" she asked wiping his tears. Vanessa had a general idea of what might have been wrong. It didn't seem like Rick was going to talk so instead she went for the extreme. There was a particular dress that she only wore for Austin. It was a sexy black round neck long sleeve see-through slimming dress. The dress had a flowery design only covering her crotch and nipples. The sides of her breasts and hips were completely visible. "How's this?" She asked shyly exiting the closet.

Rick's eyes gazed upon his mother's beautiful body. "Wow, it's perfect." he said smiling.

She smiled back being happy that she was able to cheer him up. "I just need to finish my make up and we can head out."

"Okay. I'll get ready." Rick said leaving the room. Just then Vanessa received a text from Austin.

"Show me what you're wearing tonight." he texted.

She smiled and took a picture of the dress and sent it to him.

"Ooh! I love that one." He texted again. Austin had severely downplayed his reaction. He couldn't believe his wife would wear such a dress in public. The very thought of guys drooling all over her was driving him insane with lust. He wanted to see a man hit on her. To see a man dance with her. To see a man even kiss his own wife. For once, he thanked Rick for being there for his mother. He couldn't wait to hear how the men tried to pick her up or any perverted stories about his wife's encounters.

She only responded with a smiley face.

They left the house around 10 both dressed up very well. Vanessa looked like a goddess with her dress and high heels. Her make up was on point per usual. It didn't make her look like a clown but accented her features instead. She looked like a pornstar model.

They pulled up to a club and waited in line for about 10 minutes before heading in. It had been such a long time since Vanessa had stepped inside a club. She and Rick felt very out of place. They decided to take a seat that overlooked the dance floor. They ordered beers and waited.

The music was much louder than Rick could have imagined. "Having fun?" his mom talked loudly into his ear.

He just nodded. "Yeah,"

She couldn't hear him over the loud music and went up to his ear again, "What'd you say? I can't hear you over the music. Talk in my ear."

He approached her as she asked. He could smell the perfumed from her neck. It was driving him crazy. He wanted to grab those big fake tits of hers and suck on them all night long. Her lipstick was a light barbie pink; perfect for dick sucking. "Yeah," he lightly yelled into her ear.

She smiled back at him. They waited another 30 minutes for the booze to kick in to start acting stupid. "Oooh, she looks pretty. Why don't you go ask her." Vanessa pointed out.

Rick knew if he didn't make a move soon his mom would become suspicious. He just nodded and made his way to the floor.

Five minutes later, Rick came back to the table with his head hanging down. "What happened?" Vanessa asked as if she wasn't watching the whole time.

"She shot me down."

"Oh, I'm sorry honey." She gave him a hug pressing her breasts against his chest. He embraced her holding her a bit longer than she had intended. "It's okay. I've always heard it's a number game with guys. It's just a matter of time before a girl says yes. Go out again honey."

The process repeated many more times. He spent about an hour getting rejected from almost all the girls in the club. At one point, a girl splashed a drink in his face because she was offended that such an ugly guy would approach her. It was the final straw. Rick was crying now at the table.

"Honey. Are you okay?" Vanessa's words slurred a little as she was getting very drunk from all the drinks.

"I hate this. I hate my face. I'm so ugly. I should just kill myself."

"What happened? What did she say?" She asked rubbing his back.

"She said not even the ugliest girl here would ever dance with me let alone give me their number."

Vanessa was a bit angry. Again, her motherly instinct took over her. "Come on honey." She pulled him up from the seat.

"What? Where are we going?"

"We're going to teach that bitch-" she caught herself, "oops. excuse my language." They both laughed together. "We're going to show her that you can get any woman you want." Rick nodded taking his mother's hand like a child would.

Just as they were about to enter the dance floor, Vanessa whispered into her son's ear. "Now if you want these girls to want you. You have to act like you own me. Treat me like you would if I were your girlfriend." Rick's mind started racing as he slowly placed his hands on his mother's wide hips. The only thing separating their flesh from touching was a thin see through fabric. He looked at her to make sure she was okay. She didn't even seem to notice as she lead them to the dance floor.

It was Vanessa's fault for not being experienced with the dress she had chosen. Her large ass and wide hips had started to cause the dress to raise up every time she walked. It was very subtle, but the dress slowly worked its way up Vanessa's thighs closely approaching her ass. Rick noticed this but didn't say anything. They were now in the middle of the floor, he thought not many people would notice.

Vanessa, now feeling the full effects of all the alcohol she had consumed, began to loosen up. She began to slowly groove to the music as her dancing spirit slowly awakened. Rick stood still with his hands on his mother's hips as she began to sway from side to side.

She rocked gently tempting anyone watching to come closer. When Rick's focus was on Vanessa's ass, she turned around slowly as if looking through him. She gave him a seductive look as she pointed at his cheek. She took one step closer to him as they were now just inches away from kissing before she turned around again letting him smell her sweet perfume once more. She grabbed his hands and placed them around her waist and held them around her belly.

She began to grind her large ass into waist. Rick felt extremely uncomfortable and awkward not knowing if now was the time to make a move. She dug even further into his cock with her ass allowing Rick to get rid of any doubts he had in his mind.

She was in a complete trance with her eyes closed and her body moving with the beat. Rick noticed a tiny dark corner somewhat separated from the floor. The light above not working being the reason people stayed away. Rick slowly guided his mother towards the corner. He began to test his limits as he roamed her body with his hands.

He started with his hands settled on her hips. He kept his left hand firmly placed on her hip while his right hand traveled down the side of her leg. "Perfect," he said aloud knowing his mother would not be able to hear him. He pinched the end of her dress with his right hand and slowly started to pull it up keeping a close eye to see if she had any reactions. The dress was so thin she hadn't noticed a difference. He pushed it even further as he pulled it halfway up her ass. Again, nothing. Her moves and swerves made the dress go all the way up until her entire ass was exposed. She wore only a black g-string underneath.

With her ass now exposed, Rick gently placed his hands on his mother's bare skin. Still she did not react. He finally worked up the courage to place one hand on her ass. When she didn't miss a beat and continued dancing, Rick gave it a little squeeze to see what her reaction would be.

"Mmmh," his mother moaned from the grope.

"You're beautiful," he whispered into his mother's ear.

"Thank you honey." she whispered back feeling his mouth pressed against her ear. He gently nibbled on it making her giggle. He wanted to kiss her neck, but resisted the temptation, fearing that his little show would come to an abrupt end.

The music progressively transitioned into a slower R&B beat. The lights dimmed to the point where people had limited visibility and Vanessa and her son we're practically in the dark. She had completely forgotten that it was her son who she was dancing with as she turned around. She assumed that the tall stranger dancing with her was her husband. She turned to face him and leaned into his shoulder slow dancing in his arms.

"It's been such a long time baby."

'Baby?' Rick thought to himself. She never called him that. The way she said it so passionately also gave him a hint that maybe his mother wasn't sure who she was with. Rick suddenly remembered his mother always confusing his with her husbands.

"Sorry I'm late." Rick played off smoothly.

"I'm just glad you're here Austin. I missed you so much." There it was. She was convinced that she was dancing with her husband. "I thought you were going out of town, what happened?" She asked barely coherent still in her dancing trance.

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