tagRomanceFour Year Anniversary

Four Year Anniversary


James and Stacey had been going out for just under four years. James had planed on taking her away for a romantic weekend to same place that we went to for their first year anniversary. The reason for going to the same place was because when they were there another couple had got engage that same weekend. So James decided that this would be a perfect place for him to do it.

The drive to the accommodation took about an hour by car. They arrived around about four thirty and by the time they had completed their check in it was four forty five. They walked up the stairs that curved around to the left which began to get narrow at the top. They reached their room and Stacey unlocked it and walked in. She looked around and found it to be the exact same room they had been in when they were there last time. She turned around with a big smile on her face and landed a big kiss on his lips.

They wondered into the room. It had been done up a little more than last time. The bed was in a different placed and so were the couches. Stacey placed her bag on the fair side of the bed which left James with the closest. He lay down on the bed, and placed his hands behind his head. "Do you like the room?" he asked her as she looked around. It was then that she noticed a bottle of Champaign sitting in a cooler with two glasses either side. She sat down on the bed and rolled over and gave him another kiss. This kiss however was with more passion and emotion then the previous kisses.

"I love the room! I love you James!" she said as she cuddled into his arms. They laid there for a while talking and drinking the Champaign. They talked about there university work their income work and many other things they weren't normally able to talk about when they were at either of their parents houses.

"What about some dinner stace?" James asked her as he sat up and walked over to double doors and opened them which lead to the balcony. Stacey walked over and cuddled him from behind! "I would love something to eat!"

They both got ready for dinner. James wore slacks and donned on a collared shirt which was followed with a tie. Stacey was in the bathroom which she had been since she had had her shower. She took her clothes in their so when she walked out she would look completely different then when she walked in.

When she finally stepped out of the bathroom James looked over and stared. She looked amazing. She was in a black Lycra skirt which had pleats that ran the entire length down to the top of her knees. She also wore a blouse that James had helped her pick out several months ago and she knew he loved. Stacey put on some jewellery while James did his hair in the bathroom.

They both meet at the door. They were walking out the door when James realised he had forgotten the most import part of the night, the ring. It was still in his bag where he had been keeping it safe so he wouldn't lose it. He ran back into the room grabbed it and hid it in his jacket pocket.

They arrive at the restaurant and had some drinks at the nice bar. They where then taken to their seats. They had had their entrée when James decided that this would be the perfect time to ask Stacey. He leant across the table. "Stacey can I ask you something?" he said in his normal tone of voice. "Yeah!" she replied not knowing what he was on about. He took her hands and stood up and walked in front of her. "Stacey, we have been together for four years today and I have had the best four years of my life. I want to spend many more years with you however; I want you to spend these years as my wife. Stacey... will you marry me?"

All was quite. The whole restaurant was quite. All of the tables in the surrounding area were quite and waited for Stacey response. She started to cry. He opened the case of the ring to reveal a white gold diamond ring. The ring had a larger stone in the middle and had ten smaller diamonds going down the side. Stacey was crying and wiping the tears away when she leaned forward and said "Yes!" after she said 'yes' the restaurant started to clap. He took the ring out of it case and went to place it on her finger when his missed because his hands were shaking so much from nervousness.

They kissed each other and sat back down in their seats. As they were eating their meals another couple walked over. They congratulated them both on their engagement and took a photo for Stacey and James. They chatted to the couple for a while until the couple decided they should head off to bed and leave James and Stacey alone. They sat their talking about the engagement and Stacey just kept staring at the ring. She had never seen this ring before because James had seen and placed a deposit on the ring the day it was released at the jewellery shop around the corner from Stacey's house.

James paid the bill and they walked up the stairs together hand in hand. They reached the door and James unlocked it for Stacey. "I am very tired James, I might go and get ready for bed! I am sorry! Is that ok?" she said sounding sincere. She walked into the bathroom and James got undressed and jumped into bed. As he lay there smiling and proud of himself Stacey walked out of the bathroom in her lingerie.

She was wearing a pink silky set. She wore a corset which held her stockings up at the same time. She also wore the matching g string to the set and she had her curly hair hanging down over her right shoulder.

The second James saw the set on her his cock stiffened up rock hard straight away. Stacey smiled at him and walked over. She sat on the edge off the bed and ran her hand over the area where his cock was holding the sheets up. "Feels like you like the set?" she said. He smiled at her and she leant down and kissed him on his lips. He pulled her onto the bed and before they knew it Stacey was naked on the bed with James between her legs.

They laid their and cuddling, kissing and fondling each other until James said, "I can't take it any longer!" he slid up the bed a little bit so the tip of his cock meet her pussy. He could feel the warmth of her pussy when the meet. He slowly entered her and within a minute he was completely within her. Stacey lay on her back, and received all of his attention and not for one moment was their lips or tongues separated, with the exception of breathing.

After ten minutes Stacey could not hold back any longer and James could feel this so he really picked up the speed as she orgasmed. James could feel all of her juices now running down his cock and onto his balls. With this sensation James rolled Stacey and himself over so Stacey was on top.

Stacey started off slowly as she was still sensitive from her orgasm. After a minute or so James helps her start to pick the pace up by grabbing her arse and controlling the speed in which her hips moved. The sensation was becoming too much for Stacey again and the same was happening for James. Stacey fell onto her hands and kissed James while he controlled her body. After a couple more assisted thrusts of her hips Stacey orgasmed. She was extremely sensitive and she was about to ask James to stop when she felt his balls tighten up his load shoot up into her pussy. His warm sperm inside her made her orgasm again for the third time.

Stacey slide off his cock and into his arms where the two of them laid in each others arms for the next ten minutes. The only break they had was when Stacey went off to the toilet. After that they laid there talking about how they were going to spend the rest of their life together.

James woke up the next morning to see Stacey sitting on the coach in her bathrobe, on the phone and ordering breakfast for them. When breakfast arrives, Stacey brought it over to the bed and they lay in bed watching TV and having their first breakfast as fiancés together. After they had packed up their room from breakfast and their clothes, they walked down stairs where they paid the rest of the bill and left to go home and tell their parents they were engaged.

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