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Four Wild and Crazy Girls


Hi! My name is Summer and I turned 18 in April of 2010. My parents have taken me on a couple cruises with them and I really enjoyed them. I am an only child and slightly spoiled. Since I was underage and with my parents I couldn't do all that I wanted to do, but I made a decision during our last cruise. I would be 18 yrs. old when I graduate high school and for my graduation present, I want to go on a cruise with my three best friends.

During our last cruise I noticed some changes in my mother that I had never noticed before. My mother was dressing a lot less conservatively on board the ship than she ever did around our hometown. She seemed to always wear a bra at home and around town but she never seemed to wear a bra during the cruise and she was wearing some short dresses I didn't even know she had. And she seemed happier all the time, maybe it was the extra alcohol she was consuming or the extra attention Dad and some of the other men on board were giving her. I didn't even know she knew how to flirt, but she was sure doing her fair share of it during our last cruise and Dad didn't even seem to mind. Also I had never seen her dance with anyone other than my Dad before but she did during this cruise and she sure seemed to be enjoying herself a lot! I also noticed she had bought herself a couple tiny new bikinis and she still looked halfway decent in them. But what surprised me the most was the way the guys looked at her when she walked by them. Dad never got mad about it, he just smiled!

But what really made me take notice was, one morning I had just stepped out of the bathroom and I saw Dad hugging mom and squeezing her butt as he kissed her and I overheard him say to her, "It seems like my naughty girl forgot to put anything on under this dress again."

And she told him, "Nope I didn't forget. I'm on vacation too you know, and I feel like having a little naughty fun, and I know you like it when I go commando, right? So, I'm not planning on wearing any bars or panties for the rest of the cruise. You OK with that?"

Dad just gave her another kiss as he pulled her to him and gave her ass another squeeze. I had stepped back quickly and I don't think they saw me but this really gave me a mild shock. Is my Mom really naked under her dress and had she been going out in public dressed like that and was really going to keep going braless and pantyless the rest of the cruise? I had never though of my mom as being naughty. This was going to take a while to sink in.

I go braless around the house quite often and have even gone braless in public a number of times along with my friends (we all dare each other to go braless often) but my mom doesn't know that. It is really no big deal going braless in public anymore, I found out I enjoy it. So I decided to go braless the rest of the cruise also. If she could do it, so could I. I know that she and Dad noticed that morning at breakfast because my little nipples were hard under my tight t-shirt because of a cool morning air. Mom looked at me and opened her mouth as to say something but stopped and just smiled at me. I also went pantyless a few times under my shorts without Mom's knowledge and found it felt weird but an enjoyable weird feeling and decide I would explore going pantyless more often.

This got me wondering what it would feel like to let loose and enjoy other new things. I wanted to find out, so that is why I asked my three best girl friends to join me on a cruise after we graduated. We all had part time jobs and started to immediately save money for our cruise. We had almost a year and a half to do it. We all told our parents of our plans and only Ashleigh's parents didn't like it but finally gave in after months of begging and the rest of us promising to keep and eye on her.

Ashleigh, Coco, Becky, and I finally saved enough money and with the help of my parents, made our reservations 6 mouths ahead of time and we had enough money between us to get a room with a balcony. Since I was the only on to have even been on a cruise they asked me thousands of questions. About two weeks before we left, we were deciding what to take along in the way of clothing. I stressed that they needed to pack a light as possible. I said that I was going to take along no long pants, short-shorts only, and a few sexy tops to go with them. Only one long dress and that it was going to be a sexy one for Captains' night where everybody got dressed in their finest clothes. About four or five sexy sundresses and a super short club dress I wanted to dance in one night. Also, four of the tiniest and sexiest bikinis they had ever seen and a about a half-dozen tiny thong panties and no bras. I said that if I did need to wear a bra with something, I could wear one of my bikini tops.

I was now enjoying going braless in public when I had the chance to. My nipples would get so hard when I noticed a guy checking out my braless tits and when they got hard it made it even more noticeable. I have gotten to the point of wearing thin tops just so my nipples could be seen though the material. I just love the stares I get. I didn't tell the girls but I was also thinking about going pantyless most of the trip. I now normally go without panties under my shorts because I liked it. Right after my last cruise, I would occasionally go without underwear under my longer skirts and dresses and then eventually under my shorter skirts and dresses. I found enjoyed feeling naughty, so every once in a while, I would get an urge to go out in public with as little on as possible. The day before we girls got together to discuss what to take on our cruise. I had gone to the mall alone to buy a couple more little sheer tops to take along. All I wore was a flowery chiffon halter dress that was just above mid thigh length and strappy sandals. The feel of being nearly naked in public is a thrill that I am really beginning to enjoy. As far as I know, no one has seen my bare ass or pussy yet, but the thought of that happing one day gets me excited. I haven't gotten the courage to do it on purpose yet but I know I want to do it one day.

None of us four girls are very large on top. We were all 34 to 36 B's. We all weigh about the same and are about the same height. We have all worn one of the others clothes at sometime before, so I dared them not to pack any bras. They all agreed that nobody would pack any bras and we would all be braless the entire cruise and swap clothes if needed. Becky was the one that surprised me, she is easily the most conservative and religious one of the bunch, she goes to church every Sunday with her parents. But when she said that it sound like fun and supported me in the idea of leaving our bras at home, you could have knocked me over with a feather.

I then told the girls to bring along plenty of sunscreen because we would spend a lot of our time in our bikinis. Then I said, "Please don't bring along any granny bikinis, I don't want any of you bitches to scare the boys away!" They all laughed and agreed tiny bikinis only. (Wait until they see the tiny 'Wicked Weasel" G-sting I got. I'm not going to let them know about it until they see me in it.) I also want to go up onto the topless deck and use it. Although I am nervous and excited at the same time, I am looking forward to baring my tits to the sun and many men's eyes for the first time. The girls just don't know how naughty I want to try to be on this trip.

The day to leave finally arrived. We drove down to Tampa in one of my parents' car and boarded the 'Carnival Legend' and headed to the western Caribbean for a 5 day cruise. We all wore little sundress when we boarded and started daring each other not to hold the dresses down as we walked around the decks. This was really no problem as there was only a light breeze in port. I dared Ashleigh to climb to the top of the main stairway and to drop her purse and bend over showing all below her pantied ass. She did and as she bent over I got a picture. We came back every few minutes and each one of us did the same and a picture was taken of each of us show our pantied covered ass. I found I was the only one to have a thong on. We found our room; we liked our balcony, and then we did the mandatory lifeboat drill, and then went on deck for the departure.

When the ship started moving, the breeze really picked up blowing our dresses all over the place. There was really no way to not flash our panties and after a while I just gave up and let the wind have its way with my skirt. The girls teased me about my lack of concern, if they only knew how turned on I was getting, so I finally dared them to do the same. I told them that nobody on this ship knew us or our parents and we would never see any of them again, they accepted my dare. Many pictures where taken of the wind blowing up our dresses that afternoon, not all by us! Hundreds of people had to have seen our panties that afternoon, I know I was horny by the exposure; I think the others were too. I showed to girls the topless deck and I told them I wanted to try it at least once and then Ashleigh said she did too. I smiled at Ashleigh and then we looked at the other two and they both said, "Why not?"

We headed back to our room to freshen up for dinner. My panties were soaked from all my excitement. I removed them and decide not to put any more on. Just before we left I got a wild idea. I told them all I had another dare for them all. I dared them to go dressed as I was. I lifted my dress and showed my lack of underwear. Conservative Becky, at least I thought, said too late, lifted her dress and showed she was also bare. Ashleigh and Coco giggled and quickly remove theirs and tossing them on the bed. I got a chuckle knowing the room stewards would be in soon to turn down the beds and were going to find damp panties on them. During dinner somehow we got talking about our lack of panties and I found we all occasionally went commando and then Becky surprised me again, by daring all of us not to wear any underwear for the rest of the cruise. I was happy to hear this; it just gave me an excuse to pantyless all week. I acted like I was a bit concerned because of the extreme shortness of my club dress. I had been actually debating if I was going to wear my thong or my tiny g-string panty under it but now the decision had been made. Oh God! Could I really do it? I was going to be pantyless under an extremely short dress. The thought was exciting me.

After dinner we checked out the ship at night. The ship seems to come alive at night, all the flashing lights and ringing bells of the casino, to the music from the dance clubs spilling into the hallways, and the way the lights changed color as you walked along the decks was amazing. We when out on deck none of us seemed to remember we were naked under our dresses until the wind hit us. Feeling the wind blowing against my bare, wet pussy made it tingle. Again we dared each other not to hold the dresses down.

There is a spot near the bow of the ship where the deck narrows down from about 15 ft. to about 6 ft. This acts like a funnel and the wind blows really hard there. I made the mistake of turning my back to the wind and bending over a bit. The next thing I knew was the dress was around my neck. I was naked from my neck down. I quickly turned around and leaned into the wind and it blew back down. The other girls were laughing at me so I dared them to try it. Ashleigh was the first to try, same thing happen. The other two had the same results. I was tired after playing in the wind and letting the wind blow up my dress a couple more times, I told them that I was tired and going back to the room. Ashleigh said she would join me but Becky and Coco wanted to wander around the ship a while longer.

I had to use the bathroom as soon as I got back and noticed how wet my pussy was when I wiped myself clean. I went out on the balcony as Ashleigh use the restroom. She joined me on the balcony when she finished. We just stared at the moon over the ocean saying how pretty it was. I then looked at Ashleigh and told her how horny I was from what had gone on all day. She smiled at me and said, "God! I thought I was the only one. My pussy is sloppy wet. I need to cum bad. Would you mind if I bring myself off?"

I just smiled and giggled and said, "No I don't mind, as long as you don't mind if I join you?" We smiled and lowered our hand to our pussies at the same time. I had never even thought of masturbating in front of someone before and now here I was watching her as she watched me. After a few seconds of fingering myself, I lifted my dress off so I could be naked and play with my nipples as I fingered myself. Before my dress landed on the deck of the balcony, Ashleigh was lifting her dress off too. It only seemed like seconds before what had to be the strongest orgasm I had ever had hit me. Ashleigh soon followed. We were still sitting naked on the balcony when Becky and Coco returned. Ashleigh grabbed her dress, I didn't. I was enjoying being nude and thought I would try and remain that way as long as possible. I told the girls to get those dresses off and join us on the balcony, they did. All of us eventually put on long t-shirts only and went to bed. Ashleigh and I shared one bed, Becky and Coco the other.

This was not the first time I had slept with Ashleigh, all four of us girl have slept over at one of the other's girls houses for years now since we became friends back in elementary school. But this is the first time I had slept with one of them without panties. Ashleigh and I eventually got on our side facing away from the other and I bumped my ass into hers. It felt weird having our bare asses touching, but I didn't move away and neither did she. I then whispered to Ashleigh, "It feels weird doesn't it?"

She said, "Yea, but not bad though. I kind of like it."

"Me too' I said. Since it was after midnight and I was so tired, I quickly fell asleep.

Next morning I awoke to a slight shaking of the bed. It took a second to realize Ashleigh was frigging herself again. I lay still, listing to her heaving breathing until she stiffed and stopped. Then I whispered to her in the dark, smiling as I said, "Feel better now?"

I could tell she was embarrassed at getting caught and she said she was sorry but got thinking about all the naughty things she did yesterday and how much she enjoyed them and it made her so horny she couldn't stop herself. I told her not to worry about it because I didn't think it would be the last time she frigged herself on this cruise and I was sure I would be doing it a few times too before I got back home. She said she understood that but this wasn't her, she hardly ever masturbated at home and here she had done it twice in the last ten hours and once with me watching her. I told her not to worry about it and to just enjoy herself on this cruise.

I told her to excuse me while I when to pee and to probably frig myself in the shower now that she had gotten me horny. And that was exactly what I did! I came out of the bathroom feeling much better and wearing just a towel and went out on the balcony. By this time everyone was up and moving around. The sun was shining on the balcony and it felt so warm and nice, I just had to drop the towel across the lounge chair and enjoy the morning sun all over my body. It was a few minutes before Coco came out and noticed my nudity. She said I was crazy that someone might see. I said, "Who? There's no one out there but an ocean and sea gulls." I told her to just try it and see how nice it was. She removed her t-shirt and sat in the other chair and said I was right. She just might start every morning like this.

We all finally got dressed, if that is what you would call it, for breakfast. We all wore bikini tops, short-shorts and sandals only. Since the first day was all at sea, we went back to our rooms after breakfast and put on our bikini bottoms and then headed towards to the sun deck. Becky said she thought I wanted to go to try out the topless deck. I said, "I did but I didn't want to try it along, I wanted ya'll to come with me. Safety in numbers you know". They agreed to join me, so off we went.

We got our lounge chairs, set them up, and took off our t-shirts. None of us wanted to be first one to remove our tops, so we all agreed to do it at the same time. At the count of three, all of us took out tops off. There were only half a dozen people on the deck at the time so it really wasn't a big thing. They were all couples and really didn't even look our way. Two of the women had no tan lines on their breast so you could tell this wasn't their first time. The other girl's tits were as white as ours were. We all got on our backs and spread suntan lotion all over ourselves, putting extra on our virgin white tits. Over the next couple hours, many people, who seemed to be mostly men, came upon the topless deck to look around. I was really enjoying those men checking out my titties. One of us, I think it was Ashleigh noticed how pink our tits were becoming and suggested we get out of the sun before we burnt our tits. We all agreed and put only out t-shirts back on and went to our room to shower and change. We all dressed in sexy tops and shorts. I wore a thin gauze top and some tight satin low-rise booty short-shorts only. I had to remind Becky, no panties! Guys kept checking me out as they walked by. I got curious and checked myself out in one of the many mirrored walls on the ship. I could plainly see my dark nipples through the top and the cheeks of my ass showing beneath the bottom of my tiny shorts. I had by far the most daring outfit of the four of us. I smiled to myself; this is exactly what I wanted to look like today, a cheap little slut.

We had lunch on the back deck and wandered all around the ship checking it out, this thing is huge! We smiled and flirted with as many men as we could and notice how they were checking us out. We finally made our way back to the room just before dinner. We all showered and dressed for dinner. We all wore cute little dresses that evening; we were looking forward to a nice dinner, a Broadway style show afterwards and then an adult comedy show after that. The head waiter at our table was Carlos; he was from Argentina and kind of cute. He paid the four of us a lot of attention. I'm sure he noticed we were all braless and we all flirted with him. We were going to have a lot of fun with him this cruise and I think he will remember us for awhile when this cruise is over. The other people at our table were two young couples. One was enjoying their 5th anniversary and the other couple were newlyweds on their honeymoon. Married the morning of the ships sailing, I don't think we will be seeing much of them at breakfast.

During the comedy show I noticed a rather cute man probably in his 40's glancing at us. I know we were all showing a lot of leg in our short dresses, but maybe it was or wasn't the Pina Coladas I had been sipping on all day, but I got a naughty idea. I wanted to flash my pussy to him. After he looked away from about the fourth time I seen him check us out, I repositioned myself so he could get a better look up my dress, then spread my legs just a little bit to really get his attention. A couple minutes later he glanced over then did a quick double take. I had him! I let him see me like that a few minutes then when he looked again, I twisted in my seat to whisper to Ashleigh and tell her about the man trying to look up ours dresses. As I twisted, I made sure he had a look straight up my dress as I spread my legs wide enough for him to see my pussy. Ashleigh noticed what I had just done and broke up laughing saying I was such a naughty girl. She said, "If you can do it, so can I." She twisted in her seat towards the guy and whispered to Coco as to what I was doing as she spread her legs a bit wider. Coco told Becky and before you know it, all four of us naughty girls were letting that dirty old man look up out little dresses and see our naked pussies.

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