tagErotic HorrorFour Walls

Four Walls


What was an intended "girl's night out" turned into a night alone at the bar. My friend, Sheila, had to back out at the last second. So at the bar I sat, my hand wrapped around a frigid bottle of Guinness as I watched swarms of people talk and dance around me.

Then I saw him, two tables from the bar with a cigarette wedged between his pink lips. His body was a light shade of olive and slightly muscular. He had short, sandy-blonde hair and his chin was covered with a five o' clock shadow. I stared and I stared hard, analyzing the small wrinkles on his forehead and the way his lips curved when he inhaled his cigarette.

He must have felt my eyes on him, because he turned and faced me, sending me a slight smirk. Blushing, I looked in the opposite direction. A series of butterflies fluttered throughout my stomach and I could feel the sweat from my hand mixing with the cold liquid running down my bottle of beer. Biting my bottom lip, I found the courage to peep at him again, only to be surprised by his hand on my shoulder and his face directly in front of mine.

"Want to dance?" he asked, his voice deep and scratchy.

I looked at my half-finished beer and shrugged my shoulders. "Sure."

I let go of the beer and put my slippery hand in his.

Slowly, he guided me to the middle of the bar and into the mound of people losing themselves in Hotel California. He gently wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close.

Resting my head on his shoulder, I felt the warmth of his body against my ear. The butterflies soared against the walls of my stomach, slamming into it hard.

Loosening the firm grip he had on my waist, he slid his hands lower, until they were resting against the back of my skirt.

Feeling a brief rush of excitement, I let out a small sigh, and nudged my head harder against his chest.

"Meet me in the closet," he whispered, removing one of his hands from my ass and pointing to door on the far side of the bar.

I hesitated at first. Was he crazy? I just met him. Then the lost teenager inside of me found it's way into my mind, causing my heart to beat rapidly, making by body long for a sporadic one-nighter in the craziest of places. Without giving it another thought, I looked up at his brown eyes and nodded my head.

Removing my hands from around his neck, I smiled at him and started to walk to the closet. "I'll meet you there in a minute," he mouthed. Again I tossed him a smile, then carefully made my way to the closet door. Scanning the room for any on-lookers, I reached for the knob and turned it. When I heard a soft click, I pulled the door open and went inside.

I stood alone in the dark closet for a few minutes. Then I heard something odd: a series of loud booms and people running across the hardwood floor. I jumped toward the door to see what was happening, but before I could snatch the doorknob, the door opened and he walked inside.

"Everything's okay," he reassured me, taking me in his arms and laying me down on the floor. I heard him loosen his belt, then felt his hands pulling at my clothes. As soon as they hit the floor, he crawled over me

The man touched me in ways I'd never felt before. His lips were thick, rough- a mix of saliva and sand, and cold. So cold it hurt to kiss him. They trailed every inch of my body as his hands pressed into my skin.

He nibbled on my breasts, biting and tugging with frigid teeth. I felt his lips kissing down my stomach until he reached my wetness. His tongue poked and probed, sending an icy chill up my clit.

Moaning, I spread my legs as wide as I could in the small space, enjoying the cool sensation against my sweaty body. His tongue was wet, like a soft ice cube, and it lapped at me over and over again until I came.

His mouth devoured me, taking my lips and all into his mouth as he sucked away the hot juices pouring out. He then dragged his tongue across my inner-thighs, cleaning up the few streams of cum he'd missed. It created goosebumps all over my flesh.

I heard his body shuffle in the darkness, then I felt him enter, thrusting his cold, hard cock deep inside of me, twisting, turning and pushing as his hips guided him. This stranger felt like Heaven- creamy, soft, peaceful and pleasurable, but the more his icy stomach rubbed against mine, the more my flesh burned, the soft skin surrounding my bellybutton chaffing within the mixture of his hair and my sweat.

I dug my nails into his back, and then took a deep breath as he licked my ear. Closing my eyes, I lay my head back against the floor, pressing my pelvis upward to meet him. I opened my mouth to speak, but only a raspy breath came out. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I raised my arms above my head, arched my back and let him take me.

His strong hands gripped my wrists as I opened my mouth to yell. I felt my vocal cords tremble, but I heard no sound. My thighs pressed his hips harder and my body throbbed with delight. He felt it, and let go inside of me, a pool of icy cum filling me up until my insides became numb.

I opened my eyes and screamed, I screamed so loud it echoed throughout the small area. When I reached out to touch him, he was gone. My pulse raced, my body was damp and cold. I ran my hands over my face, got a grip of myself. Standing up, I felt the four paneled walls beside me. Reaching into the air, I found a string dangling from above. When I yanked it, I heard a small click and the space filled with light. Around me were brooms, cardboard boxes and a couple red aprons hanging from wire hangers.

Looking down at my bare chest, I noticed a series of bite marks on my swollen breasts. Sweat rolled down to my stomach from a pool that had developed between them.

I gathered my clothes from the floor and slid them on, careful not to lose my balance. I found the doorknob and turned it slowly. The door creaked as it swung to the side. I stepped out from the closet, rubbed my eyes and looked out into the bar. Then I covered my mouth with my hands and fell back onto the floor. Bringing my legs to my chest, I wrapped my arms around them and began to sway back and forth.

There were dead bodies everywhere: slumped over wooden tables, wedged between black and red bar stools, laying on pool tables, their blood staining soft, green felt.

I gathered my wits and stood up. I walked away from the closet door and looked over my surroundings. The cash register on the bar was open and empty. Purses were scattered everywhere along with their belongings. Ring fingers were missing from a few of the bodies and the pockets of men's trousers had been turned inside out. As I searched the crowd of corpses on the bar's floor, I found him, my stranger. He was five feet from the closet, flat on his back with a bullet hole right above his five o' clock shadow.

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