tagBDSMFour Words Ch. 01

Four Words Ch. 01


In my house there are four words my wife never wants to hear. They can be in any sequence, but are usually in this order: "PRESENT", "DISPLAY", "LAP" and "CORNERTIME" Let me give you an example. My wife, who is 41, with long slim legs, and a perky backside, is a manager at a Fortune 500 company. One evening last week she was in the kitchen preparing dinner. I was reviewing the bills at my desk, when I noticed an unusually large charge bill on our credit card. It could mean only one thing; Elizabeth had exceeded her allowance and decided to charge her expenses on our joint credit card.

"Elizabeth PRESENT!" I raised my voice slightly so she could hear me, and looked at my watch. She had exactly two minutes. I could hear her scrambling to make sure she got upstairs to my den within the allotted time. She rounded the corner with thirty seconds to spare and stood at attention in the center of the room. I continued working at my desk ignoring her. She immediately reached down to the hem of her short blue skirt. Slowly, she lifted her skirt until her under things were completely on display. The rule is she must be wherever I am located standing at attention with her panties fully on display. Pantyhose are not allowed, and her panties must be either white cotton full cut or cartoon character with reinforced elastic around the waistband.

There are other rules: dresses or short skirts are required to be worn at all times, unless I grant permission otherwise. Knee highs, garter belt or no stockings are acceptable. On some occasions, as part of the punishment, a tight panty girdle may be worn, or possibly a little girls outfit. In this case, Elizabeth had just arrived home from work and was wearing a blue short skirt and a tight white blouse buttoned down the front. Her panties were white cotton. They fitted her snugly, around her nicely formed backside. You could see her bottom cheeks just peeking out.

I made her stand on display for a full 20 minutes, her heels together, eyes straight ahead, and her skirt bunched above her hips. She looked like a deer caught in the headlights, as I walked over to her. At this point she had no idea what was wrong. I circled her. She stood like a statue. Reaching I snapped the tight elastic of her panties; she clenched her buttocks, as the elastic snapped against her waist. SWAT! SWAT! Two full force spanks landed on each cheek.

"DO NOT clench your cheeks, Missy."

She immediately knew what to do, as she turned her toes towards each other standing pigeon-toed. I had taught her that as an acceptable way to stop from clenching her fanny cheeks. I snapped the tight elastic of her under panties again. This time Elizabeth did not move a muscle, as her buttocks stayed completely relaxed.

Circling her, getting closer and closer, until finally I was directly in front of her no more than 12 inches from her face. Elizabeth was totally intimidated. I could feel her legs shaking and could see goose bumps forming on her arms. She still had not uttered a word; her hands shook as she held her skirt above her hips, panties fully displayed.

I then commanded in a low firm voice "Elizabeth DISPLAY!"

Immediately she tucked her skirt front and back into the waistband of her short skirt and starting running for her spanking stool, she had three minutes to find it and return to this room.

The spanking stool was a bright red kitchen stool without a back. It was usually in the kitchen, but could be anywhere in the house depending on her last punishment. In this case it was in our bedroom down the hall. Elizabeth arrived back in the room in plenty of time, grasping the chair in two hands. The chair had two other features it was about 5 inches higher than an ordinary chair and had a hairbrush, also bright red, clipped to the leg. On the top of the chair was embroidery, made by Elizabeth, which stated "THIS IS ELIZABETH'S SPANKING STOOL" in white letters. The seat of the stool was extra wide.

As prescribed in the ritual, Elizabeth said her first words: "Daddy, I have been a naughty little girl and deserve a through tanning on my bare backside for being disobedient. Please forgive me." She was so well trained that she admitted her guilt without knowing the rule she had broken. In my view, all transgressions fall into one category disobedience.

I nodded and she continued with the ritual. Elizabeth placed her back to the door, taking her two thumbs she slowly pulled the elastic waistband away from her body and slowly lowered her little girl panties over her hips and down her legs until they reached just below her knees. Letting go of the elastic, they snapped into place and stayed there, inside out, binding her legs. She then stood on her tiptoes, her calf and thigh muscles stretched, as she started to bend over the spanking stool. Further and further she reached, until her toes came off of the floor about 8 inches, and her head was resting on the first rung of the chair. Her bare, round, vanilla white cheeks were perched at the highest part of her body. Her long tan legs stretched out behind her.

I started to lecture her "Missy you are not to use your credit card except in an emergency, you have chosen to disobey me and are going to be 'fully punished' for doing so."

This was a code word, which Elizabeth hated to hear, as she started to sob. What did a full punishment mean: besides the actual hairbrush spanking, was as much humiliation and embarrassment as I thought necessary to make sure this offense did not happen again.

It began with the "PRESENT" portion of the punishment and generally lasted over the weekend. "Elizabeth Marie Everett, the last time you did this I spanked you and warned you that if it happened again you would be fully punished. Is that correct, young lady?"

"Ye...s Sir" She said quietly.

"Every night for one week you will come directly home from work and be in your "DISPLAY" position, when I arrive home, bare bottom facing the front door in the living room. I was still lightly tapping her cheeks, as I spoke.

"Next, you will have 'panty punishment' starting tomorrow and lasting over the weekend.

Third, you will take a bath and be ready for bed by 8:00PM each night, no TV, no phone calls, no socializing."

Fourth, you will be spanked on your bare backside and spend at least 30 minutes in the corner in 'punishment position'.

Have I made myself clear, Young lady." I ended my lecture with two forceful swats, one on each cheek.

"Ye...s Daddy" She sobbed.

Elizabeth knew this would be an extremely humiliating weekend for her and wished she had not used our credit card. As she lay over the stool I reached down and pulled the gusset on the inside of her panties straight up, so that her little girl panties were now totally inside out. I then took my thumb and forefinger of my left hand and putting my thumb on her right cheek and my forefinger on her left cheek spread them as far apart as possible.

"Maybe a session with the groove strap in between here to will help make you obey." Elizabeth said nothing but started to whimper, she knew how much that stung. I released her fanny cheeks and they snapped back into place.

I walked over to my desk, sat down and continued to work on my paperwork completely ignoring her. After about 30 minutes, I rose from my seat and retrieved the hairbrush that was attached to the spanking stool. I started tapping it against my palm. I then tucked it under my arm and started to roll up my right arm sleeve very deliberately, making sure that Elizabeth noticed. I could see her fanny cheeks start to clench and unclench in anticipation of her discipline. The cold air formed goose bumps on her buttocks. I pulled the straight backed chair away from the corner of the room and sat down. Straightening my pants leg and tapping the hairbrush on my lap I said one word. "Lap"

Elizabeth quickly and quietly lifted herself off the spanking stool stood at my right side with her skirt up to her waist and her panties at her knee hollows. She waited for my signal to lower herself over my lap. Even though she was 41 years old, she acted as if she were an 6 year old child waiting for her daddy to give her an old fashion bare bottomed spanking. I nodded my head and she bent over my lap, her long brown hair to one side nearly touching the floor, her bottom perfectly positioned over my lap and her long tanned legs stretched out to my right side. She kept her toes turned in towards each other touching the rug. I placed the hairbrush just above the top of her buttocks on her bare back, reached down and adjusted her undies so they wouldn't fall. I then took the hairbrush in my strong right hand and began to slightly tap her thighs at the juncture of her fanny cheeks.

"Now missy you are going to learn not to disobey me, your backside is going to receive and old fashion spanking from the top to the bottom including your tanned thighs. I don't expect you will be using our credit card for awhile after I am finished with you." I raised my arm and with a quick snap of my wrist aimed a spank right across the middle of her perk rounded buttocks. I aimed a little lower with the second spank, but made sure it overlapped the first one. Her legs kicked, but were restrained by the extra tight elastic on her panties. Again I overlapped the next spank, just below the second one. I followed this pattern for 20 spanks covering every inch of her backside.

By this time she was crying and pleading for me to stop. "Please st...op I will be sooooo verrry gooood. I won't doooo it again. Owwwwwwwwww No mo....ore." Ignoring her outburst, I tapped her thighs and once again spanked her up one side of her legs down to her dangling underpants and back up the other side. Her bottom was a bright red and the back of her legs matched. She would not be sunbathing in public for awhile.

Her crying turned from soft sobbing from embarrassment to full scale tears running down her cheeks. She was having trouble catching her breath as she started to hiccup and cry at the same time. I decided she had had enough but not before she received two final swats SPANK! SPANK! On the same spot. I waited about 5 minutes while she continued to sob over my lap.

"Corner time." Elizabeth got off my lap and doing a funny little dance because of her sore bottom and the panties dangling from her knees her, went to the nearest corner. Facing the wall she stood her nose flat against the wall and her heads clasped together on the top of her head. This had the effect of thrusting her bare rosy fanny out from her body towards the center of the room.

After some 45 minutes I allowed Elizabeth to come out of the corner, she stood at attention in the middle of the room next to her spanking stool. "Okay young lady, up to your room, no supper for you I am going to put you to bed early." I spoke to her as if she were a child of 6 inside of a married lady of 41and a professional manager. "I want you to take a bath, put on your jammies on and go to bed. In addition you will write 500 times 'I was a naughty little girl for disobeying my daddy and using our credit card I deserve to be disciplined.' I expect the lines to be completed by tomorrow night at 7:00. You are also going to have panty punishment for the entire weekend so be prepared."

I swatted her behind and sent her on the way.

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