tagGroup SexFour Nights of Freedom: Night 04

Four Nights of Freedom: Night 04

byMike Franklin©

I felt like death warmed over, and must have looked like it too. When I finally wandered into the office it was past ten, and I hadn't bothered to shave. My secretary, Carla, looked up at me as I walked in and smiled her big 'Good Morning' smile at me.

"Late night finishing the Morgan contract, Mr. Franklin?"

I looked at her bleary eyed. "Uh, yeah. Real late. Real late. That contract go out to Texas this morning?"

Carla beamed at me. "First thing this morning it was sent. Mr. Morgan called to thank you for the extra effort you put in to meet their deadline."

It was no problem, I thought. I had enjoyed putting in the extra effort, especially the part where I got to actually put it in Rebecca.

"Wonder if he'll be thanking me when he gets his bill. Carla, I'm going to lay down on my couch, any of the partners call wake me, else don't disturb me until one."

"Sure thing, Mr. Franklin." The phone rang and she turned her attention to answering it. I unlocked my office door, set down my brief case and stretched out on the couch. The next thing I remember is Carla shaking me gently awake, telling me it was time to get up.

I told her to order out for sandwiches, I needed a shower and a shave. The office had a bed and a shower in the back, set up by one of the original partners after his wife kicked him out. I showered, shaved and put on a fresh shirt kept in my closet for situations like this. When I got back to my desk, my lunch was waiting for me.

As I ate I cruised the internet, checking out the latest baseball news. There was one heck of a pennant race going on in the National League and I caught up on all the stories as I hungrily devoured my turkey on rye.

In the early afternoon I managed to get some work done and accumulate some billable hours; gotta keep the partners happy. I was doing a review of one of the contracts that a client had asked me to look over when my intercom buzzed.

"Mr. Franklin. There are two young ladies here who would like to speak with you."

"Anyone I know, Carla?" I asked, wondering how many young ladies that I knew who would show up at my office unannounced.

Carla buzzed back. "Yes sir, they are both interns here. Cindy and Trisha, I believe."

"They say what they wanted?"

"No sir, they did not."

"Ok, well send them in then."

My heavy office door swung open and in walked the two hottest interns at the office, Cindy and Trish. From the talk around the water cooler they were the two hottest that the firm had ever hosted.

Cindy is a perky little blonde who runs around the office with a smoking little body that she likes to show off by wearing skirts that tend to run just a little too short. Her legs are long and muscular, the result of a youth spent as a tennis protégé, and her breasts are small but perky; her hard nipples could be seen poking through her tight shirt.

Trish is dark and exotic, with dusky skin and almond shaped eyes. She has dark hair that is cropped short to frame her pretty face. Trish is full figured, with extremely large tits that strain against the front of whatever shirt she is wearing, and with a full, round ass that she stuffs into tight pants. She also wears thongs, we know this because most days it rides up just above the waist line of her pants; some of the associates even place bets on the color she will be wearing that day over morning coffee.

"Afternoon ladies," I said looking them both up and down. "What can I do for you?" They walked over and took seats on the opposite side of my desk.

Trish, clearly the bolder of the two, spoke first. "Well Mike, is it ok if we call you Mike?" I didn't object in the present company, made a motion with my hands denoting such, and she continued. "Well Mike, we heard that you have been 'batching it' all week, and I wanted to see if you would like to..." she raised her eyebrows and continued. "Spend a little time together."

I was shocked at the forwardness of this girl but I was in my element, in my office and I kept my poker face. I turned and looked at Cindy. She was sitting there blushing, her hands pressed between her knees.

"We hardly ever get to see you around here," Cindy began, not looking up at me. "And we both kinda think you're, you know, cute. You're not like the other lawyers around here, you are so nice, and well, young."

Trish continued. "Yeah, and we have so many questions about the law and we can't ask our bosses, they just want us to make sure all the filing it done and the billing sheets are updated. They don't have time for us."

This was lame. They weren't even trying to be believable. They had heard the gossip around the office about how I was spending my week of freedom and they wanted in on the act.

"Ladies," I began. "If you want to get together after hours that's cool, but this is my last night of freedom, so I could only entertain one of you, and that doesn't seem fair to the other." I wasn't sure what office policy was about fraternizing with the help and I wanted to side step any potential pitfalls if I could.

Trish leaned across the desk, her large breasts spilling out of her low cut shirt. "How about, Mike, you entertain both of us. Like, at the same time?" She had that look in her eye; you know the one I mean, where you know that the only thing on her mind is getting freaky.

I looked over at Cindy; she was now looking at me intently, waiting for my answer. I figured what the hell, and made my pitch. "Ok ladies, if you are willing to share then I'm game. Seven at my place, we'll do dinner on the grill, see what happens. Bring your bathing suits and we'll hit the hot tub after we eat."

Both girls smiled seductively and stood to leave. "On last thing girls," they both turned to look at me. I decided to see how far I could push them. "I want you both in skirts, short skirts, and no panties. Those are my terms, if you can handle them I'll see you at seven."

Trish smiled and narrowed her eyes, leaving little doubt that she would be there, attired as requested. Any doubts I had were about Cindy, and she put those to rest when she turned and lifted her skirt up to show me her cute little ass. She turned back around, smiled, winked and blew me a kiss. Both girls were out the door and I sat back in my chair and thought about the amazing streak I was on this week.


It was just after seven when the girls arrived, sporting the dress code I had specified. Meat was on the grill, thick steaks and tender chicken, and both the girls had brought some beer with them. We stood around on the back porch taking sips of cold beer while we waited for dinner to be done.

Both girls were thoroughly impressed with the large deck off the back of the house, complete with eight person hot tub, built in picnic tables and an integrated fire ring.

As they explored I went to the grill and turned the meat, decided it need a few more minutes before it was totally cooked. When I turned back around, Trish was sitting on one of the benches next to the railing. When she was sure she had caught my eye, she shifted her body, uncrossing her legs letting me see that she indeed was wearing no panties. An evil smile crossed her lips for a moment and then she took another sip of her drink, acting like nothing had happened.

Trish had flashed me, and if Cindy hadn't been there or I didn't have dinner almost done I would have marched right over to her and fed her my cock. This girl was uniquely sexy, in the curvy, voluptuous way; much like a dark featured Marilyn Monroe. Let's just say that she had it in all the right places, and her skimpy outfit only helped to accent that point.

Cindy's skirt was short too, much like the ones that she wore to the office, but much tighter. It hugged her slim hips and tight ass, moving with her like a second skin as she sashayed across my porch. She was wearing a tight t-shirt that stopped just below her breasts, showing her flat, tone stomach.

Dinner was ready and we sat down at the table to enjoy the meal. Conversation flowed easily, and we were all laughing and cutting up as we ate. The sexual innuendos flew, and seemed to get increasingly raw with each beer we consumed. It was a raucous good time and we did as much laughing as we did eating. When the meal was finished the girls helped me clean up and then we were back on the porch, where the steady flow of booze continued.

We were sitting in a circle now, Cindy on a deck chair and Trish on a wooden bench, me perched on the end of the picnic table. We were carrying on our conversation, but while we were talking the girls seemed to be having a contest to see who could show me their pussy more times. Every time I would look at one of the girls, she would be crossing her legs one way, or lounging back another way, letting me get a good look.

The sun went down and the beers were almost gone when I suggested we hop into the hot tub. I showed them to the guest bedroom where they could change and I went upstairs and put on my suit. On my way out the door, I stopped in the kitchen and grabbed us each a Corona, popped the cap and stuffed a lime in the neck. I was waiting for them in the hot tub when they emerged from the back door.

As they traversed the length of the deck heading for the tub, I sat back and just admired them. Cindy was wearing a candy apple red two piece, cut just right for her body. It covered just enough to be something that you could wear into public and not get arrested for indecency. Trish on the other hand wouldn't make it out of the house before the cops would have to cuff her.

Her bikini was black, or what there was of it was black, anyway. The top consisted of a thin string attached to two tiny triangles of fabric that barely covered her nipples and the bottom was basically non-existent; a small bit of material to hide her womanhood and not much else.

The two young beauties lowered themselves into the tub with me, grabbed their beers, took long swallows from them. They commented on the warmth of the water, how nice it must be to have one outside my back door, how they would use it all the time if they had access to one – all the things that people who don't have a hot tub are prone to say.

We were talking and splashing water – it seemed that we were all just waiting for each other to make the first move. I figured that I might as well go for it, try and get this thing started and see if I couldn't score with one or both of them on my last night of freedom.

"You girls comfortable with your bodies?" I asked. The both looked at me like I was a moron, like I hadn't seen them flashing me all night or seen the bikinis they were wearing.

Under the water I slipped off my trunks and set them on the side of the tub with a wet 'thwack.' The girls took the hint and both untied and removed their tops.

Cindy's breasts were a bit smallish, but perfect for her little body. She had very small nipples and almost non-existent areolas; as the water bubbled around her they would peak out of the water from time to time. She didn't seem uncomfortable with no top on, just a little embarrassed; especially when she saw Trish.

Trish's tits were huge, and I mean huge! When she took off her top they spilled out and I though I actually heard them splash into the water they were so big. Her nipples were a dark crimson red and were thick as my finger, standing at full attention. She also had her nipples pierced, with gold bars running through both.

"Holy shit, Trish," Cindy said. "How the fuck do you carry those things around?"

"Well, it's not hard. Most of the time I can find a handsome man willing to help share the load. How about it, Mike, will you help me carry my heavy burden?" Trish stuck her lip out and pretended to pout; I however moved to take her up on her offer.

I put a hand under each of her massive tits and lifted; they were heavy as hell! I couldn't imagine hauling those things around all my life. "These are impressive," I said as my fingers found her fat nipples and rubbed. Trish pushed her body up and out of the tub, giving me full uninterrupted access to her breasts.

I put my face between them and pushed them together, kissing and licking every bit of flesh that I could get my mouth on. I sucked on her nipples, pulled at her nipple rings, bit them gently, pulled them roughly. Trish seemed to love it all, never saying a word just running her hand through my hair holding me to her bosoms. I don't know how long I had spent with Trish and her two friends, but obviously it was too long for Cindy's liking.

As I was still sucking on Trish's tits I felt a hand reach for my cock, take it in hand and begin to stroke me. I turned my head to see Cindy next to me, her hand under the water and on my manhood. "I'm sorry," I said. "I didn't mean to ignore you."

Cindy moved back to the far side of the tub, stood, wiggled out of her bottoms. She bent over showing me her very nice, little backside. "Well, I just didn't want you to forget about this," she said spanking her behind softly.

I moved away from Trish and over to Cindy, putting my face between her legs in much the same way as I had with Trish's tits. My tongue licked the smooth area around Cindy's pussy, then found her clit, circled it, flicked it with my tongue. She moved her hand behind her and pulled my head deeper between her legs as I began to eat her little pussy.

While I was tonguing Cindy's snatch, Trish took over with my cock, putting it in her hand and giving me an expert hand job. She tugged at me and I stood slightly, exposing my hard cock just above the bubbling surface. Trish took it in her mouth and sank her lips deep onto me, then rose back up and flicked her tongue across the head. I felt something cold, metallic, and looked down; for the first time I noticed the shiny metal ball protruding from her tongue.

Her nipples and her tongue, how many piercing did this girl have? Turns out, Trish had one more, as I found out first hand. Right then, I had got to try and concentrate on eating Cindy while Trish tried to stuff my entire nine inches down her throat.

As I licked, Cindy leaned back into my face, pulled me in tighter and held me in place. I sucked on her clit hard and sent her over the edge, she had won the race to the first orgasm; now the only prize left was to see who could cum more that night.

Cindy stepped away from my mouth and Trish released me from hers, I sat on the edge of the tub, cock sticking straight up in the air. The girls moved to positions before me and Trish took up where she had left off. After a few licks she released me from her mouth and Cindy took me into hers; the blowjobs were totally different, like the difference in drinking liquor and beer, both are good but each has its own unique appeal. Trish's mouth was big, her lips large and soft, her tongue velvet. Cindy's mouth was small, but her tongue was very strong and talented. She put the head of my cock in her mouth and fluttered her tongue over my sensitive parts with amazing skill.

They were playing nice, sharing me between themselves. It was actually the perfect blowjob; one would work on me full bore until she brought me close to cuming, then the other would take over and the difference in their technique would allow my orgasm to subside until they worked me back to that frenzied state, where the other one would take over and repeat the cycle.

I felt like a king, like royalty. Here I was sitting on the edge of my hot tub with two extremely sexy women working on my cock with their mouths like it was the last one on earth. Trish put me into her mouth, shoved me deep in her throat and I lost it. My hand held the back of her head, held her in place as my ball tightened and my cum shot out into her mouth. She held me in her mouth while I came, her soft tongue massaging out every last bit of cum that I had to give. Trish didn't swallow my load when I had finished, instead she turned to Cindy, pushed her head back and opened her mouth, held her mouth over Cindy's and let the cum she had just sucked from me drip from her lips and into Cindy's waiting mouth.

When she had redeposited my load into Cindy's mouth, the two girls kissed passionately, smearing my sticky cum over each others face, sharing my first load of the night. I have to admit that it was probably the most overtly sexy thing I've ever seen live and in person.

I led the two from the hot tub over to one of the deck chairs and laid myself down on it. We were all totally naked, except for Trish who was still wearing that sorry excuse for a bikini bottom. She slid out of the little piece and set a foot on each side of the deck chair, lowered herself down and showed me the last of her piercing's; a small gold ring placed through her clit.

"Well there's something you don't see everyday," I said and we both laughed. Cindy was working on my semi-erect penis again with her mouth, trying to breathe life back into the beast, as Trish lowered her shaved, pierced pussy onto my face.

Trish knew what made her feel good, knew what she wanted, made me give it to her – not that I minded. She positioned herself on my face and I stuck my tongue into her slippery hole while she used her hand to play with the piercing in her clit. When she was positioned on my face the way she wanted, Trish fucked my face; there is no other way to describe what she did.

My head was essentially immobile because of the angle of the chair and the pressure she was applying to my face and she went to work on me, using my tongue to pleasure herself. Trish stimulated her clit while she bucked her hips over my face, rubbing her pussy, lips and anus over my tongue at whatever speed and pressure she desired.

As Cindy's efforts were returning my cock to full luster, Trish evened the orgasm score and exploded all over my face, flooding my mouth and nose with a torrent of her juices. Her wetness came in waves, covering my face in her sticky juices.

Trish stood up and she and Cindy switched places. Cindy turned to face Trisha, then lowered herself onto me, not only covering my mouth with her small pussy but also covering my face with her sweet ass – I guess this is what they mean by 'sit on my face.'

I put my hand to work exploring Cindy's ass and legs, running them all over her smooth bottom as I caressed her pussy with my tongue. Her vagina was very small; I could fit my entire mouth over it, and was covered in silky blonde pubic hair soft as down. Cindy let me eat her as I wanted to and I took my time, enjoying the scent and taste of her. She seemed to really enjoy me sticking my tongue in her and licking around the perimeter of her hole in slow circles so I worked on her like that until she let out a soft cry and came again.

Not to be outdone, Trisha sucked on me for a few minutes and then mounted my hard cock, slipping it between the soft folds of her pussy lips, pushing me to the depths of her wetness. Trisha rode me like a freight train, slamming her pussy down onto my cock, causing her huge tits to bounce against her chest with a rhythmic slapping sound.

Trish released me from her pussy and Cindy quickly took her place. Cindy mounted me, placing the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy and started working me inside her. She was tight, so very tight, and getting any significant amount of my cock inside her small pussy took some time.

While Cindy was working on getting me deep inside her, Trish was helping me to enjoy all the treasures of her body. She sat on my chest and leaned forward, putting her large breasts in my face, allowing me to have full access to them. As I sucked and caressed them, Trish gave me little instructions on how she liked it. When she said 'squeeze harder' I squeezed harder. When she said 'bite me softly' I bit her softly. It was refreshing to be with a woman who knew her body, knew what did it for her, and wasn't afraid to ask that it be done.

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