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Foursome Coach


My wife and I took a sexy swingers cruise over the New Years Holiday. It was unclear whether we thought we might meet and swing with anyone, enjoyed the sexy idea of simply spending time with such sensual and unabashed lovers on a 3-day cruise. We had met another couple, who were a few years younger than us, who were very attractive and sexy and who were also on their very first such swingers cruise. We spent a few days with Alexis and Scott laying by the pool, playing in the casinos and out at dinner and dancing. They were great fun.

After Alexis broached the subject with Jennifer, (my wife), about trying a coach to get things started, we agreed to give it a try. We hired Susan, a stunning looking woman, who was just such a coach, to walk us through the initial parts of sharing our partners with each other. We arrived along with Alexis and Scott, at a special en suite cabin, used by Susan for her clients, where our game was to be played.

My wife and I had never actually taken the step to swap in a foursome although we're often fantasized about it in our lovemaking. What interested us about this set-up was that it was to be done under instruction by this 'swap coach' and where the other couple was already friends, based on our time together.

Alexis and Scott were about the same age us, were similarly attired and in good physical shape.

We entered the cabin and were met by our 'coach', Susan, dressed in a bulky white bath robe. She suggested we all get out of our clothes, each couple being given their own room to do so, and to then put on the robes provided for us.

Within about 5 minutes we gathered in a large bedroom with a tub chair, occupied by our coach. She stood and asked Jennifer and I to stand on one side of a 3 foot circular rug at the foot of the bed and Alexis in Scott did likewise immediately opposite us.

Susan asked us men to stand behind our wives with all of us facing the centre of the rug and each other. Some Sade music played in the background and we men were asked to run our fingers through our partners' hair and gently massage and caress their necks. Our wives were invited to turn around and kiss their men and they did so. The girls then had to face forward again and we guys were asked to gently run our hands over the outside of our wives robes touching their shoulders and moving our hands down over their chests to the bulge of their breasts under their robes. 'Erotic' hardly describes this as each couple could plainly watch what the other was doing.

I could feel Jennifer pushing her butt backwards into me, rubbing herself against the front of my robe; and she could have had no doubt as to my pleasure in her doing so. We could see that Alexis was doing likewise with Scott whilst watching the two of us as she did so.

After a short while, our coach asked Jennifer and Alexis to swap places and for us men to continue what we were doing previously, but now with our new partners. My nervousness at touching Alexis soon evaporated as I saw Scott's hands moving over the outside of my Jennifer's robe opposite and knew her nipples were probably hard underneath. I could feel Alexis's were. Alexis gyrated her hips against my crotch as I was attending to her and Jennifer did likewise so that I knew she must be as aware of Scott's erection behind her as Alexis was of mine.

'Coach' then suggested we guys move our hands inside the robe and so that we could touch what lay beneath. I was now, for the first time, seeing another man touch my wife's breasts, even as I was touching his wife's. The word 'arousing' hardly did it justice. Jennifer, facing me, was no less enthralled see what I was doing to Alexis as we smiled at each other, acknowledging the intensity of our respective pleasures at what was happening.

The girls were then asked to swap places again but this time to stand facing their husbands, open the men's robes and use their hands in any way they wanted on their men folk. Jennifer moved across and wasted little time in tracing the outline of my aroused nipples, my stomach, teasing me by touching just the top of my pubes and eventually the shaft of my very erect dick.

Our coach, Susan, then suggested the girls notice whether there was any pre-cum on the tips of their men. No surprise there! Pre-cum? In my case it was almost an environmental disaster there was so much. She instructed the girls to get a sample on their fingertips, turn around and, facing the other couple, sample it with the tip of their tongues and then to kiss the other woman so that their spouses' pre-cum could be tasted by her. Doing as they were asked, their hands moved to and touched each others bodies and their kiss, tentative at first, became ever more intimate and passionate. Susan interrupted them with "girls! There's more to come".

We were then all asked to remove our partners' robes. With our wives still with their back to us, we were invited to explore the front of our wives bodies in full view of the couple opposite. Looking directly at the other couple, my hands moved over Jennifer's shoulders, down the side of her hips and up over her pussy mound to her stomach to her breasts. All the time looking at what Scott was doing to Alexis, whose eyes were fixed on Jennifer and me. Scott's fingers were clearly busy on Alexis's clit as she squirmed with delight at what he was doing to her in full view of another couple.

Before we all got too carried away, Susan again invited the ladies to swap places so that the other man could do as their husbands had. I cannot adequately describe the intensity of the arousal at seeing Scott touching Jennifer's hard nipples and then seeing his hands move down over her body, as I was doing with Alexis.

Our own fingertips found their way to the moisture that awaited them just inside the labia of the women in front of us. The girls gyrated their hips against the guy behind them, taunting us since we knew that another man's cock was rubbing up against the lower back and butt cleft of our wives. My own grew even harder, if that were possible!

Susan asked Scott and me to sample the moisture we'd accumulated on our fingertips from touching the woman in front of us. I could see Jennifer's eyes widen as she saw me taste Alexis's cum and, looking into her eyes as I did so, was something not to be forgotten.

The girls were then told to reach back with their hands and feel the cocks of the guys behind them. Alexis needed no second instruction and I shuddered with anticipation of what was to come as I felt her light but firm touch on me. Over her shoulder I could see Jennifer do likewise with Scott and, although I couldn't actually see her hands on his cock, I knew it was happening and she looked provocatively at me and Alexis as she did so, showing her pleasure and excitement at stroking him.

She then moved to one side so her handling of him could be seen by Alexis and me. We were rooted to the spot as we saw Jennifer squeeze some pre-cum from him, touch it with her fingertips and transfer it, first to her mouth before she offered it to Alexis to taste.

Alexis licked Jennifer's fingertips and then squeezed me to produce some pre-cum which she likewise tasted and then offered to Jennifer who, having sampled me on another woman, reached forward to kiss a very willing Alexis on the mouth so they could share their men's essences. Had Scott and I not pressed against their backs, our cocks would have been left hanging there as the girls became ever more heated in their embrace.

Jennifer now whispered something to Alexis and both girls sank to their knees at the side of their respective men and, first Jennifer then Alexis offered their husbands' cocks to the other woman's mouth.

I felt Alexis's lips brush against me before parting and taking me completely into her mouth. Jennifer was watching this and then leaned forward to accept Scott's cock which was being held and offered to her by Alexis.

I knew I wouldn't be able to last long, not only from the ministrations of Alexis's mouth but also from watching Jennifer. I couldn't say which was the most stimulating but I was about to be overwhelmed. Remember, each girl was still holding her husbands cock as the other was sucking or licking it. I came. Partly in Alexis's mouth but more so over her face, hair and chest. All the while Jennifer was holding me and feeling my cum surge through me as it happened, gasping with delight at what she was seeing and feeling. She squeezed the last drop of cum out of me, licked it off, and turned her attentions back to Scott.

Jennifer's, now free of me, plunged his cock deeper into her mouth as she and Alexis held him and he was soon sent over the edge and coming into Jennifer's mouth and everywhere with the girls squeezing him, his butt and holding his balls. Jennifer let his massive load ooze out of her mouth, with trickled down over her breasts. Scott came a ton!

Alexis now led Jennifer to the bed, laid her down and, kneeling beside her, started spreading Scott's cum over her breasts as though rubbing in sun cream. It glistened on Jennifer's erect nipples and Alexis purposefully leaned forward and licked it there, all the while looking exchanging glances with Jennifer. Alexis then licked a particularly large droplet of Scott's cum and moved down between Jennifer's thighs and transferred it to her swollen clit.

As this intensified, Jennifer's own orgasm built and as she exploded, pushing Alexis's head further into her pussy, she reached out and grabbed the nearest cock, which happened to be mine and sucked it voraciously.

As her pleasure eventually became satiated, turned around and did to Alexis what had been done to her until she'd come likewise.

We were all now spent and Coach Susan, whose own hands I'd noticed had been moving around inside her robe registering her pleasure at what she was seeing, said "I think you folks have done really well for your first outing"

We thanked her for her 'hard work' and retired to our respective dressing rooms, showered together and dressed. Jennifer and I spoke not at all, but kisses and caressed each other under the hot water. There was no need to speak. It had been thrilling beyond words. Once dressed we re joined Alexis and Scott, grins and winks all around and headed out to dinner together. The idea was to have a wonderful dinner together, some honest chat about our afternoon, and then go out dancing in our sexiest clothes. We would dance with each others partners, flirt with each other and flash each other, and then when we couldn't stand it any more, retire to our big suite and start the nude fun all over.

Susan had asked that Alexis and Jen update her in the morning.

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