tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFour Nights Ch. 01

Four Nights Ch. 01


I've been reading the stories here for quite some time, and wanted to write one. This series is my first attempt. Thanks for reading.


"At least it's a new hotel," he thought as he clicked the submit button to make his reservation. He bought the plane ticket earlier; he made the car reservation online as well.

Jack trained clients for a large software company. He traveled at least 20 weeks of the year and it showed on his face. For the last three years his classes received the highest feedback ratings of all the trainers and earned bonuses, time off, and managed to find good times wherever he went.

His wife left him two years ago, hating his frequent trips and accusing him of infidelity whenever he went away. But Jack never cheated on his wife, although he had plenty of opportunity. Even after the divorce he never slept around while on the road, except for one or two lovely memories tucked away forever.

As all expenses were paid by his company (within reason), Jack tipped generously, stayed in nice hotels, and ate in good restaurants. If only he didn't have to travel so damn much all the time.

He grabbed the itinerary as it came off the printer and studied it. Four nights smack downtown of the big city. The Hyatt, Wyndham, and Hilton were all booked solid. "Shit, some kind of convention in town," he grumbled to himself. He took what he could get – a room in a new hotel right downtown. One of those old historic office buildings converted into an expensive hotel. He shrugged and started packing. "It's only four nights."

Night One

"Not bad at all," Jack mumbled out loud as the bellman put his suitcase on the bed. The bellman smiled. "Yes, we've been getting quite a few compliments on it since we opened. Take a walk around later, visit the pool, the gym, stop in our bar for a drink. We think you'll like it."

"Thanks," smiled Jack as he handed the bellman a twenty.

"And thank you, sir!" said the bellman, trying to contain his glee.

Jack unpacked his suitcase, taking care to hang his company shirts and Zegna slacks. He changed out of his jeans and slipped on some gym shorts and a T-shirt. "Why not," he thought as he stuffed his swim trunks into a small bag. He stepped out into the hall and locked his door.

The pool/spa/gym/laundry etc. were on the fifth floor. The pool and spa were outside in like a courtyard, completely surrounded by hotel rooms. The two gyms were on either side of the pool and spa, with large window-walls looking at the spa. He went into one gym and liked what he saw. Nautilus machine, free weights, three treadmills, one of those elliptical machines, rower, ab cruncher, and the requisite TV, water cooler and towels. There was even a small locker room, without plate glass windows, thankfully. He set his stuff down on the floor near an elliptical and got on. Fifteen minutes later, all sweaty, Jack hobbled off the machine, drank five cups of water straight and wiped his face. He looked out at the whirlpool and nodded. He ducked into the locker room and quickly peeled off his soaked workout clothes and slipped on his swim trunks. He stuffed the dirties in his bag and walked outside to the pool and spa.

"Too cold for the pool," he thought as he dipped a toe in. He preferred the spa anyway. The controls were on the wall, so he set it to 15 minutes, and eased into the rapids. Just the thing for after a long flight and workout. He closed his eyes and positioned himself so the jets were pounding his back.

A few moments later he noticed the jets were pounding something else. He felt himself get hard under the water. He quickly looked around himself – no one was in the pool area but him, and all the rooms around him were still dark. He smiled and leaned back a bit, spreading his legs a little more. The bubbles pulsed against his hard cock, tossing it in every direction at once. It felt like a thousand small tongues lapping at it. He closed his eyes and let himself enjoy it.

When he opened his eyes he saw her. She was already working out on the elliptical in the gym near the spa. She was maybe 25, long brunette hair tied with a small bow. She wore a spandex running pant, clearly outlining her well-toned ass. Her T-shirt was loose and Jack wondered what she was wearing under that. By now it was dark outside and the people in the well-lit gym couldn't see out. Jack felt his cock twitch as he watched her thighs move up and down in that elliptical pattern. He watched her ass cheeks move in rhythm with the machine. He watched her arms pumping out and back. Mainly he watched her.

He looked around again and was still alone. He reached under the bubbles and couldn't see his hands. Quickly he slipped his cock out of the trunks and let the water bombard it freely. Jack moaned, feeling the tiny fingertips poke and prod his rock hard cock under the water. The woman stopped and took a drink of her water. She looked around the room and out into the spa area. Jack froze. Then he smiled. "She can't see me. She can't see my cock bouncing in the water." He wrapped his hand around his cock and stroked it a few times. "Yeah, this is fun!"

She was alone in the gym and was getting sweaty herself. Wiping her face with the towel she pulled her T-shirt over her head and tossed it on the floor. Her sports bra barely held in her tits. She rubbed herself with the towel, lingering on her breasts and dribbled some of her water on her chest. She draped the towel over the handles and started her workout again.

Jack pulled harder on his cock, enjoying watching this woman working out. Her large breasts were bouncing in rhythm to her strokes on the machine. Her ass cheeks would quiver with each revolution, and Jack enjoyed feeling his cock bob against his hand. He knew he couldn't last much longer. The woman stopped her machine and stood next to it and started to stretch. When she bent over, facing the dark spa, Jack was able to see her tits clearly. He squeezed his cock and went over the edge, feeling his cum spurt out of the water. His balls contracted from the bubbles and cock twitched madly in his hand as he watched this unknown woman lean over in front of him. He kept his hand wrapped around his cock as the water continued to push it. He had to grab it before he passed out from the sensations. Finally he let go and eased back against the side of the spa. He looked up and thought he saw the woman wink directly at him. She gathered her clothes and towel and headed out the door.

Jack caught his breath and watched her go. "She's in the same hotel....maybe, just maybe I'll see her again. After all, I'm here for four nights."

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