tagInterracial LoveFour Sisters Saloon Ch. 12

Four Sisters Saloon Ch. 12


The following is fictional. Names, and locations have been made up and are not meant to depict real people, living or deceased. These stories also depict dangerous, unprotected sexual encounters. In this day and age of killer STDs, please be careful and wear protection! Only YOU can keep yourself healthy.

This is an adults only story. If you are underage in the community you live in, please do not go any further. Thank you and happy reading!

Chapter 12 - Amy Goes Black

Hello everyone, it's been a busy summer at the Four Sisters Saloon. We've had great weather and the beer and the booze and the cash has been flowing freely. We did have a scare when one of the wildfires that have been burning across the countryside got a bit too close for comfort, but fortunately, the winds changed direction and both the town and the bar were saved. Other than that, it's been business as usual at the FSS. Well, almost business as usual. We have a new permanent guest at our house, Amy's fiance, George. And, as the ladies tell it, he's a very welcome guest indeed.

I was sitting at home one night, just watching nothing on TV, when my wife Cindy came running into the room.

"I've got something for us to watch tonight Tommy!"

"What is it?" I asked, figuring it was a porno or maybe one of the home movies (non-sexual) she's been working on.

"The tapes from the cameras we had installed at the bar. I can't wait to see what's on them!"

We had installed some cheap ass video surveillance cameras at the Four Sisters Saloon. We had a couple of break-ins and also noticed that a lot of stuff got moved around, both in the bar and in the back office. Cindy and I discussed it and had a friend of our's, Cameron, install them. The other girls didn't know about it since we didn't want them to worry about the break-ins. Cindy and I were both eager to see what the cameras caught.

Now, if any of you have had the "pleasure" of watching security tapes, you KNOW there's a whole lot of nothin' going on. We got through the first three or four tapes before anything remotely interesting came on and that was only Amy coming into the frame every now and then. Nothing unusual about that, the ladies often head over to finish cleaning up or to grab some petty cash now and then, nothing major. However, things were about to change on the excitement scale, in a BIG way.

The next time Amy came into view, someone snuck up and grabbed her from behind. Naturally, no sound on the tape but you could see the fear in Amy's eyes. She dropped the tray she was carrying and glass sprayed everywhere. When she turned to see who her attacker was, she smiled and playfully slapped the person's shoulder.

Cindy and I just looked at one another wondering who the hell was in the bar with Amy. We couldn't see his or her face, just their back and a baseball cap, turned backwards, on their head. The nameless person leaned down and we could see Amy returning a very passionate kiss. "Now, this was interesting," I thought to myself as I watched the kiss progress. Cindy must have thought the same thing because she just turned to me and smiled.

"Looks like little sister has a secret admirer! I'm gonna have to tease her about this!" She chortled.

I laughed to myself. I was more interested in what the other cameras had caught of my darling little sister in law and her beau. It wasn't long before I found out.

The cameras are motion activated. Cindy and I watched as the cameras followed our amorous lovers to the back office. We still hadn't seen who Amy was gettin' busy with and Cindy and I both were on the edge of seats wondering if we'd ever find out.

When the pair got to the office, Amy turned and kissed her lover. She removed the hat and Cindy and I were shocked to see a bald, black head appear. This was definitely getting interesting. Amy continued to kiss her lover as his hands roamed over her body. We watched closely as Amy undressed her beau.

First to be removed was his shirt. When Amy took her lover's shirt off, it revealed a hard, chisled back. Whoever he was, he was well built. His shoulders were rock solid and his back was wide. Definitely a hard worker by the looks of it.

Next, Amy knelt down and started to undo his belt buckle. Once she was done with his belt, she unzipped his fly and unsnapped his pants. As we watched Amy slowly remove her lover's pants, I heard Cindy hiss.

"Fuck, he goes commando!" She exclaimed between clenched teeth.

When I turned to look at Cindy, she was rubbing her breasts through her shirt and lazily stroking her inner thighs. I turned back to the TV and watched as a rather large and rather thick cock hit Amy right in the forehead. I imagine it made a loud "plopping" sound as it struck her. We could see Amy smile and then she took the head into her mouth. God, I envied whomever she had her lips locked around. Amy is quite the cock sucker and she was really polishing the ebony shaft in front of her.

I head a moan and looked over to see Cindy, her shorts undone, one had furiously working her pussy, the other pulling and tweaking on her nipples.

"That little bitch! Here I am sharing my husband with her and the little cunt doesn't have the common decency to share that wonderfully thick piece of black meat with me. The nerve!"

I laughed a little and pulled my cock out to stroke it. Why the hell not? Watching Amy work that thick, black cock had me hard in no time. Waste not, want not. I heard a loud moan as Cindy came. I was dying to know who the hell Amy was working over with her talented mouth. The camera angles didn't show his face and the cameras aren't remote controlled anway, so we just had to wait. We were soon rewarded.

Amy got back on her feet and kissed her lover deeply. When he put his hands on her ass, the contrast between black and white was quite striking. I head Cindy moan again as she feverishly worked her cunt. I had to stop stroking myself since I didn't want to finish off in my lap. I could hear squishy sounds coming from Cindy's direction and I knew her pussy was absolutely soaked. I returned my attention to the TV screen.

Amy was talking to her lover and she pointed over to the desk. Her dark lover let go of her sexy ass and sat down on the desk.

"HOLY SHIT! That's George!" I screamed.

"George who?" My wife asked.

"George Winters. Truck driver George! Well, I'll be damned!" I replied.

George Winters was one of our regulars. He drove a long haul truck but recently had settled down in the area and drove local routes. We'd see him about once a week or so but we had no idea he was seeing Amy.

"Oh my god, George Winters," Cindy moaned as she came again on her fingers. "He's so fucking BIG"

I watched as George leaned back and let Amy take control again. She knelt down again and lovingly tongued his balls and shaft. Damn, I wasn't even touching my cock and I felt like I was going to blow my load. I remember Amy working my cock and balls the same way. Like I said, she's a great cocksucker.

George just leaned back and let Amy work her magic. His cock really was quite impressive. He was maybe 9 inches in length and very thick. Amy was having some trouble working his shaft into her mouth but, damn it, the girl was gonna get him into her mouth if she died trying! George, for his part, was enjoying the ride. He gently stroked her hair and would occasionally reach down and grab a tit.

George must have been close because Amy suddenly removed him from her mouth and slid his cock between her tits. She titty fucked him until I saw a single spurt rise above the back of her head. Amy quickly took him into her mouth and swallowed the rest of his load. It was hard to see because she had her back to the camera, but I imagined that her face and breasts were covered in semen. George lay back on the desk, visibly panting. He stroked Amy's hair and had the biggest grin on his face.

I looked over at Cindy, she was asleep. Poor girl fingered herself into dreamland. Oh, who the hell am I kidding? Poor girl? More like contented girl. I was still afraid to touch my cock. I was so damn close to coming but I wanted to see if the lovers continued their session somewhere else in the bar.

I fast forwarded through the tapes and came across another hot session. George was sitting on a bar stool. Amy was draped over his lap, George's cock deep in her cunt, her legs spread wide. I watched as she fucked George, her pussy juices making his cock shine in what little light there was. Damn it! I wanted to hear some sounds. I imagined her pussy was making those wonderfully delightful sucking sounds as she rode George. Fuck me for being so cheap and not buying the cameras with audio!

The scene that finally pushed me over the edge and made me come in my hand was when Amy was riding George, her back against his chest. George reached around and his hands covered Amy's pert titties. When he started tugging on her nipples, I lost it. I spewed a rather large load of come all over my lap and hands. Amy had a giant orgasm of her own, I watched as her cunt gushed all over George's thick, black cock. She came so much, there was a puddle at the bottom of the bar stool! Thank God for a wide angle lens on this particular camera! George must have finished up in her cunt or maybe he held off. If he did hold off, he's a much better man than I. I've had the pleasure of having Amy's cunt on my cock and it's like a massaging vaccum.

I cleaned myself up and woke Cindy. I told her what I had seen and asked her if she wanted to watch it. She sleepily replied no and we headed off to bed. As we drifted off to sleep, I wondered how I could get Cindy to fuck George as well. Waste not, want not.

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