tagLoving WivesFour Hour Wait Ch. 01

Four Hour Wait Ch. 01


Amy rubbed her fingers through her blond hair as she looked at her watch. It was eight-thirty, already too late for a night out.

Where was Mike? Where was her husband?

She had tried calling him, texting him, everything but smoke signals.

"He's cheating on me," she thought angrily to herself. "He's cheating on me on our anniversary."

Amy could think of no other explanation. Why would he miss this of all nights? She had reminded him to be home on time, that it was their special day.

She looked down at her slender hips and ample breasts. Was she not sexy enough after twelve years? She had tried to keep up, even look younger than she really was. Was it not enough?

Her insecurities began to invade her thoughts as she drifted back and forth from her delusion to the reality that her husband was almost four hours late from work.

"Honey," her husband's words broke her from her dreamlike state, "I'm sorry I'm late."

Amy fumed.

Late was one thing. Four hours late on your anniversary was quite another.

"Late," Amy stood up and smiled, "you're not late, you're three hundred and sixty four days and twenty hours early."

Amy watched his expression drop as he stood there speechless.

"I'm sorry," Mike finally stammered. "I don't know how to make it up to you."

"Make it up to me?" Amy snapped, "you can't get back our anniversary now. It's past."

She glared at him he fumbled with his coat through the moment of silence.

"What can I do?" he moved closer to her but she pushed him away forcefully, "I want to make it up to you. I'm so sorry."

"You can start by washing all that whore juice off of you," Amy quipped, "and then if I've cooled down we can talk."

Amy watched his expression droop as he stood there shaking his head "no". What was he thinking? Who was she?

Amy wasn't sure she wanted to know.

"If I shower," Mike almost whispered, "then can we talk?"

"I don't know," she both said aloud and wondered to herself, "we'll see."

She watched his he slumped his head and slowly walked away. Why was she so mean? What had come over her? It wasn't like her.

Part of her wondered what she did wrong? Why was he looking somewhere else? Infidelity is a symptom of a problem, not the problem itself.

She heard the steam of water from the shower start.

Or was it?

It was like she was waking up. How many times had he cheated before this and she had not noticed? If she caught him this time, there surely were others. He was always coming home at odd hours, one day five, the next ten.

How many times? Thinking about it was making her crazier and crazier with jealousy and hatred until she stormed off toward the bathroom.

"How many times?" Amy stood there staring at her husband through the steamy shower door, "how many Mike?"

"I don't know what to say," Mike stammered, rinsing the soap from his eyes. "I don't honey."

The response sent her over the edge. She grabbed her razor and some strawberry scented gel and shoved it into the shower.

"Here," she commanded, "I want you to look like a swimmer when you're done. What do you think she'll say about that if she sees you again?"

"Honey I didn't," Mike started.

"Take them or I'm walking out the door right now," Amy pushed the items further into the shower. "And don't forget the backside."

Mike hesitantly grabbed the gel and razor and began shaving.

Amy stood and watched, soon a calming sense of power began to come over her.

"If you put a little less gel on you'll get better results," she smiled smugly as she watched Mike slather the gel on his chest. "I'd also start with the most sensitive areas, razors get dull fast."

Amy was torn when she saw his shaft stiffening, she wanted to humiliate him not turn him on, but at the same time the sight of his hard shaft made her lust for his touch.

"Is this enough?" Mike rolled the water over his body revealing his poor attempt at shaving his legs.

Amy laughed.

"Honey," Amy shook her head "no", "you'll need to get all of the hair, not just two or three strands."

With each stroke she watched some of her anger subside and turn into something she couldn't quite understand. It felt powerful in a way she had yet to feel in her life. She had never once told someone to do something. She may had suggested or coerced, but never forced someone to follow her command.

Now was the first time she felt any control in her life and it was intoxicating.

How many times had she done what he had wanted? Or her parents and siblings? It was time for her to wake up and take charge of her life.

"How does it feel?" She handed him a towel when it was finally finished, "I think you did a good job for your first time."

Amy watched as he quickly covered his body with the towel.

"What are you embarrassed?" She tugged at the towel and feigned peaking at his body.

"Can we talk now?" Mike almost begged, "Please?"

Without answering Amy grabbed his towel and tugged him all the way through the house to the kitchen.

"Sit down," she pointed to the seat she usually sat in as she deftly removed the towel from his hips and tossed it aside.

Amy sat down and soaked in the sight of her naked, completely shaved husband sitting in front of her, the power becoming more and more intoxicating with each moment. He used to look so strong, but now he was so adorable with his short brown hair, the deep blue eyes, glistening shaved body. So adorable and so small and weak.

She didn't care now that he had cheated, she only wanted him to feel the humiliation he so deserved for doing it.

"Honey, I don't know what to say," Mike stammered excruciatingly slowly, "I was late because I..."

With each word, each pause, Amy's nerves grew more and more on edge. How could he have done this to her on her anniversary?

"Look," Amy interrupted, "what's done is done. I just can't believe you would do it today of all days."

She looked him over. He looked so scared and small to her and that only made her feeling of grandeur grow.

"I hope your day was worth the ramifications," she continued, "because there are going to be a lot of changes from now on."

Amy surged with power, she could see him cower at her words, almost whimper, each word driving more and more humiliation deeper and deeper into him. He was going to know how it felt to be humiliated on his anniversary, just like she knew.

"Can I just get dressed and then we can talk," Mike mustered the energy to beg. "Please."

"You can just sit there and listen like a good little boy," Amy shook her head no and smiled. "We can come to an agreement and then we'll see what you can can do."

Amy watched him sit there in torment. A pang of guilt came over her as she noticed a tear running down his cheek, but she quickly remind herself of her many tears. No, this wasn't enough.

"How do you feel like that," Amy nodded at him. "Does it feel good to be all silky smooth?"

"I feel embarrassed," Mike rushed his hands over his body to cover anything he could and let out a gentle sob, "What has come over you?"

Amy felt she had won but something inside of her wasn't letting her stop.

"How do you think I felt waiting for you," Amy asked annoyed. "You'll get used to it. As for the changes around here."

Amy moved her chair closer to Mike and felt the tension in his body slowly subside as she gently touched brushed the teach from his cheek with her hand. He was her scared little boy.

"I don't want this to happen again honey," Amy feigned compassion, "I want us to be happy and together."

"Honey you don't understand," Mike begged.

"Yes I do sweetie," she reached out and massaged his leg, amazed at how smooth and silky they felt.

Then she let her hand drift over his thighs, up to his hips then his shaft. A shock ran through as she felt it jolt back and forth as her fingers shift around it, feeling his newly freed skin.

"If you shave like this everyday," Amy hesitated and let her finger slide gently up the length of his silky soft shaft, "and wear cute little panties to work, I figure you'll be too embarrassed to come home late again."

Amy watched his face turn away in torment as she kept running the finger gently up and down the now stiffening shaft. She shifted her body nearer to him, feeling her power grow as he slid deeper and deeper into the chair.

"Please honey," Mike moaned, "I don't want to like this."

Amy giggled and slowly pulled her finger away.

"Okay but all of this is making me a little hungry," Amy shifted her chair back and shifted her body to face him.

"I could use a bowl of ice cream," Amy said coyly. "Would you?"

Amy felt her inside rumble in desire as she watched him silently get out of his chair and make her ice cream.

"Thank you," she smiled as he put the bowl and spoon on the table in front of her.

Amy smiled and looked deep into his blue eyes then down his whole fit body. The smooth silky chest and heavily contrasting hairless nipples sent shivers through her. Then her eyes drifted down and for the first time really looked at his manhood.

How different it looked. Before it looked so imposing and strong, now it looked cute and cuddly.

"Here, let me slip these off," Amy closed her eyes and slid her hands up her skirt and removed an expensive pair of lace panties. "They'll only get in the way."

"Please," she reached down and lifted her skirt, "we both should have some dessert."

She watched every tormented move Mike made. She knew he didn't like going down on her, that he thought it was dirty. Now she watched as his mind said no but his body slowly knelt in front of her.

That look alone, him kneeling nude between her legs, sent her body shivering. The sight of his head slowly nearing her spread lips, the feeling of his breath between her moist legs, only adding to the moistness.

Finally his tongue burrowed between her and the first explosion of orgasm sailed up and down her spine. The ice cream dripping slowly down her throat only added to the intense pleasure.

She let her legs squeeze his head hard and deeper into her, until all she could feel was his face writhing against her. Her lungs filled with gasp after gasp until, finally, her body collapsed in exhaustion and her legs slowly let his head free.

"That was nice," Amy patted him on the head as she turned and finished her ice cream. "Be a doll and get a warm wash cloth and wipe me up would you?"

Amy couldn't decide which felt better with the ice cream, the explosion of lust or the feeling of power she had as he washed her while she finished the dessert.

"Now can we talk," Mike begged as both of them finished.

"Sure we can talk," Amy glared down at him. "We can talk about how I would never to that to you."

She watched as Mike cowardly shifted away towards his chair. He looked helpless to her for the first time in their marriage.

"I know you wouldn't do that to me," he started, "I know."

The word trailed off in sobs.

"No I wouldn't do that," Amy sneered, the feelings of power growing inside of her, "I would go to the bar, bring the guy home so you could watch. So I could tell you how he felt inside of me. What he did right that you didn't do. How big and strong he was."

Amy looked at him angrily.

"I would let you see everything," she continued, "because that's better than sitting on your dining room chair on your anniversary all dressed up waiting for four hours while your husband is having sex with god knows what bimbo across town. I had special reservations. It was our night."

Amy started to cry but quickly gathered herself. She wasn't about to let those insecure feelings return.

"Amy, please," Mike leaned on her knees and pleaded, "I will do anything to save our marriage but it wasn't like that."

"Then you'll agree to my changes," Amy smiled and rubbed his hair.

She felt his head lean to her touch. The fact that he wanted her now, when she was being so condescending made her excitement begin to grow once again.

"Anything," he begged, "just let us be together. I need you."

Amy rubbed his cheek. For a moment she felt maternal and protective. He felt so scared and meek, something she had never seen in him before.

"Okay," Amy reached over and grabbed the panties she had taken off moments earlier, "you can start by wearing these to bed."

Amy watched intently as Mike uncomfortably shifted his legs into the panties, his cock bulging out at the edges.

"Tomorrow I'll take you shopping," Amy grabbed his hand and walked them off towards the bedroom, "I know some high school girls who work at a lingerie store that are really good at picking out comfortable styles."

She felt Mike's body shudder in fear just as the bulge in the panties shot through the elastic.

"So you like that," Amy touched the head of the cock with her finger, "a lot."

Mike looked away and nodded.

Amy loved the new feelings. She could feel every inch of her skin cringe with power with each tormented moment she inflicted on him.

"On your belly honey," they both slid onto the bed and kick away the sheets, "I want to do something for you now."

Amy slid her hand into the headrest and fond her vibrator and gel, quickly pulling them to her side before he could see them.

"You know how you always beg me to, you know," Amy rubbed her hand over his smooth ass and slowly slid her body between his legs. "Because you're being such a good little boy tonight, I will."

As she gently started to breathe on his smooth cheeks she could feel his shaft twitching wildly against the bed. His moans of pleasure sent waves of excitement through her as she roamed her tongue gently down the crease of his bottom, her hands gently pulling him apart.

"Thank god I just watched him shower," she thought as her tongue moved to his anus, gently circling it over and over again.

By now he was whimpering like a little baby and it was all Amy could do to not explode. She felt the juice between her legs thicken and drip to the sheets. As much as she was repulsed by what she was doing, his excitement was edging her closer and closer to ecstasy.

He let out a huge moan as she hardened her tongue against him and wormed her way into his soft interior. At first the taste was sour but quickly it went away, her tongue rippling in and out of him, feeling his body exploding with each flick of her tongue.

The power she had over him was dragging her excruciatingly close to her own orgasm. She felt it with each touch of her hand or flick of her tongue. He couldn't resist anything now and she could taste it.

She let her hands wander for the gel and vibrator she had pulled out earlier and slowly she pulled her tongue away as she let the cool lube drop to his ass.

"What," he could barely moan, his cheeks shooting together realizing what was happening.

It was too late, by the time he said something Amy had already slipped the shaft into him, the vibrations obviously pleasurable as his protesting quickly became panting and soft moans of ecstasy.

She let it linger in the same spot for a while, then with little urgency, rhythmically, began sliding it in and out.

"Just relax honey," she slid her body over his, "if you're going to wear panties, you really ought to know what this is like."

She felt him shudder beneath her.

Amy fumbled with her shirt and bra, the vibrator still running slowly up and down inside of him, until her chest was bare.

"Turn your head, honey," Amy pushed and pulled until his mouth was near her breast, "suck it, you'll feel better."

Amy couldn't help but let out her moan as his mouth enveloped her nipple and pulled it deep into his mouth before pressing his head tight to her chest. She pulled him to her, comforting him, her hands making deep creases in his hair. She felt her entire body shudder. She was going to come.

She let her pace quicken, his head pressing tighter and tighter with each thrust. She pushed and pulled until his shudders became gyrations their bodies convulsing uncontrollably.

"Oh honey," Amy moaned, "you are such a good little boy."

Amy pulled his mouth from her breast and moved between his legs. Gently she pulled his hips to her and pressed the vibrator in with her pelvis repeatedly, each press sending their bodies into deeper convulsions.

"Honey," Mike sobbed.

Amy slowly retreated.

"Do you want me to stop," Amy rubbed her breasts on his bottom, using her cleavage to toy with the vibrator.

"No," Mike sobbed. "I don't know what I want."

"I'll make you feel better than you've ever felt before if you do one thing for me," Amy squeezed her breasts on the end of the vibrator and pressed it in and out.

"Anything," Mike moaned, "I'll do anything."

Amy thought about what she wanted.

"You know that love, honor and obey crap you made me say at the wedding," Amy smiled, "you just have to agree to the "obey" part."

"Okay," Mike moaned, "please, anything, make this end."

Amy rolled onto her back and slid between Mike legs.

She looked at his cock, already dripping his own juices. It was so demeaning but so powerful to put that in her mouth right now. Would she ever do it again?

"Oh honey, you are so hard," Amy moaned as she watched his cock shoot straight up in response.

She let her hands slowly work the vibrator to the edge of his ass and then let her mouth gently descend upon him.

The first taste of his salty seed came almost at once, his thrusting cock emptying more and more into her until he collapsed exhausted.

"I didn't spill a drop sweetie," Amy rubbed his bottom. Gently removing the vibrator she pulled up the panties.

"Could you change the sheets while I freshen up," Amy smacked him gently on the butt, but he had already fallen asleep.

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