tagBDSMFour for the Handyman Ch. 04

Four for the Handyman Ch. 04


It occurred to me as I staggered out the back door that I had probably missed out on a great deal of fun with Marie as my blowjob queen with the short seduction of Suzy, the almost instant conclusion of my half of the deal. C'est la vie. To be honest, I wasn't sure I could match the intensity of that one extremely abrupt blowjob if I had months to set it all up. A perfect storm situation I supposed. Still, I could claim my prize now, couldn't I? Marie was mine to do with as I pleased... by her own agreement no less.

I guess I took too long heading outside to join the girls, I knew the deal was for unanimous decisions, and I could see from their veiled faces that they had reached some sort of agreement on something already. I smelled trouble, big trouble.

I looked at them, taking a good long look before I crossed that threshold. Tall Tatiyana, cool lean blonde, on her eight inch stripper shoes, each girl's matching hers but for Suzy, who wore white instead. She looked slightly sleepy, very satisfied... far too satisfied actually. Her already narrow waist was cinched down to ridiculous levels by the off-white corset around her middle, her high proud breasts standing free above it. The silver ring through her clit was practically thrumming between her long legs, her face behind the diaphanous veil covering everything from the nose down, wore an easy, mysterious smile.

Suzy, my recent conquest, former virgin... a wild Irish rose with the curves of Venus, swaying slightly from exhaustion that was purely physical, and perhaps from some alcohol, dressed like the others, though just recently, with my own white jizz painting her pale skin, seeping from her puffy red sex peeking out from a newly trimmed copper bush, the only girl with noticeable pubes in the bunch. The corset, pulled cruelly tight by Marie, my prize, made her look vaguely kewpie like, her huge pillowy breasts, beautifully formed, even dare I say groomed swayed hypnotically as she tottered slightly, leaning against Tati.

Cute, tiny Karen, vaguely Asian looking, but almost as pale as Suzy, her skin taking on a crème color, setting off the corset almost as well as her long black hair, her tiny breasts exaggerated by the miniscule wasp waist her corset gave her. I felt like I could wrap one hand around that waist, certainly both hands would do it easily. Her body, her posture, her every attitude practically screamed 'fuck me', and remembering her behavior the first day I'd spent in the house, I felt the first stirrings of recovery below the waist. She licked her lips as I stared at her.

Lastly my prize, the ringleader of this circus, Marie, she of the evenly bronzed skin, her nipples brown nubbins on full, shapely breasts, her cunt looking tiny in an inviting gap between muscular legs, her brown hair over one shoulder. Had I the strength I'd bend her over the rail of the pool behind them and take her right there, as was my right by conquest. She stood with her legs slightly spread, as if inviting me to take her by force, as if she was braced for it.

My skin still gleaming with sweat and oils that had been rubbed into my skin earlier... twice today in fact... I finally strode into the sun, joining them.

I kissed Suzy on the lips gently, holding her hand so she wouldn't collapse at the pressure, so tired was she.

"You were... are... beautiful." I told her. Always compliment a girl, especially after.

"And you... " she breathed..."were like nothing I'd ever imagined."

I took that as a compliment and before I released her hand I slipped the steel ring from my cock head, the one that had been inside her the entire time we'd fucked just moments ago, onto the ring finger of her right hand.

"That's for you. A memento of your first time for always. Give it back to me before you go to school Monday morning and I'll have it remade into a real ring by the time you get home." I promised. She smiled softly. I still had the other ring around the base of my shaft, I'd need help getting that one off.

"You did... better than expected." Tati complimented me. Marie wouldn't, of course.

"I do feel a bit proud. I feel I should claim my prize now, but forgive me if I'm a bit worn out from the command performance. I don't doubt that the lot of you could coax an encore, but..." I shrugged. The tension was thick, their lineup unnatural, almost confrontational.

" Well, we all know you want to take Marie, according to the deal... and you're right." Karen piped up.

"But we decided... unanimously... to change the deal again." Marie was almost smug. "You don't get me. Not today. If you have the patience... well..." I blinked, ready to argue, to point out that reneging wasn't an option, not even by unanimous choice, but Suzy cut in first.

"You get me. Just like you would have had Marie. I get you first because they were unfair to me to trick me like they did, and as the 'virgin' I have the most catching up to do."

"Then me." Added Tatiyana with a wink that promised more would be forthcoming eventually. "After all, I was as teased as you were last week, unable to touch you, even as you were ripe for the plucking."

"And then I get you.. all to myself... you can't just give a girl the best orgasm she's had all year, then taunt her with a serious fucking like the one you just laid down then expect her to sit back patiently to wait until you're done with another..." Karen added stridently, hands on hips, challenging.

"Then..." Marie taunted softly, taking charge once more... " And only then, if you survive the gauntlet will I let you touch me." Her voice caught on that a bit, but she couldn't resist throwing her brilliance in my face. "After all, changing the deal was your call, not mine. I'm just following your precedent." I swayed on my feet, Tati, the game player, watched me closely, almost leaning forward in time with my backwards sway...

"True, but I don't need agreement from anyone to keep altering. One night." I tossed back, each girl blinked, almost in unison. "One night apiece, in rotation. First Suzy..."

"Susan. I'm a woman now..." she protested weakly.

"Susan. Tonight I sleep in her room, her bed. All the things I said about you applies to her as well. Tomorrow, Tati, her bed, all night, same deal; then Karen, then you... Tuesday." I promised her. "I think I can wait that long..." I paused, letting it sink in, I could see her planning, thinking to keep the girls on her side, convincing them that one night apiece was far too little, then I closed the deal. "Then we start over with Susan, starting the cycle again." Once every four days... not what I'd planned, what I'd expected, but better than nothing... and it wasn't as if I'd be complaining while I waited.

She tried to take a deep breath, as deep as she could in the corset. I waited with baited breath... who would break ranks first. Tati was my guess, but only I knew she was on my side, so to speak.

"I like it." Karen chimed in. "And it only covers which bedroom he sleeps in, who he fucks that night... which means you can still hold your end of the deal during the day... he's fair game for whomever has an itch to scratch."

Game.Set.Match. I even got a freebie out of it, thanks to Karen's reading the fine print for me. Tatiyana actually laughed out loud, breaking ranks physically with the other girls, stalking to the patio to sit, legs still spread, on one of the loungers. Poor Susan looked a little lost, out of the loop and unaware of some elements of The Deal.

With her move, the tension dissolved, the girls scattering, mostly. Marie just stood there looking stunned. I'd outmaneuvered her for the second, maybe third time today, I'd triggered buttons she didn't even know she had. Karen was leading Susan off, telling her out loud a few minor details, explaining that Marie was basically my little pet now... at least for a while. Almost in those exact words, as a matter of fact. My cock stirred as it hit home, I had the initiative, the advantage.

I stepped forward, scooping Marie into my arms. She was lighter than Susan, though my arms ached anyway. I carried her quickly before I could exhaust myself and dropped her, screaming, into the chill water of the pool. She sputtered and cursed, angry as any pussy forced into water against its will when she came up, hair a wet curtain over her eyes.

"I like my pet clean and ready for me. When you are mine, essentially every day, and every fourth night..." For now, "... you will be clean when I want you clean, how I want you clean." I glanced at the repaired motor. It would be fine for now. She glowered at me, knowing I wasn't quite ready to fuck yet. I would be, oh... I would be.

"Go ahead and remove that silly veil and corset. Leave the shoes on." The padding under her feet was already soaked, no sense letting that sacrifice go to waste. "once you are done, just stand there and wait for me.... Put the cloth on the stairs there." I told her, walking away and signaling Tati to meet me inside. I was at the sink, pulling out some dish soap and a rough sponge when she tottered in.

"You know, you just completely destroyed a very excellent plan that would have taken two weeks to accomplish what you just did in five minutes?" She asked me, leaning against the counter. " I guess I can't complain, I don't have to wait nearly so long to enjoy you, if less thoroughly than I had planned." She arched her back, perfectly comfortable in the corset and heels, the two or so hours she'd been wearing them child's play to the eight or more she spent in them at work.

"Tragic. I know you must be ready to go to bed... again... but would you mind terribly playing my second for a while... and I would like some of your toys."

"Ah... certainly. I had hoped you'd want my help waking the beast there, but I suppose you have everything well in hand." She stretched luxuriously, catlike and utterly feminine at the same time. "I suppose you want me pool side? Karen? Suzy.. Susan?"

"You. I'm sure Karen will be happy to help Suz...an explore a few other avenues of sexuality for a while tonight. If Susan doesn't pass out on her." I looked at the sky. Summer, I had plenty of daylight left, though of course I'd had a really early morning... I'd seek my bed... Susan's bed, before the sun went down. Hopefully I'd get some real sleep tonight, I had the feeling Susan would want to wring me dry and then squeeze a bit more just to be certain she'd got it all. She was a lusty teenager, and I remembered the girls when I'd been that age: They'd either fuck you until your dick chapped, or they wouldn't let you past second base. Besides, while I was working over Marie, turning her into a good Submissive instead of a crappy switch Dom/tease, she'd be resting up and thinking about the night to come. It seemed horribly unfair... er...

I headed back outside with my dish soap and scrubby sponge. Marie shivered in the pool and glared at me, but she'd obeyed. The heels were a poor idea in the pool, I knew, but I was already thinking ahead. I didn't live here because I was short of money and needed to split rent or work it off, after all. I could probably match Tatiyana dollar for dollar if I had to, and I knew what kind of money a young, naturally hot woman like her could earn as a dancer, never mind the stipend from her parents and the scholarship funds. The whole 'rental property' was a sticking point, I had to admit, but the place was run down, poorly maintained by the owners... bah, I get ahead of myself.

Marie took one look at my supplies and shook her head.

"Oh, hell no!" she snarled, starting for the stairs.

"Oh, hell Yes!" I snapped right back. My voice alone was enough to pull her up short, a reminder of this morning's confrontation I supposed. Yeah, letting her think was a mistake, giving her time to stew, to work up her pride and indignation. I threw the sponge at her, slapping her in the face with the harmless yellow and green thing. She blinked, staggered back, lost her balance and fell into the water. By the time she sputtered upright again I had the sponge back. I took one hand in mine, turning it up and slapping the sponge into it. Then I took the other and poured a fat dollop of the syrupy soap into her palm, slapping her breasts with her own, soapy, hand.

"You Will clean yourself. You're covered in sweat an old nasty oil and sex. That won't do at all. Is that how you want to have your first time with me? Covered in someone else's sex funk? Nasty? We can do nasty, but I'll be damned if our first is sloppy seconds for you." I snarled. Stunned she rubbed the soap around absently. I snapped the top shut on the bottle and tossed it in to float next to her. " Be through. Make me happy with how clean you are or it will go downhill from here." She shuddered, eyes closed at my words. Not fear, I was certain. She trusted her friends, trusted the public venue, despite the high wooden fence we were still out of doors where the neighbors could, if they chose, listen in.

I stood by and watched, my cock swelling pleasantly, but not completely as she obeyed me. I had never tried to exercise power over a woman like this before, it felt... good. My ex had been too willful, too selfish to ever listen to even my suggestions, but not dominant enough to challenge me either.

About the time I heard Tati's heels behind me on the patio I grew impatient with Marie's cleaning and snatched the soap from the water, pouring a fat dollop into her hair, rubbing it in vigorously with my hand, then grabbing her wrist to pull her around and pour another dollop down the crack of her ass.

"I said through." I stated flatly. Instinct or basic decency programmed into me from childhood kept me from adding a dismissive 'bitch' to that. With Tati I would have in a heartbeat, with Karen I'd say it if we were in mid fuck... no sweat. With Marie? Here and now certainly she'd react poorly. I wasn't giving her the opportunity to collect herself, I wouldn't give her the opportunity to get indignant, to get her pride up. I couldn't confront her too strongly too often or I'd lose my power over her. She had to be coaxed as much as possible.

Tatiyana's sharp nails dug into my hard ass cheek. I had cramps all through my body from before, the sudden reminder almost staggered me. Standing there, glowering, I had frozen up. I needed water, needed... god I needed anything but the hard, necessary, work I was putting in.

"Lift your legs up, honey, clean them good too..." Tati cooed to her friend. Marie blinked, looking to me instantly for confirmation, and I nodded. Excellent, I thought. The knowledge that her friends were on my side, coupled with the exact right response... I wanted to skip ahead, to fuck her right then. Tati set the case down on the grass next to my bare feet, leaning in close so she could whisper to me.

"Have her serve you like she did before. You need to relax, and the 'non-sexual' work will keep her... calm." She whispered, caressing my back. "Give her a few more minutes... she's not 100% clean yet." I nodded tightly, and coughed when I realized she was moving into a crouch before me, taking my cock in her mouth, only chubby, half sized, still exhausted but getting better. It was easy to get her lips over my tight sack, matching up with the ring still there.

"Don't worry about her, pet. You need to clean there better." I leaned forward, braced on the edge of the pool and cupped her cunt, just over the water line, slapping upwards sharply, drawing a gasp. And don't forget your face either." I added roughly. I was swelling in the blonde's mouth, the hard stud in her tongue working miracles on my abused flesh. I wondered if she enjoyed the mingled taste of Suzy's body and mine, the taste of the oils she'd massaged into my skin over and over again. It was hard to tell, she was eager enough, skilled certainly, but she gave no hint, no clue about her own feelings as she worked. She kept her lips locked to that ring, like a prize, as my dick swelled in her willing mouth, one finger rubbing my pucker. I wasn't sure how to take that, but I had to admit it felt good with everything else. I didn't waste time wondering how she could breath like that... a womanly mystery that could remain unsolved.

Of course, her efforts grew less magnificent as my girth and length limited her options, until she relied on tongue flutters and main suction.

Meanwhile I enjoyed watching Marie clean her conch, my stern gaze keeping her working on it far far longer than strictly necessary. Despite herself, she obviously was enjoying it as well, before she could get off, however, I sternly reminded her to scrub her face, I'd already ensured she'd used both sides of the sponge, particularly the harsh green side, her skin glowed from the friction.

I tapped Tati on the shoulder, letting her up... or rather asking her up, and leaned forward, sponge in and. I rasped Marie's twat with the scrubby side, watching as she jumped at the contact. I pushed her over, into the water once more, though she'd rinsed several times. The pump was only pulling the soapy film out slowly, utterly inadequately.

"Ok, Marie. You're clean enough... now." I stated for the benefit of both of the women. I didn't want her using the rails on the stairs out of the pool, she had to hold my hand up and down, until she stood before me, shivering with the cold, she'd be warm soon enough. She looked down at my hard cock, dripping with her friend's saliva. I shook my head briefly. Oh, I knew she wouldn't mind giving me another blowjob.. .but she was about to learn a thing or two about teasing. I lifted her chin with one finger, looking down into her eyes.

"You must learn that you are mine, and only mine, until such time as our deal ends. No one else may touch you, you may not touch anyone else, not even when I am forced to share a bed with the others. You remember the deal, don't you." After a long moment she nodded, a tiny limited thing at the angle I held her head. Rules, she loved rules, setting them following them, forcing others to follow them. Maybe she loved breaking them under certain circumstances, but really, once you had her roped to rules... of her own making anyway... she became pliable. "Are you ready for your first lesson?"

She started to form an answer, and argument. What about the bath? Where did lessons come into the deal? I don't know what she planned to say, but the awkwardness of the finger under her jaw, the look in my eye, made her pause just long enough to whimper and nod once more, just as before.

"Excellent." I breathed, sounding as pleased as I felt. My pleasure washed over her, palpably rewarding her for obedience. I HAD to figure out how that worked, to use it later, on demand if at all possible. She closed her eyes with another whimper, utterly at my mercy, at least for the moment. That would undoubtedly change, and soon I suspected.

"Turn around, my pet." I shaped the term into an endearment now, rather than the dismissive pejorative I'd used earlier. Keep those lovely dark eyes closed, face out over the water... there you go... that's my lovely pet, so obedient, so..." I sighed softly, caressing her back. "Put your hands on the rim... like that. Step back a bit... a bit more... that's my girl, spread your legs... wider... wider still... I know it aches, I know..." I kept caressing her back. She was spread wide now, totally open, and I had the best look at her sex I'd ever had. She was so narrow, so tight, with neat little lips that failed to close over her cute little bud, wide tanned skin, with faint pale streaks in the folds where her strong thighs met her body, I reached between them, finding the thin little line of close cropped hair, barely pencil wide and trailed my finger's down it, straight to her nubbin, making her jump. She was so wet, not just the water beading on her skin, but a faint runnel of thicker fluid collecting like dew in her folds. I nodded to Tati, indicating what I wanted.

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