tagGroup SexFour Plus One 07: Clean Up

Four Plus One 07: Clean Up


Here is the 7th Part, already! The first 'Four Plus One', is in the First Time category: start there or just go in where you like. Thanks for the feedback: it helps me with the story.


It was meant to be a working bee. It started out as a working bee, but somehow... people got distracted.

The girls had each given themselves tasks to help get the house in order. Andrea was helping clear the overgrown front garden, Phoebe was cleaning the mouldy windows, Mel was stacking and sorting. Danny had borrowed a four-stroke mower and was making an unholy racket with it. He'd also got a mate to drop off a half-filled skip for the morning: anything they chucked in there was carted off for free, seeing as it was already paid for by the actual customer. Plans sprouted everywhere: more paint here, minor repairs there, vegie beds and fruit trees...

That was the idea, and it had started well. The morning was sunny but not too hot, someone's iPod was supplying the music, cold drinks ready, everyone was feeling great. The jobs started getting done. The skip was filling fast: Danny used as many tricks as he knew to pack the rubbish in and extend the space. He stood in the battered steel chest and towered above them like an Olympian, directing them to lift things that were much too heavy for them. Everyone was cheerful.

But short breaks became slightly longer. Odd little discoveries were examined closely. Quips and comments turned into chats, then proper conversations over cups of tea. The girls' cheerfulness helped them open up to each other.

So it was early afternoon when Danny stumped up to the kitchen door, exhausted.

"Well, that's the mowing done. I've also moved the firewood so it's tidy and stacked near the door. I've taken quite a bit of stuff out of the shed, and that's nearly filled the skip. And thanks for the help clearing the front, Andrea; I chucked the cuttings in the skip too. The yard's going to look really good one day."

It was quite a catalogue. As Danny stood in the doorway, arms up on each doorpost, the girls could see from the sweat and grime on him that he'd made a big effort. The girls were slightly abashed. The sun played on his strong shoulder and arm muscles. His head drooped slightly and he gave off the smell of sweat and hard, dirty work. The girls got a sense of him

Andrea stepped in. "Thanks a lot, Danny, you've worked like a galley slave. It must look like we've spent the morning chatting, but you'll see we've made some progress. Would you like a drink?"

"Thank you, that would be gracious of you."

Phoebe jumped up. "Let me get it for you."

Gracious. Danny's curious choice of words always cheered them. They relaxed and thanked him themselves.

"You've worked so hard, we should make it up to you somehow!" Mel managed to sound innocent and suggestive at the same time. "Can we clean you up? Andrea's a nurse, she's good at... lots of things." Andrea glared at Mel.

There was a flicker of gratitude on Danny's face, until he realised the joke. He protested that he'd be fine really, but the idea was now in the girls' heads. Phoebe was near the sink and soaked the tea-towel in hot water. Andrea took another and made it cold and wet. Together they wiped his face with the cool one and worked the grime off his arms with the warm one. Danny was truly grateful.

"We need this shirt off," said Andrea in an efficient, nursing tone. Danny half-helped as she pulled the tee over his head, revealing his solid chest and strong arms. "What have you done here?"

A red weal ran across the top of Danny's chest. Blood had seeped out of the lower end; there was dried blood and a smear of red against his skin. "Oh yeah, that was a stack of scrap metal. It sort of fell on me. I felt the scratch but never got around to checking it."

Andrea carefully wiped away the dried crust of blood and inspected the cut. It was clean, but needed some more treatment.

"I can clean it up and dress that wound, but I think you'll live, you big boy. I'll even kiss it better for you." She leant in and kissed the cut, then felt something startling.

She got a taste, a faint metallic ringing on her tongue, of his blood. She had often smelt blood in her nursing work, but almost never in her life tasted it. It sent a shudder of sensation through her. This hard man, with the hard muscles and gentle manners, was having a strange effect on her. Now this taste was sending her senses reeling. She ran her hands over his shoulders and felt the bunched muscles as he stood in the doorway. He stood with eyes closed, weary but enjoying the attention. She kissed the cut again, and again she got the tingling metallic taste on her lips.

She ducked under one arm and swung around behind Danny. He was taller than her, so she found herself just looking over his shoulder. She ran her hands over the muscles there, feeling them respond to the touch, then respond more as she kneaded into them. She felt the shoulders soften slightly. The metallic taste seemed to linger.

"Shall I go any further?" Phoebe woke her from her half-dream. She had wiped down his torso and paused at his waistline. Andrea was unsure, then surprised herself and everyone else by undoing his belt.

Phoebe eased the jeans down. They were not artfully stone-washed or 'distressed' pants, they were real work clothes, with scuffs and worn patches from Danny's years of driving and fixing trucks. Phoebe traced her hands over the downy hairs of his buttocks and across his strong thighs as she tugged down the pants. She pulled down his jocks to reveal his mass of dark curls and hanging penis. The attention of two lovely ladies had not managed to get past his weariness, it seemed. Phoebe hesitated, then reached out to touch.

Atlantia watched as Danny gave no reaction to Phoebe's light fingers. Seeing her kneeling in front of him brought a wave of recollection over her. In the old hotel again, the night they made love - her first time. Naked, she had knelt in front of him, his cock hard and rampant. She had fondled and sucked him. She was remembering his manly smell, linking it to his current sweaty state. Her arousal rose up in her.

Phoebe had wiped his thighs then moved back from him. Atlantia knelt beside her. "Can I try?" she murmured.

She lifted the soft member and fondled the balls hanging underneath. Everything was warm, very slightly damp, with soft, delicate skin. How could something be so fragile and so masterful, she wondered. She pulled his foreskin back to reveal an oddly small cockhead. His smell was stronger. Every little thing stirred her more.

She thought more about that night when everything changed. She had spun, from a fairly reserved person to one who revelled in sex, from private intimacy to wholeheartedly sharing her sex with these close friends. That first time, I was wondering about even touching him; now I think I want to suck him off in front of everyone. His firm body, his powerful legs, the familiar curls focusing her view on his cock were playing with her mind.

His cock was responding to her handling, lengthening and thickening. She brought the head to her lips and kissed. The taste was stronger, like his smell, but it stirred her more still. She looked up into his eyes.

Danny was in a state of dreamy pleasure. Andrea was massaging his shoulders, his skin felt brushed and clean after Phoebe's wash and now Atlantia was arousing feelings he hadn't expected to come after the hard work outside. He glanced down just as she looked up. Her face... was she dreaming? She looked almost far away as she sucked his head between her soft lips. He felt tingles start flowing through him, complementing the relaxing warmth of Andrea's massage.

Atlantia was savouring the soft flesh in her mouth when she noticed it extending. It felt alive, exploring her, brushing her teeth and finding her tongue. It now stood out at an angle and she could bob slowly on it while her hands roamed up his torso, over firm muscles and to his tiny but hard nipples. Her fingers brushed the odd scar. When she reached the nipples she pinched them and he gasped.

She licked up the underside of his shaft, over the curved helmet, into his belly button and up to his chest. She could feel his breathing getting heavier and see Andrea's fingers kneading his big shoulders. She stared into his half-closed, weary but smiling eyes.

"So sexy!" she mouthed to him, but also to Andrea, who gave her a look of desire in return. She mouthed back, "Make him come!" This excited and almost alarmed Atlantia, but it also echoed her own ideas. They both felt the connection, as if it was literally through this tired, generous man between them.

She slid down his frame to his precious cock. Without using hands she collected the now shiny head with her lips and sucked him in. There was a new, slightly salty taste. She dug her fingers into his buttocks and alternated sucking and bobbing on his rigid pole.

She felt herself about to gag as her spit made it slide further in, so she concentrated on the helmet and its edges. She wriggled her tongue tip into the hole on top while her hands worked the skin of the hard shaft. Then she noticed Phoebe beside her.

She had come back. She was watching the performance with rapt attention. She watched Atlantia's fingers curled around the shaft, then her lips sucking and dribbling on the shiny head. She looked down at Danny's legs as they started to flex with pleasure.

It made Atlantia feel good to be watched so carefully. She felt provocative, but somehow generous as well, allowing her friend to see this intimate act. She looked over to her and their eyes met, and understood. Phoebe smiled slightly.

"Uhhhh," Danny finally was making some sound. Atlantia had wondered for a second if this would take too long for her mouth, but extra spit helped lubricate her lips. She could feel a dribble on her chin. She looked up at Danny again.

"Come, lover. Come, come in my mouth! Give it to me!"

Had she really said that?? But that was what she wanted, she realised. She wanted to give Danny pleasure, wanted the experience, wanted to show Phoebe... she took her hand and put it under his balls.

Danny's breathing was ragged by now. He could feel Andrea hugging and holding him from behind, almost holding him up as his legs shook. Atlantia's hands on his wet cock were wonderful, but her lips and teeth were pushing him up to a dizzy climax. He didn't want her choking, but it was getting harder and harder not to thrust into her face.

"Oh fuck, here it is," he slurred. "Hahh, AAAAhhh!!"

Atlantia felt him go rigid, felt his balls rise and his cock ripple. Phoebe felt it too and gasped softly as his semen surged through him and into Atlantia's mouth. Suddenly her mouth was full of thick, sticky cream, sweet/salty spurts. It doesn't really have much taste, she found herself thinking.

"Fuck. Thank you. Wow." Danny couldn't say much. Atlantia looked into his eyes and saw his appreciation and love.

Mel appeared beside her with a glass of cold water. "Here. You want this." She was very matter-of-fact about it. But right: Atlantia gratefully drank most of it in one go.

Mel spoke again. "Don't drop him, Andie, or you might kill someone underneath. Maybe put him in a chair over there. Well, you are all a bunch of seriously sexy sluts! That was just amazing to watch, Lanny, even with clothes on. You might make a voyeur out of me yet! Danny, with your famous promise earlier, d'you think you might've bitten off more than you can chew?"

Atlantia looked at Andrea, then at Phoebe. Phoebe looked at Mel, then at Atlantia, still kneeling on the floor. They felt their precious connection in the same second.

Everyone burst out laughing.

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