tagNonHumanFour Little Gnomes Make A Woman's Day

Four Little Gnomes Make A Woman's Day


Beth was lost in thought in her little cabin in the woods. What had she seen strolling about that morning? It looked like four little men but they all had the most enormous cocks and balls she'd ever seen. They had circled her, speaking in a singsong language but she couldn't understand what they said. They masturbated, cocks becoming massively enlarged, and then they had cum for what seemed like forever. Some had shot onto Beth but she didn't move or scream. Then they disappeared back into the woods. And Beth had been horny as hell ever since. She had been alone for a while but this was taking things a bit far.

Beth had seen and done quite a lot since being carried off into the woods by her big and hairy and sex starved Sasquatch a few months ago. He had kept her busy for quite a while, seemingly never satisfied, fucking her at all hours, which was more than okay with her. Beth had always wanted to be fucked senseless by a Sasquatch and he was certainly more than eager to oblige. Beth had become accustomed to fucking a lot every day and to being superbly satisfied by her big and hairy and enthusiastic Sasquatch lover. He'd even brought her to this deserted cottage in the middle of the woods when it became a little cooler.

Too bad she had no television or phone to find out what had become of her friends after they had finished filming the nature program that had been the reason for Beth being in the National Park in the first place, the film which happened to include her and the hairy beast fucking in the forest. That surely must have raised some eyebrows. Maybe as raised as high as a sasquatch's massive cock. She could hardly wait for him to get back and fill her up again. She was so horny all the time that she was imagining horny gnomes cumming in the woods.

She was brought out of her reverie by a loud bang on the door. She desperately wanted the gnomes to be real, for it to be them at her door, her Sasquatch wouldn't knock, and she didn't want some dumb ass trespasser out there scaring them away. She went to the door hoping against hope that the gnomes had been real, that they were at the door and not some great huge idiot. Who may have to serve in a pinch if he had a decent sized cock and more than a little stamina.

She nearly screamed when she saw the four rather ugly three-foot gnomes at the door. With the most massive erections she'd nearly ever seen, great huge balls swaying slowly underneath. She invited the closest gnome inside by pulling the wee thing by its ever-expanding purple-headed cock. Juice dripped slowly and thickly from the tip. The gnomish creature leered and chuckled as she stripped naked quickly then lay on the floor by the fire.

She was quivering, her body on fire, no longer wondering at the strangeness of it all as the gnome straddled her then pulled her to sitting. The squirting tip of the massive cock poked her mouth. That was all the encouragement she needed to open as wide as she could. The creature thrust inside, filling her mouth, stretching her jaws wide, tip down her throat, dripping, squirming like a giant post. She nearly came tasting the cum, feeling the hard thrusting cock deep in her throat, feeling the heat grow desperately from her crotch.

She grabbed the gnomish balls that slapped her face and neck and squeezed as the gnome drew back its cock slowly. It squealed then thrust hard back inside again. Her cries against the cock caused it to quiver as she couldn't open wide enough to let out the sound so the sound ran over the tasty meat. The gnome cried out, deeply thrusting, slowly and strongly, filling her more as his cock kept inflating. It's tip the size of a fist and pulsing in her throat, as she clenched tighter with her teeth and tongue while her mouth working furiously.

Imagine her surprise as she felt two hands grab at her tits and squeeze, cock hotly pressing between them; two more hands on her shoulders with a cock rubbing her hair, neck and shoulders, balls bouncing heavily against her back; two more hands spreading her legs wide as a fourth cock rubbed at her clit. She almost forgot the others. She felt her hips being pulled off the floor, little hot hands clenching the orbs of her ass, and then a hugely hot stiff drippy cock rubbed her clit, bringing her near fainting. Then the cock rubbed down her slit in search of her hole. Beth heard a happy chuckle then a fierce little grunt as the throbbing wet cock was poked her huge wet hot hole. She very nearly fainted as the little gnome grunted and groaned, plunging its great huge cock into her cunt.

She was held hard to the other gnomes so she didn't shoot backward from the thrust, which plunged all the way to her womb, causing her to scream in joy yet again. But, she didn't lose anyone; all remained thrusting on or inside her body. She was screaming over the first gnomes hot cock, feeling the cum traveling up from the balls and into the shaft along to what felt like a baseball sized tip. She squeezed harder on the gnome's swinging balls making the gnome screamed in ecstasy. She felt the first wave of her first orgasm climbing up from the other cock inside her. The gnome's cock inside her was greatly expanding too. It was the most exquisite feeling in the world. She heard all four of them grunting and groaning with effort and crying out with joy.

She exploded over the gnome in her pussy and he screamed as her cum made him explode his own hot seed deep into her womb. The feel of the hot juicy cum caused Beth to continue cumming, almost without any break, so she couldn't stop if she had wanted to. The first gnome then screamed and grabbed her hair as he exploded into her throat. She had to swallow, wanted desperately to swallow it all into her. He groaned and grunted as he and the two outside her body came furiously in her and on her, balls slapping noisily on the wet and the sweat and the cum. She was hanging onto someone's big bouncing balls but didn't know whose. Then, she was lifted to such ecstasy by cumming and sucking cum and cock into herself that she fainted for a moment.

The next thing she knew, she was sitting up on the couch. She must have passed out with the endless gnomish banging and with the cumming they were all actively shooting all over her and the room. Amazingly, she was still as horny as...no hornier than before. Their cum was causing her to become more aroused by the second. She could feel the hot gooey cum in her and see it all over her body and it made her burn all over with desire. She saw it all over the four gnomes too as they eyed her with carnal lust, waiting for her to wake.

All four cocks were still gigantically hard too. She shivered and groaned with anticipation. Only having to wait a second until three climbed on her. One stood between her legs then made too move its cock nearer to her hole. She laughed then took the massive beastly cock in her hands, squeezing hard as she guided him to the entrance. He grabbed her butt cheeks and gave a mighty thrust. Two others, one on each side of her, leaned over to grab a tit each. She politely grabbed their respective cocks and squeezed and pulled as hard as she could.

Number four gnome swung in front of her, banging balls and cock on her face. She quite happily let him stuff his massive beast eagerly into her mouth, thrusting deep down her throat again. She was bounced up, down, and sideways with all the banging from all sides. She exploded almost immediately, screaming and writhing as she did. The gnomes began to cum all over her and inside her, slapping balls against her, cocks squelching noisily as they shoved or thrust or squeezed vigorously. Balls were slapping her vigorously, causing her and the gnomes to become more excited.

She was screaming as she came all over the little gnome deep in her pussy. His huge balls slapped loudly as he thrust hard and deep, plunging wave after wave of hot sticky cum into her womb. Even with being so tightly plugged by his gigantic beastly cock, there was so much cum that it began dribbling out. She heard slurping noises from down there but none of the gnomes had moved. She couldn't see around the gnome fucking her mouth, until he leaned over her shoulder to drive deeper into her as he came mightily in her.

There was a whole passel of horny little gnomes in her cottage. Oh God, she smiled, delirious with pleasure, this fucking would never end. At least not until her dear sweet Sasquatch came home.

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