tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFour Sisters Saloon Ch. 07

Four Sisters Saloon Ch. 07


The following is fictional. Names, and locations have been made up and are not meant to depict real people, living or deceased. These stories also depict dangerous, unprotected sexual situations. In this day and age of STDs, please be careful and wear protection!

This is an adults only story. If you are underage in the community you live in, please do not go any further. Thank you and happy reading!

Chapter 7 - Show and Tell

We've seen some strange things at the Four Sisters Saloon. For instance, there was the time we caught the mayor, in the men's bathroom, stuffing his secretary full of cock. Now, you're thinking that's not so strange, happens all the time, right? Well, what if I told you that the mayor's wife was right next door, in the other stall, giving the mayor's secretary's boyfriend the blowjob of a lifetime? Still not impressed? What if I let it leak that the boyfriend was the married chief of police? Confusing no? Well, sometimes festivities get taken on the road, which can sometimes lead to some very interesting situations.

In addition to our regular customers: half the town council, about three quarters of the police and fire departments, assorted biker clubs and just regular plain ol' folks, we get a lot of business from over the road, long haul truckers. These guys really put in the hours and we show our appreciation by allowing them to park in our lot when the Four Sisters Saloon is closed. Had I not been too chicken, I would have become a truck driver myself. I really enjoy driving the open road.

Anyway, before we moved out here, Cindy and I used to take long drives on the open road. Before she became the slut she is today, she was very shy. It was all I could do to get her to wear revealing, cleavage bearing tops, or short skirts and shorts. That all changed when she discovered that over the road truckers really like it when you show some skin.

I'm going back some years here so bear with me. It was back in the late 70's, when gas was cheap and CBs were just about finished with their popularity in regards to 4-wheelers having them in their cars and vans. The over the road guys always will have them, whether they use them on a regular basis or not. I've always had one in every car I owned. I get better traffic reports than the radio gives plus it used to fill in those long boring drives being able to talk with a live person rather than just talking to the radio.

When Cindy and I started dating, so many years ago, I did not have a CB in my car. It had been stolen about a month before and I was saving money to buy a kick-ass system. It took longer than I anticipated. In the meantime, Cindy was learning to let herself go and was on her way to becoming an exhibitionist.

The first time she did it, I thought she was going to cry. She was so nervous and unsure of herself. With a little coaxing, she exposed one tit to a driver. Well, that's overstating it a bit. I think he got to see a nipple, if that. She did it so fast that I doubt his mind registered that he was being flashed.

In time though, Cindy learned that most drivers like the break in boredom that a little skin provides. When she heard the drivers talk about her on the CB, she was hooked! She loved the way they talked about her and loved to hear the things they wanted to do to her. She never failed to get excited and by the time we moved out here, would often wear skirts with no panties and button down shirts with no bra. She's become an exhibitionist extraordinaire.

Which leads us up to today. Cindy enjoys heading off to the FSS (Four Sisters Saloon) on a regular basis, skirt hiked up high and blouse open to her navel. She bought herself a small hand held CB and loves to listen in as the drivers talk about her. Of course, having "WoW" and "It's Showtime" stenciled onto her truck helps her advertise her intentions. I don't mind because when I'm out on the road, I get to hear the tales of the sexy lady in the pickup that likes to show. It always brings a smile to my face.

So, you're probably thinking to yourself, "Okay, that's nice Tommy, but what does this have to do with the FSS?" Well, I'll tell you what it has to do with it. Cindy has enlisted her sisters in the Flash A Trucker Brigade. Their headquarters? The Four Sisters Saloon.

The first sister to join the show and tell parade was Fran, of all people. Shy, demure, pure Fran, really likes to whip out her tits and show off. That's all she's shown so far, but it's a damn fine start. She's got a beautiful pair of breasts, firm, nipples slightly upturned and definitely very perky.

Cindy had borrowed my truck and was driving her sister, Fran, to see a friend of her's. Fran's car was in the shop, so Cindy, being the wonderful sister she is, drove her. It was a two-hour trip, so to relieve the boredom; Cindy was listening to the CB. There was the usual chatter about traffic, four-wheelers, the seat cushions and such. When the talk got a bit more adult orientated, Cindy reached down to lower the volume but Fran stopped her.

"No, it's okay Cindy, let it go. It's very interesting to hear the truck drivers talk that way. What's a seat cushion? They seem to talk a lot about them and how good and comfortable they look." Fran asked.

"Um, well, it's like this." Cindy was a loss to answer discreetly. "Seat cushions are basically what's sitting on them."

"I don't understand, it's what's sitting on them? That doesn't make sense." came Fran's reply.

"Think about it for a minute." Cindy said.

Cindy said it was like a light going on when Fran finally figured it out. "Oh, oh! they mean the women?"

"Yep, that's what they mean. They like looking at the women driving the cars that pass them. Why do you think I wore this short skirt?" Cindy replied.

"I was wondering why you were so dressed up for a drive to drop me off. So, tell my Cindy, is that what the radio is really for? Does it turn you on to hear how horny guys are for you? What has Tommy done to you?"

"Oh, Tommy's done nothing that I haven't had in the back of my mind for ages. Yes, it is a turn on for me to hear how much they'd like to fuck me. Does that shock you? Hell Fran, it gets me very wet to hear them talk about me."

The ladies rode in silence for a while, listening to the drivers talk about the two foxy women in the pickup. Cindy knew they were talking about them but kept her silence. She was watching Fran out of the corner of her eye. At first, when they would pass a truck, Fran was looking straight ahead. Over time though, she started to sneak a peek at the drivers to see if they were looking into the pickup.

"So, how did you get started?" Fran whispered.

"Oh, I was nervous to start with. Tommy had me dress sexy from time to time. He told me it was better if it looked accidental. The first time I flashed I don't think the driver saw anything. It was so fast. Over time though, I learned that it was more about presentation. The drivers like to think they're spying on something they shouldn't be. I began to wear button down blouses with the buttons unbuttoned a little lower than usual. In time, I was comfortable to the point I was wearing short skirts, with or without panties, tight shorts, bikini and tube tops. It became easier over time."

Cindy glanced over to see Fran's reaction.

"It really gets you off?" Fran asked again.

"Oh yeah, it does Fran. To hear the guys talk about what they'd do to you or how much they'd love the chance just to feel you up or lick you nipples. It's always exciting."

"They've been talking about us haven't they? On the radio I mean."

"Yeah sis, they have been. From the sound of it, they'd like to see what you got to offer. No pressure though." Cindy laughed.

Fran became quiet again but Cindy noticed that she was sitting a little taller in her seat, thrusting her chest out and keeping her back straight. Cindy smiled to herself thinking about the first time she worked up the nerve to show some flesh.

Fran was now looking up and into every truck cab they passed. Cindy raised her skirt a little bit more, just about to mid thigh and the CB chatter got hotter.

"Holy crap! Did you see the pickup truck go by? Shit, the driver is hot and the passenger side seat cushion has got a nice pair on her too."

"Yeah, I saw it. I'd like to see more of the passenger though. She's locked up tighter than a nun!"

"Sure, she looks shy and demure, but I bet she's a tigress in bed!"

"What's the 20 on the pickup with the hot chicks in it?"

Fran started laughing. Cindy looked over to see her sister starting to unbutton her shirt. "Don't look at me Cin, just let me be. I'm nervous enough as it is."

Cindy turned back to concentrate on the road and could imagine the fear and the excitement that Fran was going through.

Fran unbuttoned her shirt about halfway down to reveal a white lace, peek a boo bra. She stayed that way for a while. The girls were listening to the drivers talk about them and every now and then, Cindy would see Fran's hand find it's way down to her lap. A little rub here, a little stroke there. Oh yeah, she's hooked, Cindy thought to herself.

Fran was now looking directly at the drivers. She was trying to gauge their interest. Evidently, enough drivers were interested that Fran unbuttoned her blouse the rest of the way and just left it open a little bit.

"Oh, that's nice Franny. The drivers are gonna love that!"

"You really think so?"

"Definitely, you might want to open your blouse a bit more though. Just a bit though, nothing too obvious."

Fran ran her finger down the front of her chest, pretending she was scratching an itch. This opened her blouse an extra inch or two. Cindy, meanwhile, had hiked her skirt to just below her panties. Her free hand was busy rubbing her nub through her panties. She was so close to coming, it was driving her insane.

"Sweet Baby Jesus! Now the driver's rubbing her cunt! And the passenger's blouse is open. Holy Shit! What a show," came a driver's voice over the CB.

"Oh God Cindy, this is so fucking hot! I'm gonna show the next driver my tits. Would that be okay?"

"Honey, it's your body. Go for it. You can hear how much they appreciate it." Cindy replied.

The next truck was about a quarter mile ahead. He hit his brakes as soon as he heard about the two hotties in the pickup. Cindy got to his back bumper and started to match his speed.

As they pulled up to the cab, Fran and Cindy could see the driver anxiously looking back at them. As Cindy drove next to the cab, Fran threw back her shirt and lifted her bra. She turned to the window and gave the driver a wonderful view of her tits. Just as she did this, Cindy groaned out her orgasm as her fingers had finally pushed her over the edge.

Fran quickly dropped her bra back into place and Cindy accelerated past the truck. He was blowing his horn like crazy and the girls burst out laughing.

"Oh my God, I can't believe I just did that!"

"I told you it was exciting!"

"Cindy, my panties are soaked! I gotta touch myself."

"Go for it!"

Fran put the seat back, letting her blouse fall open. She lifted her bra up and over her gorgeous tits. She started to pull and tweak on her nipples, getting them even harder than they were. Soon, she let her hands travel down to her slacks. She rubbed her clit through the silky material, but that wasn't enough. She quickly thrust her right hand down the front of her pants.

Cindy could hear her sister's breath becoming ragged and short. Cindy had pulled aside her panties and was vigorously stroking her cunt with her fingers. She came quickly, having been worked up by all the talk from the drivers. Her fingers were covered in hot, sticky come from her pussy. A wet spot was developing on the seat from her ministrations.

They passed another truck. The driver immediately got on the radio to describe the show he was seeing. Cindy's orgasm intensified just as he was telling his fellow drivers about the two hot bitches masturbating in the pickup truck next to him. Without thinking, she reached over and tweaked one of Fran's nipples.

Fran, eyes closed, concentrating on her impending orgasm, felt her sister's fingers latch on to her nipple. As soon as Cindy made the first tug, Fran exploded in a wild and thrashing orgasm. She raised her legs up, putting them on the dashboard. She drove her fingers deep into her cunt, not caring who was watching or what they were saying about the hot sluts in the pickup.

"Oh shit Cin, that feels so good baby. Tug on my nipple, pinch it baby."

Cindy, for her part, was trying to keep the pickup on the road. Her own pussy throbbed and pulsed. She kept her eyes on the road, her fingers around Fran's nipple and her other hand on the wheel.

The CB blared about the two hot sluts in the pickup. Truck drivers on both sides of the road were asking for a description and the location of the pickup. Fran's orgasm began to subside and she lowered her legs. Cindy got back to driving with both hands.

"Wow! I'll never be able to pass another truck on the road without thinking about that!" Fran exclaimed. Both girls laughed and listened to the drivers thank them for the show. All too soon, their exit was coming up. Cindy decided to take a more indirect route in case anyone tried to follow them.

After dropping Fran off at her friend's house, Cindy drove back alone and pantiless. The CB was filled with constant chatter about the pantiless, masturbating hottie in the pickup. Cindy just smiled to herself and came again on her fingers.

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