tagInterracial LoveFour Nights of Freedom: Night 03

Four Nights of Freedom: Night 03

byMike Franklin©

Wednesday morning I was back at work, behind my desk that was piled high with files. Several documents needed a revision before being sent out for signatures and I spent the morning crossing "T's" and dotting "I's." Carla, my secretary, went to make copies and fax them to other law firms across the country while I dug into the little fridge I kept in my office, came out with a can of Mountain Dew and a Power Bar, and had lunch at my desk.

That afternoon I had to be over at "The Morgan Co." to put in some serious hours finishing their new supplier contract – it had to be finished today so that it could be shipped off in the morning, signed Friday, finalized and in place for the start of business on Monday. I knew that it was going to be a long evening, maybe even stretching into the early morning, but it absolutely had to get done.

Around 1:30 I checked a couple of references, stuffed papers into my attaché case, switched off my office lights and locked the door.

"Carla," I said to my secretary as I hurried past her desk. "I'm going over to Morgan, I'll be there until we get that contract finished. Any messages I'll return tomorrow afternoon, unless it's urgent then page me."

My very capable secretary smiled and nodded. "Good luck getting the contract finished Mr. Franklin," she said as she pushed a button on her phone to answer an incoming call. Before she finished her greeting, I was out the door and into the Benz.


At the Morgan Company I took the stairs to the third and top floor, emerging in the bare lobby. The executive secretary sat at her perch behind a Formica desk, absently filing her nails and chewing gum. She never even looked up as I entered.

"They're in the conference room, Mr. Franklin. They said for you to go right in."

I gave her a little wave and a smile that she never saw and walked down the carpeted corridor to the conference room. Seated around the table covered with stacks of documents were three people; Mr. Morgan, owner and CEO, Charlie Butznick, his CFO, and Rebecca Johnson, a Jr. Executive that was the point person on the new contract.

We said our pleasantries as I walked in and set down my case. I shook hands with both men and gave Rebecca a warm smile which she returned with a brilliant smile of her own. Mr. Morgan and Butznick were what you would expect from corporate heads; white, slightly overweight, balding and about as exciting as corn meal. Rebecca on the other hand wasn't.

She is a stunningly beautiful black woman with light, dusky skin. A former college gymnast, she's short but possesses an amazing body and striking features. Long, black hair cascades down over her shoulders in lazy curls. Her eyes are dark and sultry, her lips full and pouty. From years of training her body was muscular and tight, her calves well toned, her breasts full and her ass round enough to fill out any skirt. Gazing at her beauty and stealing glances at her body was the best part of putting together this contract – that and the enormous amount of money I was billing to Morgan, of course.

Mr. Morgan had a few points of the contract that he wanted clarified and we reworked some language until he was satisfied. Mr. Butznick also had some questions on how the terms had been stated and with a few notations and footnotes we were able to satisfy his concerns as well. This all took time, too much time and when I glanced at my watch it was well after 7:30 in the evening. But we had the terms complete, all we needed to do now was to make the final changes, proof read it one last time and in the morning, overnight it to the client in Texas.

I gathered up my papers and stuffed them back into my case. Mr. Morgan and Butznick said they were going home, that they would leave the final details up to me, but Rebecca offered me another set of eyes to look over the contract before we called our work complete. I was grateful to have someone else to look it over, especially someone from the company with that much intimate knowledge of the deal. She followed me back to my office in her car, a nice new style Toyota that fit a rising junior executive perfectly.

The changes didn't take long, me working at my computer while Rebecca toured my office, looking at my various plaques, trophies, certificates and other paraphernalia one displays in his office in the attempt to impress clients.

"All set," I said leaning back in my chair and pressing the print button twice, causing my desktop printer to roll out a copy for both her and I. We took up chairs at the small table in my office and directed our attention at the finalized contract.

After almost an hour of reading, I set the papers on the table, satisfied that all was in order. Soon after Rebecca did the same and professed that she too was satisfied that all the details had been spelled out.

"Good," I said. "Carla will get it out first thing in the morning and it will be in Texas by Friday. Looks like we'll hit that deadline after all." I yawned and stretched, looked at my watch and noticed it was after 9:30. I was hungry as hell too, not having eaten a thing since lunch. "I'm going to head to Caplin's and grab a bite to eat, if you are interested you're welcome to go."

Rebecca smiled at me. "If you're buying, count me in."


The restaurant was down by the river and during the normal early dining rush usually had a good crowd. When we got there the place was half empty and they sat us at a table immediately. We ordered and sat there sipping drinks, making small talk. Our meals came and our table grew quiet as we both hungrily cleaned our plates.

Our empty plates pushed away from us, we sat at the table and sipped our drinks. Instead of small talk, we started talking about all the things that polite society says to avoid. We covered religion, politics and everything in between. I was totally charmed by this raven haired beauty, not only was she amazingly sexy she was extremely intelligent.

Around us waiters were wiping down tables and I noticed that we were one of only about three tables left occupied in the entire place. My watch said it was after eleven, closing time for a respectable eatery in this part of town.

"I'd invite you back for a night cap," I said to Rebecca, holding the door open for her as we left. "But it's already after eleven and..."

"Of course I'd love a night cap," she interrupted. "Now that the contract is done and finished, I can relax a bit. Besides, a deal like that deserves a celebration. After being stuck in that little room with my bosses for the last month, spending some time with someone as entertaining as you is just what I need."

I smiled, looking at her in the soft glow of the street lights. God, she was beautiful and if she wasn't worried about the time, neither was I. We hopped into our separate vehicles and Rebecca followed me for the fifteen minute drive back to my house.

We parked and I led her to the house, entering through the side door off the kitchen. I set my keys on the counter and Rebecca closed the door behind her, flicking the lock as she did – a habit that women who live alone acquire quickly in the big city.

"What can I get you to drink," I asked going over to the cabinet that held my glasses and opening the door. "I've got wine or just about any liquor."

"Bartender, give me a double bourbon, on the rocks." She said as she kicked off her heels and padding into the kitchen on her tiny feet.

"Now that's a serious drink." I put some ice in a glass and poured bourbon over it, handing her the heavy crystal tumbler.

She knocked the drink back, swallowing the entire thing in one gulp, not seeming to notice the burn of the strong alcohol as it hit her throat. "We black woman are always serious," Rebecca said and handed the glass back to me. "Another if you please."

I poured her a second drink and then poured myself a large glass of Glenfiddich Special Reserve, a smoky twelve year old Scotch that I really enjoy. Drinks in hand, I gave her the tour of the house and she seemed impressed at my taste in décor – I didn't bother to tell her I had hired someone to come in and decorate.

Tour over, we settled into the den at the back of the house that doubles as my home office – or will double as my home office if I ever get to spend a day away from the firm! The room is all wood and leather with a deep stained walnut paneling on the wall and dark leather chairs and couches along the room's perimeter. One entire wall was covered with a floor to ceiling bookshelf that housed hundreds of books – some I'd read, most I hadn't. A large picture window was set in the far wall and overlooked the vast woods behind my house. Out that window, I could see the leaves, silvery in the moonlight, flutter and twist in the gentle breeze.

Rebecca settled into one of the love seats and pulled her legs up beneath her – her muscular calves visible out the bottom of her knee length, very nice, very professional skirt. Our conversation picked up where we had left off at the restaurant, pausing only when our drinks needed refilled.

The alcohol was going to my head, loosening my tongue and I started to tell her stories of clients that I had worked with, that were hilariously funny but probably not the best things for me to be telling. If Rebecca noticed she didn't seem to care, and was laughing at all the punch lines. We were having a marvelous time, getting quite drunk and telling each other stories of our lives.

Our laughter stopped, dried up as it does sometimes and we sat there in an uncomfortable silence for the first time all night. She sipped her drink and I did the same, not out of thirst but simply to be doing something. Rebecca was picking imaginary threads off her shirt, not looking at me. I in turn was examining the spines of the books on my shelves, actually spotting a few that I would have to find the time to actually read someday.

When she spoke, her voice was so low that I had to strain to hear what she was saying. My mind, foggy with drink and shaken with surprise was having a hard time comprehending what she had asked. Rebecca figured that I simply hadn't heard her the first time, not realizing that I was simply too stunned to answer her. She looked up at me and asked again, raising her voice just enough that she was sure I would hear her this time.

"Would you like to make love to a black woman, Mike?"

I took a long drink of my Scotch, trying to make sure my ears weren't deceiving me. Here was this professional woman, extreme in her intellect and beauty, asking me if I wanted to make love to a black woman, presumably her by the look in her eyes.

Words failed me. "Ah, I never have... sure I would like to... I mean, if..."

Rebecca seemed to read my mind. "Yes, I'm offering, if that was going to be your question. I just didn't know if you had a hang up about, you know, race."

"Absolutely not, I just have never had the chance. Especially with someone as beautiful as you, not that I don't find black woman attractive, it's just that none have ever been interested in me or if they were they weren't very attractive and..."

As I spoke, Rebecca got up from her seat and came over to where I sat. She silenced my rambling with a kiss, long and soft. Her lips were full and moist and her kisses were the kind one can get lost in. I felt her soft lips part and her velvet tongue was in my mouth, licking at my own tongue in lazy strokes.

She moved on top of me, her little frame fitting into the oversized chair easily, as we continued to kiss. I put my hands around her, feeling the taunt muscles of her back, strong and toned from so many years in the gym. Her hips ground against me softly and her skirt was pushed up revealing even more of her toned legs, the skin on her upper thighs was the color of caramel.

Everything seemed to be in slow motion as we embraced; there was no rush, no tearing off of cloths, no overwhelming urgency. We both knew what we wanted, knew instinctively that we were going to get it and were content in taking our time getting there. Rebecca's hair fell on my face and she pulled her mouth from mine, tucking her soft curls behind her ear and smiling at me sweetly. "I love for a man to take his time, to be gentle and slow. Can you be that for me tonight, Mike?"

I wasn't sure but I wasn't going to tell her that. If it was slow and sensual she wanted, I was going to do my best to provide it. I nodded my affirmation that I could perform as she requested.

Wrapping my arms around her I stood up from the chair, lifting her light body up with me as I did. We stood in the dark room and looked at each other, looking into each others eyes for any signs of doubt. There were none to be found. I bent low and kissed her, noting just how small this ebony goddess was. I took her hand and pulled her across the room over to my large mahogany desk that stood in front of the picture window. I sat down in the chair and she stood before me, our vantage points now reversed as she was now looking down on me.

Moonlight was streaming through the window, basking her in its blue glow. In the light her hair appeared to be ink, totally void of color and liquid in the way it flowed around her. Her eyes, dark to begin with, were deep set with shadow making them even more mysterious. Black, white, yellow, purple, whatever – this woman was the most strikingly beautiful woman I had ever seen.

My hands caressed her body through her clothes, down her front and up her back, feeling her skin taunt against her muscled frame. I stopped at her blouse and started to undo buttons, peeling her shirt from her when I had released the last one from its hold. Her shirt fell to the floor, revealing a silky red bra that hid her ample breasts. "The panties match," she said, a lilt of mirth in her voice.

"Oh yeah?" I said reaching behind her and unzipping her skirt, letting it fall to her feet in a pool of fabric. She wasn't lying; her crimson top was matched by a silky thong of matching color below.

Rebecca stepped out of her skirt and kicked it across the room; it landed on the floor next to the bookshelf in a pile. I put my hands on her ass and pulled her toward me, her stomach level with my mouth, my lips kissing her taunt abs. Her skin was sweet to the taste and I kissed her again and again, leaving little wet marks all over her lower abdomen.

While I was kissing her stomach, caressing her perfect ass in my hands, Rebecca had reached behind her and unhooked her bra, shrugging it off and onto the floor. I looked up and saw her naked breasts, raising and falling almost imperceptibly with each breath she took. They were perky and perhaps bigger than her slight frame required (but neither of us could be heard complaining), the same color of caramel as the rest of her body save for the dark 'Hershey kiss' nipples at the very tip.

I placed my hands on her breasts and felt the weight of them settle into my palm. I squeezed them gently and felt her nipples grow hard, put them between my fingers and worked them to their full size. My mouth found her right nipple and I sucked on it gently, tasting a black breast for the first time. Rebecca's nipples were so responsive, her breathing would intensify each time I applied pressure to the dark buds.

While my mouth concentrated on her breasts, devouring each in turn, my hands were exploring her body. She was a few years removed from competitive gymnastics but she was still in the kind of shape that other women spend countless hours at the YMCA trying to achieve. I ran my hands all over her back, caressed her butt, felt the smooth strength of her legs. My fingers hooked into the band of her underwear at her hips and tugged, dropping them to the floor and causing her to now be totally nude.

I leaned back in my chair and just looked at this amazing woman standing before me naked, bathed in the soft moonlight. Her face was beautiful, with those dark eyes, high cheekbones and cute little slightly upturned nose – the rest of her body was just as enticing. She had broad, strong shoulders that helped give her the ultimate 'hour glass' figure when coupled with her slim waist. Her legs were lean and strong, with thick thighs and well defined calves. Her whole body was that soft caramel color that made her seem exotic and from what I could see there wasn't a spare ounce of fat on her perfect body.

If Rebecca hadn't made the next move I think I may have just sat there all night and starred at her naked body. She unbuttoned my shirt and slid her hands inside, running her small hands over my stomach and chest. Her hand hooked the front of my pants and she pulled me up out of the seat, unlatched my belt and slid down my zipper causing my pants to fall to my ankles. She yanked my underwear down and off then helped me step out of both articles of clothing – we were now both standing naked in the moonlight, our eyes drinking in the sight of one another.

Rebecca put her hand on shoulder and pushed me back down in the chair and then gently got down on her knees before me. My cock hung between my legs semi-erect and she took it in her soft hand as her soft lips kissed a path from my chest down my stomach to my crotch, her hand encouraging me to become fully erect by the time her mouth opened to accept me inside.

Her blowjob was slow and sensual and she spent a lot of time tugging at skin of my shaft with her soft lips. It was unlike any feeling I've had before and it was enjoying the newness of it. Rebecca would often place kisses from my head all the way to the base of my shaft, then take her velvet soft tongue and lick up the underside of me until she was back at the head and then repeat the process. Occasionally she would push me between her lips and take me inside her mouth, but that seemed secondary to the soft kisses she was using to pleasure me.

Like I said, it was like nothing I had felt before. It was like a combination of being teased and pleasured at the same time and I sat there looking down at her, watching her, transfixed by her technique. Rebecca flicked her tongue over the tip of my penis and smiled up at me. "Soft. Sensual. You like?" My head bobbed in agreement. "Now you lick me the same way. Will you eat me, Mike? Lick me slowly, suck my clit gently, slide your fingers in me deliberately."

In my experience, some girls like to talk dirty. Some will beg you to fuck them harder; some will demand that you fuck them harder. I find that sometimes that kind of banter excites me and sometimes it doesn't – most of the time it's all the same and can get rather played out. What Rebecca was saying, well that, that was something all together different. Was it dirty? Sure. Was it commanding? Yes. But the way she said it, made me feel like I was in control, like I was doing her a favor, like I was the one in the position to provide her with unbridled pleasure. I told her that I could do as asked and she released my penis and stood.

Rebecca moved to my desk and sat on the edge. I hadn't had time to decorate and so there were no artifacts that needed move out of the way as she stretched herself out on the desk top before me. I wheeled my chair close to her and found that I was in the perfect position to perform as requested.

Spreading her muscular legs, I moved my face to her pussy. I could see that she had a small, well manicured bush of soft black hair, shaved into a triangle that pointed the way to "Pleasure Island." Since this was my first time ever going down on a black woman, I spent a few minutes examining her. Rebecca's pussy lips were dark folds of skin the color of onyx that when peeled back revealed the soft pink of her inner vagina, which seemed to radiate almost like neon when contrasted against the darkness that surrounded it.

I slid my tongue into her then, tasting her for the first time, she tasted amazing. Rebecca's pussy was already slick with her wetness and as she had asked me to do I licked her slowly, coating her lips, clit and hole with my saliva and her juices. Using my fingers, I peeled back the folds that held her clit captive and sucked on it softly, pulled it into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue gently. While I worked on her clit, I slid a finger inside her and massaged the inside of her hole in a slow circular motion.

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