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She stared at her reflection in the mirror. It felt silly to smile at your own reflection, but the person who greeted her in the mirror wasn't the person she knew. She looked so very, very different. Almost other worldly. But, the outfit is missing something. It's too formal. It's too sombre. It's a little too demure. She needed something to give the outfit something more feminine and appropriate.

She rummaged through her make-up, with a singular thought in mind, a splash of red. But a sing-song phrase teased the edge of her thoughts. "You know the rule. When it doubt, take something off."

Looking back to the reflection she unclasped the antique brooch, and watched as the silk capped bolero slunk slowly from her shoulders. 'Excessive?' she wondered to herself, as her substantial breasts were now proudly on show. 'Probably,' she answered herself, with a smile. But tonight isn't like any other night.

She is still sombre, but definitely less demure, and perhaps a little pagan.

She grabbed the essentials; the things she must not forget and with one final deep breathe left the comforts of her home.

There is an edge of excitement to her, so it is not until she heard the heavy thud of the door resoundingly closing behind her, that she remembered something she had wanted to bring. She turned to check the door. But, had second thoughts, she'd risk it. The thought thrilled her a little, even though a familiar nervousness threatened to return.

'I set aside my childish ways,' some voice from her past whispered. It's all she needs to know. She has no need for the things she does not carry with her. With such assurances in place, she almost skipped down the path, smiling at the irony.

Her driver was waiting for her. He opened the door with aplomb. But she noticed that despite all the politeness, he couldn't take his eyes away from her breasts. They really are all but fully exposed. She settled into the luxurious leather, which was fortunately superbly comfortable, as there was a long drive ahead.

The eyes of the drive sought her out, when he thought she wasn't aware. She let him stare a moment. She could sense his need. His longing. But, it is not his needs nor his longings that concerns her.

Leaving the lights of the city, they were soon lost (to her) in the winding dark roads to their destination. Her nervousness kept her awake, despite the late hour.

An hour? Two? Three? In the mix of emotions, and eerie darkness it was difficult to tell.

They arrived. Though to the casual observer, you would never know it. She would hate to have to try to find her way back home. She is a very long way from her home and the comforts she once knew.

The moments it took the driver to come around and open the door for her, are required for her to still the sudden rush of her nerves. She slowly unravelled out of the car. The brisk air was shocking. The cold of the forest so different from the warmth of the city she left behind. The driver guided her through the forest, and to a door that she would never have found on her own.

A knock. Then a scraping of wood. The door, in the middle of the forest, opens.

The scene is dark and eerie. It is Winter Solstice - the longest night of the year. It's a night for dark creatures. A ghoul greets her with a bow and a crooked smile, and with a knowing nod, pointed her towards the back of the filled room, to the large looming doors that dominate the space.

She passed demons and devils, witches and goblins. And other creatures with neither identity nor name. She doesn't know any of them, but had heard stories of their existence. Though, they all know her. And her presence affects all those who see her. The crowd parts down the middle, giving her space. All their eyes following her, their breaths abated, as she approached the heavy doors.

And there she waited. There is a protocol. Though the thrill of nervousness threatens to befall her. She needed to wait only a moment longer for the chosen forest creature to shyly step forward.

The creature's nervousness was palatable, so she instinctively smiled softly at him, which led him to find the courage to speak.

He bowed slowly and carefully, then softly whispered, "My Priestess, I ask only for the key".

With a nod, she took off the ornate bracelet, a gift from past generations, and passed it to him. There was a collective gasp from those in the room. And she hoped that her own nervousness didn't show. There were expectations of her.

The creature took the key from the bracelet and slipped it effortlessly into the massive door, and turned it freely. A moment's pause, then with lightest push the large heavy doors swung open, as if they were afloat.

A murmur of awe and wonder from all those filling the room. And all were craning to see.

She paused.

The creature must beckon forth the objects that will assist her in her journey. He called out for the objects by name, in an ancient tongue, in a voice loud and clear, over the crowded but now silent room.

She had to refrain from giggling at the words that were echoed through the hall. It was such a strange, archaic language, that it almost sounded like he said 'Lipstick-loss-lust-locked' were being summoned. But she maintained the necessary regal composure and waited for the necessary objects to be brought to her.

What she did not expect was the four human forms that approach. They are splendidly structured and bare, apart from the identical capes that hung from their shoulders, that look as if they were made of threads of gossamer. Two men, two women. Their lithe, strong bodies strolled confidently toward her, and they smiled at her, as if she herself were as impressive as they are. Which of course she was, to all those present.

This is not what she expected, when she was told all those years ago that objects would be required to guide her journey.

But she does what she had always been destined to do. She turned and took the first step through the doors, and to what lay beyond.

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