tagCelebrities & Fan FictionFortnight in Utopia: Day 01

Fortnight in Utopia: Day 01


Disclaimer/note: Characters and setting are property of Team Ninja. This fictional story is based on Dead or Alive Xtreme 2. The story features lesbian relationships: and some days/chapters also feature violence and/or offensive language. Please don't read it if you aren't old enough.

I wrote this story several years ago, but most of you have probably not seen it before. I've taken the opportunity to tweak it slightly, but nothing major has been changed.


Anyone would have known what was in that tiny gold envelope. "Does he really think we believe him?" I muttered as I opened it.

The bright, glossy brochure announced the next tournament, at an exotic tropical island. It didn't provide many details. I looked at the dates printed on the paper.

I could use a vacation, and it would be easy to clear my calendar. I had a lot of fun last time...

As long as Zack knew he hadn't tricked me, I wouldn't mind going to his little resort. Grabbing my phone, I set about informing some of the household staff about my intentions.


I stepped out of the small seaplane and onto the pier. I stretched my arms and sighed. It was probably 25 or 26 degrees (77 to 79 Fahrenheit) and the strong breeze carried the scents of coconuts and plumerias. Things were quiet. Was I the first one here? It was only 0615; I probably was first.

Wow, things were different on the island! I'd seen more buildings than I remembered during my descent; now it was obvious that there were hotel options this time. The casino looked bigger, and so did the pool. There was a huge waterslide, too.

Time to pick a hotel? Nah, that could be put off. I was traveling light, and I could just chuck my stuff in a cabana locker for the moment. Yes, to the pool!

In the locker room, I quickly shed my shorts, shirt, and underwear and stepped into my cute, comfortable swimsuit, "Robin." I was going to spend the entire vacation in swimwear or nothing, unless some emergency arose. I closed the locker and took out the card key.

A mechanical voice startled me with a question. "What is your name?"

"It's...Leifang," I said, feeling a little silly and a little suspicious.

"Your credit total will be kept at all shops and competitive arenas for your convenience. 300,000 credits have been deposited in your account. Have an enjoyable stay."

That put me on my guard. It would be convenient not to lug stacks of coins or paper around, but apparently Zack had set up more electronic equipment than I'd guessed. Knowing his mind, he'd use some of the equipment to spy on me if I wasn't careful.

I'd check that later; the pool was calling me. I stepped out of the shade of the cabana and felt the strong sun. I was warm and calm. I picked a long white pool chair and sat, letting myself relax. I saw a seaplane approaching to land and I heard the horn of a large boat or a small ship. I closed my eyes and smiled; the others were arriving.

Soon I heard footsteps and voices, as well as another plane landing. I opened my eyes and sat straighter in the lounge chair. Two tall women exited the cabana area—one honey blonde, one dark-skinned and dark-haired—they were talking as they walked nearer to me.

"Oh, Leifang!" the dark-haired girl called.

"Hey! What's up?" the blonde shouted.

"Lisa! Tina! It's been a while," I answered.

"It's great to see you again," Lisa said. "I was worried you might not show this time."

"Such a gorgeous island—and I wanted to catch up with all of you, in peaceful circumstances. Have you two seen any of our companions yet?"

"Hm, we got here in a plane, but I thought I saw Helena getting off a ship just a while ago," said Tina.

"Yeah, that was her," Lisa said. "I saw Kokoro too, very briefly."

"Everyone'll be here soon, if they're gonna come here at all," Tina added. "Hopefully, we can beat you in volleyball in short order."

"We'll see about that!" I gave her a raspberry.

Lisa was right; as she and Tina were leaving the pool area, Helena and Kokoro were entering. A helicopter and another plane had also reached the island.

Very soon, a familiar brunette walked toward me. "Hitomi!" I cried, clapping excitedly.

"Leifang! I'm so happy you're here!"

"Damn, you look good!" I said. "Will you be my partner, please?"

"Of course," she said. I stood and she glomped me—and I was well aware of her perfect, barely-clothed body mashed against mine. She's about my height—maybe two or three cm shorter—with lean, powerful muscles; soft, tanned skin; perky breasts; and gorgeous pale blue eyes. It's her personality that I love though; she's very caring and very genki. "Where are we going first?" she asked with that cheerful voice.

"Let's check out the shops."

"Good idea. I didn't bring much because I remember last time; anything you needed, you could get here."

When we got into the accessory shop, I found a light blue ribbon I knew Hitomi would like, but I couldn't find anything for myself. Still, I knew this shop got in new stuff all the time.

There were some nice swimsuits in the sports shop...but they sure weren't giving them away! What's more, there were tickets for other games, camera equipment, and even jet skis. There wasn't a lot I could afford yet! "The selection of suits they've got for me isn't very good," Hitomi told me as we left. "What're they trying to say, that I've got a bad body?"

"Stay calm," I said with a giggle. "If you're lucky, the cute swimsuit fairies might deliver something for you."

She nudged me playfully with her hip. "Guess I should stay on the fairies' good side then, huh?"

"Sounds like the smart thing." I winked at her.

We checked out Zack of All Trades and I remembered what could make shopping here so frustrating. I wanted to get something nice for Lisa, but I would have to kind of guess what she liked. I took a chance on a blue wind chime.

Hitomi spoke as we left the store. "Breakfast then play, or play then breakfast?"

"It's still pretty early; let's play first," I answered. "How about trying those jet skis?"

"Are you sure they're not dangerous?"

"Oh, how tough can it be? We'll have a blast."

"I've never ridden one. Have you?" Hitomi asked.

I answered with as little concern as I could. "I've driven boats and I've skated. It'll be fun, trust me!"

As we stood on our jet skis and waited for the go signal, I glanced at Hitomi. She was staring at me. "These things better not kill us," she said as she gripped her handlebars so tightly her knuckles turned white.

"Go!" the computer at the start/finish signaled. And go we did. I was startled by how fast the machine leapt off the line—

"—Ah! Oh shit!" Hitomi screamed as she hurtled past me. I guess she found the turbo! Still, she was handling it pretty well; she was still on the course.

I admit it: my biggest weakness is how much I hate losing. I swallowed hard and hit my turbo boost as well.

The spray made it hard to see and the small waves made it tough to control the jet ski. But I got past Hitomi. I couldn't resist waving as I left her behind me.

One lap done. I heard my friend's turbo, so I hit my own again as soon as I could and managed to stay ahead of her. I nearly overshot the corner; I had to bank severely to make the turn. Despite my best effort, I left the course and I fought the controls to get back in bounds before I was disqualified.

I heard Hitomi's turbo again and her laugh as she sped by me. Now it was her turn to taunt—she jokingly patted her ass.

I couldn't get irritated; she looked so damn sexy! No, focus! The race is almost over, I yelled at myself. I rounded the final turn. My turbo-ready indicator blinked. I hit the button and flew past Hitomi, and the finish line.

The display showed credits being deposited to my account; convenient, as advertised. As Hitomi climbed up to join me on the pier, I steeled myself for the worst. But she was smiling. "What'd you think?" I asked glibly.

"It was okay."

"Just okay?"

"All right, it was awesome! A little scary, but it was so much fun! I'll beat you next time."

"Maybe," I said. "For now, let's get some breakfast.

"Sounds good," she said brightly.

As usual, there was no need to pay for basic meals or lodging, as the manager at the little poolside grill reassured us. Hitomi and I had a filling, delicious breakfast, enjoying the breeze and the sound of the water.

"I'm interested in those other jet skis," my German friend told me. "We should go back to the shops."

"Just don't forget how much those machines cost."

"You're right. It'll take a while to earn enough credits...but I still want to take a look. I want to see what new stuff they have at the accessory shop, too."

"Let's go in half an hour, then," I suggested.

"Cool," she answered. We left the grill and lay on chairs next to each other, not talking much, just enjoying the sun and the companionship.

I must have nodded off, because the next sensation I was aware of was Hitomi's hand firmly but gently rubbing my shoulder. I opened my eyes. She giggled. "Your sleeping face is so cute! I almost didn't wake you."

"I'm sorry," I said, very flustered.

"Nonsense." Hitomi leaned even closer to me. "I'm so glad you're here, my lovely China girl."

I blushed hard. "I'm glad you're here too, my pretty fraulein."

I don't know who initiated the kiss; we both sort of leaned together until we touched. It was very nice: Hitomi's lips were soft and tasted faintly of raspberries. Our mouths were open but no tongues were involved. It only lasted a few seconds, but Hitomi was glassy-eyed when we separated.

"Mm, I liked that," I said quietly.

"Yeah," she murmured.

"So," I returned to my normal volume, "to the shops?"

"Yes, let's go," Hitomi said, snapping out of it.

The inventories were really different this time. There were a couple of nice swimsuits, but I couldn't afford one and the other would nearly bankrupt me, so I stayed patient. Hitomi bought something but wouldn't show me.

"Another race?" Hitomi asked once we had finished shopping.

"Let's try a game at the pool," I said smoothly.


"—I guarantee, you'll get plenty of chances to beat me on the jet skis."

"All right, let's go to the pool," she conceded. "After that...a light lunch and some lounging?"


We walked around the pool. It was enormous and really quite pretty. There were large, medium, and tiny platforms in various sections, some of which were used for games I didn't know how to play yet. Hitomi and I sauntered to the start point of the pool-hopping game. This time, we'd be racing each other. Watching my hot young partner out of the corner of my eye, I hoped I could concentrate well enough to win or at least not embarrass myself.

I'm glad I'm so competitive. As soon as I heard the start signal, I put everything but victory out of my mind. I hopped and jumped my way to a fairly easy victory. (This activity wasn't very different from last vacation and I was great at it then.) Then I faced Hitomi.

She was pouting.

Oh, kami-sama, she was irresistible! "You're so mean, Leifang!" she said, in her best picked-on voice.

I hugged her, relishing the sensation of her wet breasts and abdomen against mine. "I'm sorry, Hitomi-chan. I promise, we'll play volleyball this afternoon. We'll win together."

"Finally! I'd rather be playing with you than against you."

"Me too," I said and I meant it.

We looked around at the different restaurants on the island—there were no less than five! Each hotel had a restaurant, there was a bar & grill by the pool, and there was a swanky café attached to the casino. At the Seabreeze restaurant, Kokoro and Kasumi spotted us and invited us to join them.

"How do you like it here so far?" Kasumi asked.

"It's beautiful. And it's fun, even if you're not winning," Hitomi replied, playfully elbowing my arm.

"I love it here," I added, "even though I can't seem to find any quality competition." (As I expected, I got an indignant "Hmph!" and another, somewhat more forceful elbow from my partner.) "How about you; is it what you'd hoped for?"

Kasumi answered quickly. "I'm not complaining."

"It's gorgeous; I love it here," Kokoro said. "I'm going to have to get more freedom from my mom so I can take vacations like this more often."

"Apparently, all nine of us are here," Kasumi said.

"Even Christie?" Hitomi asked, sounding a little surprised.

"Yeah, I saw her an hour ago. Did you see her arrive?"

I shook my head.

"Huh, I wonder when she got here. But anyway, did you gals go to the casino yet?"

"No. Isn't it only open at night?" Hitomi asked.

"Yes, except for today. Today, they want our input for the slot machines," Kokoro told us.

"Interesting. Will you play volleyball with us this afternoon?" I asked.

"Sorry, we're already booked to play the American girls," Kokoro answered.

"No worries," Hitomi said lightly. "Save us a game tomorrow though."

"Of course."

"We'll see you later, ne?" Kasumi said. She and Kokoro got up from the table. "Excuse us."

"Japanese girls are always so polite," I giggled as they left.

"They come off as a little naïve, which makes them cuter," Hitomi agreed. "Are we going to detour and visit the casino before we play?"

"If that's cool with you. I'm in no hurry; this is a scrumptious Caesar salad and I want to savor it."

When we got to the casino, we had a short talk with the machine designer, who told us there would be one machine based on each girl's expressed interests. I'm not a big gambler, but I was a little curious. I'd check on the slot machines some night, just to see what they'd done with my ideas.

From there, we went looking for a couple to play volleyball against. We were out of luck. Lisa, Tina, Kasumi, and Kokoro were having a match; Helena was relaxing at the pool; Ayane was strolling on Tranquil Beach; Christie was nowhere to be found.

"I'm really sorry, Hitomi-chan," I said. "I'm afraid we can't play volleyball tonight."

"Don't worry; it's not your fault. We'll play tomorrow for sure. Let's hit the shops one more time."

"Then we can play tug-of-war."

Hitomi smiled. "You mean you bought a ticket?"

"Yeah, so let's test it out."

"Thanks, that's awesome!"

At Zack of All Trades, I saw a generous slice of sachertorte, which I immediately bought for Hitomi. I happen to know it's her favorite dessert. In the accessory shop, I saw an adorable purple ribbon I could wrap around my wrist. I snapped it up and started wearing it right away. Hitomi complimented me on it when we left the store and I smiled at the praise.

We went to the pool and found the tug-of-war area. "Doesn't look easy," Hitomi said as we clambered onto our floating platforms.

"No, but it should be fun," I said.

We picked up the rope and waited for the signal. There it was! I yanked hard on the rope—

—And Hitomi feinted. My platform lurched forward and I sailed backward, right into the water.

"Ha ha ha!" Hitomi was laughing as I surfaced.

"That's the way you want to play it, huh?" I asked. I climbed onto my platform again, sticking out my tongue at my partner.

She pulled me off the platform next time. Then I feinted and got her to fall into the pool. But she won the match right after that, as she yanked me off my perch once more.

"I hope you were thirsty," Hitomi teased as I stood in the water. She didn't notice I was still holding the rope. I pulled hard. She shrieked. There was a big splash.

"Oh, you!" she sputtered once she resurfaced. I took off, but she was too quick; she ducked me under.

"There, you've won. How do you feel?" I said, laughing and splashing her a little.

"Better. Thanks, cutie."

The sun was setting. I pointed. She turned. We watched the gorgeous sight side by side. At some point, I felt her arm around my waist.

I turned to her and gently held her face with both hands. We kissed. This time, I felt her tongue shyly enter my mouth. I met it with mine. It was a very nice kiss. I don't know how long it lasted, but it was enough to harden my nipples and send a twinge through my lower belly. I wasn't surprised; Hitomi was definitely a super-sexy girl.

Why not tell her that? "Damn, that was hot. You're hot! I really like you, baby."

"You're really sweet," she answered. "And you're quite hot yourself."

We held each other for a minute or two. "It's getting dark," Hitomi said at last. "Let's pick a hotel."

We got out of the pool and went to the cabana. I looked at the posted map. "I like the sound of the Moonlight Reef," I said.

"Good. Let's stay there."

We walked to the hotel and checked in. I had room 115, she had room 117. We reached my door.

"I'll see you in the morning?"

"...Well, uh—could I stay with you, Leifang?"

"...Oh baby, I really, really want to, but let's give ourselves a little time, ne? It's not you; I'm just a total chicken. Okay? Let's just wait for a little bit?"

"Okay," she said.

"Good night," I said. I held her hands and gave her a kiss and she responded very sweetly.

"Good night," she said.

Once I was in my room, I realized how tired I was. The casino—no, I'd go tomorrow. I got a hefty device out of my luggage and I gave it some power. It scanned and found no hidden cameras or microphones. To be sure, I set up and electromagnetic scrambler.

Someone knocked on my door while I was brushing my teeth. I rinsed and answered. There was a present from Zack. I asked the girl to deliver the blue chime to Lisa and the sachertorte to Hitomi.

When she was gone, I unwrapped the package and found an old-fashioned but impressive camera.

I set the camera on the bedside table. I lay on the comfy bed. I was asleep in moments.

-End of Day One-

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