tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFour for the Handyman Ch. 07

Four for the Handyman Ch. 07


Tatiyana announced, as she strode outside where I had been washing my Pet, "I have a wonderful idea. It's a beautiful day, a weekend. Lets go to the beach!" From Karen's cheerful cry I figured out that a unanimous decision was likely; was, in fact, the plan. I even heard Suzy, obviously back from church, holler out her window.

I smiled. "It's a great idea. Lets do it! Get your swimsuits, ladies." I honestly didn't mind. I'd been maneuvered, certainly, but I could just as easily use this as I could more time cooped in the house with three lusty girls waiting their turns, distracting us. I turned to unbind Marie.

"I... Your Pet would have refused, Owner. She wants to complete her training as quickly as possible." She murmured. I kissed her lightly.

"No worries, Pet. Leave your shoes outside and go upstairs and get ready for the beach. Some training is best conducted away from here anyway." Besides, I didn't want to upset the apple cart by forcing close votes from the girls. Eventually someone would notice the unbalance of power, where I could make unilateral decisions that could only be vetoed by all four of them, and no one else could... eventually if I didn't keep them distracted and thinking on things other than The Deal.

Tati waited until Marie was upstairs before turning away with a wink, but no other comment. I had the car, after all, I had something of an ace up my sleeve for this situation, not that I had planned for it, but sometimes life just works out funny that way. Besides, after a week I was enjoying keeping Mr. Winky under wraps, though of course, I knew the Speedo was sadly in the cards once more. Can't win them all.

While the girls were upstairs getting ready I moved the bags to the garage, leaving the jug of litter by the back door. I considered the level of success demonstrated by the simple acceptance of the act of crapping in front of the others without complaint. Last night, when it was just the two of us in the dark she'd fought me as best as she could... today not a peep. Maybe I had truly won her over? We'd see after she went back to school and work tomorrow. That would be the true test, I'd reserve judgment until next weekend, when she was mine for essentially 36 straight hours, being mine Saturday night and both days without undue interruption.

Karen wore something quite a bit more demure than her last swimsuit, but I could see the faint hint of the ball between her ass cheeks, so I didn't have to wonder why. Other than that, they all wore the same suits as before, though I knew at least Marie had a few others, more revealing than the tight, insanely narrow, shorts she wore as bottoms. The top of the shorts actually fell below her hipbones, and the legs, while even, fell exactly even with her mound. Four inches maybe? And not too much wider at the back. I'd dismissed them as demure when compared to, say, Karen's string confection, but with my attention focused on her completely I now saw what an illusion it was.

Tati dangled the banana hammock from one longer finger, so I stripped and dressed, pulling shorts over them for the drive. Marie had taken her time, but she also carried a bag packed with towels and other important beach sundries, and she'd kept the tiny pink collar on. All the girls had a towel but she was the only one with a bag. I had one of my own, actually, but much smaller and less focused on the beach itself.

"No volleyball?" I asked with a sad sigh, I could picture the two on two game with these lovelies.

"There's one in the bag." Marie replied. It was, as I said, a big bag. Of course, she was a sun-worshipping athlete; I should have guessed she'd play.

Marie laughed softly when she realized where we were headed. It took Tati a moment longer and she swore softly under her breath, but not unkindly. The other two were clueless until sometime after I'd parked and we began walking past the fence with 'Clothing Optional' signs. It was a longer drive, out of town and then some, but totally worth it in this case. There was no real control on entry, no fees, no guards; just the fence and signs, just like the fact that the lifeguards were on duty solely to keep people from drowning. Sure, there were rules here, there had to be by law, but enforcement was non-existent by design. I'd been a few times, years ago with my Ex, but we'd never really taken advantage of the place and I'd all but forgotten it until the Russian tried to pull a fast one on me.

I'd heard from a few friends that some 'freaks' liked the place because it was the one place they could fly their flag in broad daylight without being worried of being arrested. I'd never seen it, but some of the things I had seen the last trip out made me think this was utterly true. Not that I intended to push things that hard exactly...

Optional was just that. Plenty of beach-goer's didn't bother, or were there just to watch. There wasn't a place to store your stuff, no real facilities other than some toilets and open air showers, a drinking fountain, that sort of thing. Accordingly, we walked until we found a good spot, the beach not nearly as crowded as the normal ones in town.

Karen doffed her top, which set the others to stripping, with catcalls directed towards me to participate. Marie abstained from the rush, instead going about the simple business of laying out a truly massive towel, big enough for two or more, and valuable protection from the hot sand. Only once that was done, the rest of us nude, but for Karen's stubborn insistence on keeping her bottoms on... hiding her toy I guessed... did she turn to me for permission to strip.

Tati apparently figured that things were, at least momentarily, out of her hands and quickly joined Susan in chasing Karen around, trying to strip off her bottoms. The tiny woman, while faster than her pursuers was hindered by the very reason she refused to take them off.

Marie looked lovely under the sun, wearing only her collar and a smile. She held up some sunscreen and politely insisted on applying it to me, a process that was sinfully decadent and drew a few whistles from passer's by. I returned the favor, though she favored a less protective tanning lotion. I had to admit that I loved the feel of her soft body under my hands, the way she arched to meet my hands, made herself available to my every touch, no matter how innocent or perverse. She provided me a beach pillow and a bottle of ice water, then retrieved the ball.

Susan and Tatiyana had caught Karen and stripped her of her bottoms by this point. Tati already knew all about the butt plug, it was hers after all, but Susan couldn't resist prodding it and commenting about it, until I was certain Karen would tear it out herself just to escape the attention. Luckily for me, Marie's offer of ball provided a key distraction, and butt plug and all the girls paired off, the smaller faster, presumably more skilled team of Marie and Karen against the size and power of Tatiyana's blonde goddess and Susan's Irish rose. I knew that Karen was a liability, distracted, too short to reach the ball most of the time, a handicap for the talented Marie? I knew that Tatiyana, could be good, she had reach and grace, and was fairly athletic thanks to her dancing. That left Suzy as the wildcard... her swaying breasts were hypnotic...to me, but I wasn't playing, and she lacked the speed or grace of the other women... suffering by comparison I suppose, but she was easily the strongest, what my father would have described as a 'good old fashioned corn fed farm girl... built like a brick shithouse ta boot.'. Poetry runs through our veins I guess. She also seemed the most naturally aggressive, at least outside off sexual matters.

So I got a command performance of four incredibly beautiful goddesses playing nude beach volleyball, breasts bouncing, bodies colliding, sweat beading. The first game went about as I predicted, Marie's skill showing with her expert serves scoring point after point with little effort, Karen fumbling set ups once the game settle into a grudge match, Susan aggressive but unfocused, and Tatiyana acting above it all for a while. The second game was much closer, with Karen sprawling face first after missing a vital last point. She reached around as she stood, looking at me once, one of the few acknowledgements of my existence, and continued as she was.

If the second game had been a grudge match, the third, and final was a showdown at high noon. Karen and Marie had come to an understanding about their roles on the court, Susan had risen to the challenge of the game, powering point after point over the net, not always accurately, Tatiyana covering her partner's weaknesses. They went into overtime, then double and triple, neither team getting that all-important two-point spread to declare a winner. It came down to endurance, and Marie was the only trained athlete, conserving her strength, waiting until she could get the easy points. It almost cost her, but by this point Suzy was using one arm to hold her breasts, staggering in the deep sand, and Tatiyana, used to long hours on her feet still moved sluggishly. Karen, never really a factor in the games so far became a key player now, limited to strict defense by her inability to clear the net at all, she played her very best in those final rounds, proving Marie's faith in picking her.

Rather than collapse onto the towels to sun for a bit, the girls dashed for the cold water to cool off. Their game, while attractive, hadn't gotten as much attention as you might think... frolicking nude girls, even pretty ones, were not exactly rare on a 'nude' beach.

In the water I noticed Karen jump, goosed by Susan, though their play turned... or so it seemed to me... sexual, intimate. Opposites attract? Marie and Tati were then, by that measure, too similar?

My pet flopped next to me, tired and happy.

"Would Owner like his pet to pleasure him?" she offered. There was, as was common, a 'no sex' policy on the beach, but even from where I sat I could see pairings in and out of the water. I had the leash in the bag, I could walk my pet if I wished. I could accept...

"Oho!" came Tati's sultry voice. "He's mine tonight, and that means I get first crack at him." She shot a glare at me, hands on her hips, looking down. "And don't try to bullshit me with 'training', a deal is a deal."

I knew the real source of her outrage. A beach, a public beach, one where no one would complain if she rode me like a merry-go-round and screamed to the heavens... a dream come true for an exhibitionist, and she was worried that Marie would steal her chance.

"My pet... I do think she is in more need of pleasuring than I am. See to it." I ordered offhand. Marie shot me a look of shock mixed with unreadable other emotions before rising to her hands and knees. Tati raised her hands, half in protest before she realized what she was about to refuse. I knew she did women as often, maybe more often than men... by her own admission, and a public licking was as much a part of her wiring as a ride on the meat pole. Most of all, I hadn't refused her, in fact, I was ensuring she got her special attention today, I was obeying the deal... sort of.

On Suzy's towel, Karen finally having relented, the other two watched, thought Susan split her attention between the show and the black rubber in her friends ass, Karen just enjoyed the attention and the show without complaint as she lay on her stomach. She had some pretty strong sunscreen on, I'd seen the bottle wrapped in her towel.

Marie stayed on her knees in the hot sand, Tati stayed standing... it was a serviceable bit of cunnilingus... nothing fancy but definitely functional. So, as I suspected, Marie knew her way around pussy, and just being in Public made the blonde easy to please... very easy. When she pushed Marie's head away, the sun-bronzed face was glazed from ear to ear.

"Enough..." Tati rasped. Marie looked to me for confirmation and I nodded. The dancer sprawled on her own towel, the warm sun evaporating her sweat, drying her almost instantly, while Marie crawled back to lay against my legs, sunning herself. She reached into the bag and offered me the decorative leash for her collar, and I thought to myself 'why not?'. I would have to 'walk' her, like I'd heard of others doing, just because I could. From her attitude I believed she'd enjoy it as much as I did.

The blonde looked over at me from where she sprawled. "You will still fuck me." She promised. "Once I've recovered..."

"I never said otherwise." I stroked Marie's hair absently. Things were going... well.

Over on the other towel things were getting hotter. Karen could only stand so much ass play without things turning serious. She'd been primed by the plug anyway, hours so far of constant pressure in her favorite place, she'd rubbed more than a few off since then, and to have someone, anyone toying with it... well, Red was playing with fire every time she prodded.

Karen had leapt up, pouncing on the bigger girl, bowling her over from surprise more than anything else. As I watched she sat on Suzy's face, pressing her sodden slit to the surprised mouth. She reached back and fucked herself with the plug right in front... literally inches... from the other girl's eyes.

"Stop teasing me, bitch, and start fucking me!" she ordered, grinding her cunt against those puffy lips. Susan, to my surprise, as I'd thought she was still exploring this... it HAD only been a day after all... reached up and gripped Karen's hips, one hand replacing hers on the ball, diving into the muff with gusto. With both hands free, Karen took ahold of the shaking teats in front of them, twisting them viciously, making Susan squeal and buck under her, but not stopping the licking. Hot as she was it only took Karen seconds to groan through her first orgasm, falling forward over her friend, reaching for the red ringlets south of Susan's border, but falling tragically short. Not that Susan was letting go of her hips to make it easier.

Reluctantly Karen released on breast, reaching for the pale slit, sliding a finger in easily as we watched. Marie and Tatiyana had been barely a warm up act compared to what was happening.

Susan, obviously not quite happy with the arrangement, flipped Karen off her, rolling her into the white sands, powder coating the sweaty girl. She pinned the smaller girl down with her body, kissing her passionately, working one hand between Karen's legs still. Without breaking the kiss, Karen struggled feebly to get up, to break the pin, her ass wriggling against the hot sands, eventually wrapping her legs around Suzy's thighs, spreading wider for those plunging fingers. Between the plug, the kiss and the plunging fingers it wasn't long until Karen was screaming through a body shaking orgasm, coating Susan's hand with her cream. Susan sat up, a satisfied smirk on her face.

"No, THAT"S how I please a bitch." She lay back, closing her eyes against the sun. Karen just lay there panting from aftershocks.

Tati was still recovering, the show was evidentially over. I stood, taking the leash in hand, shaking it slightly to get my Pet's attention.

"I'd prepare yourself." I told the reclining blonde. "Once I've walked my pet I'm in a mood to get some payback for the teasing you inflicted upon me all week." She shivered at my words.

With Marie on her hands and knees we went for a leisurely walk around the beach, taking our time. It was a big beach, even confining ourselves to the sand and the surf, the cold water washing over us as we walked. I got many comments and more than a few compliments from men and women alike... not all of them regarding my lovely pet... awkward when the compliments were from men... inviting when they were from women.

"What will Owner do to Tati?" Marie asked me, moving slower as she tired.

"What does my Pet think?" I didn't wait for a response. "I am going to fuck her, just as she asked. When I am done with her she will be unable to walk off the beach under her own power." Easier said than done, but at least she was already tired from playing. "I'm going to wear her out until she would prefer to sleep the night away, then... when it's her turn properly, I will do it again, until she passes out from the force of her pleasure. I am going to slake my lusts on her tender young body in ways she only imagines she has experienced." I promised. She made an approving noise of sorts, sore and tired from the long crawl.

"Since Owner will not have much time for his Pet, she wants him to know that today has been... her favorite day. She hopes Owner is proud of her."

We were on the way back now, "My pet has nothing to fear on that." I replied. "Not about my pride in her, nor in my attentions."

Tati was ready for me, or so she thought. Karen and Susan were curled together, relaxing. I let Marie sit, brushing the sand out of her knees and palms. The slender blonde seemed fired up, ready to go, I distracted her with a bottle from the bag I had brought myself.

"Oil yourself up. Get Karen to help you if you must." I told her. "Be... very... through." I turned to my tired and happy Pet. "Playtime is over. Lessons." I told her. She sat up a bit stiffer, expectant, curious... I reached into my bag. "Ass please." I told her, and after a moment she rolled over pushing her derriere up towards me. I held up a plug, similar to Karen's, only this one ended in a long bundle of hair, a tail if you like. It was bigger than the tiny probe that had been in her ass in either chastity belt, but not as big as Karen's full sized plug. I pushed it in dry, careful to not hurt her. Her ass was ready, her body tired, sweaty despite the drying heat, it proved enough, though she did wince once before it was seated, giving her a tail that swished over her cunt at this angle. I also had a strappy assembly that lifted her feet, tying ankle to thigh, which I put on with only a moment of effort. I had another pair of shoes, but the harsh sand and saltwater were utterly inappropriate for them. Too bad, I sighed. I did push the pair of rubber eggs into her wet slit, leaving a tiny white string to pull them out later. I put a 'horse bit' in her mouth, effectively gagging her, and the handcuffs, in front of her so she could still 'walk' like this, but still binding her.

"Karen, Susan, I know you both are somewhat eager to take the Pet for a walk, and you'll have your chance. Give her a bit of time to grow accustomed to her training aides, and to recover from the long walk she just had, then you may each take turns walking her." Behind her bit, Marie was breathing harder than she had when we'd returned.

My earlier walk had drawn more attention to the five of us. A group of mostly men gathered, loose and disorganized, a respectful distance away. Excellent. As Karen took up the leash I bent down for one last inspection, rubbing my thumb over her cum-slick clit. Oh yes, Marie was most definitely hot to trot, no matter how her mind might be spinning in that beautiful head of hers. I wiped a line of drool from her lower lip, knowing it would just form again, the bit held her mouth open, she couldn't control it. Susan took one look at Tati and I and followed Karen.

"I seem to recall a reward 'beyond my wildest dreams' for the torture of last week. Is interfering in Marie's training my 'reward'?" my voice was ugly, more than I meant.

"No!" She protested weakly. 'Its... its..." she looked away, the crowd threatened to move away, following the trio of pretty girls, but they'd be back.

"Tell me, then. What's this fabulous reward I was promised?" Kinder.

"It... was supposed to be me. Not just for sex, or sex every so often... me, like you are taking Marie. I wasn't going to fight, or resist... but she... you... stole my thunder. I had such a plan to present myself, tied with a bow for you."

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