tagGroup SexFour Sisters Saloon Ch. 05

Four Sisters Saloon Ch. 05


Chapter 5 - Biker's Bash Orgy

The following is fictional. Names, and locations have been made up and are not meant to depict real people, living or deceased. These stories also depict dangerous, unprotected sexual situations. In this day and age of STDs, please be careful and wear protection!

This is an adults only story. If you are underage in the community you live in, please do not go any further. Thank you and happy reading!


Okay, now that you've met everyone and have discovered how the Four Sisters Saloon was born, it's time to move on to other exploits of my wife and her sisters. Damn, where to begin. Oh, I know, how about I tell you about the Biker Bash Orgy?

Although off the beaten path, the Four Sisters Saloon gets it's share of clientele. We've been host to bikers, business men, town folk, truckers, frat and sororiety members, swingers, you name it. We've had our share of fights, but for the most part have been lucky enough that no one got seriously hurt or killed. Hell, the town sheriff and his deputies are some of our best customers! One of our more memorable parties was when the Biker's Bash was held nearby.

Most bikers get a bad name from the minority of shitheads that get the headlines. We've never had problems when hosting biker parties and that night was no exception. The ladies sure had their hands full though (along with their mouths and their pussies and their asses.)

The night was very busy, we had traffic in and out all night. The traffic slowed around midnight and all that was left were 15-20 bikers. The guys were still ordering rounds and having fun with Cindy, Carla, Fran and Amy. The girls were flirting with them all night and the guys were returning the favor with comments of their own and a little ass grabbing now and then. At one point, I looked up and Cindy had two big meaty paws grabbing at her ass. She just smiled at the guys and moved on.

Around 1:00 A.M. one of the guys asked what time we closed. I told him we'd been closed for almost an hour already but that the party could continue if they wanted. I was flexible. He turned to Carla and asked her is she was flexible. She smiled and slowly did the splits down to the floor.

"Flexible enough love?"

The guys were all hooting and hollering and singing her praises. Fran and Amy just had this deer in the headlights look and couldn't believe what their sister and just done. Cindy, not to be outdone, also did the splits but while holding a serving tray.

"Show off," smiled Carla.

The guys all hooted and hollered again and Cindy received a slap on the ass for her effort.

"Boy, these guys are making me wet," Cindy said when she picked up the next drink order.

"Cindy, that's gross!" Fran exclaimed.

"Why? They're attractive and I haven't been laid, in what, almost 24 hours now"

Before heading back to the table, Cindy unbuttoned a couple more buttons on her blouse.

"Maybe this will be incentive enough to get things started," she said, as she headed back to the table.

I watched with interest as Cindy approached the table. The guys noticed right away that Cindy was showing more skin. As she laid the drinks down, one of the bikers, Dave, massaged her leg. He worked his hand higher and higher and Cindy just stood there and let him feel her up. When he got to her ass, Cindy just looked at him and smiled. She quickly glanced back at me and I gave her a thumbs up. When she saw that, she grabbed Dave's head and mashed his face between her tits.

I turned to tell the other ladies to go give their sister a hand, but there was nobody at the bar but me. I looked back at the table just in time to see Fran and Amy get down on their knees in front of a group of guys. I watched as they took turns sucking the guy's cocks. In no time, all four girls were naked and busy.

It was fun to watch them in action. I'd come to know their bodies very intimately over the course of time. I knew the positions they liked best, how they liked to orgasm, what kind of guy turned them on. This though, this was pure animalistic sex at it's finest. Cindy, Carla, Fran, and even little, athletic Amy were taking all these bikers could give and then some. I was shocked to hear both Fran and Amy beg to be fucked up the ass. I pulled my cock out and stroked myself as I watched the tableau in front of me.

There was sweet, lovely, athletic Amy impaled on a large black cock. Her mouth was full of cock too, as two guys shared her face. My wife Cindy was currently enjoying four men's attention. One guy was lieing on his back, his cock buried deep in Cindy's ass. She was stroking two more guys with the last guy driving his dick in and out of her very well lubed pussy. Fran was still on her knees sucking cock. Her face, hair and tits were covered in come. The guy who's cock was stuck up her ass held her head by the hair as biker after biker used her mouth. She didn't seem to mind at all as I watched her body thrash about on his cock. Carla, where the hell was Carla? I didn't see her in the tangle of arm and legs.

I went over to the other end of the bar and checked the party room. It's a smallish room that can hold about 25 people. We use it for meetings and small parties. Well, there definitely was a party going on back there. I stood in the doorway and watched my beautiful, sexy, hot sister-in-law get the fucking of her life. Shit, maybe it was the fucking of two lifetimes!

She had guys all over her. She had one on each arm and leg, they had her spread out on the floor. There was a guy shoving the fattest cock I have ever seen into her cunt. She was yelling words of encouragement to him, inbetween sucking on two nice, fat cocks. Another guy was titty fucking her. Her hands were busy stroking two more cocks. When the fat fucker finally got his thick cock into her, she went ballistic! Her legs shot up into the air as the guy pummeled her with his dick. I watched in amazement as pussy swallowed that fat dick with ease. I ain't gonna feel her walls for a while, I thought to myself.

Mr. Fat Cock quickly repositioned Carla on all fours. He drove that thick monster into her with all his might. Carla was crying and moaning and swearing and coming all at the same time. Well, she was doing all that when her mouth was free. The other guys were fighting for position at her face, shoving their cocks in her mouth and pulling her by the hair. Two of the guys, who weren't that lucky to get a spot in front, moved under her and started to suck on her tits. Carla let out a long wail and her body went rigid. I saw her arms give out and she fell, tit first, on top of the two guys under her. I watched as the guys who were getting sucked jerked off in her hair and on her face. Mr. Fat Cock finally pulled out of her stretched out cunt and blew his wad on her ass. The two guys who were getting suffocated by her tits blew their wads into the air, stroking their dicks until they went soft. What a way to go! No worries though, they managed to extricate themselves from underneath her.

I had blown my own load just watching from the doorway. I headed back to the bar room to watch things wind down there.

When I entered the bar area, I saw Fran and Amy collapsed on the floor fast asleep. The guys had covered them with table cloths so they didn't get cold. My wife, Cindy, was currently entertaining several bikers. She was spread out on the floor, her fingers busily stroking and fucking her pussy. The guys were kneeling all around her stroking their cocks. Cindy was covered in come and it looked like she was about to get another coating. One by one the guys stroked themselves to orgasm. Every time their come would land on Cindy, she would moan loudly and stroke herself faster.

Cindy was absolutely covered from head to toe in hot, sticky come. She was scooping it off her tits with her free hand and feeding herself. Some of the guys took their cocks and rubbed it in the come and offered it up to Cindy. She greedily sucked their cocks clean of the come. When the final guy game on her pussy, Cindy had a violent, crashing orgasm. She lay panting on the floor, come dripping off her tits and legs.

"Well, aren't you the messy slut!" Carla exclaimed.

"Takes one to know one," Cindy quickly replied.

Carla helped Cindy to her feet and they disappeared into the ladies room. The guys were busy getting dressed and finishing their beers. Dave came over to me and thanked me for the hospitality. He asked me where I got the hookers from.

"What hookers?"

"You know, the ladies that performed tonight. I'd like to hire them out for out next get together."

"They're not hookers. Cindy is my wife, the other three are her sisters."

"You're fucking shitting me. You let you wife do that? And her sisters?"

"Hey, they do what they want. I'm not going to stand in their way. Besides, I get enough from all four of them. Why not share and share alike?"

Dave just shook his head, "You're one lucky son of a bitch."

"Don't I know it," I replied, "Don't I know it!"

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