tagIncest/TabooFour Aunts in Autumn Pt. 02

Four Aunts in Autumn Pt. 02


Part 2: Caren and Suz

(Author's note: Yeah, I know how long it's been since I posted the first part. Sorry 'bout that. I went on an actual Fall vacation (no, it did not involve passionate lovemaking with my aunts :P) and that kinda ate up a lot of time. It was fun, though! ^^

Anyway, this next part, as you may have discerned from the title, actually includes two sex scenes. One of them involves aunt Suz, as promised, but the other has to do with someone else. It still counts as incest, if that's what you like in your erotic stories, but I just thought I'd warn you in case you only want to hear about Suz. She's in the second half.

As always, comments and constructive criticism are appreciated.)





The rest of the week had passed, and we were getting ready to head out. My parents had already gathered up their stuff and were waiting for me in the parking garage. I had lagged behind a bit purposely, to thank aunt Bess again for her hospitality, and to give her a proper farewell.

Many women had kissed me goodbye before, but this was the first time the kiss had lasted more than a fraction of a second.

When we were finally able to pry ourselves apart, she handed me a roll of papers. I unfurled them to see what they were, and was momentarily confused. She had made me three clean copies of the survey. When I realized what this meant, I started to speak, but was cut off.

"You don't have to say anything," she said. "Your parents are probably getting impatient."

Slightly stunned, I walked away, toward the elevator.

"Good luck!" she called after me, with a sly grin on her face.

I spent the several hour long drive to aunt Suz's house with a feeling of new found confidence. I wondered if everyone felt this way after their first time with a woman, or if it had to do with the personal conquest my own first time had entailed. In any case, I was eager to present one of the clean copies of my survey to aunt Suz. To pass the time, I scribbled my guesses as to what she would answer in small handwriting under each question. I was more than ready for this.

Finally, we pulled into Suz's neighborhood.

I gazed out the window as we rumbled down the dirt road, eager to catch a glimpse of my dad's youngest sister. She had been known to walk around wearing nothing but a revealing bikini on hot days like this.

One time, when my buddy Jamal and I had been swimming in her pool, she came out in one of her sexiest swimsuits to tell us something. As she left, the two of us watched her walk away, her perfectly tanned ass jiggling as she went. Jamal had turned to me and gave me a look that clearly said, "What I wouldn't give to tap that ass..."

I had responded with a look of my own, that said, "I concur, good sir."

Back in the present, I spotted Suz coming out of her house to greet us. As I expected, she wore nothing more than a tight-fitting blue bikini. Her breasts, while not as large as Bess', were well proportioned to her body, and her bikini top barely covered her nipples. She brushed long, brown hair out of her face as she came to tap on my window.

"Hey, y'all!" she said, as I rolled the window down. She had a thick southern accent, which I won't try too hard to faithfully reproduce here. "Wow, Tony. I barely recognized you. You want me to give you a haircut?"

I had expected a comment like that. She ran a little hair salon business out of her house, and I had grown my hair out fairly long since she had last seen me.

She laughed and thumped me on the chest, saying, "I'm just messin' with ya. Looks good on you."

It wasn't unusual to get comments like that from any of my aunts, but her enthusiasm, coupled with that accent of hers, always turned me on. When her eyes momentarily locked with mine, it almost felt like she could read my mind, and persuse the many and varied fantasies I had been having about her.

We got all the usual pleasantries and greetings out of the way without incident. She led us into the house and showed us where we'd be sleeping. As usual, my parents would occupy the single guest room, and I would sleep upstairs, in the entertainment room.

Now, Aunt Suz and her husband had two kids together. Their son was named Benjamin Johnson, or B.J. for short, and their daughter was named Caren. B.J. was about twelve or so, and Caren had just turned eighteen the previous summer.

It was partially because of this that I took notice of how much of a young woman Caren had become.

We first ran across each other on that first day, when she came home from a friend's house. I was lounging about in the family room, watching TV and snacking on some corn chips, when Caren walked in. She feigned a double-take at the sight of her older cousin.

"Tony! Wow, you've changed," she said, hugging me.

She wore a tight-fitting t-shirt which accentuated the curvature of her body, and a short miniskirt. When she hugged me, her breasts pressed against my chest, sending tingles down my spine. They were oddly full and large for her age, probably a symptom of good genes from her mom.

She sat down next to me, and I draped an arm over her shoulders, affectionately.

"Not in a bad way, though," she continued, flashing me a pretty little smile.

I grinned back, saying, "You too." I ran my hand down her back, gently.

"Don't get too weird, Casanova," she said, lifting my arm away.

Unphased, I went on: "You've really...filled out."

She blushed slightly, punching me in the shoulder. "You're such a goofy guy," she said. "But thanks... I think."

We sat watching TV together and catching up on each other's lives. Any time she looked at the TV, I looked at her. Everything about her--from her tight little ass, to her sleek figure, to the freckles on her face leftover from the summer--seemed to be screaming at me, begging me to make love to her.

She caught me staring once and gave me another good punch. She seemed to think I was just kidding around, which was just as well.

Later, we went swimming.

My parents were in the house, chatting with my aunt and uncle, while us kids went for a swim in their above-ground pool. When I had first come out on the deck and spotted Caren floating on a raft in the middle of the pool, wearing a swimsuit as skimpy as her mother's, I dove in immediately to hide my erection. If B.J. hadn't been swimming with us, I don't know if I could have kept myself from pulling her into the water and fucking her right there.

As it was, I had to satisfy myself in smaller ways. Eventually I did pull her in, and we had a splash fight, which turned into underwater wrestling. She and I grappled with each other, not really trying to accomplish anything in particular. I don't know if she ever noticed the tent I was pitching, but it seems impossible that she couldn't have. At one point, when I attempted to grab and dunk her from behind, my dick ever so slightly brushed the crease of her ass. She didn't seem to notice, though I almost hoped she had and was just playing it cool.

When aunt Suz came out to tell us dinner was ready, the sight of her just about pushed me over the edge. I had to swim around in the cold water alone for a while, to allow my dick to calm down a little, before I went inside to eat.

When she finished her meal, Caren subtly motioned for me to follow her into her room. I took a little extra time to clean up my dishes before doing so, to make it seem less suspicious.

I entered her room with that same strange confidence I'd had since last week. Caren was still wearing her swimsuit, as was I, and she patted the bed next to her. I sat where she indicated, fully expecting her to bring the sexual tension between us out in the open. What she actually said threw me for a loop.

"So, Tony," she began, gazing at me frankly. "What's the deal with you and my mom?"

I raised an eyebrow. "What?"

She smiled wryly, shifting her weight to rest on one arm. "You know damn well what I'm talkin' about. You've been ogling her boobs all day, trying to hide that stiffy you've got."

I looked down at my pants, where my bulging dick was clearly visible underneath. I thought about crossing my legs in another attempt to hide it, but realized how pointless that would be.

"Look, if you've got a thing for her, that's fine," Caren went on. "But what the hell do you think you're doing, being so obvious about it? Most people are gonna think you're really weird!"

A sly grin spread across my face.

"What?" she said.

"One sec," I replied, leaving her room. I went upstairs and retrieved one of the survey copies--the one I had scribbled on. When I returned, Caren was where I had left her, waiting impatiently.

"Come on!" she said. "What is it?"

I showed her the paper and told her about my plan, and how it had worked on Bess. It felt surreal recounting it like that, but she and I had always been close. I felt safe in telling her, as weird as it was.

My hard-on became all the more intense as she read my guesses at what her mom would answer, snorting or giggling every so often. Her face was flushed red, and her tits bounced up and down as she laughed, just barely held back by that tiny bikini bra of hers. When she finished reading, she regarded me with a look that was simultaneously embarrassed and impressed.

"Wow..." she said, running her fingers through her long, black hair. "I'm not really sure what to say besides that. Score?" She laughed nervously again.

"So do you think I have a chance?" I asked.

"Huh?" she said, distractedly.

"I mean, with your mom. Do you think this'll work on her?"

"Oh, Jesus, Tony," she said, glancing around the room. She seemed to consider her answer for a long time before saying, "I dunno if you'll even *need* this thing. She's been checking you out all day, too..."

This gave me a burst of confidence, to top off my already brimming supply.

Before I could say anything else, Caren went on: "...and, I mean, you've really turned into a nice looking guy. I bet..." With that last sentence, she turned her gaze back to me, earnestly. "I bet she'll break her pelvis spreading her legs for you."

The whole time she had been talking, I had leaned in closer to her, allowing my arms to move around behind her. By the time she finished her last sentence, I had one hand on her waist, and another creeping up the back of her neck. She realized what I was doing, and began to breathe heavily. She made no move to resist as I stroked her back and neck sensually.

Before I could do anything more, however, she rose up and initiated the kiss, jamming her tongue into my mouth. She ran her fingers through my hair as we made out on her bed, moaning all the while. Our lips separated, and I began to kiss her neck and face all over.

"Oh, my God," she said, breathless.

I cupped one of her breasts in my hand, fondling it. She wasted no time in removing her bra, revealing a set of sexy, firm, freckled tits. I couldn't help but dive down and help myself, sucking, licking, and kissing every inch of them.

As I did this, she stroked my cock through my swim trunks with one hand while tickling up and down my back with the other. She moaned and squealed as I worked my way up her chest and neck with my tongue. When her moans became dangerously loud, I snatched her up by her rear-end, allowing her to hang on with her arms around my neck as I flipped her onto her back.

I slipped her panties down, and she grabbed a pillow into which she could scream and groan all she wanted.

I started work on her sexy little pussy, sucking and licking at her clit furiously. This drove her wild, and it was all she could do to contain her screams to the pillow. She kept her public hair trimmed short, though I wouldn't have cared one way or the other. I couldn't wait to fuck her.

Eventually, when she also couldn't wait any longer, she spread her legs just as she said her mom would do, and smiled up at me, blushing deeply.

"Please, baby," she said, panting.

I tore off my swim trunks in an instant, and brought the head of my cock to touch her pussy. I had no idea how much sexual experience she had, if any, so I knew I shouldn't just start fucking like a madman, as much as I wanted to. I slid my cock up and down against her clit for a moment, before slowly sliding it into her. She squealed and stuffed her face in the pillow again.

She was incredibly tight, but somehow didn't seem to be in pain. On the contrary, she was salivating into the pillow now, completely out of her mind with pleasure. Apparently I hadn't needed to take it as slow as I thought, because she began thrusting her hips back and forth furiously. I needed no further encouragement, and met her thrusts with my own. We were fucking like we had never fucked before, her pussy juices flowing out onto my cock as she reached even more intense levels of arousal.

Eventually, she came, twitching and writhing on her bed as I continued to fuck her. She rose up and kissed me, wrapping her arms and legs around me. Our lips parted, and she stared me right in the eyes, her face centimeters away from my own. Her eyes were unbelievably green, and seemed to glow beautifully as she spoke.

"I wanna--" she said, panting, "--I wanna be on top."

I answered her with a kiss, and flipped her over without extracting my dick from her pussy. She swiped her hair out of her face as she started to bounce up and down on my cock. She moaned loudly again, and had to lay on top of me with her breasts pressed against my chest, face buried in the sheets next to my head. I stroked the small of her back as her perfect little ass bobbed up and down on my dick. She was working her hips like I'd never seen a woman do before, sliding her pussy all the way up an down the length of my cock with every stroke.

I listened to her moan into the sheets. "Fuck. Yes. Baby. This is unbelievable." She kissed me again, passionately.

Just then, I heard someone walking down the hall just outside Caren's bedroom.

"Hey, Caren?" I could hear aunt Suz saying, though the door.

Caren didn't stop riding my cock. On the contrary, she seemed to be fucking me even harder at the sound of her mother's voice.

"Yeah-huh?" she said, struggling to keep her own voice normal.

"Have you seen Tony?" Suz asked. "I need to talk to him about something."

Caren gave me a mischievous look and kissed me again, before saying, "I think he went to sleep upstairs."

I stared up at Caren in earnest. She gave me a reassuring wink.

"You okay in there, hun? How come your door's locked?" Suz asked.

Stifling a laugh, Caren had to press her face into the sheets again, to muffle her ecstatic panting and moaning. When she recovered, she said, "I'm just changing outta my swimsuit. But, uh... you better let Tony get some rest up there. He's had a long day."

There was silence in the hall for a moment, then Suz replied, "Whatever you say," before walking off.

Just in time too, because Caren had creamed herself all over my cock, and was groaning loudly into the sheets. When she regained control of herself. She sat up again and beamed down at me.

In that moment, she appeared so beautiful, so sexy, looking at me like that, that I could no longer hold back the floodgates. I could feel a gigantic load of cum welling up inside me, and pulled my cock out of her pussy just in the nick of time. Ribbons of white fluid shot out of me, splattering all over Caren's belly and my chest. Some of it even reached her tits.

She laughed sexily, scooting back and leaning down to lick my still-throbbing cock. She worked her way toward my face with her tongue, slurping up jizz on the way.

When she reached eye-level, she floated there above me for a moment. "You," she said, pausing for effect, "are my favorite cousin."

"I think you're mine, too," was all I could reply, laughing exhaustedly.

She laughed again and pressed her lips against mine, this time making it last. As we kissed each other, she drew her bed's covers over us, snuggling up next to me.


I slept as soundly as I ever had that night, only stirred once by Caren. She kissed me before heading off to work in the morning, reminding me that I'd better sneak upstairs before anyone else got up.

I did, and ended up watching TV for the rest of the morning. I couldn't get back to sleep once the thought of aunt Suz had entered my mind again. I kept playing back Caren's words in my head:

"She's been checking you out all day, too... I bet she'll break her pelvis spreading her legs for you."

The rest of the day passed without much incident. We had a good time, swimming and cooking out and watching movies together. Caren and I did our best to keep some distance between us, so as not to arouse any suspicion about last night. All the same, she kept giving me sly looks whenever she spotted me checking out her mom, which was quite often.

Later that night, when everyone else was singing karaoke in the entertainment room, I masturbated furiously in a bathroom not twenty feet away from aunt Suz. If I hadn't, I doubt I could have kept my hormones under control as I watched her sing and dance with the rest of us.

Finally, sometime past midnight, the whole crew decided to hit the hay, leaving me and B.J. to watch TV in the entertainment room. A few minutes later, Suz came upstairs and told B.J. to go to bed.

"Tony needs to sleep, too," she was saying.

"Nah, it's alright," I said, out of courtesy. "He can hang out as long as he wants."

Suz smiled at me. "That's real nice of you, but the squirt'll never get up tomorrow if he doesn't get to bed soon."

She ushered B.J. downstairs, leaving me alone with the image of her stuck in my head.

Later, just as my hand was creeping its way into my pants, I was startled by Suz's voice.

"Hey, kiddo?"

I turned around and saw she wasn't quite at the top of the stairs yet, which gave me time to recompose myself.

"Yeah?" I said.

She slid over the back of the couch and sat next to me. "Mind if I hang out in here for a while?"

"Nah," I said, doing my best to keep cool.

She fiddled with her bikini top for a moment, and I caught a glimpse of her shapely, tanned tits. I quickly looked away, but the image of her was burned in my mind. It was no wonder Jamal had wanted to fuck her; it was like she gave off an aura of sexuality, sitting there next to me.

After a while, she sighed heavily and leaned her head back on the couch. She stretched her arms out as well, placing one of them behind my head.

"What's up?" I said.

She turned to look at me, still leaning back lazily. "Oh, nothin'," she said.

"It doesn't sound like nothing," I said.

After a moment's hesitation, she went on, "It's just... having your dad here always reminds me of when we were kids."

I looked at her quizzically. "That's a bad thing?"

She shrugged. "Well, not really. I don't know... It's self-centered of me, but I just always remember being the youngest--the runt, y'know?"

I nodded as understandingly as I could, being the oldest child in my family.

She rubbed her eyes, leaning back on the couch again.

"It really sucked, huh?" I asked.

"It's not like your dad and Viv were that mean to me," she said, with more emotion creeping into her voice. "It was more like our parents always gave me the short end of the stick. I always got the least attention..."

She turned to look at me once again. "One time, when we all got the flu, your dad and Viv got all the medicine they could afford, and I got nothing."

"Wow," I said, not quite sure how to respond to that. "That...sucks."

This was the moment.

"Hey, I bet I've got something that'll entertain you," I said, walking over to my bag.

I retrieved the copy of the survey I had written on, and brought it to her. She took it, intrigued, sitting up.

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