tagGroup SexFoursome at the Bar

Foursome at the Bar


Amanda pulled her pale yellow cami over her 34C tits and matching lacy bra. She combined that with a spring skirt and checked herself out in the mirror. By anyone's standards, she was hot. Long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, big lips, perfect tits and ass, and long shapely legs. Wednesday nights working at the bar were pretty hit-or-miss. Some nights were good and some were really slow. She hoped that she would have a little fun at work, but wasn't holding her breath.

The night was pretty steady, with a lot of her 'regulars'. Some of them liked to flirt with her, and she played along well with them, as she was in the safety of the bar, and it ended up getting her better tips.

As it started to slow down about 11:30pm, a group of three guys came in. One of them was someone who Amanda had seen before, she thought his name was Rob, but couldn't remember. She hadn't ever seen the other two that were with him.

After they sat down at a table across the bar, she looked for the bar waitress, but didn't see her, so she walked over to see what they wanted. As she approached, she could see them trying to sneak peeks at her tits. When she got to the table she said, "Hello, gentlemen, what can we do for you guys this evening?"

"Well, I'm not sure if any of us are 'gentlemen'," said the guy who she had seen before, "but I wanted to bring my friends, Shawn and Mike to the place with the hottest bartender in town."

"Yeah, whatever," Amanda replied with a laugh. "So what'll you have?"

"I'll have a Miller Lite," said the first stranger, "and I will agree with Rob that you are the hottest bartender that we have seen tonight. I'm Shawn, by the way..."

Amanda looked to the other stranger, saying, "so I guess that would make you Mike, huh? What would you like, Mike?"

Mike smiled and said, "Wow, sexy AND smart. That's a hell of a combination... I'll have a Jack and coke."

She looked across the table, "and for you, Rob?"

"I will also have a Lite," he replied.

She turned to walk back along the front of the bar, and could feel their eyes glued to her ass. She thought to herself, 'it has been slowing down, these guys will at least make the end of the night a little more fun.'

She got their drinks, and returned to their table. They talked for a few minutes, with Amanda asking what they were up to tonight.

"We were friends in college," said Rob. "These two are just back in town for a couple days, and tonight was the only night that worked for all of us to meet up."

Amanda let them be for a little while, but could continually see them talking, then sneaking looks over in her direction. The bar continued to thin out, and Amanda let the bar waitress go, leaving her as the only employee left in the bar.

After a bit, she returned to their table, and as she approached, they all stopped the conversation that they were having.

"All right, what are you guys talking about?" she asked as she approached.

"...uh...nothing..." stammered Rob.

"Uh huh, sure," she quipped back. "You guys just got awfully quiet as I got here. Talking the whole time like little girls until I show up back at your table, and then everyone shuts up? That isn't very good game, boys... not very good game," she said with a laugh. "Can I get you guys some more drinks?"

They all nodded, and she brought them another round. As she got to their table, she was standing between Mike and Shawn, with Rob across the table. She handed them their drinks as Shawn spoke up. "When you came up before, we were talking about how we all thought you have a great ass."

"Well, thank you, but that isn't going to get you anywhere," she responded.

"So you are saying we have a chance?" Shawn shot back.

"No. That isn't what I meant... I mean... no. Nevermind... Drink your damn beer," she said, a little tongue-tied, not anticipating that line.

She went back behind the bar, and the few tables started to thin out even more. As she saw the guys tipping back their beers further, she returned, expecting more banter.

As she got there, she asked if they would like another round. Shawn, who seemed to be the most aggressive, said, "So how about this for a line... I think you have fantastic lips... I'd like to see them wrapped around my cock."

Amanda was used to comments like this later in the night, and took it in stride, firing back with, "That would mean you HAVE a cock, and given all the shit you talk, I am thinking you are trying to overcome a small one."

Mike and Rob started rolling with laughter. Shawn just had one quick 'ha', as he knew he had just been burned.

Amanda had a little extra swing with her step as she walked away, knowing that she won that round. She brought them back their drinks, but couldn't talk more because there was another table waiting to pay their bill.

The guys were getting a little louder with their talk between them, and also comments about Amanda. She didn't take anything too personally that they had said, as it was all just good fun and flirting. She went back to their table as she saw Mike's drink near empty.

"So how are we doing guys? I am about to give last call," she said.

"I think that we are ready for another round," said Rob.

Shawn was getting a little bolder, this time saying in a somewhat hushed voice, "I'd bet you'd be a great fuck."

With that, he put his hand on her calf, crossing a boundary. She shot him a defiant look, saying, "Buddy, you wouldn't know what to do with me." But she didn't move his hand off her until she went to go back behind the bar.

As she was getting their drinks, the last of the other people in the bar were walking out, leaving just Amanda and the three guys. She brought their drinks back to them, again standing between Shawn and Mike. As she was setting their drinks down and clearing their empties, she again felt Shawn's hand on the inside of her smooth calf. She then felt a second hand on her other calf. Shawn and Mike were talking shit to try to keep her standing between them longer.

She stood still, and went back and forth with their banter, not saying anything about the two hands on her calves. They started massaging them, which felt kind of good because she was on her feet all night. However, they both slowly started working their way up the inside of her calves. With the games and flirting they had been doing all night, she didn't want to be the one to back down first. She know that neither one of the guys had the guts to go up very high.

They crossed the insides of her knees, she still didn't even acknowledge that they were doing anything. She knew they would chicken out before they went too much higher.

Their hands made it to the middle of her thighs, right about the edge of her skirt. Both of the guys looked a little nervous, and were expecting her to push them away, both wanting to win this game of 'chicken'. She didn't say a word, so they kept up with their slow pace up the insides of her thighs, daring her to stop them.

Amanda wasn't going to be the one to chicken out first, but they were also getting higher then she had expected them to go. She was sure they were going to stop before they got to her pussy. Soon, however, she had two strange hands touching her panty-clad pussy.

Amanda remained defiant, and decided to return the dare. She put one hand on each of their thighs, and returned the challenge, sliding it up towards their cocks. She got to the top of Mike's thigh when he jumped up, but Shawn let her run her hand all the way up to his crotch...

She looked across the table at Rob, who was just watching and laughing nervously. No one had thought it would go this far. Shawn still had his hand on her panties and said, "I think her panties are a little moist."

Amanda looked at him as she gave his cock a squeeze and said, "It will take more than that for me to get wet."

At the same time, Mike had walked behind her and pressed himself into her. She could feel his cock pressing against her ass. "How about now?" he growled.

"No, that's all you got?" said Amanda, still playing everything as cool as she could.

Mike then reached around to cup her tits, which caught her off-guard, and started massaging them. Her tits were very sensitive, to the point of being able to cum just by playing with them in the right situations. At the same time, Shawn started rubbing her pussy through her panties. Amanda knew that their game had suddenly changed, and she was really starting to get wet and turned on.

Shawn moved her panties to the side and started to rub along the length of her bare, smooth pussy. Mike pulled down the front of her cami, uncovering her tits, while continuing to rub his cock against her ass. Amanda's mind started to race as she thought to herself, 'what have I gotten myself into,' and at the same time 'oh fuck, this feels good.'

Rob, who was still sitting across the table and watching the actions unfold, said, Holy shit, Amanda, your tits are fantastic!"

She could feel herself getting wetter, and also knew that Shawn could feel this. He started to work a finger in her pussy, and started sucking on her right tit. This combination sent her over the edge. She closed her eyes briefly to try to gather herself. She was still standing, but holding herself up with her right hand on Shawn's shoulder, and Mike's hands still around her waist.

While her eyes were closed, Rob had gotten up and started sucking on her left tit, and also rubbing her left leg. She had two guys sucking on her tits, a finger buried deep in her pussy, with a third who was continuing to slide his cock back and forth across her ass. She could feel herself starting to lose control.

Shawn took his finger out of Amanda's pussy, and started pulling panties down her legs while Mike dropped her skirt to the floor and started to rub her ass. She felt Rob move away from her left breast, but then felt him lift her leg over his shoulder and start to lick her shaved pussy. Her entire body shuddered with electricity. She loved to have her pussy eaten. "Oh fuck," she moaned.

His tongue teased at her clit, then plunged deeper into her pussy as Shawn continued to suck and bite on her right tit. Mike had moved over to play with her left breast. They continued their attacks on her private parts, then she felt them picking her up. Shawn and Mike were at her shoulders, and Rob placed her other leg on his shoulder as well, continuing to eat her pussy. With her fully off the ground, they carried her over to the pool table and set her down at the edge.

Rob continued his mastery at Amanda's pussy and clit as Shawn and Mike worked her out of her cami and bra so she was completely naked on the pool table. She lay back and grabbed onto the back of Rob's head, pulling him into her deeper as she could feel an orgasm building.

She was at the verge of cumming, when she saw Shawn had taken his clothes off, and was moving on top of the pool table to kneel above her, straddling her tits. Mike started playing with her nipples, and pressed her tits together as Shawn started sliding his cock between them. Mike then started making out with her at an animalistic pace. This did send her over the edge, and she could feel her pussy explode as Rob continued to suck on her and eat her out.

Mike then took his pants off, and Amanda started to take his cock into her mouth. She knew she was a great cock-sucker, and was proud of her nickname of DSL (dick sucking lips). She wrapped them around his member as he said, "Oh fuck yeah. You are such a good cocksucking slut."

Amanda got turned on even more, and moaned encouragement as much as she could with her mouth full. Shawn continued to slide faster between her tits, and soon announced that he was going to cum. A few seconds later, Amanda felt the familiar feeling of warm liquid spurting on her upper chest and shoulders.

She then felt Rob, who had been using his mouth on her pussy, start to work a finger, then two, into her sopping pussy and slide them in and out. "Oh my god she is so fucking wet. Such a slut," he said.

He removed his fingers, and a few seconds later, she felt his cock at the entrance of her pussy. He slid in easily and she felt her pussy stretch around his cock. She loved the feeling of a cock in her pussy. She continued to suck and stroke on Mike as Rob started to build a rhythm of fucking her pussy. She felt her tits starting to bounce up and down as she moved with Rob's thrusts.

She took Mike out of her mouth, and started to stroke his cock. She turned her head to see Shawn stroke his re-hardening cock. He moved forward, and she took him in her mouth. She could feel his cock start to get harder as she started sucking and changing the pressures inside her mouth.

She felt Rob move his hands under her legs and bring them up to his shoulders so he could fuck her harder. She could feel his balls slapping against her as he bottomed out his cock deep in her pussy. It felt so fucking good! She was again on the brink of cumming when Rob moved his hand to place a finger at her tiny asshole. As he pressed his finger in her tight backdoor, she exploded again, screaming in pleasure as she frantically worked her mouth over Shawn's cock and kept stroking Mike with her other hand. She felt someone start squeezing her tits and nipples as she was cumming, but had no idea which one it was, nor did she care. Whoever it was, he was pinching her nipples just hard enough to teeter between pleasure and pain. Her body convulsed as her orgasm continued.

As her orgasm subsided, Rob pulled out of her pussy, and she felt empty. She then heard Mike say, "Come over here, slut."

She looked over and saw that he was sitting slouched in a chair next to the pool table. She pulled herself up and made her way over to him on shaky legs.

She got up on the chair, facing him. She started to slide down on him as he guided his hard cock into her sloppy pussy. She started to move a little faster, using her hands to hold onto the back of the chair that he was sitting in. Rob moved over to her right side, and said, "suck my cock, fuck-toy. Taste your pussy on my hard cock."

She took him deep in her mouth and started sucking. She tasted her juices on his cock, and her brain completely lost control. She was moving uncontrollably, bouncing on Mike's cock while sucking on Rob for everything that she had.

It was then that she felt Shawn's cock start to slide up and down along her ass. She tried to coax him closer with her bouncing on Mike, which continued the frenzy. She felt Shawn place his cock against her asshole and start to press in.

Her asshole was so tight, and he filled it so much. It felt so full and hurt so bad and felt so good all at the same time. She was no longer in midst of a sexual tryst, it was all-out animalistic fucking. Shawn pressed all the way into her, and she could feel the two cocks pressing her inner most parts. She started sliding up and down again, feeling the fullness of both cocks in her ass and pussy.

She also continued her blowjob on Rob. It was as if her mouth was fucking him to save her life. She was hearing moans and sounds from all three guys, using dirty talk and encouragement to keep fucking all three of them. Her mind was completely racing as she heard Mike say that he was going to cum. She knew he was going to cum inside her because Shawn was still fucking her ass from behind. She kept bouncing on Mike's cock, and felt it swell. He moaned as she felt him spurt his cum deep in her pussy. This feeling put her over the edge again, and she started cumming again along with him. As she started cumming, she could feel her asshole tighten around and grip Shawn's cock, also causing him to explode in her ass. She felt like she was not even in her body. She was full of lust. She was a fucking animal. A fucking machine. A fucked machine.

She felt Shawn pulling his cock out of her ass, and Mike's cock made a 'pop' as he pulled out of her. She went down to the floor while still sucking on Rob's cock. He was on top of her, using her mouth as his personal fuck-tool. She didn't care, she was so fucking horny and had more orgasms than she could count or remember, and it was a life-or-death situation to her to make Rob cum. He pulled his cock out of her mouth, and slid down so he was laying over top of her. He shoved his cock back into her pussy, saying, "you are going to cum for me again, you are such a good fuck-slut. Your body is a fuck-machine."

He started pounding his cock into her pussy with wild abandon. Her head rolled from side to side, with all the activities and things that had happened that night. Rob fucked her for everything that he had. Her pussy was completely soaked with her juices and remnants of Mike's cum. The sounds of wetness and sex were filling the room as Rob continued to fuck Amanda's sloppy pussy. She started to feel his cock twitch, and he exclaimed "FUCK! I am going to cum! I am going to cum! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! You are such a good fuck-slut!"

Amanda continued to have wave after wave of orgasms, almost continuously since Shawn had invaded her asshole. Rob pulled his cock out just in time to shoot his load of cum across her stomach with the first one, then to her tits with the second, and back to her stomach with the third.

Amanda rested back, full of cum, both inside and out. She was completely used and fucked. Her mind was completely numb, her speech was incoherent. She had been thoroughly fucked. Her legs were shaking as she felt the aftershocks sear through her body. They kept going and going. Her body was writhing and spasming every few seconds. She was their fuck slut for the night, and she fucking loved it.

She opened her eyes and rolled her head as she tried to recollect her thoughts. As she looked up at the corner, she noticed a tiny camera with a red flashing light... when did they get a video security system?

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