tagText With AudioFour Orgasms

Four Orgasms


Sorry about the noisy bed. We are not great big fatties I promise. This is a great quick fuck with my wife with some dirty talking which features no less than four orgasms, two of which are simultaneous! As the audio starts I am already going down on her:

At 0:20 she tells me she likes the fluttering motion of my tongue on her pussy and at 0:36 tells me that she wants to cum which she does very soon after. I spread her legs gently but firmly desperate to be inside her.

At 1:17 I tell her she is very tight and at 2:31 ask her if she will come again (and she asks me too) as I am now fucking her hard and I recognise the look in her face! Sure enough at 3:10 she cums again and when I pull out of her she compliments me on by my big cock! She starts to suck it hungrily and I want to fuck her doggy style (04:00) but she wants to suck me more.

After a some lovely sucking (5:03) I spin her round and slide into her from behind telling her how tight she it. At 5:32 she moans again and at 5:44 after a little snack on her perfect arse, I start to really pound into her fabulous cunt.

At 6:24 she asks me what it feels like and I tell her, tight, wet and that I feel like I am filling her.

At 6:40 we kiss and I ask her to go on top of me and after a big fanny fart (!) she slides down onto my throbbing dick and puts her head back and starts riding me and I watch my fat cock fuck in and out of her.

At 7.39 a gasp from her tells me she might be going for her third orgasm and at 8.14 she says she is going to cum yet again...

At 8.32 we cum perfectly together and I feel her juices running down my cock as I shoot my spunk deep into her crying out uncontrollably as more and more jets spray inside her hot hole. At the end she says "wow!"

* * * * *

Click Here to listen: .mp3 format or .ogg format. (9 min/mp3)

* * * * *

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by Naughtyboy3102/06/18

Wow thats hot. The bed squeaking is so sexy.

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